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Switch Was The Best-Selling Console In The US For The First Half Of 2021

Nintendo Switch© Nintendo Life

The June 2021 NPD report has just been published, and as well as detailing figures for the month, it also sums up US gaming sales performance for the first six months of 2021.

Despite the arrival of the Xbox Series X (and S) and Sony PlayStation 4, the Switch was the best-selling games platform in the United States for the first half of the year – in terms of both unit sales and total dollar sales. In the first half of 2021, consumer spending reached a total of $ 28.9 billion, which marks a 15% increase compared to the first six months of 2020.

The month of June did deliver one surprise, though, with the Xbox Series X and S being the best-selling hardware platform in terms of dollar sales – however, when it comes to units sold, Switch remained in top spot. It’s also worth noting that the PlayStation 5 remains the fastest unit-selling console hardware platform in US history, based on lifetime sales after 8 months on sale (this excludes portables).

The month of June saw video game hardware dollar sales leap by 112% year-on-year, hitting a total of $ 401M – according to NPD Group’s Mat Piscatella, this is the highest total achieved in a June month since 2008 ($ 617M).

In terms of software, Sony’s PS5 exclusive Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart was June’s best-selling game in the all-formats chart, while Mario Golf: Super Rush had to settle for 3rd place – even so, launch month dollar sales were the highest ever achieved by a Mario Golf game, beating the total set by 2003’s GameCube outing, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe held onto 7th place in the June software sales chart, while Animal Crossing: New Horizons dropped from 9th to 11th place. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, on the other hand, rose one position from 14th to 13th. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury dropped two places from 13th to 15th, while Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokémon Sword & Shield found themselves in 18th and 19th places respectively.

For the Nintendo sales chart – that’s just games sold on Nintendo platforms – the entire top ten for June was comprised of Nintendo-published titles. The only third-party offering was Minecraft in 10th place, which is published by Nintendo on Switch.

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When is next PS5 restock? Latest PlayStation 5 UK console stock news

The PS5 stock tracker account said these latest deliveries brought with it a “significant” amount of new PS5 stock Argos will be selling.

And Argos are tipped to be opening up orders once again the week beginning Monday July 19.

On Thursday July 15 the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted: “Exclusive: Argos has received a shipment yesterday, and is receiving one today. The retailer is expected to drop the console online sometime next week. We’ll keep you updated as usual when further/detailed information is available.”

It’s unclear at the moment which day Argos could release more stock, but recent PS5 restock have gone live on the Argos website on Fridays.

Elsewhere, GAME is also rumoured to be opening up orders for the PS5 once again on the week beginning Monday July 19.

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PS5 UK restock LIVE: How to get a PlayStation 5 console online and in store this weekend

PlayStation 5 customers can potentially grab a console at Argos this weekend.

As reported by PS5 UK Stock, the PS5 was restocked at Argos ahead of the weekend.

The consoles were available on a regional basis, both on browsers and via the Argos app.

“Stock drop at Argos Online,” reads a PS5 UK Stock tweet. “Works either on browser or app. Remember it’s regional! Your region might not be available yet. Good luck.

“This is collection only. Most people have better luck via a Web browser. Chrome is the worst, suggest using alternative like Safari, Edge, Opera etc.”

Because of the nature of the drop, and the fact that it’s collection only, customers are encouraged to contact their local store to see if any additional consoles are available.

It’s also worth keeping an eye open for additional stock drops, following last week’s surprise weekend restock at ShopTo.

Currys has also sent out emails to customers as part of its VIP scheme. Users are urged to check their emails to see if they are eligible to purchase a console.

Currys codes must be redeemed in store before July 13. Various stock checker accounts are giving away Currys VIP codes, so it’s worth giving them a follow.

If you want to give yourself the best possible chance of purchasing a PlayStation 5, then it’s worth bookmarking some of the more popular stock checker accounts for even more alerts and information.

