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Germany declares UK a 'virus variant region' amid growing fears over Indian strain

Germany’s public health institute issued new Covid rules requiring anyone travelling into the country from the UK to quarantine for two weeks on arrival. Cases of the Indian variant have been surging in localised hotspots including Bedford, Bolton and Blackburn, but the Prime Minister has pushed on, stating there is no reason to deviate from the current lockdown roadmap.
Speaking about the country’s latest quarantine rules, a German government source told Reuters news agency: “We want to play it safe.

“In this important phase of the vaccination campaign, the entry of problematic mutations must be avoided as far as possible.”

The new legislation takes effect from midnight on Sunday (11pm GMT Saturday) and even applies to those who have been fully vaccinated.

German officials are approaching lockdown easing with caution after breaking the back of a third wave earlier this month.

A spokesman for the Health Ministry said: “If we want to keep pushing down infection rates, we need to prevent contagious viral variants from jeopardising this positive trend.

“This step is hard for the UK, but it is necessary to prevent the rapid spread of the Indian variant in Germany.”

He added that Germany will be armed against such a danger only when more people have been vaccinated.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Germany has administered over 43 million jabs – with 10 million people being fully protected.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel previously warned that, although Covid cases were declining, “the virus has not disappeared.”

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The hospitality industry has recently reopened in Berlin, with beer gardens, cafes and restaurants returning to outdoor service for the first time in months.

Ms Merkel added: “I hope that, after the long time with closures and opportunities they didn’t have, that people will treat these opportunities very responsibly.”

In the UK, Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown is progressing without interruption despite the Indian variant concern.

International travel reopened last Monday, much to the delight of Brits looking to get away for the summer.

In a statement on May 20, Mr Johnson said: “We will be letting everybody know exactly what sort of arrangements to expect for June 21.

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“But what I can tell you, and just to stress that I am still seeing nothing in the data that leads me to think that we’re going to have to deviate from the roadmap – obviously we must remain cautious but I’m seeing nothing that makes me think we have to deviate.”

Germany’s decision comes shortly after a new variant of the virus with a “strange combination” of genes was discovered in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The newly discovered Yorkshire variant, also called the VUI-21MAY-01 or AV.1 variant, is not believed to be more transmissible than other strains from India and is currently “under investigation”.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed

Beijing issues deadliest war warning yet as China declares it is now 'ready to defeat' US

China has pledged to rapidly defeat the US in a military conflict in one of the country’s most explicit warnings yet. China’s Global Times, which is seen as a Government news outlet, published an editorial revealing the threat in response to joint military drills carried out by the US. The US joined drills with Japan, Australia and France this week in an intended show of force against Beijing.
However, instead of backing down, China appears to have been rattled, prompting a fierce rebuke in Beijing’s state-run newspapers asserting confidence in Chinese military superiority.

RT America’s Alex Mihailovich said: “The Global Times put out an editorial saying the US would be defeated if any conflict broke out in the South China Sea.

“Many see the drills as a show of force aimed at China as Japan works towards consolidating military alliances in an effort to deter its neighbouring superpower

“However the drills appeared to irritate China rather than contain it.”

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He continued: “According to the Global Times editorial, the US will be defeated if it engages in combat with China in its neighbouring waters.”

The editorial also read that the People’s Liberation Army “doesn’t even need to make pointed responses to the joint drills since its insignificant militarily”.

Former UK MP George Galloway told RT that this would prompt an increase in military preparedness from China.

He said: “What a spur this must be to China’s own warship development.

The drills take place close to the Diaoyu Islands, which are claimed by Beijing but controlled by Japan, which refers to them as the Senkaku Islands.

Admiral Pierre Vandier, chief of the French naval staff, said: “Our message will be targeted at China.”

Earlier this week, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army released videos showing marines training for island landing drills in an apparent threat to Taiwan.

Video footage released by the PLA Navy shows marines from the Eastern Theatre Command in a recent landing exercise for a simulated invasion.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed

John Lydon: Sex Pistols star declares war on wokeness as he blasts 'spoilt' snowflakes

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

John Lydon, who rose to prominence as Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten, has slammed cancel culture for tearing down and defacing statues of British figures including Sir Winston Churchill over claims of racism. The former punk rocker has hit out at woke whingers saying they have “s**t for brains” in a furious rant.

