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‘They have ruined everything’: Devastated couple caught in TUI holiday disaster

Newlyweds Daniella and Benjamin Bushell from Nottinghamshire have been left devastated after a mistake made by TUI “ruined their honeymoon”. The mix-up meant the couple could not go on their planned honeymoon.

The couple were initially meant to get married in May, but moved the special day to July specifically because of the holiday.

The newlyweds were therefore understandably upset and angry to hear that their long-awaited trip had been cancelled yet again.

Benjamin Bushell told Nottinghamshire Live: “When we went into the airport it was basically empty – no-one was there.

“So we thought ‘this is weird’.

“We had to speak to another airline as TUI wasn’t there and we explained the situation to us.

“They told us there was no flights going to Greece.

“Then the woman checked the system and told us the flight had already been cancelled.”

Benjamin added that they “didn’t get an email, a call, or anything telling us”.

He said: “We were expecting back in June to get something like a phone call explaining what amber status meant so we could decide what to do.

“We were more than happy to move it.”

Daniella added: “If they’d have cancelled it and let us know last week, we could have planned something else.

“But there is nowhere we can go, everywhere is completely booked.

“We now have 10 days sat at home.”

The couple said that they will not be flying with TUI again, but they don’t blame the staff at the airline’s Eastwood branch at all.

“I don’t want people to think we are angry just because we couldn’t go on holiday, it’s because they didn’t give us any opportunity to make any other plans,” Danielle said.

She added: “They [the company] have ruined everything for us.

“And TUI head office didn’t seem interested in us missing everything.

“We don’t go on holiday every year because we can’t afford it, so this was our treat and now it’s going to be four years since having a holiday.

“We had saved up for it.”

A TUI spokesperson said the airline has apologised to the couple. They added: “We’re very sorry we didn’t advise Mr and Mrs Bushell about the cancellation of their holiday.

“This should not have happened and we understand how upsetting their experience must have been.

“We’re in touch with the couple and hope they will accept our gesture of goodwill along with our sincere apologies.”

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Connecticut couple gives up the farm, moves to New Hampshire

NORWICH, Conn. — John and Mary Polaski loved their Cedar Wood Farm on North Wawecus Hill Road, but about four years ago, the couple realized they were done with farming and were ready to move to New Hampshire.

But John Polaski Jr., who had purchased the property with his father, John Polaski Sr., in 1979, did not want to sell the property and see it turn into another housing development. Polaski contacted a Connecticut land conservation agency and that group referred him to the Avalonia Land Conservancy. Avalonia, the southeastern Connecticut land conservation group, has been expanding its holdings in northern New London County and excitedly accepted the Polaskis’ offer to donate the land.

The Polaskis divided the property, separating the house, barn and 5.5 acres and agreeing to donate the remaining 47.27 acres of woodland, farm and former farm fields, old stone walls, ridges, brooks and seven hills to Avalonia. On Wednesday, the deed transaction was filed in the Norwich city clerk’s office, formally adding the property to Avalonia’s holdings.

“I’ve been into conservation for a long time,” John Polaski said. “It’s a beautiful piece of property. I farmed it for 40 years, and I didn’t want to see it developed.”

Polaski’s father died shortly after the family purchased the property called Cedar Wood Farm. Polaski Jr. raised horses, cows, goats and chickens there.

Avalonia will name the piece Cedar Wood Preserve, in honor of the farm’s name and to highlight the dense sections of Eastern red cedar trees on the property.

It could take another year for the property to be accessible to the public, however, said Dennis Main, Avalonia past board president. The first step will be to survey the land and mark the boundaries, assess the critical and sensitive habitats and inhabitants, including wetlands, possible endangered species and nesting grounds, clear the former farm roads and logging trails that traverse the land and mark hiking trails. The entrance likely will be a spot along North Wawecus Hill Road a bit north of a cellphone tower access road.

Main and Avalonia Land Acquisition Committee Chairman David Stygar, armed with a paper map and a cellphone to record bird songs, hiked through the property last week. They made mental notes of key spots that needed attention such as removing dead trees and invasive plants and debris.

They noted one old farm truck frame and a plastic barrel, but little other manmade debris littered the property. Stygar collected a half-deflated helium balloon, and the two ate a few black raspberries, pulled out some young bittersweet sprouts and broke off branches of invasive wild roses as they hiked along. Stygar wished he had brought a machete.

Border markers will be erected every 50 feet to alert future hikers of the property boundaries, and trails will be marked, Main said.