This includes Digital Foundry DealsStock InformerPS5 UK Stock – Instant UpdatesPS5 UK Stock and Express Gaming – the latter of which will have live updates throughout the week.

Some of the accounts mentioned above have Discord groups for PS5 customers, while some have live streams and alerts on sites like YouTube.

If you do manage to pick up a PlayStation 5 this weekend, then it’s worth pre-ordering new Bethesda game Deathloop.

The PS5 exclusive (for the time being) sees rival assassins trapped in a timeloop on the island of Blackreef. The only way to escape the loop is by assassinating eight targets before the day resets.

An intriguing premise is made all the more interesting by the inclusion of PS5 exclusive features, such as DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

“Every new loop is an opportunity to change things up. Use the knowledge you gain from each attempt to change up your playstyle, stealthily sneaking through levels or barreling into the fight, guns-blazing.

“In each loop you’ll discover new secrets, gather intel on your targets as well as the island of Blackreef, and expand your arsenal. Armed with a host of otherworldly abilities and savage weaponry, you’ll utilise every tool at your command to execute takedowns that are as striking as they are devastating.”

Deathloop has a September 14 release date, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Author: Liam Martin
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Currys PS5 codes: How to get a Currys VIP code for latest PlayStation 5 console restock

The PlayStation 5 console is back in stock at Currys, but only for VIP customers.

Customers who signed up for the PlayStation 5 VIP scheme are urged to check their emails for confirmation.

Fans have until July 13 to redeem the code in store, where they can purchase the PS5 in person.

The news was revealed by the PS5 UK Stock Twitter, alongside a competition to win a code for yourself.

“Currys have released PS5 VIP codes,” reads a PS5 UK Stock tweet. “Please check your inbox and junk folder if you have registered interest.

“If you have a spare code you don’t need, consider sending us a DM so we can throw into a giveaway for the community.”

In a follow-up tweet, PS5 UK Stock revealed plans to give away 15 codes as part of a competition.

As you can see from the tweet below, it’s a simple matter of following the account, liking and retweeting the competition tweet, and tagging a friend.

You can see the full details of the PS5 UK Stock Currys VIP competition below.

If you want to get a PS5 VIP Pass, then you’ll need to visit the Currys website and sign up for a chance to buy a PS5.

While sign-ups are currently closed, there’s a chance they’ll re-open in the future, so keep an eye on the PS5 hub at Currys.

It’s also worth contacting local stores for potential restocks or cancelled orders.

Outside of Currys, it’s worth bookmarking some of the more popular stock checker accounts for even more alerts and information.

This includes Digital Foundry DealsStock InformerPS5 UK Stock – Instant UpdatesPS5 UK Stock and Express Gaming – the latter of which will have live updates throughout the week.

Some of the accounts mentioned above have Discord groups for PS5 customers, while some have live streams and alerts on sites like YouTube.

Speaking of the PS5, Sony is getting ready to hold a new State of Play event for upcoming games.

Sony’s imminent State of Play broadcast takes place at 10pm BST on Thursday, July 8. 

The July State of Play will primarily focus on upcoming PS5 exclusive Deathloop, where nine minutes of new gameplay will be revealed.

In addition to Deathloop. the 30 minute show will feature a look at upcoming indie games and third-party releases.

Unfortunately, however, Sony has told fans not to expect any updates on God of War, Horizon Forbidden West and PSVR 2.

Author: Liam Martin
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Argos PS5 stock TONIGHT? Latest PlayStation 5 console UK restock news

Argos PS5 stock could become available to buy once again soon. The high street retailer had been rumoured to be re-opening orders for the PS5 once again this week, but when exactly stock would become available to buy was up for debate. It had been thought Argos was going to release more PS5 stock to buy on Tuesday at around 1am UK time.

However, that day came and went this week without any new PS5 stock going live on the Argos website.

It’s now thought PS5 stock could become available to buy at Argos this Friday July 2, with a restock potentially happening either in the early hours of the morning or from 8am.

