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USE Parents object to Oxford Hills Middle School yearbook cover with political messages

PARIS — Parents of an Oxford Hills Middle School student attended School Administrative District 17’s board of directors meeting to call attention to the 2020-21 yearbook cover, which shows political imagery and messages.

“It might be a little uncomfortable for the board but I need to let you know … it’s in regards to the yearbook at the middle school and its political messaging,” Kevin McAllister, the student’s father, said. “The yearbook historically celebrates the year in school. To me it’s been encapsulated within the school. To have stuff that’s politically a hotbed, it seems a little over the top.

“I know it’s offended a lot of people” he said. “I feel disappointed in it. I wanted a good representation of my child and his year in school but instead we have this … a lot of people in town don’t see it as positive.

“I would ask that in the future that people … be sensitive to other people and to keep it neutral,” he said. “Make it the celebration that it’s supposed to be. The community is out there watching.”

The student’s mother, Sarah McAllister, circulated a copy of the yearbook, along with how the online advertising for it was presented, for directors to see. She pointed out that the ad did not include any of the messages.

Director Bob Jewell of Paris asked what oversight process is in place for review before yearbooks are sent for publishing.

“Someone in administration should have seen this well before it was published,” Jewell said. “What is the process and how do we know that what is going out there is something that this board would want to see out there?”

In just her first board meeting since being named superintendent, Monica Henson said she could not answer the question immediately but concurred that in her previous school systems anything issued by the district – yearbooks, student newspapers or staff newsletters – had to be reviewed first, and yearbook cover art would be included in that.

Director Will Rolfe of West Paris said it seemed more than a coincidence that the advertising for the yearbook did not include the most controversial part.

Board Chairwoman Diana Olsen of Otisfield thanked the parents for coming to the board and pointed out that directors hear comments made by the public at meetings but cannot discuss them or act on anything that is not on the agenda.

In her superintendent’s update, Henson reported on her progress for the objectives set for her entry plan to the district, including steps for increasing student achievement, improving public trust and increasing organizational efficiency. To that end she wrote that she has received administrative briefings from district leaders, reviewed the District Management Group’s assessment and recommendations for SAD 17’s practices and distributed a comprehensive organizational chart.

The Boston organization assists school districts with surveys, assessments and recommendations.

Henson also told the board that she will speak at an Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce event in August and is working to schedule appearances to introduce herself to the boards of selectmen at each of the district’s eight towns.

In other business, directors unanimously elected Natalie Andrews of West Paris as chairwoman for the next year and Jared Cash of Norway as vice chairman.

Olsen and outgoing Vice Chairman Curtis Cole of Norway did not seek reelection. Both received standing ovations for their service to and leadership of the board over the past three years.

Directors also elected Scott Buffington of Paris to the Finance Committee. He will join returning Directors Lew Williams of Hebron, Sarah Otterson of Paris, Jewell and Andrews. Debra Hertell, executive assistant to the administration, was reappointed as the voter registration clerk for district meetings.

Vicki Decker was approved to become Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School’s assistant principal, joining Tara Pelletier who recently transferred from the same position at the middle school. Michael Mayberry was approved as food service director, transferring over from the Facilities Department where he served as assistant director.

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Texas Capitol staffer drugging allegations likely fabricated

Texas Capitol staffer drugging allegations likely fabricated

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Texas Department of Public Safety is revealing details behind its April investigation into claims made by a female Capitol staffer that she and another colleague were drugged by a lobbyist while out at an Austin club.

While the investigation ultimately concluded no crime had occurred, the DPS investigation file behind the claim is being released — and details include a web of missing memories, differing recollections and COVID-19 vaccinations.

KXAN is not naming those involved in the investigation, because no one was charged. Charges for the staffers weren’t mentioned by DPS either.

According to the investigation, Staffer #1 says on April 1, she [Staffer #1] and another female staffer [Staffer #2] went out with lobbyists from HillCo Partners to The Austin Club downtown. Staffer #1 says after being served drinks she and Staffer #2 hadn’t ordered, she (Staffer #1) began to feel intoxicated and eventually blacked out.

Staffer #1 told police she believed one of the lobbyists —or the club bartender in collaboration with the lobbyists — drugged her and Staffer #2’s drinks. She reported she made it home with the help of a different coworker and woke up the next morning extremely ill and believed herself to have been drugged. The hospital she says she went to, however, didn’t have the ability to test for these drugs.

