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‘Get educated!’ Dan Walker slams culprits who sent players racial abuse after Euro defeat

Following a nail-biting game, England and Italy went head-to-head in a penalty shootout in a bid to win the Euro 2020 trophy. Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions unfortunately lost to their rivals after the final penalty, taken by Bukayo Saka, was saved.

His fellow teammates Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho also didn’t manage to get the ball in the goal.

Since England’s defeat, the three players have been subjected to racial abuse online.

Dan Walker, amongst other celebrities, have spoken out to condemn the behaviour on social media.

Taking to his Instagram page today, the BBC Breakfast star shared a picture of the England squad having a group hug following their loss.

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“I know a lot has come from abroad. People who track those things have been able to explain that. But not all of it.

“It’s just not what we stand for. We have been a beacon of light in bringing people together in people being able to relate to the national team, and the national team stands for everybody and so that togetherness has to continue.

“We heal together as a team now, and we’re there for them, and I know that 99 per cent of the public will be as well.”

He added of his youngest player: “Bukayo in particular has been an absolute star in this tournament.

The ex-President showed that defeat, the disgrace of his insurrection

The ex-President showed that defeat, the disgrace of his insurrection and the deaths of 400,000 Americans in a pandemic he downplayed don’t hurt his appeal
The ex-President showed this weekend that defeat after a single term, the disgrace of his insurrection against American democracy and the deaths of 400,000 Americans on his watch in a pandemic he downplayed don’t hurt his appeal to Republicans. In fact, the efforts of potential 2024 rivals to replicate his extremism show Trump’s strange magic is only validated by his transgressions.
The former President was the star turn at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas Sunday — an organization that once lionized a champion of global democracy, President Ronald Reagan, yet has morphed into a Trump cult.
“We were doing so well until the rigged election happened to come along,” Trump said, voicing the lie at the center of the conference that he has made the entry point for GOP candidates in 2022, potentially poisoning US elections for years.
There is an argument that a former President who is out of power but still desperate for attention should just be ignored. Certainly, a rambling, vain and lie-filled speech by Trump lacked coherence and any kind of aspirational appeal, instead highlighting his characteristic cocktail of racial demagoguery, personal swipes at enemies, mountainous falsehoods and desperate trawling for personal adulation. To an outsider, it may have come across as tedious and a pale imitation of the rollicking and sometimes even humorous appearances that paved Trump’s path to power in 2016. But in hitting every sensitive hot spot in the conservative media canon — from law and order to “cancel culture” to immigration, to complaints that all the media speaks about is “race, race, race,” Trump demonstrated his still unmatched capacity to sell outrage politics. But more than that, he demonstrated his ability to conjure an alternative belief system that is divorced from reality but that his supporters immediately adopt — the hallmark of strongmen leaders throughout history.
He for instance launched into a searing attack against former Attorney General William Barr, who for most of his time in office acted as a political shield for Trump’s crushing of political norms but drew the line at his election lies.
“I said, ‘Bill, you got to move your ass. Our country is under attack,’ ” the former President said, thus confirming his own unprecedented assault on US democratic institutions while complaining that Barr had not authorized investigations into false claims of voter fraud in Pennsylvania. His admission underscored yet again that even the most zealous enablers who fail to buy into his abuses of power are sooner or later branded by the ex-President as heretics.