Main also used his cellphone to record the songs of 29 species during the hike and later declared the new preserve a birding “hot spot.”

The distant din of traffic from Interstate 395 could be heard, as the property nears the highway, but the traffic was out of sight.

Prior to the hike, neighbor Anne Hutchins of 230 N. Wawecus Hill Road, greeted Main at the entrance to the cell tower road. Main explained the plans to preserve the property.

“It’s a nice area,” said Hutchins, who has lived there for 25 years. “I’m so glad it’s going into conservation. There are so many animals here.”

Main added that with Avalonia’s expanded holdings in northern New London County, the conservancy might be looking to recruit new members for its Northern Committee, which covers the conservancy’s Norwich holdings. In addition to the new property on North Wawecus Hill Road, Avalonia has a conservation easement on 450 acres of property owned by the Browning family in the rural northern section of the city.

Avalonia has been busy during the pandemic acquiring and preserving properties. In addition to the Cedar Wood Preserve, the conservancy completed the purchase of a 450-acre parcel in North Stonington and partnered with Groton Utilities to preserve a 228-acre property at the Ledyard-Groton line. Avalonia is working on a partnership with the town of Preston to purchase two properties totaling 177 acres off Rude Road near the Griswold town line.

The new Norwich piece brings Avalonia’s total holdings to over 4,500 acres throughout New London County, plus two small islands offshore.

Main said if there is enough interest, it’s possible Avalonia will recruit volunteers to create a “Norwich Committee” to manage the Norwich properties.

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‘Ghosts’ tell couple to ‘get out’ when they accidentally stumble on haunted cave

Beth and Tony Ferguson were looking around a 300-year-old cave wen they heard a sinister voice out of nowhere. According to the couple, the presence gave them a clear warning to “get out” of the cave – something which the pair originally thought they had imagined.

It was only when they returned from their visit to Carnglaze Caverns in Liskeard, Cornwall, earlier this month and rewatched what they’d captured on camera, that they realised it may have been more real than they thought.

According to the Fergusons, two apparitions were caught zooming past them on camera – with the terrifying voice of what sounded like a little girl saying “hello” also being audible on the tape.

Although something like this would leave most people terrified, the pair are used to spiritual sightings as they are paranormal activity hunters in their free time.

Mr Ferguson, who also works as a personal trainer, said: “I’ve been to countless haunted locations in the UK and all over the world, but this place surprised me. I felt very uneasy.

“We hadn’t even had any reports about this being a haunted location, we were just visiting and it was something to do.

“As we were walking around, I felt like we were being followed, as if there was something behind us.”

The 42-year-old is convinced then decided to start recording the occurrence and now believes that that what he and his wife experienced was supernatural.

He added: “I usually carry my cameras with me so I just started laying them around and I couldn’t believe what we managed to capture.

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“Out of nowhere this white mist flew right in front of me and appeared to stop and shapeshift before disappearing. We could constantly hear voices whispering but the most freaky was when we heard a voice telling us ‘get out’.”

The Fergusons accidentally came across the man-made caves during their trip, which are over 300 years old and were mined for slate before being used by the Royal Navy to store rum in the Second World War.

Sensing there might be spirits around, the Fergusons then laid down cameras and catballs, which only light up when they are touched, to capture the two “ghosts” on film.

Mr Ferguson said: ”I wasn’t expecting to get so much from this visit, we had been to Bodmin Moor doing some other paranormal research and this was just something else to do close by.”

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Couple ‘sharing bed’ with ‘poltergeist’ who watches television with them

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Michael Lee said that the supernatural situation started with footprints coming towards them across the bed. Now, he says that the ghost has become more comfortable and lies across the bed with him, his husband, Blake Lee, and their cat Maggie at their home in Southport, Merseyside.

The couple believe that the presence is a dog and is confident that it has no intentions of causing them any harm.

They claim that their cat tries to avoid it where possible, further supporting their theory that the apparition is a canine.

Mr Lee said: “About five in the morning, I thought the cat had come on the bed to wake us up for food, but the cat was nowhere to be seen.

“It was like footprints that were coming slowly on the bed, then lay on my foot.

“It lays crossways. You can see where I have a fluffy blanket on the bed it is completely flat then when this dog comes across you can see the dip in the bed where it is lying. It is quite heavy, too heavy to be a cat.”

Mr Lee’s phone has an infrared camera which features a two way microphone that the couple decided to put to use.

