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One Direction received a song from American Idol winner after Simon Cowell intervened

Before swapping the stage for the couch, Kelly was approached by American Idol and X Factor creator Simon Cowell to write something for his new act, 1D.

Kelly said in an interview: “When Simon Cowell put me forward to write for One Direction I said: ‘Let me hear them first.’”

The singer, who was 29-years-old at the time, agreed and wrote the song Tell Me A Lie for the band.

1D put the single on their debut album, Up All Night, which was released on November 18, 2011.

Simon Cowell could risk friendship with Prince Harry to reinstate Piers Morgan on BGT

Simon Cowell, 61, is being “secretive” about his plans for Britain’s Got Talent, says his pal Sinitta Malone, after the music mogul was spotted out on a walk with his former colleague Piers Morgan, 55. The outspoken journalist stepped down as host of Good Morning Britain last month, after he had slammed comments made by Meghan Markle to Oprah Winfrey about her mental health during a landmark interview alongside husband Prince Harry.
Sinitta told Entertainment Daily: “I saw the pictures of him walking with Piers and I did speak to him just before he went back to America.

“I said, ‘Oh, are you getting Piers to do BGT?’ And he said,’You’ll see darling, we’ll talk about it.’ He was being a bit secretive.”

However, if Simon decided to bring back Piers to the talent show, it could cause tension between him and his other friend Prince Harry.

Sinitta continued: “I don’t know what’s going to happen now with the scandal with Harry, Meghan and Piers.

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“The thing is, Simon is also good friends with Prince Harry so I honestly don’t know. I would imagine it would be quite tricky because he’s friends with both of them.”

Piers quit GMB last month after refusing to apologise on air for blasting Meghan’s interview with Oprah.

However, sources have claimed since leaving his six-year tenure on the ITV show Piers has been “bombarded” with offers for work.

One insider told The Sun that Piers is in talks to work with Simon on a new TV project.

Last year on Good Morning Britain, Piers joked with his former co-host Susanna Reid that he would be returning to the talent show.

Susanna started: “He’s launching a takeover of every single ITV programme.

“He won’t rest until he’s back on the BGT judging panel.”

Piers replied: “Well, I can’t talk about those rumours, which I’ve been fuelling myself.”

Susanna laughed: “No one else has been talking about it, but apparently Piers is ‘this’ close to a return.”

Taking the opportunity to boast about his huge ratings during the first four series of BGT, Piers responded: “Well the ratings were 20 million when I was doing it, I’m just putting that out there.

“I’m just saying the others are still there, I’m the only one who has left.”

Piers revealed he had been asked by BGT bosses to return to the ITV talent competition after Simon Cowell broke his back and was unable to film the semi-finals last year.

Piers Morgan scolded by elderly lady for Meghan remarks on 7-mile walk with Simon Cowell

“‘You annoyed me so much with what you said about Meghan this morning!’ an elderly lady scolded me,” he stated.

“‘You’re laughing as you say that, though,’ observed Simon,” the outspoken journalist continued.

“‘Yes!’ she chuckled. ‘Piers is naughty, but I like him… apart from this morning!'”

Piers went on to say others they encountered were “a bit weird”, which saw Simon explains his reason for quitting Twitter.