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12 killed, 20 injured as bus carrying migrants crashes in Turkey

At least 12 people were killed and 20 others were injured after a minibus carrying illegal migrants crashed in eastern Turkey’s Van province on Sunday, Trend reports citing Daily Sabah.

According to the authorities, the crash occurred in Van’s Muradiye district, where the vehicle caught fire after tumbling into a ditch.

Medical teams, firefighters, security forces as well as emergency personnel from Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) were dispatched to the scene.

Turkey has been a key transit point for illegal migrants aiming to cross into Europe to start new lives, especially those fleeing war and persecution. However, journeys often turn lethal, be it a short journey to Greece by sea aboard unsafe boats or in overcrowded minibuses and trucks.

Migrants – mostly from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan – regularly cross the Iranian border into Turkey on foot before being ferried west to cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.

‘We don’t like bullies, egomaniacs or jerks’: Allen West crashes Texas governor’s race

Even for a pol known for chaos and controversy, Allen West had a doozy of a first week as a Texas gubernatorial candidate.

Top state Republicans called on him to quit his post immediately as state GOP chair Tuesday, citing a conflict of interest with his campaign (he refused). He called the party’s vice chair “a cancer” on Wednesday (she’s a cancer survivor). Then West committed a Texas-sized error by heading Friday to Alaska for a joint Texas-Alaska GOP fundraiser bearing a title that strikes at Lone Star pride: “THE HEART OF ALASKA IS BIGGER THAN TEXAS.”

West’s bid for governor is a long shot: He moved to Texas only in early 2015 after serving a single term as a Florida tea party congressman. Gov. Greg Abbott appears to be in solid shape, with high approval ratings among GOP primary voters and a stunning $ 55 million in the bank.

But with his no-holds-barred style, West stands to complicate Abbott’s reelection campaign — which some Republicans view as a precursor to a 2024 presidential bid by the governor.

“Texans won’t agree with the event being billed as ‘the heart of Alaska is bigger than Texas,’ but Allen West has proven he has never understood our state,” Travis County GOP Chair Matt Mackowiak said. “We don’t like bullies, egomaniacs or jerks, and he is all three.”

In his brief time as a member of Congress, West gained national notoriety for his caustic rhetoric, including comparing Democrats to communists and Nazis. And he showed a knack for raising huge amounts of money. After losing his bid for a second term in 2012, West left Florida to lead the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas, suggesting in a news release that he was focusing “on policy, not politics.”

But many insiders expected West would run again for political office, speculation that intensified when he won election as Texas GOP chair in July 2020. West downplayed the talk even as he organized an unprecedented anti-Covid-lockdown rally targeting the incumbent governor of the party he nominally chaired.

With Abbott in such a commanding position — he has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump — West’s many critics in the Texas GOP think West himself might be using the governor’s race as a steppingstone for a presidential bid in 2024. After all, they ask, why is he fundraising in Fairbanks, Alaska?

“On day four of Allen West’s farcical campaign for governor of Texas, he finds himself 4,000 miles away in Alaska. Maybe he’s already running for president as scripture ordained?” said Mackowiak, the first signatory on a Tuesday letter from 18 county GOP chairs who called on West to quit his post as state party chair because of his “outrageous conflict of interest” in running for statewide office as a sitting party official.

West declined to be interviewed for this story. A West adviser, who was not authorized to speak on the record, said the Alaska GOP fundraiser’s title was just a “good-natured jab” from a state that has a complex about Texas. The adviser dismissed the week’s drama as a case of the establishment rallying to protect the incumbent governor.

West’s last day as party chair is Sunday.

Though polling shows Abbott is popular now, grassroots conservatives are still fuming over his initial decisions to lock down the state during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to West, former Texas state Sen. Don Huffines and political commentator Chad Prather are challenging Abbott from the right, hoping to capitalize on that frustration.

“Allen West’s hard-charging entry into the race will absolutely force Abbott to ramp up conservative-sounding rhetoric and posturing because he knows he’s in trouble with the GOP primary voters,” said JoAnn Fleming, executive director of the Grassroots America – We the People PAC. “Abbott also has zero relationship with longtime conservative grassroots movement leaders in Texas.”

Fleming said that Huffines‘ primary campaign has already “pushed Abbott into noticing the crisis at the southern border.” Abbott advisers deny that his border security focus is motivated by political considerations.