Medical staff, according to the investigation, told Staffer #1 if she’d been slipped the drug, her signs would be indicative of an overdose. Investigators cite parts of the victim’s story were inconsistent and “much, if not all” of her account of the night was reconstructed to her by others.

When Staffer #1 contacted her colleague, she claims Staffer #2 said she’d gone to the hospital and tested positive for gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), a date-rape drug. However, during the investigation, a nurse manager at the emergency center Staffer #2 had gone to told investigators she couldn’t have tested positive for GHB, because they don’t test for it there. Staffer #2’s boyfriend also told investigators he drove her to a clinic to get a drug test, where she later sent a text message saying she’d tested positive for GHB. Investigators saw a screenshot of this text.

When she was interviewed, Staffer #2 said she’d been drugged, but elsewhere, she reportedly contradicted “most” information from Staffer #1 — including saying they’d gone to the hospital together. The interviewer also says he found her to be trying to allude to the lobbyist having a bad reputation. The interviewer said he ultimately found Staffer #2 to be “very deceptive.”

During the investigation, the bartender from The Austin Club was interviewed. While the bartender remembered the day and the two women, she told investigators nothing had been put in, and she did not have any prior relationship with the lobbyists.

Additionally, investigators say surveillance footage from a parking garage did not indicate abnormal behavior from either of the women. Witnesses of the night’s events also said nothing seemed suspicious about the night.


What did come to light, investigators say, was that Staffer #2 had gone home with a male colleagues and stayed the night. She says she woke up fully clothed, and no allegations of any sort of sexual assault were ever made, however, investigators say she kept trying to divert them away from questioning her boyfriend about the incident, and they believe this is why.

Next, when investigators informed Staffer #1 about Staffer #2’s contradictory comments, Staffer #1 agreed the whole thing had likely been a cover by Staffer #2 — to cover up a possible infidelity, investigators write.

When investigators followed up with the Male Colleague, the man also gave a surprising answer about whether or not he and Staffer #2 had had sexual relations — not only had they had consensual sex, he said the two had been in a relationship for about a month. He said he was led to believe her previous relationship was “over and done with.”

Staffer #1 recanted all allegations and reportedly said, “I feel like she [Staffer #2] made up a story… there’s a dude suffering right now and how she [Staffer #2] doesn’t feel guilty about that, I have no idea… I’ve still been a victim in this and I’ve still felt bad for that man, my heart breaks for him and his family and to make up a story like that and let this happen… I don’t think I would have filed anything if I would’ve known from the beginning it wasn’t what I thought it was.”

Staffer #1 then told the investigator she didn’t think there was any reason to continue investigating.

The investigation concluded Staffer #2 went home with the Male Colleague, and the two had consensual sex — which investigators say is proven with digital evidence, as the next morning Staffer #2 texted #1 and asked for helping “with a cover story.”

COVID-19 vaccination symptoms?

During the investigation, it was discovered both Staffer #1 and #2 had received their first doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

Then, investigators say both staffers consumed a minimum of two mixed drinks, which would include three vodka shots. This would have happened in a three-hour window. According to investigators, Staffer #1 is 5’0″ and weighs 120 pounds, which would have made it easy for her to become very intoxicated.

Staffer #2 also reportedly texted #1 to ask: “Do you think drinking on the vaccine f—-d us?”

The Male Colleague told investigators Staffer #2 had also chalked up her condition the next morning to mixing alcohol with getting a vaccine. “She never insinuated to anything for me to think that something nefarious was going on,” he said.

Investigators and medical services professionals who were consulted say none of the symptoms described by Staffer #1 are consistent with date-rape drug.

While there is no standard recommendation on if you should drink alcohol after getting a COVID-19 vaccine, medical professionals say if you happen to develop symptoms from the COVID-19 vaccine, it could make getting intoxicated or a hangover more extreme.

The Lobbyist responds

Investigators spoke to the Lobbyist during the investigation, where he gave his account of the evening. The Lobbyist’s attorneys identified him to KXAN as Rick Dennis on Wednesday.

According to the investigation, Dennis said the two staffers were drinking heavily and quickly at the bar, “finishing a round every 10-12 minutes.” He also said he noticed throughout the night Staffer #2 and Male Colleague were “very comfortable” with each other, and he saw the man give her a “peck” on the forehead and cheek.

Dennis said given how comfortable the two seemed together, he saw no issue with Male Colleague helping get Staffer #2 home. He said while everyone, including himself, had been intoxicated that night, he’d seen no behavior that was alarming. Investigators say Dennis’ accounts and receipts from that night corroborate other media evidence collected.