The 65-year-old claimed that universities are churning out a generation of “spoilt” snowflakes who attack “popular opinion” when they graduate.

The Sex Pistols frontman branded them as “horribly tempestuous spoilt children” who claim to be “disenfranchised”.

The rocker added he was unsure why the woke brigade have been given a platform to air their views on television.

Speaking in a new interview, the musician vented his frustrations and admitted he despises cancel culture.

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John – now a full-time carer for his Alzheimer’s stricken wife Nora Forster, 78, at their LA home – also took aim at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey which aired on CBS and ITV last month.

The Anarchy in the UK singer hit out the pair’s bid for privacy as he claimed they should “mind their own business”.

His comments come after it was announced that Meghan and Harry’s Finding Freedom biography is expected to get a reboot this summer and lift the lid on the royal drama.

John added that putting themselves out there would lead to more scrutiny and less privacy.

Biden Declares Mass Killings of Armenians a Genocide

Author: Katie Rogers and Carlotta Gall
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

The Turkish public will see it as evidence of American double standards, and anti-Western forces in Turkey will use it to incite fury, he said.

Both opposition and pro-government leaders attacked the expected designation.

“This is an improper, unfair stance,” said Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the largest opposition party, the Republican People’s Party.

Dogu Perincek, the leader of the ultranationalist Patriotic Party, in an open letter to Mr. Biden, questioned his authority to issue such a declaration. “As is known, the genocide against the Jews was adjudicated at an authorized court,” he wrote, “but regarding the 1915 incidents, there is no judicial ruling.”

The killings of Armenians occurred at the end of World War I during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the predecessor of modern Turkey. Worried that the Christian Armenian population would align with Russia, a primary enemy of the Ottoman Turks, officials ordered mass deportations in what many historians consider the first genocide of the 20th century: Nearly 1.5 million Armenians were killed, some in massacres by soldiers and the police, others in forced exoduses to the Syrian desert that left them starved to death.

Turkey has acknowledged that widespread atrocities occurred during that period, but its leaders have adamantly denied that the killings were genocide.

In the days leading up to Mr. Biden’s announcement, Armenians and human rights activists in Turkey expressed caution, partly because of years of political seesawing over the issue.

“Personally, it is not going to make me excited,” Yetvart Danzikyan, the editor in chief of Agos, an Armenian-Turkish weekly newspaper in Istanbul, said, pointing to a statement President Ronald Reagan issued in 1981 about the Holocaust that mentioned the “genocide of the Armenians” in passing.

Tokyo Olympics chief hopes for ‘swift return to normalcy’ as fears rise for Games after Japan declares Covid emergency

Author RT
This post originally appeared on RT Sport News

Tokyo Olympics organizers maintain that they are unwilling to cancel this summer’s Games despite a “short” state of emergency being imposed in regions including the Japanese capital.

Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has declared a targeted state of emergency for four prefectures including Tokyo and Osaka in an attempt to halt a surge in Covid-19 cases, with just three months to go before the Olympics.

The government implemented tougher restrictions, such as banning restaurants and bars from serving alcohol, temporarily closing department stores and movie theaters, and barring spectators at sports games, which will be in place from Sunday through May 11.

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We will implement short and intensive measures during Golden Week, strengthening steps related to eating establishments and temporarily halting the flow of people,” Suga said.

The emergency declaration which covers roughly a quarter of Japan’s population of 126 million has raised doubts over the country’s ability to host the summer Games, which are set to take place in July.

Suga said the country would take measures to ensure it could safely host the Olympics, which were already postponed last year due to the pandemic.

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Tokyo 2020 President Seiko Hashimoto said the Games organizers were not considering cancelling the event.

We, as Tokyo 2020, continue to wish for the swift return to normalcy and will continue to work closely with the relevant parties to make sure a safe and secure Olympics can happen,” she told a news conference.

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Larsa Pippen Rocks A Fitted Black Tank Top As She Declares She’s ‘Blessed’ Posing With $200K Ferrari

Larsa Pippen looked so glam as she posted in front of a mansion with her fire red Ferrari after her split from Malik Beasley.

