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David Bowie quiz: How much do you know about David Bowie? TEST yourself


  1. In what year was David Bowie born?

  2. How many studio albums did David make?

  3. What feature film marked David’s first credited film role?

  4. To whom was David married from 1970 to 1980?

  5. Put these characters of David’s in chronological order (first to last): Aladdin Sane, The Blind Prophet, Pierrot, The Thin White Duke, Screaming Lord Byron

6. What was the name of David’s character in the 1986 movie Labyrinth?

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'You can’t live your life trying to make the world happy!' David Haye on Harry and Meghan

Champion boxer David Haye, 40, has weighed in on Megxit, which saw Meghan Markle, 39, and her husband Prince Harry, 36, quitting their lives in the Royal Family in favour of a move away to America with their son Archie. The couple then stunned the world with their revelations about their negative experiences as Senior Royals in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.
It comes after David, who currently manages fellow boxer Dereck Chisora, shared his joy over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tying the knot in 2018, branding the wedding a defining moment for Britain.

When quizzed on what he thought about Harry and Meghan’s explosive chat with Oprah, David admitted that although he hadn’t had a chance to watch it yet, he felt the couple couldn’t live their lives trying to please everybody.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, David said: “I haven’t seen it, it’s one of those things that I’ve been meaning to watch. 

“I’m going to watch it when I’ve got some time. 

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He said: “To have someone of colour entering the Royal family is amazing. I never thought I would see that happen in my lifetime.

“But society is diverse and that should be reflected everywhere, in the workplace, in schools, in sport and in the Royal family. It is nice to see, as a mixed race man.

“I think it’s great Meghan is from a mixed family. My dad is from Jamaica and my mum is English.

“I honestly haven’t heard one person say a negative word about the wedding.

“Maybe 50 years ago, or even 20 years ago there would have been a few raised eyebrows, but now society is so multi-cultural, the world is changing.”

Speaking about the televised royal wedding back in 2018 to The Mirror, he added: “It felt natural and it felt right, and it was amazing to see everyone celebrating. 

“For me Harry and Meghan got everything just right. It was lovely to see.

“It was also heart warming to see the reaction of everyone. We have already welcomed Meghan to our Royal family and taken her to our hearts.

“I didn’t cry when I watched it, but I did have a warm smile on my face. I am even more proud to be British now.’’

The Black Mask Company, founded by David Haye, launches rainbow mask to thank our NHS heroes, get yours at www.theblackmaskcompany.com/products/rainbow-mask

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David Beckham 'mortified' after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle row 'got awkward'

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have endured a chaotic last year-and-a-half since leaving royal duties for a new life in the US. Suspicions of tension between the Sussexes and the rest of the Royal Family, especially Prince William and Kate, were seemingly confirmed after their interview with Oprah Winfrey last month. Meghan alleged there was concern from a member of the Royal Family about her baby Archie’s skin tone before he was born.

Harry backed up the claim, but both refused to disclose any more detail about the conversation.

Meghan also said she “didn’t want to be alive anymore” and alleged that the “institution” said she could not get help.

Following the interview, a short statement issued on behalf of the Queen expressed sadness to hear of the Sussexes’ woes and added that Meghan, Harry and Archie are “much-loved family members”.

It appears, however, that there was also a brief misunderstanding between Meghan and Victoria Beckham, leading to a “awkward” exchange between Harry and David Beckham.

Meghan feared Victoria Beckham was leaking stories about her to the press, a source close to the Duchess told The Sun.

Meghan had reportedly grown tired of leaked stories making the press – and became concerned over her friendship with the former Spice Girls star.

Prince Harry was reported to have tackled the speculation “head-on” – opting to speak to ex-England football captain David.

The source said in January 2020: “Harry was very polite, but obviously it was a pretty awkward exchange and David was mortified.

“Inexplicably, [Meghan] feared Victoria was behind it — I mean, the idea that Victoria Beckham would be personally ringing journalists to give them a scoop is ridiculous — and spoke to Harry about it.

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In a video, he said: “We love him. But I’m proud to see him growing up as an individual and being that person that every father wants to be.