Texas DPS and the Travis County District Attorney’s Office released a joint statement April 29 at the conclusion of the investigation, which the District Attorney’s Office said still stands now: “DPS has conducted a thorough investigation following allegations of drugging of a Capitol staffer by a lobbyist. Together, we have concluded that there is not enough evidence to support these allegations and that criminal charges are not appropriate. No crime occurred in this instance.”

Dennis’ attorneys, David and Perry Minton, told KXAN Wednesday they want their client’s name released, to show he was not charged for a crime.

“The Department of Public Safety’s Official Offense Report makes clear that Rick Dennis was falsely accused by a Texas Capitol staffer that lied to DPS Investigators. This Capitol staffer’s scheme to deliberately deceive law enforcement clearly meets the elements of False Report under the Texas Penal Code,” their statement read, in part.

Additionally, the attorneys asked the Travis County DA to revise its joint statement from April 29, saying it casted doubt on Dennis’ innocence by mentioning “women’s issues.”

After explaining no crime had occurred, the original joint statement from the DA and DPS said, in part, “recent events have amplified the conversation in our community that women should have the right to feel safe at all times. We are committed to continuing this conversation with the firm belief that women should be safe at home, at the workplace, and anywhere else they choose to be.”

“That discussion had no place in the Press Release and, in fact, was further misleading as to the facts and outcome of the investigation,” the attorneys’ statement went on to read in response.

Dennis’ attorneys say they support movements surrounding race, gender and religion, and that not opening an investigation into the staffers’ alleged lies to law enforcement degrades those movements.

“Failing to protect anyone — is a threat to everyone,” they said.

Other accusations

Although DPS found no crime had occurred in this incident, Julie Young, who is the committee director for the House Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee, issued a statement about Dennis, accusing him of sexual harassment in 2015.

“I want to be absolutely clear – Mr. Dennis was a predator to staffers during his time in Rep. Tan Parker’s office and continued to be during his time at HillCo,” the statement read in part.

“Any call of concern for him only falls on deaf ears to those of us in the Capitol community who have been made victims of his abusive and harassing behavior for years. If we continue to ignore his behavior, we are condoning him and dismissing the staffers who have suffered,” the statement went on to read.

In response, Dennis’ attorneys called the accusations “false, defamatory, hearsay statements — of unsourced and alleged inappropriate comments from his past,” and a ploy to “justify the story that he deserves this somehow.”

Author: Russell Falcon
This post originally appeared on KXAN Austin

BBC licence fee could be cut or suspended for five years as punishment for Diana cover up

The Government is locked in talks with the broadcaster over the next five years of the fee, which raises £3.2billion for the broadcaster.

But a senior Government source told The Times the BBC’s status as a world class broadcaster had now been “tarnished”, and the £159-a-year licence fee payment could be frozen over the next five years or even cut.

The latest negotiations between Downing Street and the BBC are centred around how much the often-criticised licence fee will cost over the period from April 2022.

Currently, annual payment raised more than £3billion for the under-fire broadcaster, meaning any change to that would have a significant impact on its business.

Since a deal was struck with the Government in 2015, the cost of the annual licence fee has increased with inflation.

But several Conservative Party MPs want the cost of the licence fee to be reduced with the BBC turned into a subscription service to mirror the success of the likes of Netflix.

A Government source told The Times: “The corporation’s reputation as a world-leading broadcaster is tarnished.

“At a time when every government department is being asked to tighten their belt, there’s an argument the corporation should do so too.”

In a further blow, the BBC could be faced with the prospect of forming a new editorial board to deal with complaints about its programmes following the backlash over the findings from Lord Dyson’s report into Mr Bashir’s interview with Diana.

Several ministers are considering whether the corporation should appoint the board in question, which would judge complaints over its coverage as part of a wide-ranging review within the next 12 months.

The proposal would see this newly-elected board formed of former editors and journalists with significant experience in the industry.

Lord Grade of Yarmouth, who served as BBC chairman between 2004 and 2006, proposed the idea of a new editorial board as he accused the corporation of carrying out an “appalling” cover-up.

At present, the BBC’s executive complaints unit is made up of seven officials who report to director of editorial policy and standards David Jordan.

The unit judges complaints, which can then be subsequently handed to Ofcom if deemed to be of a serious nature.