Larsa Pippen[1][2], 46, is back on the market and looking better than ever! The Miami resident[3] rocked low cut tank top and black leather pants as she posed in front of her red Ferrari, costing around $ 200,000. “No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed!! @prettylittlething,” she captioned the post on Friday, April 9, tagging her go-to fast-fashion brand who provided the outfit. She kept her eyes hidden behind a luxe pair of Chanel sunglasses, finishing her look with a pair of high top Nike Air Jordan’s in a black, white and silver color way.

Larsa was, of course, married to Michael Jordan[4]‘s teammate and friend Scottie Pippen[5] from 1997 until their split in 2015 (legally, they are still married). These days, rare Jordan’s can go for thousands on the market — such as the Dior edition that resold for around $ 20k — but we’re guessing the mom-of-four has a hook-up. She kept her highlighted blonde hair up in her signature half pony tail as she soaked up the sunshine. Larsa didn’t tag a location, but was standing in the driveway of a large mansion — likely in Miami, Florida, where she lives.

The sexy pic is one of many Larsa has posted on the ‘gram since her split[6] from Malik Beasley[7][8], 24. The mom-of-four and the Minnesota Timberwolves player were romantically linked after they were spotted holding hands at a Miami mall last November. The photos were controversial at the time as the NBA player[9] was still married to ex-wife Montana Yao[10], with whom shares one-year-old son named Makai. Montana later filed for divorce[11] on December 8.

For her part, Larsa denied allegations[12] she was involved in Malik and Montana’s split. “They were separated before I ever met him…That’s a fact,” she wrote on social media. Montana rebutted the statement with a post of her own, posting, “This is 100% false. Continue to speak on my name and my relationship and we’re going to have issues. Receipts don’t lie. Let’s not go there. I think you’ve embarrassed yourself enough already.”

Larsa stirred up romance rumors on March 13 when she was spotted[13] with Myles Kronman[14], the founder of Model House Los Angeles, at the trendy W Hotel in the South Beach area of Miami. The brunette man appeared to have a number of tattoos on his arms and test while they enjoyed cocktails — specifically coconut drinks — outdoors. While they could have just been friends, Larsa and Myles did seem to be chatting rather closely!


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Piers Morgan declares he's 'team palace' in selfie outside Prince William and Kate's home

The outspoken journalist, 55, recently revealed that members of the Mountbatten-Windsor family had expressed their “gratitude” after he controversially claimed he didn’t believe Meghan Markle’s claims.

It comes after Meghan, 39, said during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, that during her time as a senior working royal, she understood that there had been concerns raised surrounding the skin colour of her then-unborn son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

She also claimed that her cries for help when struggling with her mental health were dismissed by those within the palace walls.

Hours after the controversial interview aired, Piers slammed the Duchess on Good Morning Britain, saying he wouldn’t believe her if she was presenting the weather.

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Now, after announcing his support had been appreciated by the Royals, Piers made sure that part of his daily walk around Kensington was past Meghan’s former home, Kensington Palace.

Standing outside the famous gates of the landmark building, Piers held his iPhone in the air as he smiled towards the camera, with the palace in clear shot behind him.

Captioning his post to his 7.9 million Twitter followers, he penned: “#TeamPalace.”

His followers rushed to reply to the post, with one penning: “Very good Piers, keep going and the truth will come out in the end.”

In an interview he gave to Extra since stepping down from Good Morning Britain, Piers said: “I’ve had some messages communicated to me on behalf of several members of the Royal Family.”

However, the journalist refused to disclose the identity of the members of the family who had reached out to him.

“I’m not going to go into who it was… but gratitude that somebody was standing up,” he added.

Piers departed from his role on Good Morning Britain last month after refusing to apologise to former actress, Meghan.

He said that he didn’t believe a word of her interview and blasted her claims accusing the Royal Family of racism, which has since been vehemently denied by Prince William, who said in his own statement: “We’re not a racist family.”

Speaking out on attempts made by some members of the public to end his career after disagreeing with his views, Piers shared: “There’s been an attempt to cancel me.