The @PS5UpdatesUK Twitter account has claimed Argos could open orders for the PS5 again “tonight”.

The account explained: “NEWS about Argos!

“We expect Argos tonight, most successful route is add to basket on the app then check-out on the website.”

The @PS5UpdatesUK Twitter said the Argos PS5 stock update comes from a reliable source.

However, before you get ready for a late night to order a PS5 from Argos the stock tracker did warn nothing is ever set in stone.

Responding to a question from one PS5 stock hunter, the @PS5UpdatesUK Twitter posted: “Nothing is EVER guaranteed, but our source of informations has always proven to be historically reliable and communicative.”

In a separate tweet the account said a PS5 stock drop could happen on the Argos website between 1am and 3am.



Alternatively, if the PS5 doesn’t become available to buy from Argos in the early hours of Friday morning it could become available to purchase once again from 8am the same day.

The Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart PS5 bundle, which Argos recently had in stock, became available to buy from 8am a few weeks ago.

That marked a big change from its typical early morning restock that’ll leave you bleary eyed.

Tweeting earlier this week the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter posted: “To answer you all, the situation with Argos is quite unstable. The in-store sales on Sunday decreased the nationwide stock count, keeping in mind Tuesday 1:20am is Argos’ usual drop time. However, the bundle drop 2 weeks ago was Friday 8am.

“This leaves everyone (including us) questioning ourselves whether or not it’ll drop after midnight another day, or is Friday 8am the new Argos drop pattern.

“Rest assure you will be informed of the slightest concrete details we receive via the lovely people we work with.”

This week has already seen the PS5 become available to buy at Amazon UK and SCAN.

And there are sign that GAME could be getting ready for another PS5 UK restock soon.

The @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter recently posted: “News: All bundles have been removed from GAME’s PlayStation 5 bundles page this morning. Could this mean the return of online sales soon? We don’t know yet. We’ll keep you updated with the latest as they happen.”

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This article was written completely independently, see more details here.

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Nintendo Switch Pro release date update: New Nintendo console out in 2022?

One Redditor said: “Switch lite was leaked through accessories so it’s possible that a leak through accessories manufacturers is possible for more Nintendo hardware”.

Another posted: “Makes sense. I highly doubt it will be released prior to BOTW2. Secondly, Nintendo is not immune to the current chip shortage that both Xbox and PS are experiencing.”

While one added: “I’d wait until July given when the pro is rumoured to be released Sept/Oct.”

And another wrote: “I don’t really care when the Pro happens at this point. It’s going to happen eventually, just a matter of when.”

As the Redditors pointed out, there is one reason to think the Switch Pro could launch in 2022 – and that’s Breath of the Wild 2.

The highly anticipated sequel to 2017’s critically acclaimed Breath of the Wild is pencilled in to launch in 2022.

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Square Enix Confirms The Next Mana Game For Console Is Now In Development

Trials Of Mana

Earlier today Square Enix held a 30th anniversary live stream for the Mana series. During the broadcast, fans found out a new game is in the works.

As much as the producer Masaru Oyamada wanted to share a “cool” video announcement, nothing is ready to be shown just yet. The most he was willing to reveal is that this game is being prepared for a “console” release and the series’ creator (who also happens to be the current CEO of Grezzo) has already seen it.

Fans were also reminded that the 30th anniversary of the Mana series has only just kicked off and reassured a more official announcement was on the way. Keep in mind though, it might be a while before this new entry is actually released. Here’s the full translation, courtesy of RPG Site:

It would have been good if we could make a cool video announcement with a bang, but the 30th anniversary has just begun. To be honest, we are developing it. We are working on it, but please wait a little longer for the announcement. In fact, Mr. Ishii [Mana series creator, current CEO of Grezzo] took a look at it the other day. That’s how far we’ve come, so I hope you’ll look forward to it. We still have a long way to go in development…. We’re preparing to release it on consoles, and we’d be glad if you can wait for it.