This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Tim Schafer and Ben Reeves on Game Informer’s Psychonauts 2 Cover Story

In today’s Xbox Podcast with Major Nelson, Double Fine Production’s Studio Head Tim Schafer and Game Informer’s Senior Editor Ben Reeves join us to talk about this month’s Game Informer cover story that takes a deep dive into the creation of Psychonauts 2. Check out the episode below to learn more about what we can expect to see in the upcoming sequel, 16 years after the studio left players on a cliffhanger after the original Psychonauts launched in 2005.  

In Psychonauts 2, you play as Razputin Aquato, a trained acrobat and powerful young psychic, who has realized his lifelong dream of joining the international psychic espionage organization known as the Psychonauts! But these psychic super spies are in trouble. Their leader hasn’t been the same since he was kidnapped, and what’s worse, there’s a mole hiding in the Psychonauts headquarters. Raz must use his powers to stop the mole before they execute their secret plan—to bring the murderous psychic villain, Maligula, back from the dead!

Now that the original Psychonauts is available with Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and on Android phones and tablets via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta), fans and new players alike can experience the classic action/adventure platformer, ahead of Psychonauts 2’s release, later this year.

Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for more on the upcoming Psychonauts 2.

Author: Will Tuttle, Xbox Wire Editor in Chief
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

VIZ Media Reveals Cover Art For Pokémon: Sword & Shield, Vol. 1 Manga

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

Sword and Shield

VIZ Media, the same publisher behind Ask Iwata, has shared a first look at the cover of Pokémon” Sword & Shield, Vol. 1 manga series. It’ll arrive on 10th August and is available to pre-order now over on Amazon and is priced at $ 4.99 USD.

This series, written by the legendary Hidenori Kusaka (responsible for the past Pokémon Adventures series), follows Casey and Henry – who share a dream of participating in Gym battles. Here’s a rundown of the Vol. 1 paperback:

Excitable Casey and easygoing Henry share a dream of participating in gym battles. For Casey it’s a chance to become reunited with her missing Pokémon. For Henry, it’s a chance to search for the legendary Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield.

Casey, a hacker who invented the Dynamax Simulator, and Henry, a boy who repairs gear for Pokémon, both dream of entering the Galar region’s gym battles. But they can’t enter any tournaments without the support of the local champion, Leon! Maybe helping Leon herd a flock of wandering Wooloo off the train tracks will earn them a recommendation?

Will you be adding this one to your collection when it arrives in August? Leave a comment down below.

Random: Smooth McGroove Returns After Long Hiatus With An Acapella New Super Mario Bros. Cover

Smooth McGroove, the long-haired chap who makes intricate acapella video game music covers on YouTube, recently returned to the platform after an almost two-year break for health reasons.

After posting an explanation for his long silence a couple of weeks ago (spoilers: kidney problems and adrenal imbalances that needed fixing), he’s back to it already with his first new cover since July 2019: the Overworld Theme from New Super Mario Bros.

Smooth McGroove sings the Overworld Theme on YouTube

Take a break for three minutes and appreciate the soothing melodies and glossy locks of Smooth’s nine-person arrangement (plus cat cameo).

As Smooth McGroove would say, “ba ba ba, babababa. Ba! Ba!”

Republican state House speaker backs expanding Medicaid to cover mothers for a year after they give birth

The Republican House Speaker threw his weight Wednesday behind a bill that would extend Medicaid coverage to mothers for a year postpartum, as part of a broad package of proposals meant to increase access to affordable healthcare in Texas.

The number of reported maternal deaths has increased nationwide in recent decades[2], and Texas data shows Black women in the state die disproportionately while pregnant or after delivery, from causes like infections, heart problems and mental disorders.

But health experts and advocates point to a fix they say would avert some postpartum deaths: Give low-income moms government-sponsored insurance for a year after delivery. They are kicked off after two months in Texas — though about a third of deaths[3] happen 43 days or more postpartum.

“Childbirth, while a wonderful and almost magical milestone in a woman’s life, can lead to postpartum depression. It can lead to medical crises, premature death, including suicide,” said state Rep. Toni Rose[4], D-Dallas. “While access to medical resources and counseling can save the lives of mothers, the safety net for those needing assistance disappears 60 days after delivery.”

Rose has proposed a bill, included in the House healthcare package unveiled Wednesday, that would extend Medicaid to a year postpartum. Lawmakers failed to pass a similar measure in 2019, when the cost of extending coverage was estimated to cost more than $ 70 million a year.

The announcement comes after Congress passed a pandemic relief bill that incentivizes states to extend it by waiving a lengthy and cumbersome process they would normally have to go through. The federal government has also sweetened the pot for the dozen states, including Texas, that have not more broadly expanded Medicaid to adults who can’t afford insurance but don’t currently qualify for the public program.

