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Johnny Depps blasts cancel culture: Pirates star warns ‘grotesque Hollywood is in chaos’

JOHNNY DEPP denounced “cancel culture” with a stark warning for all of us at the opening press conference of the San Sebastián Film Festival. The actor also blasted the “chaos” of a Hollywood system controlled by ‘large corporations who grotesquely underestimate the audience.”

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Wembley Park: A city staycation with a vibrant culture and lush greenery

Aside from its firm position in the psyche of an England fan this year, Wembley Park is home to a wide range of hotels, eateries and shops ready to pique the interest of even the most discerning traveller. Upon arrival at Olympic Way, the tourist will be immediately stunned by the view of the stadium – undoubtedly the star of this show. Imposing as much as it is awe-inspiring, the venue is crowned by a staggering arch which appears to touch the clouds.  As one walks closer to the destination, down the steps of the station and through the tunnel, it cannot help but feel like an Alice in Wonderland experience – albeit minus the shrinking potion. Entering Wembley Park is like standing at the entrance to a maze, wondering what the ultimate outcome will be, but relishing the journey nonetheless. 

While the rest of Wembley alludes to the fast pace of London life, mere steps away is a utopia of sorts, with wide open spaces and lush greenery – but combined with sky high buildings and black cabs snaking through the city roads nestled in between. It is clear Wembley Park is attempting to capture the interest of both the City dweller, and those who are looking for a reprieve from fast-paced life. 

Walking across to Engineers Way, there are also a bustling collection of restaurants for all tastes. Pasta Remoli offers a chance to sample authentic Italian cuisine, while coffee aficionados shouldn’t miss out on Blacksheep Coffee. 

BOXPARK is perhaps one of the most major attractions, and with the area complete with stylish apartment blocks enshrouding the walk towards the stadium, it is almost easy to picture oneself living here, and totally immersed in all the area has to offer. 

Nestled in between Wembley Stadium and the comparatively smaller Wembley Arena, after a busy day of enjoying what the Park provides, the weary traveller can lay their head at the impressive four star Hilton London Wembley. 

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But while some may expect a hotel chain to have a disinterested and disconnected feel, this could not be further from the truth. 

Ascending to a stunning nine floors, the hotel acknowledges the footballing past, present and future so integral to the area while maintaining an air of exclusivity. Tourists can benefit from a 24-hour fitness centre, indoor pool, sauna, steam room and on-site restaurants within. 

Guests are able to kick back in a wide variety of rooms, but a particular recommendation is a King Executive suite, complete with a bedroom and a separate area including a sofa, additional TV and desk – to relax after a long day, or to get stuck into work if needed. And views from the hotel rooms on the far side offer stunning scenes over Wembley Park, and a chance to survey what activity to take part in next.

A benefit of staying in this hotel is the ability to get a drink and a bite to eat almost instantly at the establishment’s Sky9Bar, which is complete with its own rooftop terrace. Inside, it is filled with an atmospheric buzz as patrons tune in unwaveringly to the nail-biting England match as Southgate’s men put goals past their opponents. 

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While the outdoor terrace offers a beautiful chance to take in the sunset, with a rooftop view not to be denied, the venue would benefit from an outside atmosphere which could perhaps be present on a busier evening. 

But for those who are looking to widen their options, there are many close at hand – most notably at the London Designer Outlet right next door. The venue includes over 70 shops and restaurants, with premium brands offering 70 percent off retail price.

The venue is the shopaholic’s playground, and it is difficult to know where to get stuck in first. Providing a chance to shop, play and dine there are various endeavours to choose from. 

Whether it’s getting your hands on that perfect fitting pair of Levi Jeans, grabbing shades from the Sunglass Hut for the upcoming promised heatwave, or a new outfit from one of the many fashion options to hit the town in after lockdown, the London Designer Outlet really does seem to have it all. 

However, if it is a deal on shoes you’re looking for, getting there quickly is likely to be your best bet, with queues for Nike and Adidas snaking around the side of the building. Regardless of where you choose to shop though, it is almost inevitable you will leave laden with bags and satisfied with your purchases. 

One particular treat nestled within the outlet is the pop-up truck from Anspatch and Hobday, one of London’s most prominent craft breweries, offering the chance for shoppers to take the weight off their feet while enjoying ice cold beverages and a DJ set with popular music. 