Derek Ryan, a Texas Republican data analyst, echoed Fleming in assuming that the governor’s primary opponents “are all hoping to peel away enough votes from Abbott to force him into a runoff, where only the most conservative of voters will participate and give them a shot at beating Abbott — similar to how [Texas Sen.] Ted Cruz was able to win in 2012” over David Dewhurst, the state’s former lieutenant governor.

West is the best-known of the Abbott challengers, but Abbott’s team privately welcomes his candidacy. One Abbott adviser, who was not authorized to speak on the record, said West and all the other primary candidates will just dilute the anti-Abbott vote.

“The more the merrier,” said the adviser. “They’re dividing up about a quarter of the Republican vote that always votes against the incumbent.”

West has higher name ID than Huffines, according to Brendan Steinhauser, a Texas Republican strategist, but “Abbott is very well known among Texas voters and will have a huge war chest to make use of during the campaign. It’s going to be very difficult for West and Huffines to get their name ID up significantly among GOP primary voters.”

A recent University of Texas/Dallas Morning News Poll shows that, in a head-to-head matchup against Huffines, Abbott beats him 77-13 percent with Republican voters. The survey, which was conducted late last month, didn’t poll West because he wasn’t an announced candidate.

The poll, however, indicated that Abbott is essentially tied in a theoretical general election matchup against actor Matthew McConaughey, and Texas Republicans are privately nervous about Abbott going too far right because it might cost him in a general election.

With West and the others in the race, Abbott cannot afford to moderate his stances. He called legislators back into special session Thursday with a grab bag of primary-friendly bills to restrict voting, take on social media companies that “censor” Texans and fight critical race theory in schools.

At the same time, West is feuding with members of his own party. Not only did some demand he quit his party post immediately, but he also engaged in a war of words with the party’s vice chair, Cat Parks, in a disagreement over a GOP scorecard rating lawmakers, according to the Texas insider publication Quorum Report.

When a Republican posted the scorecard without party approval, Parks wanted West to intervene, but he blasted her instead, via email, saying that she was doing “nothing but seek to advance yourself and never raised any funds for the Republican Party of Texas. It is obvious your goal is to protect the failures of certain Republican legislators.”

Parks struck back and essentially accused West of using his “position at the Republican Party of Texas in an attempt to advance” his own political brand.

“You Ma’am are a cancer, do not EVER email me again,” West emailed back, claiming Parks does “nothing but create chaos and confusion.”

Parks — a cancer survivor — then asked the question that Abbott’s team has privately posed about West: “If you cannot perform your duty to make a ruling as Chair of the RPT [Republican Party of Texas], how in the hell do you expect to serve as Governor?”

Though West’s pugilistic style is new to Texas, Florida Republicans remember it well.

Florida state Rep. Chip LaMarca, a top Republican in West’s former home in Broward County, said West was sometimes his own worst enemy.

“He said all the right things about being a patriotic American and veteran. Then he would list 70 of his colleagues being communists,” LaMarca said, calling West a principled conservative who refused to stop making counterproductive remarks.

“Allen was making them every day,” LaMarca said. “I’m scratching my head, wondering why he would run against the incumbent governor Trump endorsed and who is committed to building the border wall. What puts him in position to beat that guy?”

Author: Marc Caputo
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Drivers will be ‘held responsible’ for e-scooter crashes in ‘biggest risk’ to UK motorists

Drivers have been warned e-scooter were set to become one of the “biggest risks” to British road users. Motorists must be able to “prove” they were not responsible in an incident to avoid being hit with possible penalties.

They say footage from a dash cam was crucial to act as “evidence in challenging insurance claims”.

Drivers could face losing their no claims car insurance discount and risk increased costs if they are believed to be at fault during an e-scooter accident.

Bryn Brooker, spokesperson for Nextbase said demand for e-scooters was on the rise which had increased the risk.

He said: “The increase in sales and trials is leading to more commuters using e-scooters and many riders have little knowledge of road safety.

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Last summer, motoring lawyer Nick Freeman told Express.co.uk e-scooters could become a “nightmare for the motorist”.

He warned there would be “numerous serious accidents” and could be a “huge challenge” for drivers to deal with.

Mr Freeman also warned blaming the driver for an accident involving an e-scooter would be the “default position”

He said: “The starting point, the default position is if you are involved in an accident with a bike, with an electric bike, with an e-scooter it will be your fault.

“It’s not the legal presumption but it is the starting point.

“It will then be on you to actually show if you were exercising due care and attention, you were not distracted by the radio, looking at your sat nav, being on your mobile phone.

