John Lennon Compared Being in The Beatles to Getting Crucified

TL;DR: John Lennon criticized some of The Beatles’ fans. He compared being in The Beatles to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. He said he and the other former Beatles were not “withholding” anything from fans. The Beatles’ John Lennon | Harry Benson/Express/Getty Images John Lennon wasn’t always a fan of The Beatles’ fans. For example, […]


Archaeologists once found ‘evidence’ of Pontius Pilate — the man who crucified Jesus

Jesus: Expert reveals how birth date is ‘wrongly recorded’ Christians across the world will gather today, Good Friday, to commemorate the passion — the Biblical story of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Jesus’ date remains the source of much debate, though it is widely accepted that it fell on a Friday on or near the Jewish festival […]


New car tax changes will make working ‘pointless’ – Drivers will be ‘crucified with costs’

Reader ‘Volvstar’ added: “Boris and his Green ego trip, when will he realise that trying to charge fossil fuel drivers with these ridiculous VED charges won’t work because only a few percent of drivers can afford an EV. “Given the pathetic choice of EV’s, their price and their inflexibility, they are not most people’s choice […]