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Salford Quays tragedy: Body pulled from water by police after desperate search ends

It came after there was a widespread search for the missing teenager earlier today. Despite being warned about the dangers of swimming in the quays many people still flocked to the area as temperatures hit over 30C in the north west.

Police were called at around 4.40pm and recovered the unnamed man’s body from the water around three hours later.

Paramedic vehicles from the North West Ambulance Service arrived just before 8:15pm.

The 19-year-old hasn’t been named and an investigation is underway into the death, with a file being passed to the coroner.

Announcing the sad news, the force tweeted: “Sadly, despite a rescue operation at Salford Quays this evening, a 19-year-old man has lost his life.

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“Our thoughts are with this young man’s family and friends, and the people who witnessed the tragic events.”

Detective Inspector Helen Bagnall, of GMP’s Trafford district, said: “Firstly our thoughts are with this young man’s family and friends, and the people who witnessed the tragic events.

“Sadly, this proves how dangerous going into unfamiliar water can be, especially when you can’t see below the surface of what could be very cold water.”

Many people claiming to have witnessed the tragic incident voiced their concerns about there being no lifeguards stationed at the quays.

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One person tweeted: “This was horrifying to witness. Please work with the council to have water supervision during this hot weather.

“I am from Belfast and they have the rescue service, lifeguards along the water every year after a big music festival.

“Young people just don’t see the danger.”

Another person tweeted: “This is so sad. But what is even sadder is that after this had happened, there were still lots of people jumping in the canal.

“Salford and Greater Manchester Police were trying to move people on and asked for a bit of privacy and were getting loads of abuse. So sad.”

A third wrote: “This is so sad. I see everyone enjoying themselves in the quays every weekend when the sun is shining.

“Just take care everyone when you are in the water. You never know what’s underneath. RIP my friend.”

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and the North West Ambulance Service assisted the police.

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‘This summer is for the bold & desperate’: Simon Calder warns Britons face ‘dreadful’ time

Simon Calder is a travel journalist and expert who regularly appears on Good Morning Britain to discuss the Governemnt’s latest travel updates. This morning, he spoke about the most recent change in travel rules to Malta, as well as other European countries.

“It’s so much uncertainty.

“It looks as though this summer is for the bold and the desperate.”

Speaking to Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid of GMB, Mr Calder added: “The green list, and amber list, and green watchlist, and red list, are only a UK coming back in issue.

“The other half of the equation is exactly as you say Richard – will the destination let me in?”

Mr Calder continued: “My prediction is that if we see a levelling off in the UK and a calming down, gradually we might see some kind of equilibrium and it will be safe to book.

“But probably not until September.”

The travel expert emphasised that it is a “dreadful dreadful time” for people who want to travel.

“And, of course, the people who I do feel for are those who don’t want a holiday – they want to reunite themselves,” he said.

“Reunite themselves with loved ones they haven’t seen for months or over a year.

“And this is such a stressful time for them.”

As well as the news about Malta, the other travel updates include the fact that the Balearic Islands have been removed from the green list and added to the amber list.

Britons travelling from Ibiza, Majorca, and Menorca will now have to quarantine for 10 days on their return to the UK.

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Anton Du Beke ‘was desperate’ for Strictly judge role, Bruno quips ‘He needs the money’

“I was never asked my opinion, but I wasn’t surprised,” he spilled.

“He was desperate to get that judging role, so I’m sure he is delighted.”

According to The Sun, he jokingly added: “Good for him. He needs the money.”

The judges reportedly earn £200,000 per series while the pro dancers are given £65,000.

Gas boiler replacements: Desperate Boris tries to calm fears UK households face £10k cost

In recent months, the Government ramped up its commitments to green initiatives.

In late May, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy announced it would inject a £166.5million cash boost into green technologies in a bid to “help the UK meet its world-leading climate targets”.

This announcement came just six months on from the publication of the Prime Minister’s 10 point plan for a green industrial revolution.

The Government detailed the multi-million pound investment would be: “awarded to innovators, businesses, academics and heavy industry right across the UK, [accelerating] the delivery of the critical game-changing technologies needed to further drive Britain’s climate change ambitions, while creating over 60,000 jobs across the UK.”

Author: Connor Coombe-Whitlock
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They won't give up! Desperate Argentina to beg UN to intervene in Falkland Islands row

The UK has always stood firm against the UN’s resolutions that propose a dialogue between the two countries. Despite this Argentine officials Felipe Solá and Daniel Filmus will be present their arguments this Thursday in New York. The officials will attempt to obtain support from the 29 members of the UN’s “Decolonization Committee”.