“Unfortunately if you are using your mobile phone hands-free and you have an accident with one of these they will say it was your fault.

“This is because the level of distraction is the same hands-free or handheld as drink driving.”

As well as installing dash cams, Nextbase also urges drivers to take a range of precautions.

They urge road users to leave a gap of at least 1.5metres between your vehicle and an e-scooter when overtaking.

They also urged drivers to take extra time to check their surroundings before pulling out of junctions in urban areas.

Author: Luke Chillingsworth
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Biden’s Covid vaccine push crashes into reality

CHICAGO — Buzzing razors collided with roaring laughter that collectively rose and fell as James Brown screeched in the backdrop. It’s so loud at the “It’s Official Barbershop” that it’s hard to hear the reply from Mark Harmon, a soft-spoken 17-year-old wearing a McDonald’s sweatshirt, when asked if he had gotten the Covid vaccine.

“No,” he said. And there was little that would persuade him. “I don’t know what they’re putting in it … They gotta tell me every ingredient.”

Less than two weeks ago, Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff held an event at this very same location as part of the White House’s “month of action,” a flurry of events to reach out to the roughly 40 percent of the nation that hadn’t been fully vaccinated, including in African American communities.

“I think it was pretty cool,” said Travis Perry, a jovial, burly barber who was working the day Emhoff visited the shop. “I’m glad he came.”

Did it make him rethink his decision not to get the Covid-19 vaccine?

“No way,” Perry deadpanned.

The person sitting in Perry’s barber chair chimed in.

“Ain’t nothing going to make me take that unless my life is on the line,” C.J. Ayers said of the vaccine. “The CDC barely knows about the disease, y’all trying to tell me about a vaccine y’all just threw together in a month? Nah. I’m not doing that.”

What about the hundreds of millions of people who already got the vaccine and are all OK?

Ayers didn’t skip a beat: “I ain’t got it and I’m OK too.”

The skepticism repeated again and again with customers at It’s Official Barbershop, reflects a broader sentiment shared by people throughout Englewood, a predominantly Black neighborhood that also has one of the highest crime rates in Chicago. Just 28 percent of those living in the 60621 zip code, which includes much of Englewood, have been fully vaccinated and only 33 percent have received one dose, according to city of Chicago statistics. It’s one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country.

It’s also a microcosm of the obstacles facing the White House nationwide. For all the celebrity plugs, offers of free beer, and cash lotteries, the national vaccination push is hitting a brick wall of reality. Conspiracies, lethargy and a sense that the pandemic is on the wane have intervened as the demand for the vaccine has dropped nationally from 2 million shots per day in early May to closer to 1 million per day by mid-June.

After falling short of its goal of administering at least one dose of the vaccine to 70 percent of adults by July 4th (it reached 67 percent) the White House is now turning its attention to the toughest populations in the country. That includes places like barber shops in Englewood, which are part of the “Shots at the Shops” effort by the White House. It’s also sending “surge teams” to some of the lowest vaccinated spots in the country, enlisting trusted messengers like church leaders to go door-to-door. And they’ll add mobile vaccination units at places like music festivals, sporting events or neighborhoods with low vaccination rates.

“Now we need to go to community-by-community, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, and oftentimes, door to door — literally knocking on doors — to get help to the remaining people,” President Joe Biden said in an address on vaccinations Tuesday.

It’s all in an effort to target the stubbornly resistant, or hard-to-reach populations as fear grows that the virus could reemerge thanks to the highly contagious Delta variant.

Much of the coverage of those populations has focused on Trump supporters who have resisted vaccination as a matter of political identity. And data show that vaccination rates do tend to overlap with partisan leanings. But there are other hard-to-reach communities, including young people, Black and minority groups that traditionally vote Democratic.

“We’re no longer in the days where 6,000 people are getting vaccinated. If 12 people are getting vaccinated in the barbershop on a Saturday morning — that’s a big deal,” said Dr. Cameron Webb, senior policy adviser for equity on the White House Covid-19 response team. “And we think that that kind of person-to-person, real hand-to-hand work of continuing to reach more people, that’s what this phase of the vaccine effort is going to look like.”

At the “It’s Official Barbershop,” the obstacles to the vaccine run much deeper than mere apprehension. The scourge of gun violence has consumed the lives of Englewood residents, as it has in other predominantly Black and brown neighborhoods of Chicago. With nearly 300 homicides since January, and already more than 1,500 shootings, the city is facing one of the bloodiest summers in recent history.

