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Sky News’ Jacquie Beltrao debuts her real hair weeks after cancer-free scan ‘Huge day!’

Sky News presenter Jacquie Beltrao has shared a huge update with her followers on Twitter. She debuted a new look with her hair as she explained it has been growing back following her latest clear cancer scan.

Jacquie posted a video of her new look while hosting on Sky News this morning as she shared the update on her stage 4 breast cancer.

In view of her 83,000 followers, she can be seen presenting outside Wembley ahead of the Euros final tonight.

She said: “Morning, very happy to be live here at Wembley on the big day.

“Big day for me as well, I’ve got my hair out, my actual own hair.

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One wrote: “You look fabulous and I’m really pleased you’re doing so brilliantly! Good health and joy to you!”

Another penned: “It’s great to see you being so honest. You’ve been through so much, it has its toll, why hide it?

“The fact that you’ve just carried on is something else. You look great.”

“You look amazing @SkyJacquie it is a wonderful feeling when you own hair starts to grow back again #KeepGoing,” replied a third.

Google Maps debuts revolutionary new feature, but don't count on being able to use it yet

Google is constantly improving and updating Google Maps – with camera-laden cars driving around city centres to update Streetview images, to user suggestions of new developments being added to the maps, to restaurant reviews, integration with Uber, and more. However, the latest upgrade is currently limited to those living in Sydney, Australia. So, unless you’re currently based in the city, you’re going to have to read about the new feature… and then do your best not to get too jealous. And that’s as soon as it’s going to get, unfortunately.
Google teamed-up with Transport for New South Wales to bring its useful Streetview technology, which lets you look around in a first-person perspective, to the inside of dozens of train stations. So, if you’re planning a journey ahead of time and want to know what the inside of the train station is going to look like – now you can.

You’ll be able to look around the inside of the station as if you were already there. Keen to know if there’s a certain shop in the station you’re heading to? Now you’ll be able to check. Want to know if your transfer from one train terminal to another is going to be obviously signposted or whether it’s going to be a nightmare in the midst of rush hour crowds? Now you’ll be able to check.

Just like you use Streetview now to check what your destination looks like – so you know what to expect, bringing the feature from outside into train terminals means you’ll be able to better familiarise yourself with every step of your journey before you set off.

In total, Streetview imagery will be available for 130 train stations and a dozen metro stops across Sydney. Using Streetview indoors, “you’ll be able to virtually navigate interactive, panoramic imagery inside Sydney stations, so you’ll know your way when you get there,” Google promises.

With any luck, Google will work with other local authorities and transport companies across the globe to allow its 360-degree cameras into more stations, bus stops, tube platforms in the coming years.

Not only that, but the partnership with Transport for New South Wales has also resulted in a new accessibility feature. Google Maps will now offer detailed turn-by-turn directions for accessible routes across 70 train and metro stations across Sydney. So, if you need to plan a route that takes into account your mobility needs.

Google says, “these tools allow people to find the best and most accessible entrances, exits, signage, and paths within the station and better anticipate in-transit travel times along these pathways.”

To take advantage of the feature, you’ll need to tap the Directions menu after typing in a destination. This is all pretty standard. Google Maps will then load a number of options – from walking directions, driving, public transport, cycling, and more. Tap on the public transport icon and then tap on route options that include “wheelchair accessible,” “fewer transfers,” and “less walking.”

That’ll tell Google Maps that you want an accessible route, so it’ll plot directions based on stations with step-free access and more.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Count 'em! MLB hits 20,000 players when Godoy debuts for M's

There was no fanfare at Petco Park when Godoy came in to catch in the bottom of the sixth inning with the Mariners trailing 12-1.

There was a big number reached in Major League Baseball during the San Diego Padres’ 16-1 blowout over Seattle, and it had nothing to do with runs.
Because when Mariners backup catcher José Godoy made his big league debut Friday night, he became the 20,000th player in MLB history.
There was no fanfare at Petco Park when Godoy came in to catch in the bottom of the sixth inning with the Mariners trailing 12-1. The 26-year-old from Venezuela who signed with St. Louis in 2011 and joined the Seattle system last winter grounded out and walked in his two plate appearances.
But to fans who had been tracking the procession to 20,000 on the Twitter postings by the web site Céspedes Family BBQ, it was a big deal.
The Mariners got in the spirit, too, marking the occasion with a “Jeopardy!”-style answer to: “Who is José Godoy?”
“Welcome to the show and baseball trivia lore, José!” it said.
The list of big leaguers began in 1871 and ranges from A to Z — there has never been a player whose last name started with X, although there have been several with first names that start that way, including Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts.
First on the alphabetical chart is pitcher David Aardsma, who moved into the top spot ahead of Hank Aaron when he started out in 2004 for San Francisco. Aardsma’s last season was 2015 — that was the same year the player last on the list, pitcher Tony Zych, made his debut with the Mariners.
Of the 20,000 players overall, 266 have reached the Hall of Fame. Walter Alston played two innings in his only game in 1936 for the Cardinals, striking out in his lone at-bat and making an error at first base — and later reached Cooperstown as the longtime manager of the Dodgers.
More AP MLB: https://apnews.com/hub/MLB and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports

This post originally appeared on CBS8 – Sports

Iggy Azalea Debuts Green Hair Makeover While Wearing White Tank With Nothing Underneath

Iggy Azalea looks confidently gorgeous in a brand new pic that shows off bright green hair and a figure-flattering outfit.

Iggy Azalea[1], 30, proved once again she can look good in any color hair when she posted a new Instagram pic on Mar. 31. The rapper flaunted bright green locks with a bob haircut in the snapshot and showed off her toned figure in a white tank top with nothing underneath as well as gray bottoms. Her makeup was also on point as she gave a serious yet confident look to the camera.

“Sip it & Brazil this Friday wooooo!!!,” she captioned the post, referring to new music that has a neon green frozen ice theme in the pics and videos for the release, which is set to come out on Apr. 2. It didn’t take long for the eye-catching post to receive a large number of responses once it was shared and many of her fans expressed excitement over her newly colored locks. 

“Beautiful,” one follower wrote while another called her “stunning.” A third wrote, “Green looks good on u luv 💚” and a fourth pointed out that the “green is hot.” Many more posted green heart emojis as well as heart-eyed emojis.

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea showing off blonde locks before her recent green hair debut. (Shutterstock)

Before Iggy debuted her green tresses, she often kept blonde hair[2]. She did debut another wild color last year, though, when she posted a photo of herself with bright red[3] locks. The incredible snapshot had her looking mysterious and mystical and was just one example of her adventurous ways when it comes to her appearance.

In addition to green, blonde, and red, Iggy has sported pink[4], yellow, and even purple hair on occasions in the past and we have to admit that she looked wonderful in every single shade! The talented mother is known for not just her cool music, but also her eye-catching style, so it’s no surprise that she would show off all kinds of different looks on a consistent basis. Whether she’s strutting her stuff in a bikini[5] or performing on stage in a designer outfit, she knows how to make any hair color/style and fashion choice work!


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