Daniel Filmus, Argentine Foreign Ministry official for the Secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic, told the news site Infobae: “We hope that many countries will intervene in the session expressing their support for our position.

“Representatives of international organisations such as CELAC, Mercosur, and the Group of 77 and others will speak.”

The Board of Directors of the United Nations Special Committee for Decolonization unanimously ratified its “support for the resumption of negotiations between Argentina and the United Kingdom to find a peaceful solution to the controversy of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.”

The resolution was released on February 11 of this year but ignored by the UK.

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“This is following the resumption of negotiations with the United Kingdom as a means to end the dispute.”

Last Monday, June 14, Mr Filmus responded to the self-determination question and said: “As the United Kingdom knows, self-determination only applies in the cases of peoples under colonial rule, but the current population of the Malvinas Islands has been implanted by the British government.”

Mr Filmus continued with a tweet and said: “The UN resolution 2065 and subsequent ones are clear in this regard.

“The only way to resolve the sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas and put an end to colonialism is to resume bilateral negotiations between Argentina and the United Kingdom.”

Various other multi-lateral forums also call for Argentina and the UK to hold talks over the future sovereignty of the islands.

These groups include, the Organisation of American States, OAS, Mercosur, the Group of 77 plus China, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, Celac, and the Ibero-American Summits.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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'Eurocrats mad' at Brexit Britain's success – EU desperate to see UK's exit as 'failure'

President of Generation Frexit, a campaign dedicated to removing France from the European Union in the same way as Brexit, Charles-Henris Gallois, lashed out at the behaviour of eurocrats on the continent. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Gallois warned the tense situation was creating issues for the UK and French fishing communities. He highlighted the ongoing rows between France and Jersey as an example of an issue made worse by EU politicians.

He also argued those wishing to punish the UK were behind the row which has erupted over the Northern Ireland border.

Mr Gallois said: “I don’t think it is just Emmanuel Macron but the whole European Union that were causing the Jersey crisis or even the Northern Ireland crisis.

“It shows that the eurocrats are mad and angry.

“They have seen that Brexit and the vaccination rollout was a success.

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“It shows to other people across the continent that taking back control is the solution.

“They are desperate to see Brexit as a failure to dissuade other countries to leave the European Union.

“That is why they are so mad about Jersey and the Northern Ireland crisis.

“The European Union act like a sect, they want to punish the members that leave the sect.

“They are crazy mad once they have seen that the UK has managed a very successful vaccination rollout compared to the EU who have been a complete failure.”

Earlier in the week, the UK and EU concluded talks that were set to resolve fishing issues between the pair.

At the first meeting of the Partnership Council, Brexit negotiator Lord Frost spoke to European Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič about veiled threats issued by member states since the end of the transition period at the end of last year.

French fishermen have accused the UK of being slow to issue licences that would give them access to fish in the UK’s 12-mile zone.

Lord Frost admitted the UK was prepared to stand up to the EU and would not be bullied on fishing.


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He also said during the talks the UK was “frank and honest” about the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

He said: “There weren’t any breakthroughs. There aren’t any breakdowns either and we’re going to carry on talking.

“What we really now need to do is very urgently find some solutions which support the Belfast Good Friday Agreement, support the peace process in Northern Ireland and allow things to return to normal.

“What the EU is insisting on is we should operate the Protocol in an extremely purist way.

“The reality is that it’s a very balanced document that’s designed to support the peace process and deal with the very sensitive politics in Northern Ireland.”

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Macron plans to block use of English in EU meetings in desperate bid to promote French

Emmanuel Macron’s government has sought to boost the cultural importance of the French language within the European Union after Britain’s departure. France will head the rotating presidency of the EU council in 2022. Now French officials have stated they will conduct key meetings and working groups in French.

An EU diplomat told the Daily Telegraph that notes from these meetings will be taken in French and translations will not always be provided.

France has also stated it will distribute funding for free French language classes for diplomats who may wish to learn.

It is common for French presidencies of the European Council to insist on the use of French.

However, France is hoping push for French to be the foundation language for EU institutions.

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Clement Beaune, France’s Europe minister, said in April: “Even though the French language is alive, flourishing, and its teaching is developing around the world, it is at home, within the European institutions, that it suffers.