Anecdotally, customers grimly admit they’re used to the persistent violence, but this year, they’re startled by what seems like younger shooting victims. While the White House has said it would work with officials in Chicago, among other big cities, to combat the flow of weapons, the talk here is of a lack of real economic opportunities — good-paying jobs that earn more than just minimum wage — more youth programs and confronting drug dealing.

“Hey, look. We know a lot of crackheads. We know no crackheads dying from Covid,” Perry said to laughter all around. But then he took on a more sober tone.

“You gotta find the humor of what’s going on around you,” Perry said. “I mean, I don’t think I know anybody who died of Covid. I know more people who died of violence this year than Covid.”

In the 60621 zip code, there have been roughly 2,400 cases of Covid from March of 2020 through July 3 of this year, according to data from the city of Chicago. In that same period, 89 people died. (The city notes that for the week ending in July 3, there were no new Covid cases and no deaths in 60621.) To this crew in Englewood, the numbers suggest that the problem simply isn’t as existential as is often portrayed. According to a Chicago Sun-Times tracker, 36 people were victims of homicide in Englewood over the past year.

Perry said he’s known two or three people who had Covid. All survived. Since March, he’s known 10 people who were shot, some of whom died, including children. Ayers knew two people who had Covid, both lived. Since May, Ayers said he personally knows 15 people who were shot — four of them died.

“They watch the news, they know what they gotta be focused on. They focus on Covid right now more than the real problem,” Perry said of the White House. “We are at war here. This is a real war.”

Webb said the White House is well aware of the complexity of issues facing Englewood residents, who, he said, aren’t strangers to battling multiple health and safety challenges at once. Still, he said, the barbershop strategy is one that lends a credible voice to their message that Covid-19 are not just safe, but essential. The White House is about to reach its goal of enlisting 1,000 barbershops and salons to deliver the vaccines. They believe that voices trusted inside individual communities will be more effective at selling people on getting the shots than government bureaucrats. Webb cited a recent day in a Las Vegas salon where the owner vouched for the shot over Instagram, attracting about a dozen people to his shop to get a shot.

It’s a slog. But even at places where skepticism is abundant, there are some signs of small gains. Channal Coleman, owner of the It’s Official Barbershop, was among the few in the shop last week who had been vaccinated. She credited the White House, saying it had “come and checked on us instead of calling.”

“A lot of people are scared to come to Englewood,” she said. “That was a blessing.”

Author: Natasha Korecki
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Military plane transporting troops crashes in the Philippines

Rescue efforts underway after C-130 crashed on Jolo island, army chief says.

A military plane transporting troops has crashed in southern Philippines after missing the runway during landing on Sunday, the military chief said.

General Cirilito Sobejana told reporters that at least 40 people have been rescued from the burning wreckage of the C-130, which crashed as it tried to land on Jolo island, 1,000km (621 miles) south of the capital Manila.

“Responders are at the site now, we are praying we can save more lives,” Sobejana said.

“It’s very unfortunate. The plane missed the runway and it was trying to regain power but failed and crashed.”

More to follow

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Euro 2020 fans rage as ITV Hub crashes for France vs Switzerland

Football fans have been left furious after ITV Hub crashed in the opening minutes of France’s Euro 2020 match against Switzerland. Online viewers missed Haris Seferovic’s opening goal, with their screens frozen on Switzerland taking a corner in the fourth minute.

ITV’s coverage of the tournament has been widely praised, but the broadcaster’s credit in the bank took a hit on Monday night.

After a brilliant 5-3 win for Spain over Croatia, fans tuned in to watch the second last-16 tie of the evening at 8pm.

But they were not treated to Switzerland’s shock opening goal, because their screens were stuck on the Swiss left-back Ricardo Rodriguez preparing to take a corner three minutes and 23 seconds into the match.

That meant Seferovic’s textbook header from eight yards following a run and cross from Steven Zuber in the 15th minute was missed by thousands, who then took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

“This game is so exciting. ITV hub letting me watch this corner for 10 minutes in a row,” one fan wrote.

“I’ve heard of time wasting but Ricardo Rodriguez taking 10 minutes to take a corner in the 3rd minute is taking the p**s. Cheers ITV hub,” said another.

“Rumour has it, switzerland are still taking the corner over on the itv hub,” wrote one.

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That statement did not go down well with football-hungry fans, though.

