Jennifer Garner’s Latest Cooking Video Creates Apple Muffins and Cures Hiccups

Jennifer Garner has come through once again with her Pretend Cooking Show. This time she has not only gifted us a recipe for delicious cinnamon apple muffins but also a cure for hiccups! In her latest Instagram vid, Garner shows us how to make these muffins which she calls a “perfect little meal” and, quite […]

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Woman with crippling health conditions cures herself with self-made programme

Corrie’s Adam Rickitt discusses his autoimmune condition in 2017 But when doctors seemed unable to help her, the high-flying financier decided to use her trademark perseverance and find a solution herself. Yalda Alaoui overcame her health issues with her Eat Burn Sleep programme (Image: Working with a haematologist, they worked out the two conditions […]


How to stop feeling sick after drinking: 4 proven hangover cures

Bouillon soup Ever heard of Bouillon soup? Well, it might just be your new favourite hangover fix. Bouillon soup can be made from potatoes, plantains, sweet potatoes, spinach, watercress, cabbage, celery, and sliced meat. The word Bouillon comes from an old French word that means “liquid in which something has been boiled”. If you don’t […]