But for foodies, one of the best places to be lies on the top floor of the outlet at Wagamama’s, offering the chance for people to sample a wide range of sumptuous Asian cuisine. 

Some may be enamoured by the delicious main courses – and a Katsu Curry always goes down a treat – but the absolute highlight of the meal comes in the form of impressive side dishes – fluffy pork belly buns with panko apple and sriracha can be washed down smoothly by a glass of the bubbliest prosecco. Alongside this, incredibly tender and tangy vegan ribs are sure to leave meat-eaters pondering whether there really is a difference.

Once retail therapy is complete, a chance to relax is unlikely to go amiss, and taking in the great outdoors is a pursuit which can be enjoyed in the city as much as the countryside.

This is an area which is clearly committed to furthering a green agenda, important to protecting the planet. With wide, tree-lined boulevards and pocket parks, Wembley Park embraces public space, while still managing to cling to the urban-sprawl a mere stone’s throw away. 

Wembley Park contains vibrant splashes of colour and captivating artwork all around, and its free public art trail offers the ideal opportunity to really take it all in. Dynamic murals are interspersed with intriguing photography, and there is even London’s answer to the Hollywood Walk of Fame just outside of Wembley Arena where the handprints of George Michael, Kylie Minogue and Dame Shirley Bassey can be found. 

As restrictions ease, and the UK begins to return to a certain sense of normalcy, the potential of Wembley is once again rising. Steeped in the history of Live Aid, the 1966 World Cup and the 1948 Olympics, the history of the area is not to be denied.

However, with this being said, it is the exciting future hinted at in every turn which makes Wembley Park the ideal city break. 

With a cornucopia of activities, events, shops and restaurants to cater to every taste, one cannot help but wonder what opportunities the area will reveal to its travellers next. 

Andrew Neil vows war against cancel culture at GB News launch – ‘Empower those ignored’

The new channel opened with an hour-long introduction of the presenting line-up. GB News has been created to rival British news and current affairs channels, including the BBC and Sky.

Amongst the high-profile line up of hosts are former Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher, ex-BBC presenter Simon McCoy and former ITV presenter Alastair Stewart.

The broadcasters offered a glimpse of their respective programmes from different locations around the GB News studio in west London.

Former BBC political presenter Mr Neil gave an opening monologue on Sunday’s launch.

He told viewers that GB News will cover “the stories that matter to you and those that have been neglected” and will deliver “a huge range of voices that reflect the views and values of our United Kingdom”.

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He continued: “It is our explicit aim to empower those who feel their stories, their opinions, their concerns have been ignored or diminished.

“We are proud to be British. The clue is in the name.”

The former BBC presenter went on to say that GB news “won’t dwell much on the latest gossip of the Westminster bubble”.

Mr Neil added that the channel will “puncture the pomposity of our elites in politics, business, media and academia and expose the growing promotion of cancel culture for the threat to free speech and democracy that it is”.

GB News is the first new British news network in 24 years, since BBC News 24 launched in 1997.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Gareth Southgate's culture secret that's key to England's Euro 2020 – Townsend column

England’s key man over the past six years? Gareth Southgate. When I first joined the Three Lions squad in 2013, the atmosphere was completely different to the incredible buzz they have now. At the team hotel back then you went down for dinner, you ate quickly and you headed back up to your room.

You only really met downstairs the next time you had a team meeting, or for training. It was like a business trip where you only interacted with your peers when it was necessary.

When I was last in the England squad, in 2016, it was like a brotherhood. It was as if you were going away with your boys.

You’d get down early for dinner, you’d crack some jokes, you’d eat your dinner, you’d crack more jokes.

Then you’d go into the games room and play some table tennis, some PlayStation then play some pool.

It really was like a brotherhood and Southgate’s role in that is key. He was obviously an international player himself in the not too distant past.

The core of the squad has been together for the last two or three years. A lot of them were there in Russia. Then you can add to that the young players with no fear going into their first major tournament.

Guys like Jack Grealish, Phil Foden and Jude Bellingham. Players who will be excited at experiencing it for the first time.

They won’t be worried about all the noise back home or all the things that can go wrong at a major tournament.

Full marks to Gareth for fostering that culture where players can enjoy that level of confidence.

He managed to get the entire country on our side in 2018. He’s been a miracle worker in what was supposed to be the impossible job.

The brotherhood will only continue with the newer, younger players coming in. They’ll have come through the youth system together.