The latest Mana release – Legend of Mana – arrived on consoles earlier this week. In our own Switch review, we said it was the best way to play the 21-year-old title. What would you like to see next from the Mana series? Have you tried out Legend of Mana on the Switch? Comment below.

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PS5 restock LIVE at Amazon UK: Disc and Digital console stock drop today

“We’re working on the problem and expect to resolve it shortly. Please note that if you were trying to place an order, it will not have been processed at this time. Please try again later.

“We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Others thankfully were more successful.

One PS5 stock hunter tweeted: “Managed to get one!”

While another posted: “Just got one, but had to use a computer browser as both apps on my phone and tablet were showing as out of stock.”

One added: “I finally got one!! Only 7 months of trying”.

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Rust Console Edition Tips and Tricks

The island of Rust Console Edition – available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S — is a harsh place. Literally everything here wants to kill you; the local wildlife, other players and even the island itself will try their best to eliminate you and take your things, so what can you do to get a head-start? Hopefully, these tips will help you get a foothold in this unforgiving survival sandbox.

Rust Console Edition - Sleeping Bag

Make a sleeping bag – This should be one of the first things you do – collect 30 cloth from the green h emp plants you see growing around the island and craft a sleeping bag. Place it in a location near where you want to build, and you can respawn back there – this makes it easier to not lose track of a good spot when you die. And you will die… a lot!

Rust Console Edition - Explore

Explore the island before building – It might be tempting to start building straight away, but it’s always worth exploring the island before you decide to put down roots; to get a good look around and find out where other monuments and bases are located. You don’t want to build near a huge clan as a solo player!

Rust Console Edition - Base Location

Base location is important – Even if you’re part of a huge Zerg clan, building a massive base in the middle of an open field is bound to attract the wrong kind of attention. Look around and choose a decent location for your base. B uilding at the top of a hill will give you a high ground advantage or building a small stone base on a cliff side blends in well, or even having one wall of your base built against a rocky outcrop, so it’s impossible to raid from that direction is a good way to protect your possessions early on.

Rust Console Edition - Tools

Lock your Tool Cupboard – Once you’ve built some form of base and placed your Tool Cupboard down so that no one can build near you and your base won’t decay, craft a basic lock and place it on your Tool Cupboard. Now, even if someone gets inside your base, they’ll have to waste extra resources breaking into the Tool Cupboard. This also applies to small and large storage crates; lock them up to frustrate your raiders!

Rust Console Edition - Airlock

Build an airlock – Even if you can only afford to build a small wooden 1×1 base, it is extremely important to stick an extra triangle foundation, walls, roof, and door on it. This means that even if someone kills you and your front door is open, the airlock and second door prevent them from getting into your base. Placed in such a way, you can also use the doors in the open position to block raiders or base campers from getting in, while still allowing you to shoot out. Just don’t forget to close the outside door!

Rust Console Edition - Honeycomb

“Honeycomb” your base! – Once you’re established and start to expand your base, it’s a good idea to put bracing walls around the central area. This is known as ‘honeycombing’; where you place walls to create a solid perimeter around the main part of your base. These spaces are often left inaccessible, but this makes it a lot harder for anyone trying to raid you, who will have to waste more time and resources to blow through the protective walls.

Rust Console Edition - Red Barrels

Get easy Low-Grade Fuel! – Low Grade Fuel is a highly sought-after resource early in the game as it’s needed to build a furnace. It’s mostly obtained by crafting it from Animal Fat, but animals can be hard to come by and most will either attack on sight or run away, making it somewhat of a challenge to get hold of.

Make life easier for yourself by looking out for the Red Barrels that can appear at Trash Piles around the map or most commonly at the Dome monument. These barrels will give you a small amount of Low Grade Fuel as well as Crude Oil, which can be refined in a Small Oil Refinery, one of which is also located at the Dome.

