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Premier Inn customer enraged after booking room boasting sea views- ‘Very misleading!’

A furious dad has slammed Premier Inn after an advert led him to believe he was checking into a room with sea views. Roger Luke, 69, and his partner Irene Blower, 62, arrived at the hotel in Swansea last month after the website claimed guests would enjoy a “sailor’s life” as the hotel is “slap bang on the marina with views of the sea and surrounding hills”.

It also noted that those staying would be able to “enjoy the spectacular scenery”.

When the couple arrived on June 13 for a post-lockdown trip, they were shocked to find the entire building wrapped in white sheets, looking like a “construction site with no views”.

When the couple checked into the £35 room, they were gutted to look out the window and see the famed “sea views” obscured by poles and opaque netting- leaving the room “very dark”.

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Despite a note on the Premier Inn website saying that there are “restricted views”, Mr Luke argues he is the victim of “false advertising” as there are “no views whatsoever”.

Mr Luke told the Mirror: “We’ve stayed in this hotel several times and when we got there I said to my partner ‘we’re in the wrong place, this is a construction site here by the look of it’.

“We rang [Premier Inn] from the carpark to see if they’d purchased another hotel or if this hotel was closed, but they said they were round the front.

A Premier Inn spokesperson said: “Our Swansea Waterfront hotel is undergoing essential refurbishment as our booking journey makes clear. So, guests are aware works are taking place on their planned stay date before they make the decision to book.”

Premier Inn confirmed they have since updated their website to make it “even clearer” that there were no views – now stating rooms will have “obscured views from the windows as there is scaffolding to the exterior of the building”.

Additional reporting by Helen Le Caplain.

ASDA shoppers stunned by supermarket staff member’s response to elderly blind customer

Michael Fuller, who has been blind since he was born and is now 71-years-old, formed a close bond with staff member Kieran O’Rourke who works as a front-end runner. Mr O’Rourke helps Mr Fuller do his shopping almost daily before walking him safely to the front door of his house. As reported by the Manchester Evening News, Mr O’Rourke guides Mr Fuller around the shop by holding his arm, as well as picking up all of the items he needs before packing his backs and helping him pay.

He said: “Kieran’s such a nice, helpful lad; it’s such a pleasure to do my shopping with him.

“Before we start off I will give him a rough idea of what I’m looking for because I know where most things are in the store and in what order we need to go. Kieran remembers what I usually get and he also points out new items and things I may like too.

“I go on most days and that’s the idea so I don’t have to get an awful lot all in one go.”

Mr Fuller explained that he would be lost without the help of both the 23-year-old and the rest of the shop staff, who frequently assist him during his visits.

He added: “The store’s on a very, very busy road. Getting there is traumatic enough, but I do need some help getting back with my shopping and Kieran kindly brings me back. He is really, really good.”

Since joining the store three years ago, Mr O’Rourke has helped Mr Fuller on an almost daily basis.

He said: “He’s a really good bloke and he’s always saying that our store is the best. We’ve developed quite a bond and we get on really well.

“Michael doesn’t do big shops, but comes in for bits and pieces almost every day. He doesn’t have a list, he just does it from memory. He may come in twice a day if he’s forgotten something!

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“We talk about all sorts really – how his wife is, what he got up to when he was younger. He loves cooking and is always giving out tips too.”

Despite living on the same road as the Asda Strelley store in Nottingham he shops at, Mr Fuller has to walk across a busy road which can take a long time if he does not have someone there to help.

Asda has nominated Mr O’Rourke for a service superstar award because of his kindness, though he claimed to just be doing what comes naturally.

He said: “I think it’s nice to treat someone the way you would like to be treated if you were in a similar situation.”

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Laura Morris, the store manager of Asda Strelley, said: “Michael comes to our store particularly because of Kieran’s help and is extremely grateful. He told us he’s our customer for life as he doesn’t receive the same level of customer service from anywhere else he goes.

“Kieran is amazing with all his customers, but with Michael he definitely goes above and beyond. Well done Kieran, keep up the great work.”

ASDA shared the story on its Facebook page, quickly garnering over 48,000 likes and numerous comments praising Mr O’Rourke.

Responding to the post, one shopper wrote: “Fabulous.. Kieran is certainly going the Extra Mile ..You just can’t beat great customer service ! Well done Asda for employing such a wonderful young gentleman.”

Another said: “Lovely story. You’re a gentleman for helping this guy, it will mean so much to him.”

“What a lovely story and how lovely is Kieran, his Parents must be so proud of him. He must make shopping a pleasure for the Gentleman he helps. They must really enjoy each other’s company,” praised a third shopper.

A fourth exclaimed: “What a lovely story, well done Kieran for helping this gentleman you definitely go the extra mile, so nice to see good people making good news.”