“Any apologies? Do you care? That poor bloke has had to take that corner 3,257 times because of you guys,” a fan replied.

“Just let @BBCiPlayer host all the games, it’s far better,” said another. “You can even go backwards on the stream on iPlayer, far superior imo.”

“Well done on realising this in a record-breaking 30 minutes during a popular live broadcast! Speedy,” said another.

“Scrap the whole thing and rebuild with HD and UHD capability and do the same with Britbox too. Both of your services are shambolic and so behind the competition,” said a comment.

“Glad BBC is showing the England vs Germany,” said another fan.

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Cryptocurrency price LIVE: Bitcoin crashes towards $30,000 – ETH and DOGE also way down

After El Salvador became the first country in the world to approve the cryptocurrency as legal tender, Express.co.uk asked: “Should the UK accept cryptocurrency as official currency?”

The poll – which ran from 12pm yesterday to 7am today – received 1,287 votes and 72 percent (928) of voters said bitcoin should not be accepted as currency in the UK.

Just 27 percent (342) said the cryptocurrency should be, while only one percent (17) voted they don’t know.

One Express.co.uk said: “Absolutely not.

“it’s built on a constantly collapsing Pyramid scheme model.

“And when it crashes it crashes hard.

“Nothing you want in a traditional currency.”

Someone else commented: “Accepting a digital currency is a fatal step towards losing the real one in your hand, pocket & wallet, as the powers that be want to control you with a cashless society.

“We must not accept it.”

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Bitcoin REJECTED: UK shouldn't accept crypto as currency, says poll – 'It crashes hard'

Donald Trump claims Bitcoin ‘seems like a scam’

Since 2017, the UK Government has warned bitcoin is unregulated and that it should be treated as a ‘foreign currency’ for most purposes. Currently, when bitcoin is exchanged for sterling or for foreign currencies, such as euro or dollar, no VAT will be due on the value of the bitcoins themselves.

After El Salvador became the first country in the world to approve the cryptocurrency as legal tender, Express.co.uk asked: “Should the UK accept cryptocurrency as official currency?”

The poll – which ran from 12pm yesterday to 7am today – received 1,287 votes and 72 percent (928) of voters said bitcoin should not be accepted as currency in the UK.

Just 27 percent (342) said the cryptocurrency should be, while only one percent (17) voted they don’t know.

One Express.co.uk said: “Absolutely not.

Bitcoin should not become official UK currency

Bitcoin should not become official UK currency (Image: Getty)

Bitcoin should not become official UK currency

Bitcoin should not become official UK currency (Image: Express)

“It’s built on a constantly collapsing Pyramid scheme model.

“And when it crashes it crashes hard.

“Nothing you want in a traditional currency.”

Someone else commented: “Accepting a digital currency is a fatal step towards losing the real one in your hand, pocket & wallet, as the powers that be want to control you with a cashless society.

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Bitcoin should not be official UK currency

Bitcoin should not be official UK currency (Image: Getty)

“We must not accept it.”

Another reader said: “No, we would all be at the mercy of cybercriminals.”

A fourth person wrote: “A UK digital currency is bad enough, bitcoin is for the chancers.”

Another added: “No! A virtual ‘currency’ wholly unsupported by any ‘asset value’ other than a fictional ‘worth’ (freely manipulated by the likes of Elon Musk at his whim) can never replace a sovereign currency!”

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Reclassification could see bitcoin ‘exempt from capital gains tax’ [COMMENT]

Britons opposed to introducing bitcoin as currency

Britons opposed to introducing bitcoin as currency (Image: Getty)

While someone else wrote: “Thought they were trying to save energy and going green.

“And China is sacking miners because of the horrendous energy they are using.”

Others argued how cryptocurrencies are for “drug dealers and other scam artists” to use.

One person said: “No, we would all be at the mercy of cybercriminals.”

Bitcoin should not be UK currency

Bitcoin should not be UK currency (Image: Getty)

However, others saw the benefit of introducing cryptocurrency as an official UK currency.

One person said: “Cryptocurrency is an umbrella term so it’s a bit of an odd title.

“My answer is yes, cryptocurrency should be used.

“It’s better than salt trading, and pieces of paper that we currently use (although infrequently, as only one percent of money is actually minted).

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: Getty)

“I don’t like the three percent fee I get with visa for an international trade.

“Criminals love to use the older form of money.

“Look at Venezuela, cash is printed left right and centre by the criminal government.”

They added: “People aren’t excited by the unknown, they hate it and when it becomes the known, they become obsessed with it and can’t live without it.