“In the Commission, in the Council, in the agencies, bodies and administrations, meetings are now too often held in English.

“This has given rise to reports in English, even though this language is now no more than that of two Member States.”

Now President Macron has said initiatives to boost French learning across the world and promote plurilingualism is one of his major goals.


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French is one of the bloc’s three working languages, the other two being English and German.

There are a total of 24 official languages in the EU.

French used to be the dominant language in EU diplomatic circles in the predominantly French-speaking city of Brussels.

However, the expansion of the EU in 2004 to include eastern European countries such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

This resulted in a decline of the use of French.

The use of English, the most spoken language in Europe, became more commonly used within the corridors of EU institutions in the Brussels.

Within the bloc the importance of speaking English as a second language has been growing over the past few years.

Since Britain left the bloc there are now only two member states that speak English, Ireland and Malta.

The dominance of English as an official language is now at risk.

As of 2020, it has been estimated that 80 percent of European Commission staff speak French as their first, second or third language.

It has been reported that letters sent to the European Commission in English go unanswered.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph an EU diplomat said: “When a French commissioner receives a letter in English, we wait for the French version before we hand it over to Paris.

“We will speak French during the Council’s working groups.

“Some of the working groups do not have translation systems.

“If something has not been understood, on the side-lines of the meeting we will explain it again.

“We are in Brussels, among the European civil servants there is a vast majority that speaks French.”

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'Without UK, we are dead!' Spain's desperate plea for visitors – 'French only spend €10!'

EU countries ‘should be on UK green list’ says O’Leary

This week, it was announced Portugal is set to move onto the amber list and no new destinations will be added to the green list, where travellers must be tested but do not have to quarantine on their return. The green list will be reviewed again on June 28.

However, as Spain remains on England’s amber list, bars in the once-popular Marbella warned they are facing closure if they have to wait another two months to welcome back British tourists.

George Vujnovic, a bartender at a British-themed pub, John Scott’s, said: “Even Puerto Banus is not pandemic proof – especially without British tourists.

“You often get groups of five or 10 and you know how much they’ll drink and they’ll spend a fortune.

“Whereas you might get a French tourist who will spend €10 and leave – there’s no comparison.”

Spain urges Government to be added to green list

Spain urges Government to be added to green list (Image: Getty)

Spain urges Government to be added to green list

Spain urges Government to be added to green list (Image: Getty)

He went on to warn if Spain remains off England’s green travel list, businesses would face closure.

Mr Vujnovic added: “If we are not on the UK green list I could see us and other businesses closing.

“They account for 70 percent to 80 percent of our business.

“It is crazy they will not allowed people over without quarantining.

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Marbella deserted during coronavirus pandemic

Marbella deserted during coronavirus pandemic (Image: Getty)

“Without the UK we are dead. They are incredible spenders.

“In 2019 this whole area would have been packed. Now, look at it.

“I worked in real estate as well last year and that has taken a massive hit here. It’s been a disaster – even for us.”

According to reports, as of last month, 20 percent to 30 percent of businesses had closed in Marbella.

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England's green list countries

England’s green list countries (Image: Express)

Oscar Areque, who co-owns The Irish Tavern, added: “Puerto Banus is dominated by UK tourists, about 70 percent, we depend on it so much.

“Now they’re not here lots of places are closed.

“It’s going to be very tough without them for much longer. It is terrible news.”

Portugal was removed from England’s green list with Grant Shapps saying the decision was made due to a rise in cases and over fears surrounding the “Nepal mutation of the so-called Indian variant”.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps (Image: Getty)

Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps defended the decision as a “safety-first” precaution.

Mr Shapps told BBC News: “I want to be straight with people, it’s actually a difficult decision to make, but in the end, we’ve seen two things really which have caused concern.

“One is that the positivity rate has nearly doubled since the last review in Portugal, and the other is that there’s a Nepal mutation of the so-called Indian variants which has been detected.”

Mr Shapps continued: “What I want to do with today is difficult, but I hope decisive action, is make sure that we protect the future by not restarting problems which may or may not be there at home, we’ll be able to get international travel down the line open more quickly.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: Getty)

“It’s a safety-first approach given where we are in the fourth stage of the unlock.”

EasyJet lashed out at Government’s decision and said it was a “huge blow” for Portugal.

Johan Lundgren, CEO of EasyJet, said: “This shock decision to add Portugal to the amber list is a huge blow to those who are currently in Portugal and those who have booked to be reunited with loved ones or take a well-deserved break this summer with Portugal rates similar to those in the UK it simply isn’t justified.”