Additional reporting by Rachel Pugh.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Customer Fatally Shoots Cashier in Argument Over Mask at Georgia Supermarket

A customer who argued about wearing a face mask at a Georgia supermarket shot and killed a cashier on Monday and wounded a deputy sheriff working off duty at the store, law enforcement officials said.

The gunman was shot by the deputy, and both are expected to survive their injuries, according to law enforcement officials.

A suspect, identified as Victor Lee Tucker Jr., 30, of Palmetto, Ga., was arrested by DeKalb County Police Department officers “as he was attempting to crawl out the front door of the supermarket,” according to a statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The gunfire occurred inside a Big Bear supermarket in Decatur, Ga., about 10 miles east of downtown Atlanta, just after 1 p.m., officials said. That is when Mr. Tucker was checking out of the supermarket and got into an argument with a cashier about his face mask, the bureau said in its statement. Mr. Tucker left the store without purchasing his items but immediately returned.

“Tucker walked directly back to the cashier, pulled out a handgun and shot her,” the bureau said. He then began shooting at the deputy, “who was attempting to intervene while working off-duty at the supermarket,” the bureau said.

The cashier, whose name was not released, was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta and pronounced dead, officials said. Mr. Tucker was taken there, too, and was in stable condition.

The deputy, whose name was not released, was taken to the Atlanta Medical Center and listed in stable condition, officials said.

The deputy was wearing a bulletproof vest and it likely saved his life, Sheriff Melody M. Maddox of DeKalb County said at a news conference.

A second cashier was “grazed by a bullet” and treated at the scene for her injury, according to the bureau.

A man who indicated he was Mr. Tucker’s father declined to comment Monday night when reached by telephone.

The shooting came more than a year into a pandemic that killed nearly 600,000 people in the United States and prompted health restrictions that crippled many businesses. For some, the public health rules prompted cries that personal freedoms were being violated.

Enforcing the wearing of masks in public places became, at times, dangerous.

An Iowa man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for assaulting and spitting on another man last year in a fight over how he was wearing his mask. An 80-year-old man died after he was pushed to the ground by a fellow bar customer whom he had asked to put on a mask.

And last June in Los Angeles, Hugo’s Tacos temporarily closed its two locations in the city because, it said, its staff was “exhausted by the constant conflicts over guests refusing to wear masks.”

Enforcing mask policies had become a new American pastime.

Even on commercial airliners — where passengers have long been accustomed to invasive security searches, rising baggage costs and overbooked flights — federal officials said there was a “disturbing increase” in unruly passengers after airline crews sought to enforce mask and other safety regulations.

But that began to change as more people were vaccinated and warmer weather allowed for safer gatherings outdoors, where transmissions were less likely to occur.

Soon, restrictions began to fade. In New York, for example, officials have announced plans to roll back restrictions and hold a parade for essential workers.

But not every part of the country was succeeding against the virus at the same pace. Just last month, the city of Decatur extended until at least June 21 its requirement for people to wear a face masks when entering any building in the city, except religious establishments, Decaturish.com reported.

Author: Azi Paybarah
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

Car boot customer astounded as £10 horse harness sells for thousands 'must be a joke!'

The item had been stored in a dusty box at the owner’s home before he decided to try his luck at selling it on. He originally purchased the Celtic mount for £10 at a car boot sale in Middlesex as part of a “general box of old coins and bits of metal” two years ago – though the price he sold it on for was 200 times that amount.
Miguel Ángel Fuster Aparicio had not paid much attention to the item since he bought it, though he decided to get it valued when his father-in-law read a newspaper article about a similar find.

The piece was identified by experts as a late Iron Age horse harness mount, featuring an engraved curve-linear design complete with red champleve enamel and blue glass.

He was stunned to learn that the item dates back 2,000 years to the late Iron Age and could make him an estimated £2,000 at auction.

The landscape gardener’s rare possession went under the hammer today and soared past his expectations, raking in a whopping £3,800 at Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire.

Mr Aparicio said: “I watched the auction live with my partner and it was so exciting. We were thrilled by the result.

“We will be celebrating – and I must buy my father-in-law something. Without him, I would never have known it was potentially valuable.”

Decorative horse mounts of this kind were popular in the Roman and early-medieval periods, often used as symbols of status.

The unique style can be traced back to South East England, with the British Museum having a similar one from London.

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Mr Aparicio added: “I still can’t believe it, I am very lucky. I bought it at a car boot sale in Middlesex about two years ago, maybe longer. I can’t remember exactly. It was in a general box of old coins and bits of metal that I paid around £10 for.

“I never spend much at car boots but like to buy old coins and metal toy cars, that sort of thing. Something else actually took my eye in the box the harness mount was in.

