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The man charged with the murder of 25-year-old Marianne Hansen in Oslo has died

The man charged with the murder of 25-year-old Marianne Hansen in Oslo has died

The man accused of killing 25-year-old Marianne Hansen at Hellerud in Oslo on the night of June 8 this year is dead, the newspaper VG reports.

The 30-year-old man, a Romanian citizen, died at Ullevål hospital on Friday, police lawyer Børge Enoksen in the Oslo Police District told the newspaper.

He had been hospitalized there since last Monday after he had tried to take his own life in his cell in Oslo prison the same day.

The police have previously questioned the man several times. They will complete the criminal case investigation, but there will be no main hearing in court.

“The accused has given the police a detailed explanation of the course of events and the motive for the murder and the incident on E6,” Enoksen said.

The accused’s defense counsel, Cathrine Grøndahl, has so far not wished to comment on the case to VG.

Killed out of frustration

The accused has explained that he committed the murder on the night of June 8 out of frustration – as the woman did not want to continue the relationship. The murder took place inside the apartment where Hansen lived.

The man has pleaded guilty to the murder. On Wednesday, July 7, the Oslo District Court extended the man’s imprisonment for eight weeks.

The woman got to know the man through their workplaces in Oslo, and they began a relationship a few weeks before the murder on the night of June 8.

Traffic accident

The police found a dead woman in an apartment in Hellerud east of Oslo around 7 AM on Tuesday, June 8. The police searched the address after the man collided head-on with a van on the E6 in Eidsvoll at AM the same day.

The man was also charged with attempted murder by car after the frontal collision shortly after the murder. 

He allegedly drove in the wrong lane on the E6 for about 1.3 kilometers before he deliberately drove into the oncoming car in the 110 zones on the four-lane road north.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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AZ vaccine death: Husband describes wife’s symptoms days before she died of blood clots

AZ vaccine death: Husband describes wife's symptoms days before she died of blood clots

“Vaccines have been given to people when [it’s known] there are risks. We don’t know who those adverse reactions are going to appear in – it’s a lottery,” said widowed Gareth Eve. His late wife, Lisa Shaw – who was only 44 years old – experienced a blood clot following her first shot of the AstraZeneca jab. “Lisa had the jab on Thursday,” the father-of-one recalled. “The following Friday, she experienced headaches.”

Feeling choked up, Gareth said: “That’s the last time she saw her sister.”

Rushed off to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, in Newcastle, the hospital team later discovered a bleed on the brain.

“She was in a lot of pain,” Gareth remembered. “She said, ‘I’m tired.’ I gave her a kiss, and then I never spoke to her again.”

Now Gareth is campaigning for people to have the choice of which vaccine they get.

“Over 81 million doses of vaccines against COVID-19 have now been administered in the UK, saving thousands of lives.

“No effective medicine or vaccine is without risk, and our advice remains that the benefits of AstraZeneca vaccination outweigh the risks in the majority of people.”

Becoming teary-eyed, Gareth wished for Lisa to be remembered as “so kind”.

“She’s my best friend, she’s a fantastic mummy, and daughter, and sister.

“I don’t want what’s happened to her to be brushed under the carpet, so this doesn’t happen to other people.”

BBC’s Medical Editor, Fergus Walsh, said: “It was heartbreaking listening to that.”

Walsh agrees that there needs to be a focus on side effects, risks and benefits of vaccines.

There is a known – very rare – side effect of the AstraZeneca jab called vaccine-induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia (VITT).

This is a condition where blood clots form in combination with low platelet levels, which “doesn’t happen naturally”.

Thus, the MHRA says that it is “a strong likelihood” that the vaccine is causing VITT.

There have been “just under 400 cases of that”, said Walsh, “most of them after the first dose – and 71 deaths”.

Echoing the MHRA, Walsh stated that all medicines and vaccines have risks associated with them alongside benefits.

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Chris Eubank’s son Sebastian Eubank died of ‘massive heart attack’, devastated wife says

Chris Eubank’s son Sebastian Eubank died of 'massive heart attack', devastated wife says

“While still very painful it is of some comfort that Sebastian died after having one of his favourite meals with one of his closest friends whilst doing his favorite thing at his favourite place in Dubai where he often went to swim. He was standing in the water close to shore watching the sunset at Cove Beach in Dubai.

“I am grateful that he was able to spend a few short and happy weeks with his son before his death.”

She concluded: “I would like to express my profound gratitude to the Dubai Coroner for conducting a swift and thorough investigation and to Dubai Police and in particular the Victim Support Department for their help and support at this difficult time.”