The generation before this group have spoken at length about being bogged down by outside influences that affected their performances.

This generation, however, don’t have that baggage – especially the guys that have joined since 2018.

I still look at our squad and, for me, we’re only second to France in terms of our quality and depth in all positions.

So hopefully, with all of our players available, Southgate’s England squad will be able to get a nice training rhythm this week. Hopefully we can go into that Croatia game, fully focused, raring to go and ready to win.

They won’t be concerned about their interrupted preparation. They’ll be fired up to get off to a great start.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Mystic Pillars, A Beautiful Puzzle Game Based On Indian Culture, Is Out Today

Mystic Pillars Key Art

You may have heard of Mancala, the brain-tickling strategy board game that’s older than the first recorded map of the world, but you may not have heard of its Indian variant, Ali Guli Mane. Originating in Karnataka in South India, the name “Ali Guli Mane” is a literal description of the board, which has a series of divots that the player can use to store their tokens.

Mystic Pillars, the first Nintendo Switch game from Bangalore-based studio, Holy Cow Productions, is a reimagining of the traditional board game set in Ancient India. A hundred Mancala-like logic puzzles lie between you, a mysterious traveller, and the answer about what happened to the fallen kingdom of Zampi. By destroying the magical pillars that are blocking the water, you can restore the land to life.

Mystic Pillars screenshot of puzzle

But the team didn’t just want to make a game — they wanted to represent their homeland, their culture, and lesser-known languages. Mystic Pillars has voiceovers in both English and Kannada, the local language in Bangalore, and the game itself is supported in over twenty languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Catalan.

You can download Mystic Pillars from the Nintendo eShop, where it costs £5 / $ $ 6.99 with a launch discount of 10%. The Nintendo Switch version also includes 25 “completely refreshed puzzles”.

Mystic Pillars screenshot of story

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‘Contested, Heated Culture Wars’ Mark Ultraconservative Texas Session

They also used last-minute stalling tactics to successfully kill two other bills in the House that had been priorities for Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the presiding officer in the Senate who later criticized his Republican colleagues in the House for not working hard enough.

When the speaker of the House, State Representative Dade Phelan, was stopped at an entrance to the Senate last month because he lacked a required wristband showing he had a negative coronavirus test, it started an intraparty debate over whether he was denied entry to the chamber. The incident only heightened the perception that the two Republican-led chambers that Democrats accused of advancing such a divisive conservative agenda were themselves divided.

“There’s always some level of factions just because we’re like any family,” said Mr. Murphy, the Republican caucus chairman. “There’s the ones that have cheese pizza and those who want pepperoni. But we’re all going to sit down for dinner.”

It has been decades since Molly Ivins, a sharp-witted liberal writer known for mocking the political status quo, famously called the Legislature “the finest free entertainment in Texas.”

In 1979, in a move not unlike what the Democrats pulled off this weekend, a dozen Democratic senators known as the Killer Bees hid offsite to prevent the Senate from reaching a quorum on election legislation. State troopers were dispatched to round them up. Officers thought they nabbed State Senator Gene Jones but discovered, after flying him to Austin in a helicopter, that they instead had his brother Clayton. When Clayton Jones was asked why he went along with the mix-up, he said he had never been in a helicopter before.

Decades ago, during one of his epic filibusters — in which lawmakers have to keep speaking except when allies ask questions and not leave the floor even for restroom breaks — State Senator A.R. Schwartz, known as Babe, was surrounded by his Democratic colleagues in a corner during a long question. He urinated into a wastebasket. His allies then cleared out, taking the wastebasket with them.

Molly Ivins-style moments of levity still occur, though not as frequently.

During a recent discussion over a measure that would restrict the breeding of unlicensed dogs and cats, pet banter and chuckles flowed. The bill’s sponsor, State Senator José Menéndez, a San Antonio Democrat, called the moment bittersweet, and fleeting.

“It was one of the few light moments we’ve had,” Mr. Menéndez said. “Everything else has been very contested, heated culture wars.”

Simon Romero and John Schwartz contributed reporting.

Author: Edgar Sandoval, David Montgomery and Manny Fernandez
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

New Credit Suisse chairman eyes risk and culture, strategic options

Author: Reuters
This post originally appeared on Stock Market News

New Credit Suisse chairman eyes risk and culture, strategic options© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Logo of Swiss bank Credit Suisse is seen in Zurich

ZURICH (Reuters) – Credit Suisse (SIX:)’s incoming Chairman Antonio Horta-Osorio intends to take a look at the bank’s risk management and culture following recent crises, as well as reviewing strategic options for the bank, he told shareholders upon his election on Friday.