Jet2 has also cancelled all international flights and holidays until July 1 following the green list chaos.

The airline has cancelled all Portugal flights this month, as well as flights to Turkey.

Turkey is currently on the UK’s red list, and it is unlikely restrictions will ease.

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Nicola Sturgeon’s desperate plot to rejoin EU torpedoed by Theresa May – new analysis

Sturgeon ‘behaving like a dictator’ says expert

Had Britain joined the EEA Scotland could have left the UK, and joined the EU, without requiring a hard-border with England. However because of Mrs May’s decision, and Boris Johnson’s new Brexit trade deal, this is no longer possible.

If Scotland swaps the UK for the EU border checks will be required on trade and travel with England risking serious economic disruption.

EEA members form part of the European single market and continue to apply EU internal market rules, including on free movement.

Some former Remainers pushed for Britain to join the EEA after Brexit which would have meant a very close relationship with the EU.

According to Institute for Government (IFG) analysis if the UK joined the EEA “an independent Scotland might still have been able to join the EU without customs checks and major risks of economic dislocation on the border”.


Theresa May’s refusal to join the EEA may hit the SNP’s independence bid (Image: GETTY)


The SNP fell one short of a Scottish parliament majority last week (Image: GETTY)

The IFG found Scotland trades three times as much across the English border as it does with the entire EU.

Despite not being EU members Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein are part of the EEA.

This means they retain very close relations with Brussels which is able to make some of their laws.

Ms Sturgeon is demanding a second referendum on independence following last week’s Scottish parliament elections.

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Theresa May with Sturgeon when she was prime minister (Image: GETTY)

The SNP fell short of a majority by one seat, but can expect to get another referendum bill through Holyrood with Green support.

Mr Johnson has urged Ms Sturgeon to focus on Scotland’s coronavirus recovery rather than constitutional issues.

The Scottish Conservatives argue Ms Sturgeon doesn’t have a mandate for a referendum, as pro-UK parties got more constituency votes in total than nationalist ones.

Katy Hayward, from Queen’s University Belfast, admitted a hard border with England would be a major challenge for an independent Scotland.


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Britain formally left the EU in January 2020 (Image: GETTY)


The next Scottish parliament was elected last week (Image: GETTY)

Writing for the Scottish Centre for European Relations she said: “As was the case for the Irish border for much of the twentieth century, controls along the Scottish land border would be a challenge to design and administer.

“They would require new systems of cooperation and communication (including to facilitate and process customs declarations), new infrastructure (e.g. facilities for veterinary inspections), new recruits for border management (among whom customs inspectors are but the tip of the iceberg), and new rules for traders to comply with if they wish to move goods across Scotland’s borders.”

Earlier this year Ms Sturgeon suggested Scotland will apply for EU membership if it votes to leave the UK without holding a separate referendum.

However Scotland’s budget deficit is currently eight times the limit required to join the EU.


Scotland voted to remain part of the UK in 2014 (Image: EXPRESS )

This means stringent spending cuts or tax rises may be required before Scotland meets the qualifications.

Scotland would have to pledge to adopt the Euro as its currency if it wants EU membership.

It would also have to re-join the EU’s common fisheries policy, handing control over its fishing waters to Brussels.

Any existing EU member state could veto Scotland’s application and some, like Spain, have their own separatism movements.


The Scottish Tories argue there is no mandate for indyref2 (Image: GETTY)

However SNP MP Alyn Smith argued Spain is unlikely to deploy its veto.

Speaking to RTE he said: “So long as this is an agreed, constitutional route, which is our preference too, I don’t envisage significant difficulties with Spain.

“They also recognise European solidarity, the way we’ve treated Spanish nationals in Scotland, as opposed to the way they’re treated in the UK.”

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Ilkay Gundogan sends desperate plea to UEFA following European Super League collapse

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

“The UCL format right now works great and that is why it’s the most popular club competition in the world – for us players and for the fans.”

Former Liverpool defender Markus Babbel has also taken aim at UEFA, calling the reforms a “disaster”.

“UEFA is laughing its head off!” Babbel told Goal and SPOX. “The 2024 Champions League is also sh*t to the power of 10. Nobody can take that seriously either because it’s all about more games and more money.

“From my point of view, the reforms are a disaster, but at least the teams still have a chance to qualify based on sporting merit.”