He spoke into the bedroom using the camera, asking “is anybody there?” before being met with what he says was a “high pitched howl”.

After asking if the ghoul was a dog, he was met with the same noise once again.

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Author: Conor Clark
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Couple live, work and travel on ‘ultimate UK road trip’ after transforming van into camper

With the cost of UK staycation accommodation rising in line with a surge in demand, many Britons have begun to eye new ways of saving money while exploring the country. Such was the case for one London couple who made the decision to ditch urban life after completely transforming their Mercedes Vario 614D van.

Charlie and Josh, who met on Bumble, have taken the “van life” trend to the extreme.

Not only do the pair use their van for holidays, but they also now live and work from the Mercedes as they embark on “the ultimate UK road trip”.

“I remember on our first date talking about wanting to get a camper van and doing it up – not necessarily living in it – but we spoke about that kind of lifestyle,” said Charlie, an ex-menswear designer and now graphic designer.

After 2020 spun the world into chaos, Charlie and Josh decided there was no better time to combine their savings and plough it into buying and renovating a van.

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During the process, the duo recorded their journey via their blog, Wandering Home, as well as on YouTube and Instagram.

In one video titled “100 days of Vanbuild”, Charlie and Josh showed how they transformed the 16 seater minibus.

It began with ripping out the seating, removing the wheelchair lift and the back and adding in new flooring.

The couple then completely gutted the interior in order to create extra space.

The van was then kitted out with its own kitchen, including oven and fridge facilities, plus a lounge area and composting toilet.

There are also plenty of secret storage facilities dotted throughout the ban – including a pull-out table at the rear of the van to allow for alfresco dining on sunny days.

Charlie and Josh even took on the task of plumbing the van with a water tank tucked away underneath the bed and adding electric wiring and solar panels themselves.

This means the couple are able to benefit from electric lighting on the move and even a stand-up shower.

Now, the couple is embarking on the ultimate UK road trip – exploring all 15 of the UK’s national parks – from Dartmoor to the Cairngorms.

They are set to immerse themselves fully in “van life” until September.

“It was a big change, but as we moved into the van all our colleagues started working remotely,” said Josh.

According to Josh, his favourite moments are at dusk, cracking open a beer when the sun’s low in the sky, while Charlie relishes the stillness of the early morning as she gets out of bed and pops the coffee on.

“I feel more connected to the seasons and the weather,” she said.

Author: Aimee Robinson
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ISAs 'wouldn't have worked for us' Couple in their 20s on saving up to buy £300,000 home

“We didn’t save any money in ISAs as we went with the Help to Buy scheme instead,” they tell Express.co.uk.

“Due to all the overtime we were both able to do during the first COVID-19 lockdown, the saving process was quite quick, so the use of an ISA wouldn’t have worked for us.”

Looking back on their property journey, the pair recall getting the home that they wanted, and putting their stamp on it.

“We reserved off-plan to secure our preferred home and immediately started to gather design inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest,” Rebecca says.

“We created the Instagram account @46_Hayfield to document all the stages and share photos of furniture, accessories and art that we have bought new, pre-loved, or created ourselves.

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Austin couple asked to take down Pride Flag, facing possible fines from neighborhood's HOA

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Newly-wed couple David Colligan and Alonzo Rivas were beaming with pride, as they hung up their colorful flag.

“It’s pride month!” Colligan said. That excitement quickly turned into shock after they received a notice from property management to take it down. According to management, those are the rules of the neighborhood’s Home Owner’s Association, which it enforces.

The Pride Flag that was on display at David Colligan and Alonzo Rivas’ home in south Austin. (Photo: David Colligan and Alonzo Rivas)

That notice from property management — which the couple shared with KXAN — states their HOA only allows American, armed forces and State of Texas flags to be hung.

The couple lives in the Town Court Condominium, which is a small neighborhood in south Austin.

“Being told that this flag doesn’t reflect integrity, and it’s something that diminishes the value of the community — is just ridiculous,” Colligan said.

The notice they received did state property management isn’t questioning the worthiness of the flag, or the message, writing it respectfully asks them to take it down. 

Still, the two feel the language of the notice was offensive. They also feel the HOA specifically, doesn’t understand the meaning behind the flag.

“It was compared to sports memorabilia, holiday flags and there’s a lot more resemblance behind the flag, than just a sports team,” Rivas said. “There’s been a lot of sweat, tears and even lives lost, to develop these rights.”

