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Michelle Dewberry's spat with drinks firm after they pull GB News ads

GB News presenter Michelle Dewberry has got into a row with a popular drinks brand after they pulled their adverts from the news channel.

Kopparberg, which makes the popular brand of ciders, has withdrawn their series of adverts from the channel, which launched on Sunday evening, after claiming the adverts ran “without our knowledge or consent.”

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Following a tweet which aimed to support advertisers on the channel, which has come under fire from some who are dubious about its ‘anti-woke’ stance, the drinks company instead, seemingly misunderstanding the pro-GB News tweet, responded by saying: “Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

“We want to make it clear to everyone that our ad ran on this channel without our knowledge or consent.

“Kopparberg is a drink for everyone and we have immediately suspended our ads from this channel pending further review of its content.”

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Michelle Dewberry made her debut on GB News

Michelle, the former Apprentice winner who hails from Hull and is fronting her own show, Dewbs&Co, was clearly unimpressed and tweeted to her 114k followers: “Imagine being @KopparbergUK and saying with a straight face that ‘you are a drink for everyone’ and then wanting to pull ads from a section of viewers.

“Either you are indeed a ‘drink for everyone’ or you’re not.”

Many of Michelle’s followers jumped in to support her stance and vowed to boycott Kopparberg.

One posted: “I think you will discover that @GBNEWS is a channel for everyone. I would be interested to hear a thorough explanation if you find otherwise.

“In the meantime I have just returned 24 bottles Kopparberg to the supermarket and swapped them for Bulmers.”

Another wrote: “If you boycott this show, a perfectly balanced, unbiased, media network, I will boycott your brand and I’m almost certain I’m responsible for at least a third of Kopparberg sales in the UK.”

A third said: “What an outrageous response! I have one bottle of Kopparberg left in my fridge and it will be my last. These vile companies that don’t believe in free speech or freedom of thought do not deserve our custom.”

Author: [email protected] (Lisa Baxter)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

GB News viewers love Michelle Dewberry's Hull accent

Michelle Dewberry debuted her new show on GB News tonight.

The former Apprentice winner was competing with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and UEFA Euro 2020 for viewers’ attention.

She hosted her prime time two-hour slot, Dewbs & Co, at 6pm on the new Freeview channel, just as Mr Johnson held a press conference in which he announced there would be a delay on fully lifting restrictions.

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Tweeting about the show, one said: “I thought the accent would grate after about 30 minutes but no, she’s doing fine and importantly bright and intelligent. Great start.”

“@MichelleDewbs has such a fantastic accent!” another said.

While a third Tweeted: “A thoroughly enjoyable programme Michelle, you did an excellent job! #GBNews is now a permanent fixture on my TV screen.”

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But some were not quite as complimentary about some aspects of the show.

“Love the show,” one said. “Nice to see new faces and love your accent. Needs to be a bit brighter instead of the dark background and can some please sort out the reflection of the auto-cue behind you as it is distracting. Other than that great channel.”

Another said: “24hrs on still many technical issues remain. @MichelleDewbs looked relieved to make it through her show. Now on @afneil’s show there are sync issues with Boris Johnson’s statement.”

A third Tweeted: “You’re coming across great and like real person!!! which is completely refreshing. Sound is a real issue though, but sure it’s just a teething issue. Good luck to all a GBN.”

Others picked up on “issues” too.

“Loved the show,” one said. “Interesting and well presented. I’m sure the glitches will be ironed out.”

Another said: “Watched you and you were smashing, yes a few technical problems but you did a marvellous job. It must have been difficult your first show. Well done love.”

“@MichelleDewbs you did perfect…don’t b***** worry about the tech issues they’ll get fixed,” another Tweet said. “Your confidence will grow as you do more… just don’t think too much about it. Well done!”

Last night’s GB News launch show hosted by Andrew Neil came in for criticism from some, for “grainy pictures” and “out of sync” dialogue, but others were urging the dubious to give Dewbs a chance, after she discussed with Andrew the stories and voices she was keen to air on her programme.

Michelle herself tweeted that she was feeling “a healthy mix of nerves and excitement” ahead of her show launch tonight and that kind messages of support she had received were all “massively appreciated”.

After the channel launch last night, she tweeted: “Never, ever been as nervous on TV as I was just then.

“Everything I do, I do in honour of my sister and I know she will be looking down, watching us and super proud. History in the making. Thanks to everyone for your support. Much appreciated. Onwards and upwards #gbnews.”

Author: [email protected] (Sophie Kitching)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV