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‘People went mad’ Gaby Roslin defends Chris Evans after ‘disgusting’ on air story backlash

“I did have PMT, so what’s the problem? We definitely aired a few things you would not see today.”

Off-camera, the presenter also confessed to Chris that she had a “sex dream” about him.

Much to her surprise at the time, he decided to tell listeners.

“Imagine that on BBC Breakfast today,” she continued, adding she believes television nowadays is missing “irreverent, crazy, talk/everything” shows.

Gary Neville defends England fans as UEFA clamp down on booing national anthems

Former England defender Gary Neville has jumped to the defence of England fans who booed the Danish national anthem during their Wembley semi-final on Wednesday. The incident prompted punishment from UEFA, who have charged the English FA over three incidents which occurred during the match.

Aside from booing the national anthem, they were also charged with fan-related incidents including setting off flares and pointing a laser pen at Kasper Schmeichel before Harry Kane’s extra-time penalty.

Although the punishments are unknown as yet, the English FA are believed to be in line for a sizeable fine.

UEFA released an official statement on Thursday which read: “Disciplinary proceedings have been opened following the UEFA EURO 2020 semi-final match between England and Denmark (2-1), played on 7 July at Wembley Stadium, London.

“The case will be dealt with by the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body (CEDB) in due course.”

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The general response has been one of disapproval when fans are heard booing, although Neville has emerged as one of the only high-profile voices willing to suggest another side to the story.

Neville said via Twitter: “When I played in the different countries and our [national anthem] was booed I always took it as the opposition fans trying to unsettle us, drown our fans out and never as some kind of attack on us as people.

“Same when we did it other teams. Is it really that bad and disrespectful?”

Either way, the mind games seemed to work in England’s favour after they clinched a narrow 2-1 victory over Denmark in extra-time.

The laser pen incident preceded a missed Kane penalty, although he was on hand to convert the rebound and prompted the country to flood out of pubs and houses to line the streets.

The result sets up a final with Italy who battled their way through the tougher half of the tournament draw.

Come Sunday, fan behaviour will be under the spotlight again, although it may take a back seat to the fact that the Three Lions will appear in their first major tournament final since 1966.

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Marcus Rashford defends tennis star Raducanu after Wimbledon exit – ‘Happened to me’

The 18-year-old became a darling of the country on her way to the last-16 at the All England Club. It was the best debut by a British woman in the tournament since 1979. However, she was forced to retire due to breathlessness during the clash against Ajla Tomljanovic on Monday.

The British teenager was 4-6 0-3 down when she became breathless and had to take a medical break which caused officials to call off the match.

This prompted criticism of the young player from the likes of former champion John McEnroe.

Mr McEnroe said after the match: “It appears that it just got a little bit too much, as is understandable, particularly [with] what we’ve been talking about this last six weeks with Naomi Osaka not even here.”

England striker Rashford, preparing for his historic Euro 2020 semi-final with Denmark, leapt to defend Ms Raducanu in a thoughtful message on Twitter.

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Cricketer Kevin Pietersen wrote that “mental toughness is what separates the good from the great in sport”.

Two-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray, along with his mother tennis coach Judy Murray, questioned these opinions.

“No question mental toughness can be what separates the best in sport but surely both of you aren’t judging her mental toughness on yesterday’s match?!” the Wimbledon star responded to Mr McEnroe.

His mother urged people to remember Ms Raducanu is still a teenager.

“Middle-aged men should generally avoid commenting on the physical or mental well-being of teenage girls. They will never experience or fully understand that world,” Mrs Murray said.

Ms Raducanu is still awaiting her A level results and since announcing her retirement from Wimbledon has said that “the whole experience just caught up with me”.

She went on to thank fans for “the best time of my life” and vowed to return better than before.

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‘McEnroe told truth!’ Piers Morgan defends Raducanu comments ‘she couldn’t take pressure’

Commenting on the match, the former tennis pro said that although he felt “bad” for the sportswoman, the game had become “too much” for her to handle.

The British wildcard retired from the game on “medical grounds” after losing the first set and was 3-0 down when she sought medical attention.

Addressing the incident, the American sportsman said: “I feel bad for Emma, obviously.

“It appears it just got a little bit too much, as is understandable, particularly with what we’ve been talking about this over the last six weeks with Osaka not even here.”

Last month Naomi Osaka announced that she would not be competing in Wimbledon this year, detailing “long bouts of depression” and “huge waves of anxiety” as the reason for her missing the championships.