The husbands told KXAN they’ve rented their home for over five years, and decided this year, they wanted to teach their daughters about Pride. They hung the flag as a family.

David Colligan and Alonzo Rivas with their family. (Photo Courtesy: David Colligan and Alonzo Rivas)

Now the couple plans on asking neighbors to sign a petition, with hopes of being able to change the rules to be more supportive and inclusive.

They have also asked for a formal review of the rules.

“We don’t have any interest in breaking the rules, but we do have interest in changing the rules,” Colligan said.

They feel it’s their duty to advocate for other LGBTQ neighbors, and educate those who they feel don’t understand what the flag truly represents.

“We’ve been nothing but great residents — we shoveled snow and ice for elders during the winter storm, we’ve baked treats for our daughters to hand out during the holidays and we are always kind during dog walks,” Colligan said. “Seems very un-Austin of a neighborhood that upholds or enforces rules that discriminate.”

KXAN reached out to the neighborhood’s HOA president, who directed us to property management. We’ll add their response to the couple seeking to change rules, once we hear back.

Per the property management’s notice, Colligan and Rivas will have until June 25 to take the flag down, or could otherwise face fines.

But they told KXAN they plan to keep their flag flying bright, inspite of the consequences. 

“C’mon, it’s 2021, we need to move in the right direction,” Rivas said.

Author: Jala Washington
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Inside Kate Middleton's favourite holiday spot costing £900 a week for a couple

Although the royal couple don’t have a lot of chances to go on holiday, when they do, they usually pick spots close to home. Kate revealed on an occasion that they love going to the Lake District, in Cumbria, and that it’s one of their preferred destinations in the UK.
In one of their visits to Cumbria, Kate said that she and the family absolutely adore the Lake District.

Located in the northwest region of England, the Lake District is admired for its natural beauty and considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the UK.

Famous for its National Park, the region has very popular spots like market town Kendall, where the famous Kendall mint cake originated.

Beautiful towns Ambleside or Keswick are perfect to visit with the family and the scenic lake Windermere is ideal for a day out sailing.

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The Lake District has also been chosen by many personalities like author Beatrix Potter – who was inspired by the region to write some of her tales like Peter Rabbit – or poet William Wordsworth.

Kate has previously said that she loves spending time with her children outdoors, that’s why it’s no surprise the couple love spending time in the Lakes and have previously revealed it as their very favourite family destination.

“I believe that spending time outdoors when we are young can play a role in laying the foundations for children to become happy, healthy adults,” said the Duchess.

In one of their visits to the Lake District, Kate also said that although it rains a lot, they love it there. She explained that the children adore going to the Lakes and walking in the fells.


Kate and William have visited the towns of Keswick and Patterdale, had afternoon tea by Ullswater Lake, enjoyed doing excursions with the kids and just being in contact with nature.

According to Budget Your Trip, it costs around £65 per day for a holiday to the Lake District National Park. This equates to £904 per week for two people.

If you’re planning the do like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and visit the Lake District soon, these are some of the places you can’t miss.

Go to picturesque town Grasmere to try their famous gingerbread, invented in 1854 by Sarah Nelson.

Climb the Orrest Head fell and admire the breathtaking views of Lake Windermere.

Pay a visit to Muncaster Castle, the beautiful construction is also famous for being the UK’s most haunted castle.

Visit Dove Cottage near the picturesque Grasmere, where poet William Wordsworth lived from 1799 until 1808 and wrote his manuscripts.

Stroll around Lake Buttermere, one of the Lake District’s most beautiful lakes.

Hire a boat and sail around idyllic Lake Windermere. Alternatively, you can go on a cruise excursion or lake the ferry between the towns of Bowness and Ambleside.

Hike to the Castlerigg Stone Circle. The fascinating construction dates back to the Neolithic period, putting it on an equal footing with Stonehenge.

Climb Scafell Pike, which standing at 978m, is the highest point in England.

The Lake District is a perfect option for a summer staycation, a camping trip, or like the Duke and Duchess do it, to enjoy a relaxing weekend away.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

Couple says Leander police didn't conduct proper DWI investigation on suspect due to ties with governor

LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) — A Round Rock attorney says he and his clients want answers after a car crash in Leander on Valentine’s Day.

They say a proper DWI investigation wasn’t done after they claim police found out the driver who hit them worked for Governor Greg Abbott.

Roberto Flores of Carlson Law Firm is an attorney for the couple from Liberty Hill who says they’re sharing what happened to ensure police apply the law equally.