Bitcoin should not be UK currency

Bitcoin should not be UK currency (Image: Getty)

“People also don’t learn from history which is why they are condemned to repeat it.”

Back in February, London was advised to embrace bitcoin in a post-Brexit Britain as the UK looked to find new ways to thrive outside of the EU.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the EU won’t be Brexit Britain’s main competition.

He said EU financial capitals may “nick a bit of business here and there from the City”, but that they will not challenge London’s status as Europe’s global financial capital.

Bitcoin should not be UK currency

Bitcoin should not be UK currency (Image: Getty)

Mr Raab added: “The boss of Barclays has been saying recently how the long-term position of the UK is unparalleled, unrivalled.

“The crucial question for the EU, while it may be able if you like to nick a bit of business here or there from the City, but the problem is the measures they will take to achieve this will undermine their own competitiveness.

“The challenge to London as a global financial centre around the world will come from Tokyo, New York and other areas rather than those European hubs. Particularly if they start to erect barriers to trade and investment.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Finance Feed

Protester nearly crashes into fans in scary near miss before France vs Germany

A Greenpeace protester’s life flashed before their very eyes after a stunt nearly went wrong ahead of France’s Euro 2020 clash with Germany in Munich. The daring parachuter intended to land on the turf ahead of kick-off to get some time in the limelight but the swoop very nearly ended in disaster.

In footage captured by German broadcaster Max Merrill, the parachuter appeared to get caught in the stadium’s spider cam.

Yet thankfully, the individual managed to break free but the situation only escalated from there.

The collision with the spider cam then set the parachuter swinging towards the stands but a late change of direction saw them narrowly miss the press box and a collection of supporters, with some forced to duck.

BT Sport broadcaster Archie Rhind-Tutt saw the incident from inside the stadium and he was under no illusions it was a close shave.

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Replays later showed that part of the activist’s equipment smashed during the collision and rained down to the touchline.

France boss Didier Deschamps scurried into the dugout to avoid getting his by debris.

Rudiger was then the first to console the parachuter, to check whether he was okay.

Understandably, he appeared to be shaken up following the heavy impact.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Lewis Hamilton throws away Azerbaijan win as Max Verstappen crashes out – 'I'm so sorry'

Lewis Hamilton threw away the chance to take back the lead of the championship standings after making an uncharacteristic mistake on a red-flagged restart at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after title rival Max Verstappen hit the wall. Sergio Perez went on to win the race.

“I’m so sorry guys,” said Hamilton after going off at the first corner having been side by side with Sergio Perez.

The finale was a two-lap sprint race thanks to an earlier red flag due to Verstappen’s crash. Perez took victory while Hamilton ended up 15th.

In the aftermath, Hamilton was seen sitting in his car devastated, with Perez picking up his first win for Red Bull and the second Formula One win of his career.

Sebastian Vettel shocked fans with a shock podium for Aston Martin, with Pierre Gasly finishing third. 

JUST IN: Max Verstappen crashes out of Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The red flags were brought out because Verstappen crashed out at 200mph on the start-finish straight, with his car sliding to a halt after a big collision.

The Dutchman was fine and climbed out of his car but kicked his Red Bull with frustration. The race was stopped to allow the track to be cleared with just a handful of laps remaining.

The 23-year-old has never won in Baku, and was looking for back-to-back race wins thanks to victory in Monaco. He was on course to take a maiden win after controlling much of the race.

The driver was looking to extend his lead to 14 points over title rival Hamilton, after a relatively quiet race before the crash, with Hamilton running third at the time of the crash.

However, on the red flag standing start, Hamilton went straight into the run-off at turn one, tumbling down the order in P15, handing the win to Perez.

Mercedes tried to protect the undercut by pitting early, however, it didn’t work out for them due to a slow pit stop and both drivers struggling for pace on the hards, it played right into Verstappen and Red Bull’s hands.

But just as he looked to beat his main rival, the championship leader hit the wall hard, fuming under his helmet with his day over in Baku.

Replays of the crash seemed to show it to be a rear tyre failure, with red flags shown as debris remained strewn across the track, with the race red-flagged on lap 49 of 51. 

Verstappen was heard shouting across the radio “***** tyre *****” as Horner was seen on the pit wall with his head in his hands.

Neither championship title protagonist scored points, with Verstappen still leading the way despite his DNF, but there was at least joy for Red Bull as Perez reached the chequered flag first. 

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