Trumpism is on the march in red America

Trump is not just popular at CPAC where the crowd greeted his speech with glee. That his populist extremism is now being implemented by GOP governors across states he won shows his enduring power. So do the countrywide efforts by Republican state lawmakers to restrict voting based on his lies about a stolen election. Trump’s capacity to orchestrate the behavior of Republicans is almost as intact as it was when he was sitting in the Oval Office — his derailing of a bipartisan, independent probe of the January 6 outrage is proof of that. All these are reasons why Trump cannot be just disregarded.
Six months after his supporters ransacked the US Capitol — amid an effort by top GOP officials to reinvent the history of that moment, the former President’s threat to American democracy remains extreme. And even if Trump never runs for President again — and he gives every impression of already being launched on a four-year campaign — the brand of grievance politics he invented and maintains will be on the ballot — as his list of possible heirs, from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, shows.
So while much of Trump’s speech was backward looking, providing a rosy and untrue picture of an administration that left his country deeply divided, the false belief system that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of voters is real.
The crucial question is whether the message that is so electric to Trump’s supporters will still cause the kind of revulsion among suburban and more moderate voters who deserted Trump’s GOP and saw him lose the House, the Senate and the White House over a single four-year term.
And could another messenger like DeSantis or Noem, or Texas Gov. Greg Abbott make it quite so bewitching to the conservative base?
The former President is relentless on targeting issues like undocumented migration, the calls by some liberals to defund the police and the rising crime wave to paint the country as out of control and under the sway of far left wingers — as a possible route to broadening his appeal.
But his continued torching of truth comes at a time when President Joe Biden is noticeably all but ignoring his predecessor, positioning himself as a moderate, traditional commander-in-chief. This week, Biden will discuss gun violence and crime in the cities that has spiked as the pandemic eases its grip. He will likely plead with Americans again to get vaccinated to finally defeat Covid-19 — even as Trump acolytes like Republican Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado claim the government vaccine effort is akin to Nazism.
But even as Biden tries to carry out his vow to unite the country and to work across the aisle with Republicans on infrastructure reform for instance, it’s clear that ultimately the biggest impediment he faces is from Trump’s undiminished power. CPAC was for instance an example in microcosm of the fact that much of America’s voting public now lives in an alternative reality in which Trump won the election and Biden lost. Speaker after speaker alluded to election fraud — despite the lack of any evidence that stood up in any of Trump’s failed legal and political attempts to overturn a free and fair elections.
His behavior underscored yet again that the regular battle between conservatism and liberalism over the meaning of America itself has been superseded. One political party is still deep in thrall of a leader who never stops lying and is dedicated to overturning the US democratic political system itself.

Cheering against the vaccine

At one moment on Saturday, which exemplified the grip of ideology on the right, the CPAC crowd cheered the fact that Biden missed his vaccine goal, with more than 30% of adults — most of them in conservative states being hit by the Delta variant of Covid-19, still yet to get at least one dose.
That reaction shocked the government’s top infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been made a scapegoat by conservatives keen to cover up Trump’s own disastrous handling of the pandemic.
“It’s horrifying. They are cheering about someone saying that it’s a good thing for people not to try and save their lives,” Fauci told Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.
It was noticeable that while Trump demanded rightful recognition for the vaccine that was developed under his administration — as he claimed to have saved 100 million lives — he made no call for people to get vaccinated.
The ex-President’s reluctance to spend his political capital on a matter that conflicts with the orthodoxy of many conservatives and that could save thousands of lives remains striking, even after he spent months during the early stages of the pandemic trashing science-based public health guidance. And Trump had the power to change minds at the CPAC gathering since 70% of attendees who took part in an unscientific straw poll chose him as their preferred candidate for 2024.
The worst public health crisis in 100 years has now fallen prey to the same relentless churn of misinformation and lies which has stifled the truth of what happened last November in conservative circles. Trump bills his multiple failures in a crisis which he promised would simply “go away” as a massive triumph.
And the potential candidate many conservatives would like to see on a ticket with him in 2024, Noem of South Dakota, is billing her refusal to adopt basic public health guidelines that save lives as a political virtue.
“We’ve got Republican governors across this country pretending they didn’t shut down their states; that they didn’t close their regions; that they didn’t mandate masks,” Noem said at CPAC.
She appeared to be drawing a contrast with DeSantis and Abbott — who took a more restrictive but still lax approach — with a future Republican primary debate in mind.
“Now I’m not picking fights with Republican governors. All I’m saying is that we need leaders with grit.”
The fact that her largely rural state, with few of the big cities that helped Covid spread quickly, had 230 deaths per 100,000 people, according to data from Johns Hopkins University — ranking it 10th in that metric among the 50 states — raises serious questions about Noem’s record. As does the reality that South Dakota also had 14,090 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people, giving it the third highest rate in the nation.
But as Trump has shown, an ability to reinvent the truth and to ignore reality might be the most important asset in a potential presidential candidate, in the Republican Party, three years before the next election.

Andy Murray ‘was down for three or four days’ after Roger Federer Wimbledon defeat

His devastation was clear to see as he was denied a dream Wimbledon victory in a match which, after the first set, looked to be on the cards.

Thankfully for Murray, the sting was taken out of the defeat weeks later when he defeated Federer in straight sets to win an Olympic gold medal at London 2012.

He also ended his Wimbledon drought just one year later by ruthlessly disposing of Novak Djokovic in straight sets.

As of today, the Scot has a total of three Grand Slams under his belt, the most recent of which being his second Wimbledon victory in 2016.