Flores says his clients were stopped at a Leander intersection when another driver rear-ended their car.

“We, in the process of investigating these claims, do open records requests and one thing we found was the dashcam of…from the police,” Flores said.

He sent that dash cam video to KXAN. You can see officers take the driver in question to a nearby gas station for a sobriety test, just out of view of the camera.

Police say the driver appeared to be “confused and incoherent at times.”

“What was your impression of that guy when they were talking to him?” One officer can be heard asking another when they enter their squad car.

“His eyes were really red,” the officer replies. “He wasn’t out in the wind that long, so I don’t think it’s from the wind. He was swaying a little bit.”

Police say a breath test showed no evidence of alcohol use but couldn’t provide the results of the field sobriety test because a case report wasn’t completed.

“A report was not required because the officers did not believe that a crime was committed,” said Leander’s assistant police chief.

While Leander police say there was no evidence of alcohol on the driver, they did not conduct a drug test.

Audio is cut from parts of the dash cam video but you can hear officers point out inconsistencies with the driver’s story and timeline — he had told them he had a meeting at the capitol.

“Can you and I agree that there’s — there’s something going on?” an officer says to the driver, who is in the back of the officer’s squad car.

On the dashcam video, officers also discuss calling the Texas Capitol.

“His coworker indicated that there was no meeting today,” one officer said.

Police say they took the man to the emergency center “out of precaution.”

Flores believes Leander police didn’t follow proper procedures.

“I would also like — and I think my clients would also like — answers about why Leander…did not go through the full process of this. I would like an unredacted version of the dashcam report, and I would like to know why they didn’t do something they would have likely done for any other person,” Flores said.

KXAN hasn’t been able to confirm that the driver is, in fact, an aide to the governor but did find a person with the same name listed on his staff directory page.

KXAN is not revealing his name because he hasn’t been charged with a crime.

It is also important to point out the video shows officers are aware the driver had connections at the Capitol, but it’s unclear they knew about his alleged ties to the governor.

KXAN has reached out to the governor’s office several times for comment, but they have not yet responded.

Author: Tahera Rahman
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

Couple Turns to Ted for promised refund after storm cancelation

LA MARQUE, Texas (KTRK) — When Hurricane Laura was headed toward the Gulf Coast last summer, Mike and Lupita Castelline weren’t entirely sure where it would hit, but decided to book a hotel more inland just in case.They needed a place where their aging and sick cats, Abby and Junior, could also stay with them.

“We started first looking in Alvin, couldn’t find any place that would take pets. Looked at Angleton, still no place. And we’d been through Bay City several times, so we decided to look there in Bay City and there was a place that took pets,” Mike said.They made an online reservation for the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Bay City.

When they got to the La Quinta, the hotel said they didn’t allow cats. Even though it was outside the cancellation period, Mike said the hotel agreed to cancel the reservation and even help them find a nearby hotel with a more lenient pet policy.

“They canceled the request,” Mike told the Turn to Ted Team. “I made the assumption that they were going to refund the money.”

But once the storm passed, Mike saw a $ 290 charge for the full stay on his credit card bill.

He said he called the hotel and they stood by their word, saying they canceled the reservation.

The hotel manager told us that, too.When he looked into the issue, Mike said he realized the problem was with the company he booked the trip through.

When the couple couldn’t get them to budge, they Turned to Ted.

“We’ve seen how you help people who have, I mean, just people have done them wrong and you go in and you straighten it and that’s why I kept telling him, ‘You’ve got a call Ted,'” Lupita said.

The Turn to Ted team tracked the issue down to Expedia, which has its own cancellation policies. After looking into it, Expedia told us there was a miscommunication.

“There appears to have been some misunderstandings or miscommunication between Expedia and the hotel partner. Our records show the hotel declined our refund request back in October 2020, but we understand they informed the customer otherwise. In any case, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience the customer experienced and are glad to have the opportunity to correct the issue and regret we did not do so earlier,” Expedia said in a statement.Mike said he never heard from Expedia, the hotel or his credit company who he disputed the charge with. But, he did see a refund on his card after we reached out and asked about it.

“We got the money,” Mike said.

Now, Mike’s advice to others is that sometimes it may be easier to book directly with the hotel or make sure to be clear about online cancellation policies before you click confirm – even if you’re in a rush – to avoid any confusion with cancellation policies.

“You’ll know what their requirements are,” Mike said.

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