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Daniel Craig warns Bond successor and says ‘I never wanted to be Roger Moore’

JAMES BOND STAR Daniel Craig has issued a blunt word of warning for the next actor to play 007 after No Time To Die. The star also reveals he never dreamed of being Bond, the first thing he did when he was told he had landed the role and why he never wanted to be like Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan.

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Next James Bond favourite James Norton shares what he’d bring to 007 after Daniel Craig

Asked what he’d bring to the role if cast as the next Bond, Norton added: “I’m a type one diabetic. How cool would it be to have a diabetic Bond?

“It would be wonderful for all those diabetic kids out there to think even a type one diabetic could be Bond!

“Other than that, I’d leave it to Daniel and the writers to carry on the legacy.”

Despite his popularity, the McMafia star has tough competition in the odds from the likes of Tom Hardy and Regé-Jean Page.

James Bond franchise future ‘at critical juncture’ after Daniel Craig admit 007 producers

After several delays, Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond movie No Time To Die should hopefully release in UK cinemas on September 30. And as 2022 marks the 007 films’ 60th anniversary, speculation continues to be rife on who will play the new Bond and what the next reboot will look like. Following Amazon’s acquisition of MGM in an $ 8.45 billion merger, the Bond producers have admitted that the 007 franchise is “at a critical juncture.”

In a statement to The New York Times in a piece on MGM chiefs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy, Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson commented on a 007 future beyond Daniel Craig.

They said: “Mike and Pam understand that we are at a critical juncture and that the continuing success of the James Bond series is dependent on us getting the next iteration right and will give us the support we need to do this.

“Amazon has assured us that Bond will continue to debut in movie theatres.

“Our hope is that they will empower Mike and Pam to continue to run MGM unencumbered.”

Edlitz previously told us that the Bond producers are not afraid to take risks to evolve the 007 franchise.

He said: “Three-time Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein told me that Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson know where the dead ends are in the scripting stage. While Richard Maibaum, who wrote 13 Bond scripts, talked about the collaborative nature of writing a 007 film.

“The screenwriter said that he would sit in a room with producers Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, as well as the director, production designer and editor and everyone would pitch ideas.

“Everyone I’ve spoken with said that the producers are collaborative and are welcoming of new ideas. However, they’ve been down this road so many times and they have a responsibility to protect the long-term interests of the franchise.”

Director Danny Boyle and screenwriter John Hodge famously left Bond 25 over “creative differences”, although Edlitz is in the dark on what went on behind-the-scenes there.

Nevertheless, the author added: “But the Daniel Craig Bond films took risks that to some would seem unfathomable years before.”

And on where the 007 franchise could go next he said: “I think EON is clearly interested in experimenting and pushing the boundaries in what is expected in a Bond film.”

No Time To Die hits UK cinemas on September 30, 2021


‘He can be diva-ish’ Craig Revel Horwood talks new gig with Strictly co-star Bruno Tonioli

Craig Revel Horwood and Bruno Tonioli have become two of the most well-known faces of Strictly Come Dancing, with their sassy criticisms and amusing praise leaving the audience and viewers sat at home in hysterics. But now the pair have tried their hand at something else, in a new venture away from the BBC show. And if some believed Bruno could be a diva on the dance floor, Craig confirmed he’s exactly that when he’s behind the wheel.

The two longest-standing judges on the Strictly panel signed up to host a new travel show for ITV, where they will take in the delights of the UK by car.

Craig And Bruno’s Great British Adventure is a creation born from Bruno’s developing idea of wanting to take a deeper look into the history of British brands such as Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce.

Both admitting they had never been off the beaten track despite living in the country for 30 years, they revealed they had a hoot.

In a new joint interview, they spoke about their latest venture together and how much they enjoyed filming it.

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After the question was asked, they both chimed in unison, “I was!” before Craig added: “I was the safest, but he kept calling me Hyacinth Bucket.”

Bruno laughed as he did an impression of the 90s classic sitcom star – an up-tight character played by Patricia Roytledge, who aspires to climb up the social ladder.

He went on to describe to Radio Times his colleague as a the “mother-in-law in the back of the car”, admitting that there were often times he wanted to “kill him”.

But it sounds like their adventures bode well for great British TV indeed!

The pair’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

Author: Jessica Williams
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Sean Bean's outrage over Daniel Craig snub by James Bond fans: 'It's pathetic'

The 62-year-old stunned viewers with his commanding role in the new BBC One drama Time, with critics hailing the three-part show as a five-star winner. The proud Yorkshireman stars opposite acclaimed actor Stephen Graham, who described Time as a “difficult to watch” masterpiece created by Jimmy McGovern. Bean remains one of the nation’s most loved actors, and has been adored by generations of viewers – thanks to his performances in films such as The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and TV hits Game of Thrones and Sharpe.