“Every father wants to be loving to their children and that’s what I see with him.”

Beckham, who attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May 2018, continued to explain that he and the Duke hadn’t spoken about his decision to move abroad.

He added: “I haven’t spoken to Harry about him moving. We speak as friends and that’s the most important thing for me.

“I think he’s enjoying being a young father for the first time and that’s what we always spoke about.

“When you are a parent, it changes everything for you. He always needs to be happy.”

Alton Towers' Gangsta Granny ride inspired by David Walliams' nan

Author: [email protected] (Lucy Marshall)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

David Walliams is opening his own theme park ride based on his successful children’s book Gangsta Granny.

The comedian who has become a well-known children’s author has raked in millions for his successful tales, and now the popular book characters will appear at Alton Towers.

The ride is based around book Gangsta Granny, which was made into a film in 2013, starring the likes of Joanna Lumley, and Miranda Hart.

The ride includes interactive elements, where you will ride through a tunnel of adventure as the story of Gangsta Granny comes alive in 3D.

Characters such as Ben, Raj, The Queen, and Linda can be spotted around the ride.

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David Walliams launches his own Gangsta Granny ride

The star shared the new on Instagram and shared the first insight into the new ride, ahead of its opening next month.

He took five children for the first exclusive chance to enjoy the adventure, which officially opens to the public from May 17.

Walliams said: “I am absolutely thrilled with the brand new #GangstaGranny ride at @altontowers.

“My story has been brought to life in such an exciting and hilarious way.

“The attraction will be open to the public on May 17.”

There is also a gift shop based around character Raj, filled with sweets and goodies, as well as Gangsta Granny merchandise.

David Walliams telling his book fans about the ride

What’s more there is also a carousel and another ride for smaller children.

David has his own world at the park named ‘The world of David Walliams’ where the attractions will be based.

The star has 26 books to date including the likes of Billionaire Bairn, Mr Mingin, The Boy in the Dress, and Ratburger.

Members of the public shared their excitement for the opening of the ride.

One fan said: “Wow! Fantastic!”

Another added: “Brilliant, you must be so pleased.”

A third agreed: “Looks so cool.”

A number of fans were tagging their friends in the announcement post and said, “we have to go”.

David Beckham is raking in nearly £50,000 every DAY from booze and fashion lines

Author: Jessica Lester
This post originally appeared on Showbiz – The Scottish Sun

DAVID Beckham is raking in nearly £50,000 every day from his fashion, fragrance and alcohol lines.

The 45-year-old former footballer has a range of Becks-branded clothes, watches, footwear and more sold by Seven Global LLP, which runs David’s company DB Ventures Limited.

David is making almost £50,000 a day from his brand deals


David is making almost £50,000 a day from his brand dealsCredit: Getty

Now, it’s been revealed that sales of the items – which includes Haig Club whisky and Adidas sports clothing – raked in a huge £17.4million last year.

According to The Mirror, the huge pay cheque works out an an immense £47,671 every day for the now US-based soccer superstar.

An account from Seven Global LLP reportedly said: “David Beckham is an international celebrity whose name has become a lifestyle brand.

“The members believe that the David Beckham brand combined with the LLP business strategy will withstand any competition in the market.”

The star has a number of branded goods sold by his company DB Ventures Limited


The star has a number of branded goods sold by his company DB Ventures LimitedCredit: Getty

Seven Global was launched in 2015 as a “joint venture” between Global Brands Group and David Beckham, according to their website.

An online statement explains that the brand “drives the continued development of all consumer product categories around David Beckham”.

It lists some of the campaign partnerships David has already taken part in, including Tudor watches, Biotherm Homme and multiple fragrance lines.

The former LA Galaxy player has also partnered more recently with Adidas, released a David Beckham Capsule Collection in 2017.

David has his own line of Haig Club whisky


David has his own line of Haig Club whiskyCredit: Handout
He also has a range of different clothing lines


He also has a range of different clothing linesCredit: Getty

He also has worked with designer watch brand Breitling, clothing brand Armani and razor vendor Gillette over the years.

David also recently confirmed he will be taking part in a Disney+ series where he will mentor a team of young footballers as part of a seven-figure deal.