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Man Utd and Chelsea issued harsh transfer reminder as Italy defeat Austria at Euro 2020

It was Real Madrid who won the race to sign the talented defender, who issued a reminder of his undoubted quality during Austria’s Euro 2020 Round of 16 defeat to Italy.

Listed as major favourites to come out on top, Roberto Mancini’s side struggled to find a way past the resolute Austrian defence and could consider themselves fortunate to take the match to extra-time.

Italy were relieved to see VAR intervene in the 65th minute of the match as Marko Arnautovic headed home from close range – an opportunity that arose following a powerful header inside the area by Alaba.

His emphatic individual performance went somewhat under the radar due to his country conceding two goals in extra-time, as Italy’s second-half substitutions began to make an impact on the game.

Alaba was able to keep the likes of Ciro Immobile and Lorenzo Insigne at bay for the opening 90 minutes, but persistence eventually paid off as Mancini’s men continued to probe.

The Austria captain led by example all evening at Wembley, painting a clear picture as to why so many sides were keen to tie him down to a deal.

Manchester United and Chelsea were two teams listed as potential destinations for the ten-time Bundesliga winner, with both teams yet to recruit in this position.

It is unlikely that either side will find an option as strong and dependable as Alaba, who put in a performance that deserved much more than a cruel early exit from the Euros.

Real Madrid may well have lost one leader in Sergio Ramos, but they will soon have a new figure ready to take centre stage at the Bernabeu.

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Rafael Nadal casts doubt over Wimbledon appearance after Novak Djokovic defeat

Asked if his appearance at Wimbledon was now in danger, the champion in 2008 and 2010 said: “I don’t know what I’ll do in my future.

“After two intense months in a positive gravel season without having achieved the final goal, I have managed to achieve two titles.

“The body after so much struggle usually suffers a slump. Wimbledon this year is in two weeks. It’s different from when I was 25 years old. I am 35 and you have to see how I recover in every way.

“I need to digest it all, be calm, take a few days off and go home. We have been locked up in Paris for two and a half weeks and I need to breathe a little, enjoy the good weather in Mallorca and what is going to happen is of little importance ”.

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EU faces embarrassing legal defeat as bloc scolded for lack of transparency by top court

Back in April, the General Court found the Council guilty of withholding an opinion by its own legal service that raised concern about the rule of law conditionality. Now the Council has announced it will appeal the ruling by presenting the same arguments already rejected by the court.

Law professor Laurent Pech, who brought the case before the Luxembourg EU court, is positive that the Council will lose once more.

He told Politico: “I am pleased to see the Council appealing the General Court’s judgment in my case as this will give an opportunity to the Court of Justice to adopt the General Court’s reasoning and in doing so, adjust its previous case law to the new constitutional framework organised by the Lisbon Treaty.

“It is time for the Council to accept that transparency must be the principle when it comes to the EU’s ordinary legislative procedure and not simply pay lip service to this principle.”

The legal opinion withheld by the Council was from 2018, when the rule of law conditionality provision was still a key element of the Commission’s proposal for the current Multiannual Financial Framework.

The top EU court’s ruling piles pressure on the Council – limiting the options for them to classify legal advice by its own lawyers as secret.

In its appeal application, the Council wrote: “Given the wide implications of this judgment for the work and the decision making process of the Council, an appeal against the General Court’s judgment before the Court of Justice would appear to be justified.”

But the court had already said that any impact on decision-making was “purely hypothetical.”

The Council was not the first EU institution to be found guilty of lacking transparency this year.

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The Ombudsman found the Commission failed to provide full transparency and accountability on the collection of Covid data from member states throughout the pandemic.

When the row broke out with AstraZeneca over demands to make its vaccine contract public, “suddenly the Commission was calling for transparency,” Ms O’Reilly said.

She added: “They saw the value in transparency because it was in their interest.

“So they need to perhaps spend as much time and attention looking at the public interest when releasing this.

“It can’t be the institutions who control the tap … the public interest has to override everything.”

In the report, she continued: “Too often, national authorities struggled to report complete data to the ECDC or did not even answer its appeals for important data.

“It also had no comprehensive set of data on hospital and other critical medical resources across the Member States.

“Transparency and accountability should be the bedrock of an institution that has a role in protecting public health.

“Much more should have been done to communicate with the general public to explain how and on what scientific evidence the ECDC made its assessments.”