Author: Sabina Rouse
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Avengers Endgame star defends their character's death – 'I've had mixed reactions'

Avengers Endgame: Robert Downey Jr stars in ‘We Lost’ teaser

Although Avengers Endgame was a thrilling end to a ten-year adventure, it was also filled with tragedy. The Marvel Cinematic Universe brought its first universe-ending event to its conclusion with Thanos (Josh Brolin) being taken down by the Avengers once and for all. Along the way, however, the world mightiest heroes lost a few fighters, including Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Nebula (Karen Gillan) and an emotional exit from Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) – but one of most heart-wrenching character deaths came from of Black Widow (Johansson).

Black Widow and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) went back in time with the rest of the team and went to Vormir to collect the Soul Stone.

Unfortunately, nobody seemed to tell them that a sacrifice was required to retrieve the Soul Stone, meaning one of them had to die.

After a brutal tussle between friends, Black Widow eventually threw herself off the cliffs of Vormir, killing herself, but getting the Soul Stone in the process.

Many fans were a little perturbed by this event, but Johansson has defended it. In a recent video interview, she said: “It’s funny because I’ve had mixed reactions for her ultimate fate in Endgame.”

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Avengers Endgame black widow hawkeye

Avengers Endgame: Black Widow sacrificed herself for Hawkeye (Image: MARVEL)

Avengers Endgame black widow

Avengers Endgame: Scarlett Johansson spoke out about her time in the series (Image: MARVEL)

Johansson went on: “But, for me, it made so much sense that she would sacrifice herself.

“Not for the greater good of humanity, but for her friends, which were really at that heart of it.” (Via Entertainment Tonight)

By allowing herself to be the sacrifice, not only did Black Widow save her friends against the threat of Thanos, but she also helped out her best friend, Hawkeye.

Hawkeye’s wife and two children were eradicated during the Blip, an event that left him truly bereft.

What do you think? Should Black Widow have died? Join the debate in the comments section here

Avengers Endgame black widow

Avengers Endgame: Black Widow’s journey is not over just yet (Image: MARVEL)

Black Widow’s sacrifice allowed Hawkeye to once again be reunited with his wife and children after the Blip was reversed.

Not all is lost, however, as the super-assassin will be making a return to the big screen next month.

Black Widow receives her first solo movie in July, telling the backstory of the Russian spy and how she took on a number of worrying villains, including new antagonist Taskmaster.

In an unexpected turn of events, Johansson recently revealed the movie will include answers to a long-asked question in the MCU.

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Scarlett Johansson says she was ‘wiped out’ after final Avengers

Throughout the past few films in the Avengers universe, Black Widow and Hawkeye have referenced a mission in Budapest.

The details of the mission have been left ambiguous, despite the fact it was certainly a formative time for both of the friends.

In a recent interview, Johansson revealed viewers will finally find out what happened in the capital city of Hungary.

Speaking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Johansson said: “Yes, you get – you finally get to know what happens in Budapest.”

Johansson went on to add: “I’m nervous about it, it’s like a nervous excitement but I have been – you know, we’ve been sitting on this film for over a year, and it’s been ten years in the making. I’m super proud of it.”

Speaking about first reactions to the film, the 36-year-old added: “People seem to really be responding well to it, which is fantastic.

“It really is a great movie to see in the theatre because it’s super cinematic, explosive, loud, fun.”

Avengers Endgame and the rest of the Marvel films are available on Disney Plus now.

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Amanda Owen defends children from 'concerned' Our Yorkshire Farm fans

Our Yorkshire Farm’s Owen family have come under fire after concerned fans said the children were bred to be farm workers.

Amanda Owen had to defend herself after being accused of having children to help her on the farm.

The 46-year-old popular TV star has nine children with husband is married to Clive Owen.

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The pair have ruled out having a tenth children; Amanda believes she is too old now.

But, viewers of the Channel 5 show questioned why she has no many children, The Mirror reports.

Amanda with three of her children
Amanda with three of her children

Amanda wanted to reassure them that she wants her kids to feel involved when it comes to the farm.

The star explained: “I try not to build comparisons with what everybody else is doing. I’m quite fortunate that I don’t have to do competitive parenting because I’m isolated, so I can do my own thing.

“But being part of a big family, being on the farm and having various tasks and responsibilities, I think those are really good life lessons.”

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Amanda, Clive, and their nine children

She continued to The Sun : “To teach them washing and cooking, I don’t mean for one minute my kids are skivvies but I want them to feel like an important part of what we do and that they’re valued.

“I think that responsibility holds the family together, especially with the older ones, it gives them independence.”

Our Yorkshire Farm viewers previously accused the star and her 66-year-old husband of “breeding their own workforce”.

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However, she says her children are happy to help out with chores on Ravenseat farm.

Farm work is done with the help of their nine children, Annas, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles, and Sidney.