“There’ve been many attempts like this before, and somehow I remain resolutely uncanceled.”

After the controversial episode aired, Meghan had reached out to ITV to file a formal complaint as well as contacting broadcasting watchdog, Ofcom.

However, Piers was not aware of this until after he had left his freelance position at ITV.

“It was certainly a very interesting revelation from where I sit, because clearly, she was trying to put huge pressure on my bosses to take action against me,” he said.

The ITV show received 57,000 complaints to Ofcom over his comments about disbelieving Meghan.

Despite his criticism of the star, Piers is eager to sit down with the Duchess and would want to ask her “more difficult questions” surrounding her claims.

He went on to add that he would ask: “But let me ask you a wider question, which is this, ‘If you hate the royal family that much, why do you keep your royal titles?’

“Why would you do that if it’s just not to make millions and millions of dollars?”

Covid: Public Health England declares more cases of ‘variant of concern’ in UK

As a third wave crushes over South America – and the EU is seeing a resurgence of Covid cases – the Brazilian variant of concern, P1, is rising in numbers across the UK. Public Health England (PHE) has sourced the worrying strain in the West Midlands and Haringey, north London. Amidst travel restrictions, both Covid cases have been linked to international travel to Brazil.
The case in West Midlands follows the infected person’s arrival at Birmingham Airport.

As part of the managed hotel quarantine, when the person tested positive for the virus, they had to self isolate.

“The London case was picked up through surge testing,” added PHE, and as a response, surge testing will be stepped up in the affected area.

“Contact tracing teams have undertaken a comprehensive investigation to identify any further contacts,” PHE said.

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“PHE and international partners continue to monitor the situation closely,” the organisation emphasised.

What does this mean for the UK vaccination programmme?

Researchers from the University of Oxford have said that “the P1 ‘Brazilian’ strain may be less resistant” to the vaccine than first feared.

This conclusion arises from a yet-to-be peer-reviewed study from the team at Oxford University, as reported by The Independent.

The research team examined the impact of natural and vaccine-induced antibodies on different coronavirus strains, including P1.

Although the vaccine didn’t work as well against the variants as the original coronavirus strain, it was still effective.

The university commented: “[This] data suggest that natural and vaccine-induced antibodies can still neutralise these variants, but at lower levels.

“Importantly, the P1 ‘Brazilian’ strain may be less resistant to these antibodies than first feared.”

Other strains tested were the Kent and South Africa strain – two other variants of concern.

All three coronavirus strains were mainly neutralised by the Oxford or Pfizer vaccines.

While there may be a hiccup in the supply of Covid vaccines come April, the UK Government has said we are still on target.

Meanwhile, there has been international concern over the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab due to blood clots.

However, European countries have now resumed vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine after the European Medicines Agency said it was safe.

‘98% of men in the world can’t beat me’: Claressa Shields declares she’s the second greatest boxer of all time behind Muhammad Ali

US boxing star Claressa Shields has compared herself to perhaps the greatest fighter of all time, Muhammad Ali – saying she is second only to him and claiming that “98 percent of men in the world” would be unable to beat her.

The first US boxer to claim gold at two consecutive Olympic Games is set to fight Marie-Eve Dicaire on Friday, when she can unify all four super welterweight championship belts.

Shields insists that people routinely overlook her bold pronouncements about her talent but believes that talking about herself alongside luminaries such as Ali is the only way to make viewers appreciate her.

“I don’t box for a hobby,” Shields said. “It’s not a hobby. It’s my career, and I feel like people underestimate me when I speak about how great I am,” 

But if I didn’t say how great I am, no-one in this room would have ever called me great because they don’t recognize it.

“Only the greats know that they’re great. Like Muhammad Ali. Nobody called him the greatest of all time.

“They actually called him the ‘Louisville Lip’ because he talked too much.
Muhammad Ali is first and Claressa Shields is second.

“I am the greatest woman of all time, and 98 percent of men in the world can’t beat me.”

The 25-year-old can also claim the undisputed junior middleweight championship title and the vacant WBA belt on Friday, as well as defending her WBC and WBO straps.

Shields is the holder of nine championships and the fastest person to ever grab titles across three divisions in boxing.
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