Legislation to do that is pending in both chambers, though it was left out of the House’s plan.

Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents in the country with nearly one in five Texans lacking health coverage. While women can qualify for Medicaid if they are pregnant, a mother with one child would have to make less than $ 196 a month[5] to be eligible as a parent in Texas, which has the strictest income limits of any state, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Medicaid pays for about half of births in Texas.

Texas’ maternal mortality rate is slightly higher[6] than the national average, though that’s based on deaths that happen during pregnancy or within 42 days of delivery. More than 600 women died nationwide in that time frame in 2018 and 277 died 43 days to a year after the end of their pregnancy, according to federal statistics. More than 90 women died in Texas that year — 22 after the 42 day marker used by the government.

Dr. Lisa Hollier, chair of the state’s Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review committee, said there are complications like heart disease and mental health conditions that are more likely to happen two months or more after delivery.

“It’s really important that women have access to the full range of services… like emergency room visits, like hospitalizations, that can really help them recover from their heart conditions, for example, or recover from their postpartum depression,” Hollier said.

There is a Texas program that gives mothers one year of coverage for mood or substance use disorders, diabetes, asthma and cardiovascular disease. Hollier said it is a “package of outpatient services” that are helpful but limited; Medicaid provides the same services and additional medications, testing and hospitalizations not covered by the state program, she said.

Advocates have said the state program has almost no network of specialty or mental health providers to deliver those services right now.

The rate of maternal deaths has gained attention nationwide. Experts and studies have found many of the deaths are preventable and that the maternal mortality rate is higher in the U.S. than other high-income countries. The risk is particularly acute for Black and indigenous women, who are two to three times[7] as likely to die than white women.

The past year has been something of an experiment in extending Medicaid coverage for new moms. Because of the pandemic, the federal government temporarily stopped states from kicking new moms off Medicaid — women like Claudia Nungaray.

Nungaray, 30, had used a state women’s health program for her annual checkups, but tried to avoid hospitals or doctors’ visits whenever possible because of the potential cost. When she did need to get glasses or go to the dentist, she paid out of pocket.

“Insurance is very expensive and I couldn’t really afford it,” said Nungaray, who lives in El Paso.

It was a “big relief” to learn Medicaid would cover her prenatal appointments, she said, where her doctors tested her for gestational diabetes and monitored her blood sugar. She was also able to see a counselor and get medication for anxiety and depression that she was diagnosed with during her pregnancy.

In November, she gave birth to a boy she named Kael and spent the next few months in the sleepless haze of new parenthood. She worried what she would do when she lost insurance and is grateful she hasn’t. She’s been able to keep seeing her counselor and going to doctor’s appointments to check on her elevated blood pressure levels.

“I don’t know what I would have done without that help,” she said.

Through a separate Nurse-Family Partnership program, Nungaray was paired with a nurse who checked on her regularly during her pregnancy and will continue to work with her and Kael for two years.

Doctors and advocates told lawmakers at a March hearing that losing insurance two months after delivery can affect new moms, especially those with limited means. Uninsured women who forego healthcare because of the high costs might find out they have underlying health problems at their prenatal appointments but can’t address them before their insurance coverage ends, doctors said.

Dr. Amelia Averyt, a primary care physician at a Houston health center, said she cared for a young mother who had pregnancy-related cardiomyopathy — a heart muscle disease. She was unable to follow up with cardiologists after her Medicaid expired, Averyt said, and instead visited emergency rooms with severe shortness of breath and hypertension.

“Continued care with specialist services could have helped preserve her heart’s functioning. But instead interrupted care contributed to a slow decline to the point where she could not keep up with her baby,” she said.

Adriana Kohler, policy director for Texans Care for Children, said at a legislative hearing this spring that there is a “human toll” if the state does not extend Medicaid coverage to a year postpartum.

Texas moms face complications like cardiac arrest, infection, postpartum depression and extreme blood loss in the year after pregnancy. That can lead to “scary and expensive hospital stays,” more procedures, and long-term health issues. Left unaddressed, they can affect an entire family, she said.

“There’s a greater risk of babies dying of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. If postpartum depression is untreated, kids are more likely to have ADHD, develop depression or anxiety in themselves, or have behavioral or conduct disorders,” Kohler said.