They have a lot of work cut out for them as the Owens own 1,000 sheep, 40 cows, six dogs and four ponies.

Defending herself last month, Amanda said: “We all have to work together as a family. I really don’t feel that’s a bad lesson.

“This is what needs to happen and we all need to do it.

“I don’t feel like that’s sort of breeding your own workforce because it’s not that.

“It’s a fact of being involved and have that responsibility and being part of something. I think that’s a good thing.”

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Mark Drakeford defends wait for restriction-free date in Wales amid Delta variant fears

The First Minister for Wales has defended his cautious stance against the Delta variant, which is thought to be spreading rapidly among younger unvaccinated people. On Thursday’s BBC Newsnight, Mr Drakeford doubled down on the decision to review of the coronavirus restrictions every three weeks.

Asked about his opposition to setting a date for the easing of lockdown rules, Mr Drakeford said: “Well, we give dates every three weeks.

“So, we’ve been on a three-week decision-making cycle for more than a year now, people in Wales are very used to that.”

Mr Drakeford also highlighted the current uncertainty surrounding the vaccination drive.

He said: “I think it’s too optimistic to say that vaccination has broken the link between falling ill and hospitalisation with the new Delta variant.

“We really don’t know that sufficiently to be confident that the vaccination is going to defend us in exactly that way.”

The Delta variant was first detected in India and currently represents the biggest threat to Britain’s roadmap out of lockdown.

It is believed to be around 40 to 60 percent more transmissible than the Kent mutation detected last winter.

The latest weekly report from Public Health England showed infection rates surged at the highest rate in the northwest – increasing to 149.6 cases per 100,000 people in the seven days to June 6.

The uplift in cases since February has been attributed to this variant, with more than 7,000 cases reported on both June 9 and 10 this week for the first time in weeks.

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Oti Mabuse defends The Masked Dancer’s winner Louis as viewer claims they feel ‘cheated’

Back in 2012, he lifted the Glitterball trophy on Strictly Come Dancing with his dance partner Flavia Cacace.

Louis battled for the win against his fellow contestants Kimberley Walsh, Denise Van Outen and Danni Harmer.

Elsewhere this evening, Bonnie Langford, Howard Donald and Tamzin Outhwaite were all unveiled as the remaining mystery celebrities.

Catch up on The Masked Dancer on the ITV Hub.

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Anne Hegerty defends Nick Knowles over 'hoax' accusations

The Chase star Anne Hegerty has jumped to the defence of DIY SOS main man Nick Knowles after he faced accusations of being a “conspiracy theorist”.

Hegerty labelled Knowles’ critics as ‘idiots’, and she took to social media to support her friend just weeks after he faced separate controversy for his feature a Shreddies advert.

The pair met on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and became great friends, Kent Live reports.

The quiz maestro’s strong words came after a fan accused Nick of being a conspiracy theorist who believed ‘humans never stepped on the moon’.

The angry Twitter user wrote: “@BBC I saw an episode of “Home is Where the Art Is”. I was disturbed to see that the presenter was @MrNickKnowles!”

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BBC cheifs were on the verge of sacking the DIY legend in a row over an advert for a cereal
BBC cheifs were on the verge of sacking the DIY legend in a row over an advert for a cereal

They added: “I remember him from IACGMOOH a few years ago. Knowles is a conspiracy theorist who expounded his theory that humans have never stepped on the moon!

“@bbc you’d better look back at those episodes of IACGMOOH.

“If he thinks the moon landing is a hoax then he should not be an employee of the BBC.”

The viewer had in fact misunderstood the episode of I’m a Celeb that he was referencing, which Nick, who went to school in Tunbridge Wells, was quick to clear up.

Anne and Nick met in the jungle

He replied to the Tweet: “I think you need to take life less seriously and realise I might have been winding @anne_hegerty my lovely friend up to while away the long hours in the jungle.

“Disturbing that someone joking with a friend might then present a show eh?”

Anne was soon chiming in on the matter and took Nick’s side.

Video Loading

She wrote: “Some people are idiots, Nick. Let’s ignore them!”

It was the latest fire for Tunbridge Wells’ Nick to put out after drama surrounding a Shreddies advert last week.

In the advert, Nick plays a builder but it wasn’t received well by the BBC.

BBC bosses reportedly called a meeting with Nick to give him the ultimatum of pulling the advert or continuing at the BBC.

A source told The Sun : “[The BBC] have very strict guidelines when it comes to their talent and advertising and he has already broken them by filming the ads. But Shreddies don’t want to pull the campaign.

“While Nick is technically a free agent, he appears to have used his connection to DIY SOS in the advert which is totally out of order in the eyes of the BBC.”

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