But one of his standout performances came in the 1995 James Bond classic GoldenEye, which saw him play villain Alec Trevelyan.

Trevelyan is initially a 00 agent, and Bond’s close friend, until he fakes his own death and establishes the Janus crime syndicate before his untimely demise at the hands of Pierce Brosnan’s 007.

Bean himself was reportedly close to being considered to become Bond himself in 1987, before the role ultimately went to Welshman Timothy Dalton, who starred in The Living Daylights and License to Kill before Brosnan took over.

Producers were so impressed with the Sheffield-born legend, however, he was given the role of Bond’s nemesis.

Having worked on Bond itself, Bean is routinely asked questions about the franchise and how it has maintained its appeal after more than 20 films.

But one issue that irked Bean was the criticism that was aimed towards Brosnan’s successor Daniel Craig.

When Craig was announced as the new Bond in 2005, critics were furious that a blond-haired man had been given the role, with the secret agent known for his trademark jet black hair.

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Websites such as blondnotbond.com and danielcraigisnotbond.com were set up to attack the producers’ decision, with even national newspapers describing the choice as “bland”.

Bean however told Digital Spy in 2012: “I think Craig is brilliant as Bond. I remember in the beginning they were all saying, ‘He won’t work’, and I thought you, ‘You watch’ – and he did because he’s a good actor.”

Bean was then asked about the backlash Craig received prior to the role, and he replied: “I think it’s pathetic. You don’t even know what he’s like.

“I’d worked with him, so I know what he’s like and I know he’s good, so I was particularly pleased when he got [the role].”

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Craig himself spoke about the impact it had on him, and he told GQ in 2020: “I remember saying to my mum, ‘Can I play James Bond?’

“And she was like, ‘Of course you can. But I am your mother.’”

Reflecting on the new show Time, Graham told RadioTimes.com how he “loved the fact that stuff I do is difficult to watch for people”.

Comparing the new show with period drama Bridgerton, Graham continued: “That’s not difficult to watch.

“So why is this difficult to watch? I think this is difficult to watch because it’s coming into your living room.

“As Jimmy said, ‘we need to look at the penal system…’

“[The series is] putting a mirror to society and going, ‘Not sure if we’re getting this right.’ So maybe that’s why it’s difficult to watch, because it makes you think.”

Time is available on BBC iPlayer, with episodes on BBC One on Sunday nights from 9pm.

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James Bond: New poll reveals overwhelming favourite to replace Daniel Craig

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No Time To Die will hit cinemas worldwide in September and October this year after numerous delays. It will mark the farewell for Craig’s gritty portryal of the iconic secret agent. The UK Bookies currently have Bridgerton hunk Regé-Jean Page as the hot new favourite to step into the role, but fans have a very different idea. Hundreds of thousands voted in a new international poll and revealed that the lead from a rival historical romantic drama has a licence to thrill.

Highlander star Sam Heughan romped to victory with an incredible 76% of the entire vote.

The Scottish actor polled over 77,024 votes on US celebrity site Just Jared, way out ahead of the second place Regé-Jean Page with 13,771. Henry Cavill was third with just over two thousand votes.

Heughan has been teasing his fans with social media posts hinting his casting as the secret agent and yesterday he uploading a new James Bond video, which you can watch below. 

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Using the Reface App, the video shows Heughan in a series of iconic Bond scenes and he looks very much the part.

As well as thanking his fans for their support, the actor has spoken recently about his hopes to play Bond.

He said: “I mean, it is all rumours, and sometimes you think, ‘Should I, should we even talk about it?’ Because you don’t want to jinx it…

“I think any actor would never say they’re not interested. Of course, you’d be interested…. he’s (Bond) a great character, and would certainly be a fascinating character study and place to kick off.”

Heughan is already on the producers’ radar after revealing he had auditioned perviously, before Craig won the role.

The actor also had soem strong words about Bond’s character, which has faced incraesing scrutiny as social morals and ethics change.

Heughan told Esquire magazine: “Somebody asked me earlier, ‘Is James Bond a psychopath?’

“There are a lot of high functioning, ‘good’ psychopaths, as we call them, in the military, but also lawyers, doctors, surgeons – people that have to be in these high-stress situations that need to be logical, and not allow their emotions to take them over.

“It might be a learned behaviour, or it might be something they’ve been born with, but in a stressful situation they can turn down their empathy, they can turn up their logical thinking, or whatever it is.”

Heughan added: “If they need to be charming, like maybe James Bond, you know, he could be more charming.

“It’s very much about them being able to just manipulate their emotions and turn them on and turn them off.”

In the meantime, Heughan’s fans can see him as a tough secret agent (!) in new thriller SAS Red Notice and will, of course be back as Jamie Fraser after Season 7 of Highlander was confirmed in March this year.