Unlike his successful business, David’s wife Victoria’s fashion brand has racked up more than £46million worth of debt since its launch.

Accounts from this February suggested auditors had “significant doubt” that the company would continue to operate.

David has agreed to take part in a Disney+ series


David has agreed to take part in a Disney+ seriesCredit: Getty
Wife Victoria has not shared her husband's success in business


Wife Victoria has not shared her husband’s success in business

Victoria, 47, recorded losses of £11.8million in 2019, ten years after launching the collection in 2008.

She faced criticism last year for trying to use the Government’s furlough scheme to pay some of her staff – and quickly made a U-turn on the decision.

Nonetheless, Victoria and David are still living a lavish lifestyle, and have this week returned to their £6million estate in the UK.

The A-list couple, along with their youngest kids Romeo, Cruz and Harper, flew to Miami, Florida, on Christmas Day, where they have been living the high life with relaxed Covid-19 restrictions and sunny weather.

Their long stay there had prompted whispers that Victoria had finally been talked into moving to Miami, where David has set up his football team Inter Miami CF, having previously not been keen to relocate to the States.

However, the family are now back and reaping the rewards of the lake — which would cover three quarters of a football pitch — at their £6million estate.

David Beckham talks about working with fashion label Kent and Curwen

Madonna’s Son David Banda, 15, & Daughter, Estere, 8, Expertly Dance To ‘Staying Alive’

Author: Julia Teti
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Madonna gushed about her two youngsters, son David Banda and daughter Estere, when she shared footage of the teen and eight-year-old dancing to ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees. Take a look!

Madonna is one proud mom. The legendary pop star, 62, took to her Instagram Story on April 27 and totally gushed about her teenage son, David Banda, 15, and her young daughter, Estere, 8, in a series of videos, which featured the two siblings showing off their dance moves! In the clips, which you can see below, David and Estere looked like expert choreographers going through the motions of their dance set to the Bee Gees iconic hit “Staying Alive.”

The two kiddos waved their arms in swimmer-like motions as the groovy tune played in the background. David looked super retro, donning a pair of dark, high-waisted flared pants with a white polo shirt. He also sported some gold chains and fashioned a beret. Estere looked totally precious, donning a flowing dress with ruffles and some beautiful appliqués.

As the music went on, their proud mom could just be heard giggling with delight as she watched her two kids show off their moves. Then, David and Estere got totally synchronized as they started doing the memorable choreography from the “Macarena.” When it came time to swivel their hips, the two did an exaggerated motion at the exact same time!

Madonna absolutely adores her children. Along with David and Estere, Madonna is the mother to Lourdes Leon, 24, Stella (who is Estere’s twin sister), 8, Mercy James, 15, and Rocco Ritchie, 20. The pop star has rarely been averse to sharing intimate moments with her family on social media. During Thanksgiving 2020, Madonna took to Instagram and shared a video with all six of her youngsters, all of whom gathered together to commemorate the holiday!

Back in January, the entire family got together again to celebrate Mercy James’ 15th birthday. Madonna shared a video featuring her kiddos having an absolute blast at the skate park for the teen’s special day. As Madonna’s kids continue to grow up, we cannot wait to see what they accomplish as the years go on!

David Haye: Boxer admits he desperately ‘wants to go out of business’ ‘It sounds crazy!’

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

Speaking about the charitable new range, David shared: “We’ve got nice masks with the NHS Charities Together emblem logo, with the little rainbow.

“So 25 per cent of the retail price of these masks are being donated to them, they’re a great charity to work with, they’ve done so many great things. 

“People are frustrated being at home, but they at least feel safe, one in three people appreciate the NHS more now than ever knowing that they were going to the hospitals and having to be on the frontline during this pandemic, people really appreciate it. 

“So while you have to wear a mask, getting one that is donating to the NHS is always a plus.”