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Shannon Najmabadi

Lily-Rose Depp, 21, Rocks Crop Top & Gives Smoldering Look To The Camera For V Magazine Cover

Lily-Rose Depp looked just like her dad Johnny Depp when she stunned in a new black and white photoshoot for the cover of V Magazine.

Johnny Depp[1]‘s lookalike daughter Lily-Rose Depp[2], 21, was the spitting image of her dad on a new magazine cover. The brunette beauty appeared on the cover of V Magazine’s ‘Chanel Book’ and rocked a black and white crop top. She paired the long-sleeved top with a bedazzled Chanel headband while her hair was styled in crimped waves. The up-and-coming model turned actress offered the camera a smoldering look, along with a sultry pout, as she donned feathered brows and smudged eye makeup.

lily rose

The new snap comes a few months after Lily-Rose’s former flame Timothée Chalamet[3] opened up about those pictures[4] in a GQ profile. The 24-year-old Oscar-nominee, spoke candidly about images that surfaced during a getaway with his The King, and then girlfriend, while in Italy. “I went to bed that night thinking that was one of the best days of my life,” Timothée recalled of the trip.

“I was on this boat all day with someone I really loved[5], and closing my eyes, I was like, indisputably, ‘That was great,’” he explained. However, the Call Me By Your Name star would awaken the next day to photos of him and Lilly-Rose making out on the deck of the boat in Capri. “And then waking up to all these pictures, and feeling embarrassed, and looking like a real nob? All pale?” Timothée went on, expressing how uncomfortable he felt when the photos went viral online.

lily rose

“And then people are like: This is a P.R. stunt. A P.R. stunt?!” Timothée said, exacerbated. “Do you think I’d want to look like that in front of all of you?!” Fans theorized that Timothée and Lily-Rose ended their relationship in April 2020[6]. Although the former co-stars never addressed the end of their relationship outright, it was seemingly confirmed when Timothée was seen making out[7] with actress Eiza González[8] in June 2020.


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Emily Selleck

Gabrielle eye patch: Why does Gabrielle cover her eye? Star brands patch her 'saviour'

Over the years the star has evolved her style to cover her eye, from donning an eyepatch in the 90’s, to more recently sweeping a side fringe over one side of her face.

Speaking to Lorraine in 2018 on her self-titled ITV show, the singer addressed her childhood with the condition.

Gabrielle said: “Growing up it was all I ever knew that people would take the mickey, so you find ways to kind of steel yourself.

“But to suddenly be thrust into an industry where no one looks like you, how was I going to do that? So the eye patch was my saviour.”

Andrea Bocelli performs beautiful cover of Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender live – WATCH

Andrea Bocelli is best known as a classical tenor, but he’s branched out in recent years, even singing some Elvis Presley. Back in 2012, the star performed a concert in Portofino, Italy with pianist David Foster where he gave a live rendition of the hit track. Before performing, Foster said: “We’re going to Las Vegas now. This is so surreal to me to have Andrea Bocelli, the great tenor, in Portofino under the stars.
Foster continued: “He said to me, ‘I want to do an Elvis Presley song.’

“Now Elvis Presley is a Rock and Roller, but he did have some great love songs and we’d like to do one of them for you right now.”

Bocelli then broke into Love Me Tender accompanied by Foster on the piano and an orchestra.

The Italian tenor’s cover of the 1956 Elvis hit features on his 2013 album Passione.

READ MORE: Andrea Bocelli: The spectacular first time he sang Con te Partiro

Love Me Tender’s lyrics are credited to both Elvis and Ken Darby under the pseudonym of Vera Matson, the name of the latter’s wife.

While the melody is adapted from an American Civil War Ballard called Aura Lee.

Elvis famously performed Love Me Tender on The Ed Sullivan Show on September 9, 1956 before its release.

And, of course, the track’s name was also shared by The King’s acting debut that year too.

Originally the track was written for a female singer and was called Can’t Help Falling In Love With Him.

This is why the first and third lines when sung by Elvis and Bocelli ended with the words “in” and “sin”.

Most recently, Bocelli’s latest album Believe features a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, plus Christian favourites Amazing Grace and Ave Maria.

The record also features a couple of new duets with Alison Krauss and Cecilia Bartoli, which had to be recorded remotely due to the pandemic.

Now 62-years-old, Bocelli said how his new album is one that he holds very dear to his heart.

He added: “The fruit of a long internal journey even more so than an external, artistic one.

“It’s a project with a purpose to put into words the musical dimension of spirituality by offering music that – at least for our intentions – can bring peace and harmony to those who listen to it.”

Andrea Bocelli’s Believe is out now.