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Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer let down by four players in Villarreal defeat

Manchester United saw their hopes of Europa League glory ended by Villarreal in the final on Wednesday night. Gerard Moreno and Edinson Cavani cancelled each other out with goals in either half. But it was the La Liga side who ended up reigning supreme via a dramatic penalty shootout, with David De Gea missing the decisive spot-kick as United lost 11-10.
United went into the match against Villarreal looking to win their first trophy in four years.

But it wasn’t to be, with the La Liga side causing a major upset by beating Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side on penalties.

Moreno put the ‘home’ side in front in the 29th minute, outmuscling Victor Lindelof before prodding the ball past David De Gea from close range.

United then levelled through Edinson Cavani, with the Uruguay international scoring his 17th goal of the season.

But Villarreal ended up winning via a penalty shootout, sending the yellow-wearing fans inside the stadium in Gdansk into ecstasy in the process.

Express Sport will now take a look at the four players who let Solskjaer down on the night.

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Marcus Rashford

Before the game, Marcus Rashford admitted to playing with pain throughout the majority of the campaign.

And it was clear from this showing that the England international wasn’t 100 per cent at the races.

Deployed on his favoured position on the left wing, Solskjaer gave Rashford the best possible chance to take the game by the scruff of the neck.

But the 23-year-old didn’t take it, enduring a chastening night throughout.

Rashford must do better on the biggest stages if he’s to ever live up to comparisons with Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe.


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Bruno Fernandes

The best players deliver when the pressure is on.

And while Bruno Fernandes has enjoyed a fantastic individual campaign, the Portugal international went missing on the night.

Fernandes was thwarted at every avenue, with Villarreal’s game plan to stop him paying off emphatically.

Without the 26-year-old on the ball, United simply aren’t the same.

And he’ll now have to brush himself down and go again, with the Red Devils hopeful he can lead them to the Premier League title next year.

Victor Lindelof

This was a huge night for Victor Lindelof, especially with Harry Maguire sidelined.

And the Sweden international failed to sparkle on the night, enduring a rough evening as Villarreal rang rings around him.

He looked nervy when the pressure was on in extra time.

And, even before that, he failed to do enough to stop Moreno from putting the La Liga side in front.

It’s no wonder United are eyeing Raphael Varane behind the scenes, with the France international poised to leave Real Madrid this summer.

Paul Pogba

In United’s last Europa League final, Paul Pogba scored.

The France international said before the game that he remembered dancing jubilantly in the aftermath of their 2-0 victory over Ajax four years ago.

But there was to be no dancing from Pogba tonight.

This was a flat display from the 28-year-old, who was substituted with mere minutes left on the clock.

And he’ll have to do better if he’s to ever live up to his £89million price tag.

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Roger Federer confirms French Open stance after surprise Geneva Open defeat

“I know I will not win the French Open.

“I’m not so sure in the last 50 years in Paris somebody rocked up at 40 years old, being out for a year and a half, and wins everything straight or in five sets.”

Federer went on to admit his frustrations at not being able to progress further in Geneva, but feels better physically on his road to full fitness.

He added: “I was expecting better from myself. I was not able to make a difference in key moments.

“I am disappointed for the organisers who were really happy to see me here.

“The good thing is that I can play tennis again. I feel better physically than Doha. I just have to accept this loss.”

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Max Verstappen's 'demoralising' defeat in Spain makes challenging Hamilton a tough task

Max Verstappen continues to drive the wheels off his Red Bull in 2021. But in Spain he ended up on the losing end of the bargain when he was caught and passed by Lewis Hamilton, who once again denied the Dutchman the race win.
Verstappen started Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in barnstorming fashion as he outmuscled polesitter Hamilton into Turn 1 and established a healthy lead over his rival, who was able to match the Red Bull for pace, but couldn’t do enough to close the gap.

At the time, Verstappen and Red Bull looked in great shape for a race win as they continue their quest to take the title fight to Hamilton and Mercedes.

But, as the race unfolded, it became apparent that Mercedes’ race-day package was the vastly superior setup, as Hamilton went long with his stint on the soft tyres, then showcased his dominance by wiping out the Dutchman’s 22-second advantage before eventually passing him with six laps to go to claim the victory.

It meant that Hamilton took his third win from four Grands Prix so far this season, with two of those victories seeing him passing Verstappen in a markedly faster car in the closing stages of the race.

Red Bull chief explains how Max Verstappen will close the gap on Lewis Hamilton

“That’s tough for Verstappen, who has been toe-to-toe with Hamilton the whole time,” Palmer continued.

“This one I think was a bit harder to take.

“When you lead the race for so long, fundamentally not winning, it is tough.”

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