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Google Street View: Mystery radio 'buzzing' in Russia that could lead to nuclear strikes

Google Maps Street View has unearthed a number of images online that have enticed conspiracy theorists to raise concerns. An unsolved mystery within Russia involves a strange transmission, known as… Read more »

REVEALED: New plan that could UTTERLY TRANSFORM social care for the elderly in the UK

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Hancock suggested creating a system similar to the pensions scheme where every adult pays into a national pot to fund their future social care…. Read more »

Car insurance WARNING: Errors that could leave thousands of drivers without valid cover

Car insurance is designed to protect you while on the road and the way the premium is calculated is based on a number of factors. Premiums can range from a… Read more »

Pancreatic cancer symptoms: If your skin turns this colour you could have the disease

Pancreatic cancer is caused by the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the pancreas. Around half of all new cases are diagnosed in people aged 75 and over, and… Read more »

Alien life BREAKTHROUGH: Earth’s ‘next door neighbour’ could hold WATER

Since its discovery two years ago in 2016, questions have been raised about Proxima b, namely the condition of the eerie planet’s surface, believed to be similar to Earth’s. A… Read more »

Ten things you should NEVER do in Dubai – you could go to prison or even risk your life

Dubai tourism is rapidly increasing but the United Arab Emirates are a very strict nation with multiple harsh laws in place long-banished in the UK. With laws and customs so… Read more »