Shareholders elected the former Lloyds (LON:) CEO with 96.45% approval during a time at which the bank has been roiled by billions in losses.

“It takes years to build a reputation while it can be seriously affected literally overnight,” he told shareholders in a webcast speech. “Over three and a half decades, I have personally worked at and led several banks in different countries and have lived through many crises. What has happened with Credit Suisse over the last eight weeks, with the US-based hedge fund and the supply chain finance funds matters, certainly goes beyond that.”

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‘I’m so upset’: Paige Spiranac stunned by racism accusations as golf babe cops cancel culture for admiring Masters champ Matsuyama

Golf pin-up Paige Spiranac has lashed out after being met with faux outrage online over a harmless comment she made in relation to Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama, who stormed to victory at the Masters on Sunday.

The stunner took to Twitter on Sunday after Matsuyama clinched the iconic green jacket at Augusta, telling the Japanese hero that his victory was “well-deserved”.

Spiranac then offered a casual compliment towards the cuisine in Matsuyama’s homeland, igniting a far-fetched race storm in response.

“The menu for the champions dinner is going to be absolute fire next year”, said Spiranac, only to be immediately met by anger and finger-pointing.

“Paige, Thailand has the spicy food,” boomed one reader, using capital letters to tell Spiranac that she had made a racist comment. “Not Japan. But then they all look alike, right? Shame on you.”

Another felt Spiranac should “apologize to the entire Far East”, concluding: “If you don’t understand that her post is racist and offensive, you are part of the problem.”

Spiranac seemed shaken by the saga. “Honestly, it’s disgusting how everything gets twisted,” she hit back. “I made a comment about how amazing the menu will be next year because I love Japanese food.

“Most winners create menus to honor where they are from and I would expect Hideki to do the same.

“I don’t care if someone calls me a sl*t but to be called a racist is uncalled [for]. I would never and I’m honestly so upset about this.”

More rational readers were as confused as they were willing to defend the tee-loving titillator. 

“The comments on this tweet are the stupidest I’ve ever read,” said one. “People love to grasp at straws that just simply aren’t there.”
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‘The real Russian collusion’: Cancel culture victim Gina Carano recalls game role, blasts vaccinations, masks & US president Biden

Actress and ex-MMA fighter Gina Carano has revisited her role as a Russian military sniper for the Soviet Army in a videogame – and offered her take on Covid-19, mandatory vaccinations, US president Joe Biden, masks and more.

Scrapper-turned-thespian Carano fell foul of the cancel mob in February, saying she had been targeted by bullies before being fired from the Disney+ TV series ‘The Mandalorian’ in a response to her social media posts likening the demonizing of people for their political views to the divisive tactics of Nazi Germany’s government.

That has not stopped Carano from offering her forthright views on her accounts, although she made a lighter post as she recalled her role in the 2008 game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, showing herself on set and in costume as character Natasha Volkova.

Carano’s Instagram story, meanwhile, turned to politics and the pandemic, claiming that the enforcement of mask-wearing in some US states has not prevented hospitalizations from Covid-19.

The 38-year-old pin-up also shared a post claiming that people would have been “shut down” for sharing purported data about viral surface contamination, highlighted a negative story about Biden’s border policies, called the public health crisis a “never-ending story” and reproduced a meme visiting rape, slavery, theft and the “tyranny” of compulsory vaccinations.

Taking aim at Biden again, Carano shared an image likening the Democrat’s appointment as president to a horse being stuck between the rungs of a gate, a car becoming trapped in the branches of a tree and another vehicle being wedged above the gate and entrance doors to a property.

She then focused on the riots at the US Capitol that were a shocking feature of former president Donald Trump’s final days in power, pointing to a report that said “media hyperbole” had been culpable for “fabricating crimes that didn’t exist”.

“The MSM [mainstream media] will never correct this,” the post concluded, without showing the full article.

Following her whirlwind tour of some of the issues close to her heart, which had been prefaced by a look at several artworks that have been created in her honor, Carano finished with a photo of a sign reading “turn off the news and love your neighbor”.

“Sunday love to you all,” the Texas-born combat trailblazer added to her following of almost two million.
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