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A Day-One Update For Game Builder Garage Is Now Live

Game Builder Garage

This week’s big Nintendo release is Game Builder Garage – its origins, as you might already know, stem from Nintendo Labo.

In short, you make games and you can even connect a USB mouse to enhance your experience. If you are one of the many who picked the game up on release, you might have noticed there’s a day one update for it.

So, what’s it do? According to Nintendo, it’ll make your overall experience with this new software just a little more comfortable. Here are the full patch notes, courtesy of Nintendo’s official support page:

Ver. 1.0.1 (Released June 10, 2021)

Addressed various issues to create a more comfortable game experience.

If you’re still on the fence about this one, why not watch or read our full review. We awarded the game seven out of ten stars and said it was a toolbox of terrifying potential.

Have you downloaded this update yet? Would you like to see Nintendo support this game with some more exciting content updates in the future? Leave your thoughts down below.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News

Outriders PC and Stadia release time, launch date and day-one UPDATE patch notes

Outriders will make its full PC and Google Stadia debut later today, it has been confirmed.

After a midnight launch on PlayStation and Xbox, the role-playing shooter will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store and Google Stadia later in the afternoon.

According to a Square Enix Reddit post, Outriders has an April 1 release date on PC and Stadia, and a 5pm BST launch time.

On the plus side, Steam users can pre-load the game ahead of launch, which means they can jump in and start playing the moment the servers go online.

Google Stadia users also have the luxury of playing at 5pm BST, as the game is streamed and doesn’t have to be downloaded.

It’s bad news for Epic Game Store customers, however, because Outriders can’t be pre-loaded on the platform.

The Steam page recommends keeping 70GB of hard drive space available, although the initial install size is closer to 45GB.

It’s also recommended that PC owners have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or an AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics card. 

Needless to say, Outriders launches alongside a big day-one update. You can check out the day-one patch notes below.

Outriders Day One update patch notes in full…

• Many bug fixes and improvements, with a particular focus on the latter sections of the game.

• Performance improvements for pacing/stuttering that was observed during the demo

• Camera Smoothing improvements for cutscenes and dialogues. This should reduce the camera shake that some players are struggling with

• Cutscenes/dialogues frame rate improvements

• PC cutscenes will have the option to choose from 30, 60, 90 and 120fps

Post-release update patch notes…

• Controller adjustment options such as deadzone adjustment, acceleration settings and legacy layouts.

• Loading Time Improvements for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles

• Further Performance Improvements for Co-op games

• Bug fixes including, for example:

 – Lore collectibles bugging out on second characters

Developer People Can Fly has also outlined some of the changes made between the release of the demo and the game’s launch.

According to the Outriders developer, the cover system has been improved, balance changes have been made, while cross-play is switched on by default.