The Black Mask Company, founded by David Haye, launches rainbow mask to thank our NHS heroes, get yours at www.theblackmaskcompany.com/products/rainbow-mask

David Haye has Anthony Joshua theory ahead of blockbuster Tyson Fury fight – EXCLUSIVE

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

The whole boxing world will be tuning in when Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury lace it up and step into the ring for their undisputed heavyweight bout and David Haye believes the former has already been written off as the underdog. Contracts have been signed on a two-fight deal with Saudi Arabia set to host the first bout in late July.
It’s expected to be the biggest heavyweight fight in history with the winner to become the first unified champion in the four-belt era.

Fury and Joshua are in the primes of their career as well at 32 and 31 years of age respectively.

The latter heads into this summer’s contest with more recent experience having knocked out Kubrat Pulev back in December, while Fury hasn’t fought since his resounding victory over Deontay Wilder at the start of 2020.

Haye believes Fury is still riding the wave of that impressive win to clinch the WBC heavyweight belt.

And the former unified cruiserweight world champion believes that has had a knock-on effect to the public’s view on Joshua.

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“A lot of people are making Tyson Fury the favourite after his amazing performance against Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas,” he told Express Sport.

“A fight I thought was one of the best heavyweight contests I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know that Tyson Fury could fight the way he did and I think he shocked Deontay Wilder.

“I rate Deontay Wilder – I still do – but he [Fury] made him look very, very ordinary.

“He made him look even more ordinary than his previous fights that weren’t that good and those guys went the distance.


“So for him to go out there and dominate shows that he’s got a lot in his locker, but I think that fight has stopped people believing in Anthony Joshua.

“Off the strength of that amazing victory, they’ve written off Anthony Joshua and write him off at your peril.”

Haye goes on to suggest that Fury may well be caught out if he underestimates Joshua.

“Anthony Joshua has been working very hard behind the scenes whilst Tyson Fury has been celebrating his amazing victory. A lot of people see him [Fury] as the world No 1 as he’s just beaten the WBC champion,” Haye added.

“Fury, I don’t believe he believes he has to raise anything. I think he just thinks he’s better.

“He just thinks he turns up and he’s just going to beat up Anthony Joshua and I don’t believe that’s the case.

“I just think it’s the perfect time for Anthony Joshua. Everyone is writing him off. He’s going to be an underdog but even being the underdog I think will help him.

“It didn’t help him how everyone was saying how easy the fight with Ruiz was going to be. I think that worked against him.

“This time everybody is going to doubt him. He’s got nothing to lose. He’s going to go out there with not many people believing he’s going to win.

“He’s going to go out there and prove everybody wrong and he’s going to show the world what he’s all about.

“Experts have written him off… but he’s a very special boxer and someone who I don’t believe has shown everything that he’s got.

“I believe there’s so much more in the locker, he’s proven as a fighter and he’s got better every time I’ve seen him and I just believe it’s the perfect time for him to show what he’s really got.”

Haye also helped launch The Black Mask Company last year with sports stars such as Lewis Hamilton wearing them and the former British boxing superstar opened up on the background to his business venture.

“A buddy of mine lives in Vietnam and they did a lockdown in January last year so way ahead of pandemic,” he added.

“90 per cent of Vietnamese where washable face masks and it’s crept into their culture over the years and I worked out through my Vietnamese contacts that the government had issued the commission of a three-layer washable face mask and I though hook or by crook managed to get the worldwide distribution of this mask.

“They don’t make many of them but the ones they do make, I’m able to bring to the UK and sell. They’re super comfortable and more importantly they’re biodegradable.

“There’s 129million masks per month getting dropped into landfills and washing up in our oceans and it’s become a massive issue so this washable mask, it’s something where I’ve always been a big advocate for sustainability.”

The Black Mask Company, founded by David Haye, launches rainbow mask to thank our NHS heroes, get yours at www.theblackmaskcompany.com/products/rainbow-mask

Oh, the irony: David Beckham’s Inter Miami in hot water for breaking so-called ‘Beckham Rule’ with transfer of French star Matuidi

David Beckham’s MSL franchise Inter Miami have found themselves in hot water amid reports that the club violated the so-called ‘Beckham Rule’ when the club signed 84-times capped France international Blaise Matuidi.