For a super-safe time farming Low Grade Fuel, you can look out for the floating platforms out at sea, which also spawn Red Barrels. These platforms aren’t often explored, making them a less dangerous option to loot.

Rust Console Edition - Research Table

If you find a useful item, keep it and research it! – It might be tempting to use that brand new MP5 you’ve just looted, but wouldn’t it be better if you could craft more of them for you and your friends? You can research how to craft many items in the game, so if you find something you think might come in useful, but you only have a small amount of, you can make a Research Table and pay an amount of Scrap to learn how to craft the item. Good examples of this are higher-tiered healing items or ammunition, which are quite hard to come by in early game.

This is by no means an exhaustive list or the only way to play – explore, build, fight, or survive! Hopefully, these tips and tricks will elevate your early game and at least prolong your survival in the harsh world of Rust Console Edition a little bit longer!

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Rust Console Edition

Double Eleven Ltd.

Welcome to Rust. The only aim in Rust is to survive – Overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals. Protect yourself from other players.

Author: Jack Watson, Content Creator, Double 11
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Rust Console Edition release date: Launch time locked, server issues latest

Rust Console Edition has seen several testing phases, and all of them have seen some kind of server strain.

So with the full release date now set for the next 24-hours, the Rust Console release time could see a huge spike in server traffic.

For those who might not have played it yet, Rust is a popular survival sim that offers plenty of scope for experimentation.

Gamers can band together to build massive structures, and they can also duke it out across PvP servers.

Rust has grown in popularity on PC in recent years, and 2021 has been the first time console gamers have been able to jump in.

But while it is called Rust Console Edition, it should be noted that this version is primarily focused on Xbox One and PS4.

On Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, through their respective backwards compatibility modes, the game will work.

However, the development team have not completed its implementation of these compatibility modes, and as such, gamers may experience higher levels of instability and unexpected behaviour.

Rust gamers with early access have already seen some of that, with a flurry of new updates expected over the coming week.

But for now, most fans are focused on the Rust Console Edition release date, which has been set for Friday, May 21.

No set release time has been shared, but it looks like Rust Console Edition will be unlocking between midnight and 1am BST across both platforms.

And with any big multiplayer launch, there could also be Rust Console servers going down throughout the day.

Double Eleven have been tuning everything up for launch day, but gamers should still be aware that there could be heavy traffic ahead.

The development team have also provided a rough guide on what to expect from post-launch support, with a new statement explaining:

“Right now our focus is on improving the performance and stability. Once that’s out of the way we can start adding additional content to the game. A roadmap is close to completion, and we believe now is a good time to share some of it with you.

“Our first post launch update aims to bring the highly requested Tech Tree, a great update to the game play, as well as Gestures that will improve the way you communicate in game.

“Other minor features like new Building Blocks will also be added. Some of the monuments that were present in the pre-order beta like the Train Yard, the Water Treatment Plant and the Supermarket need further polish, so for now we will work on improving them, and add them back with this update set to release in approximately 6 to 8 weeks.”

“We know that you want to see some of the most popular monuments like the Oil Rig and the Cargo Ship in game, as well as new methods of transportation like the horse, for example. Rest assured, some of those features are already being tested internally and we plan to release them in future content updates.

“Outside of the minor updates we will also have major updates where we will release significant amounts of new content to make sure the experience remains fresh for everyone invested in Rust Console Edition. Each update will have a central theme, making them feel more like game expansions than regular content updates.

“Major updates will release around 8 to 10 weeks apart from one another and they will not follow the same timeline in terms of content as Facepunch’s version of Rust. We will try to prioritize highly requested features first, but some of them might not make it to the game anytime soon due to the hardware limitations.

“The first major update will be called Power Surge, bringing new features like the electricity system and new in-game monuments like the Powerlines. A lot more is expected to come with this update, once we approach the month of release we will be revealing more details on what’s going to be included.”

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