“I had no idea what it was, or that it was so old and valuable. After reading the article, my father-in-law said it might be worth something so we took it to Hansons. When I heard the valuation I thought, this is not possible – it must be a joke.

“But I did my internet research and now know all about its history. It’s by far the most important thing I’ve ever found at a car boot sale.”

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Adam Staples, Hansons’ historical consultant, said: “We’re absolutely delighted for Miguel and his family. What an amazing car boot find.

“It’s an impressive example of a late Iron Age harness mount in very good condition considering its age.

“The Celtic artwork incorporates a subtly concealed animal face and I was expecting fierce competition for it at auction.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Tesla hit with second Solar Roof lawsuit

Going green on Elon: Tesla hit with second Solar Roof lawsuit as customer says price was more than DOUBLED after contract signed.

Elon Musk’s Tesla is facing a class action lawsuit from a customer claiming the company raised the price of his solar panels by more than $ 70,000 after he’d signed contracts.

The lawsuit, which was filed in California this week, is led by Matthew Amans, an associate professor of clinical radiology at the University of California San Francisco.

Amans had ordered the company’s Solar Roof for his home in June 2020, according to his suit. He agreed to pay $ 71,662.06, but received an email last month saying the cost would now be $ 146,462.22. His most recent contract with the company was from March of this year.

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A Solar Roof actually replaces a roof and is composed of tiles that act as solar cells. Traditional solar panels merely sit on top of a roof.

Amans is not seeking compensation, but rather for Tesla to honor the original price and install the panels for him and others who have complained about the price hikes. He claims he has already incurred expenses in preparation for the roof, such as removing trees that create shade.

Amans told Business Insider that he did not receive a specific reason for the price hike, and in a phone call with a company representative, he was simply told it was a “business decision.”

Solar Roof pricing has already been controversial for Musk and his company as he admitted to “significant mistakes” in cost calculations during a Q1 earnings report this year.

Musk claimed the size and state of some roofs created a difference in cost they had not anticipated.

“If a roof has a lot of protuberances, or if the roof – sort of the core structure of the roof is rotted out or is not strong enough to hold the Solar Roof, then the cost can be double, sometimes three times what our initial quotes were,” he said.

Numerous other customers have also complained about their contracts not being honored and costs rising by significant amounts on products and services they’d already ordered.

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One customer last month, according to a report from The Verge, signed a contract to pay a total of $ 60,000 for his roof and the battery needed with it, but he was then informed through an email from the company that he would need to sign a new contract that would raise the cost to $ 110,000.

“We have increased the price of Solar Roof and have added adjustments for individual roof complexity,” the email reportedly said, offering to return paid deposits and cancel orders over the updated contract.

Other reports have suggested other customers have faced similar price hikes.

The lawsuit from Amans is actually the second Tesla is facing. Pennsylvania homeowners Philip Dahlin and Mary Arndtsen filed a lawsuit last month after they were informed their Solar Roof price was increasing from $ 46,084.80 to $ 78,352.66. They had signed their contract over a year before being informed about the new agreement.

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Author: RT
This post originally appeared on RT Business News

Martin Lewis urges NS&I customer to take action on interest rates – ‘that’s not good!’

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, made his appearance on ITV’s This Morning alongside presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Scofield, and turned to the topic of saving. A popular method of saving is with the Government-backed savings institution, NS&I, well-known for its Premium Bonds alongside other offerings. NS&I offers 100 parent secure savings and investments as it is supported by the Treasury.
“You’re not going to have any more in there than that, so you get the same safety guarantee underwritten by the Government.

“Top one year savings fix at the moment is from Atom Bank, I think, at 0.85 percent, as as you’re offered 0.1 percent, that’s eight and a half times as much.

“The top five year fix is Hodge Bank at 1.35 percent, which is almost double what you’d get if you go with NS&I.”

Interest rates have not been favourable recently, due to the Bank of England’s decision to decrease the base rate to a record-low of 0.1 percent.

This was a decision which was recently upheld, snuffing out any optimism Britons had that interest rates would bounce back quickly.

However, despite this, there are still good savings options which are out there for those who wish to capitalise on them. 

Martin ended by urging Lee and individuals in his position to take action in hunting out deals.

This, he said, was the best way to secure an interest rate savers would be pleased with in the present climate.

He stated: “Go and look at cheap one year fixes from UK regulated bank accounts.

“Put your money there, rather than sticking with loyalty for the Government backed one, because it is paying you diddly squat!”

NS&I held out throughout a large proportion of the pandemic with leading rates, despite the tumbling offers of other financial providers.

However, from November 24, 2020, the institution took the decision to lower its interest rates across variable rate and some fixed temp savings products, also changing the prize-rate fund for Premium Bonds.

The decision, it stated, was due to the need to “strike a balance” between the interests of savers, taxpayers and the financial services sector. 