2018 World Cup winner Matuidi traded Turin for Miami last August when he ended a three-season stint with Italian champions Juventus to become the latest big name import to Major League Soccer – but MLS chiefs announced Friday that the club are set to face sanctions after they were found to have broken the league’s budget rules when they inked a deal with the experienced midfielder.
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MLS guidelines dictate that each time is allocated three roster spots for ‘designated players’, which means that these players’ wages aren’t held against the salary cap, but a probe has found that Matuidi should have been handed this designation upon his signing due to his salary being likely more than the $ 1.6 million annual cap. 

The MLS ruling therefore means that Inter Miami fielded four designated players last season, in Matuidi, Gonzalo Higuian as well as Rodolfo Pizarro and Matias Pellegrini. 

Inter Miami have subsequently amended Pellegrini’s contract in order to comply with league rules, and loaned to their affiliate side Fort Lauderdale.

The violation is all the more remarkable given that Inter Miami, and its principal owner David Beckham, appeared to have disregarded the ‘Beckham Rule’ – which was brought into existence when the former England skipper moved to LA Galaxy from Real Madrid in 2007. 

A statement from the MLS said that Matuidi had been incorrectly classified as a “targeted allocation money” (TAM) player.
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Matuidi’s compensation was above the compensation limit for a TAM player and he should have been classified as a designated player,” the league said.

The MLS have yet to reveal what type of sanctions they might levy against Beckham’s team – who will begin their MLS campaign under the stewardship of Beckham’s former Manchester United teammate Phil Neville on Sunday.


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‘I don’t put up with that crap’: World Series winner David Wells vows to BOYCOTT MLB over decision to move All-Star game

Former baseball star David Wells says he refuses to watch the sport after the decision by the MLB to move this year’s All-Star game from Atlanta, Georgia, in protest at the state’s voting law changes.

After President Joe Biden urged a switch in location, the MLB caved to pressure earlier this week when it confirmed it was moving the July All-Star spectacular to Denver, Colorado, in a fit of anger over polling changes in Georgia which it has described as discriminatory.

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The step has predictably been hailed by liberals, although others have pointed out that original host city Atlanta now stands to lose out to the tune of millions, while others have bridled at the further intrusion of politics into US sports.

One man dismayed at the step is two-time World Series winner Wells, who has said he won’t be tuning in so long as the MLB remains at the mercy of pressure from woke forces.

“To me, how do you change the games, the dynamics, and hurt a city like Atlanta that really needs some income in that situation?” Wells said this week on Fox News Radio’s ‘The Brian Kilmeade Show’.
Also on rt.com Major League Baseball risks losing the last of its politics-weary viewers after moving game over Georgia’s election law
Wells himself is a three-time All-Star and achieved the rare feat of pitching a perfect game back in 1998.

The left-hander had a peripatetic MLB career, winning the World Series with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 and with the Yankees six years later.

Wells said the state of the current game under the leadership of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred meant he could no longer bring himself to watch.

“I don’t watch baseball anymore,” he said. “I refuse to watch it because of this. I don’t want no part of it, and this was my life.

“For me not to want to go to a baseball game or even watch, it kills me, because I don’t put up with that kind of crap, and I don’t condone it.”

READ MORE: So much for unity! Conservatives jeer as Biden BACKS baseball league’s Georgia boycott over controversial voting security law

Wells also had choice words for sportswear giant Nike and their sponsorship of NFL outcast Colin Kaepernick, whose ‘take a knee’ protests have swept across the US sporting landscape in recent years.

“If I was playing right now, I would not wear that Nike,” said the 57-year-old. “I would rip it off. I would cut a hole in my jersey, and not have Nike on anything, and if I got suspended, so be it.”
Also on rt.com Trump calls for BOYCOTT as Georgia governor says MLB ‘caved to liberal lies’ by moving All-Star game over ‘racist’ voter ID law
Wells is far from the only one to find the MLB’s political posturing a major turn-off.

Former President Donald Trump has urged a boycott of the league while the Atlanta Braves – who were due to host the All-Star game at their Truist Park home – expressed their disappointment that “businesses, employees and fans in Georgia are the victims of this decision.”

The All-Star game will now be played at the Coors Field home of the Colorado Rockies.


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