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PlayStation Store gets dedicated LGBTQ+ section: PS4 and PS5 games NEWS

Sony has added a new section dedicated entirely to LGBTQ+ games on the PlayStation Store. To celebrate Gay Pride Month in June, Sony is highlighting...

Soapbox: Without A Dedicated Handheld Division, Is Nintendo Less Weird?

© Nintendo Life Soapbox features enable our individual writers and contributors to voice their own opinions on hot topics or random stuff they've been thinking...

Holidays: 'Red list likely for some time' warns expert – Heathrow opens dedicated terminal

The special terminal, where passengers from "high risk" countries will land, is currently housed in Terminal Three. In a tweet, Paul Charles, CEO of the...

Valheim dedicated servers: Update 0.147.3 patch notes REVEALED for Steam fans

Valheim update 0.147.3 is out now on PC, and it's good news for fans looking to set up dedicated servers. The popular survival game -...

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