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Finance Feed

Tesco plots new online shopping focus as customer habits change and 15,000 stores close

The company has seen high demand over the past year after it remained open during lockdown due to its status as an “essential retailer”. During the same period, and in response to the “unprecedented increase in customer demand for online groceries”, Tesco doubled online capacity to 1.5 million slots per week. It opened an automated picking warehouse, dubbed an “urban fulfilment centre” – as UK online sales surged 77 percent, and yesterday announced plans to open five more within the next year.
It came as the grocer updated shareholders on growth plans as it showed how sales topped £54billion – up 7.1 percent – in the year to February.

However, pre-tax profits slumped from £1billion to £825million amid mounting Covid-related costs.

In a statement, the company said: “These urban fulfilment centres will enable us to provide access to more delivery slots for customers with an increased rate of picking – a scalable, efficient option to fulfil ongoing online demand.”

But Ken Murphy, the company’s CEO, reiterated that stores “will continue to be the backbone of our business”.

The company will likely expect to start seeing changes to shopping habits again after Prime Minister Boris Johnson eased lockdown restriction on April 12.

While essential retailers enjoyed a boom during the lockdown, it was still doom and gloom for UK retail as a whole. 

According to the ONS, total UK retail sales volumes in 2020 fell by 1.9 percent compared with 2019, marking the largest annual fall on record.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) chief executive Helen Dickinson labelled 2020 as the “worst year on record” for retail sales growth.

And Centre for Retail Research director Professor Joshua Bamfield said there were around 14,809 permanent retail store closures in the UK between March 2020 and February 2021. 

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Despite this, a wave of other retailers have followed suit.

H&M is set to close 250 stores globally this year, Thorntons is shutting down all of its standalone shops to focus on its e-commerce operations and ASOS has snapped Topshop, Topman and Miss Selfridge to sell online.

BRC business and regulation director Tom Ironside told Retail Gazette: “It has been an extremely challenging year for retail, and with several large retailers very sadly no longer in business, this is evidence of the extremely tough trading environment.

“Enforced closures during lockdowns have cost stores over £22billion in lost sales, and footfall has remained significantly down throughout the past year.”

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Amazon Prime customer? You're entitled to these FREE video games

Amazon Prime offers a tonne of great benefits to subscribers, such as access to Prime Video’s huge library of must-see movies and TV shows as well as speedy Prime delivery for parcels. But apart from these headline additions there are plenty of great perks that you may not be taking advantage of such as Prime Gaming – formerly known as Twitch Prime. And if you haven’t checked out Prime Gaming before then now is as good a time as any as plenty of free games and DLC packs are regularly getting added to the service.
In their latest free games drop Amazon from April 1 will be adding five new free games to the Prime Gaming service.

This the Team17 duo of Moving Out and The Escapists, as well as the emotional indie game Before I Forget.

Here are full details on upcoming free Prime Gaming downloads, which will be available for a limited time only…

• Move or Die – Couch Party Edition – Enjoy this absurdly fast-paced, four player local and online party game where the mechanics change every 20 seconds.

• The Escapists – Explore in this unique prison sandbox experience, with lots of items to craft and combine in your daring quest for freedom.

• Moving Out – Indulge in the ridiculous physics-based moving simulator that brings new meaning to “couch co-op”

• Aces of the Luftwaffe – Squadron – Face fearsome war machines in bombastic air battles and boss fights in this vertically scrolling shoot ‘em up game.

• Before I Forget – Explore the present to uncover the past in a short story of love, loss, and a life well-lived in this emotional narrative exploration game.

The latest free games drop comes as some unmissable freebies on Prime Gaming will soon leave the service.

In just a few days time the dozens of SNK arcade-perfect classics that can be downloaded from Prime Gaming without paying a single penny will no longer be available.

So if you want to be able to download incredible retro games such as The Last Blade 2 Metal Slug 3, Garou: Mark of the Wolves as well as Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters games and more then you need to act quick.

The SNK Prime Gaming freebie ends on March 31.

Elsewhere, Prime Gaming is adding plenty of other free perks for subscribers.

Later today at 4pm UK time / 9am pacific Fall Guys fans will be able to pick up the Boxzilla Bundle – which is arriving just in time for Fall Guys season 4.

This adds the adorable Boxzilla costume as well as 6,500 Kudos.

While Rainbow Six Siege fans can also pick up the exclusive Caveira bundle for free right now.

This features new headgear, a fresh uniform, weapon skin and charm that was designed by community artist SAU_SIEGE.

Prime Gaming subscribers can also take advantage of a week’s worth of Champion status in Ubisoft’s For Honor as well as freebies for Roblox, Apex Legends, Clash of Kings and more.

If you’re interested then click here to head to the official Prime Gaming page.