The fighter, also known as the ‘Alka Lion’, – who had recently become a father – made his Mixed Martial Arts debut last year.


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In Maryland, everyone who died of Covid in June was unvaccinated. That’s not an aberration, experts say.

In addition, unvaccinated people made up 95% of new Covid-19 cases in the state and 93% of new Covid-19 hospitalizations, Hogan said at a news conference Wednesday.
The connection between vaccination status and Covid-19 is not specific to Maryland and is not limited to last month, medical experts have said.
Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine, said Maryland’s data is a trend that will be seen in states across the country.
“No question that almost all of the deaths and hospitalizations will be in unvaccinated individuals, and therefore we should expect most of severe illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths will occur predominantly in areas of low vaccination and high Delta,” such as in the South and Mountain West, he said.
“So far it’s confirming what we saw with Phase 3 clinical trials: That all of the vaccines authorized for emergency use give extra protection against hospitalizations and deaths, so this has been confirmed now in very practical settings over the past year,” Hotez added. “It’s a reminder that you have every reason to get vaccinated.”
Maryland National Guard Sgt. Jason Grant administers a Moderna coronavirus vaccine at CASA de Maryland's Wheaton Welcome Center on May 21, 2021 in Wheaton, Maryland.
Dr. Paul Sax, an infectious disease doctor at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, similarly highlighted the Maryland data as evidence of the continued effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines.
“We’re finding that 99% of the people with severe disease are unvaccinated, so the vaccines are preventing severe disease, even from Delta,” he told CNN on Wednesday.
Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gave similar numbers during a White House briefing last week.
In fact, more than 99% of US Covid-19 deaths in June were among unvaccinated people. In addition, early data suggests that over the last six months, nearly all Covid-19 deaths in a number of states have been in unvaccinated people, Walensky said last week during a White House briefing.
“Preliminary data from a collection of states over the last six months suggest 99.5% of deaths from Covid-19 in these states have occurred in unvaccinated people,” Walensky said. She did not specify which states.
In California, just 8,699 out of 20 million fully vaccinated people have become infected with Covid-19 between January 1 and June 30, according to state data. At least 652 of those were hospitalized, and at least 71 died — a minuscule percentage out of the 37,180 Californians who died in that same time period, according to data from Johns Hopkins.
The data is further evidence of the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines, which have proven to be remarkably effective at preventing on new Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths, according to studies featuring tens of thousands of people across the world.
The CDC has tracked so-called breakthrough cases in which a vaccinated person is hospitalized or dies from Covid-19. The CDC has tallied 879 deaths among vaccinated people — a tiny fraction of the more than 600,000 Americans who have died of the novel coronavirus.

Unvaccinated people remain at risk

Overall, new infections, hospitalizations and deaths have sharply declined for everyone over the past few months as over two-thirds of Americans have had at least one vaccine dose.
Yet, unvaccinated people remain susceptible to infection, particularly in pockets of the country where vaccination rates are low.
“It’s really sad and tragic that most all of these are avoidable and preventable,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday.
Fauci noted that no vaccine provides perfect protection for everyone, but the data shows their clear positive impact.
“Obviously there are going to be some people, because of the variability among people and their response to vaccine, that you’ll see some who are vaccinated and still get into trouble and get hospitalized and die,” he noted. “But the overwhelming proportion of people who get into trouble are the unvaccinated.”
Indeed, states with below-average vaccination rates have almost triple the rate of new Covid-19 cases compared to states with above-average vaccination rates, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. In addition, people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus, if they do become infected, have milder illness than unvaccinated people, a CDC study found.
In a news conference Tuesday, President Joe Biden stressed that the vaccines are highly effective and safe.
“Study after study has shown that since early May, virtually every Covid-19 hospitalization and death in the United States has been among the unvaccinated. So, if you’re vaccinated, you’re protected, but if you’re unvaccinated, you’re not,” he said. “So please get vaccinated now. It works. It’s free. It’s never been more important.”
Infectious disease experts have also explained that unvaccinated people present an opportunity for the virus to mutate.
“The more unvaccinated people are, the more opportunities for the virus to multiply,” said Dr. William Schaffner, a professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “When it does, it mutates, and it could throw off a variant mutation that is even more serious down the road.
“So unvaccinated people are potential variant factories,” he added.

Author: Eric Levenson, CNN
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NHS workers who died during pandemic get fitting tribute at new Blossom Memorial Garden

Sadiq Khan opens London’s Blossom Memorial Garden

More than 230 frontline health and care workers have died during the coronavirus pandemic but the exact is believed to be much higher as many have yet to be identified in the public domain. Many of those who have died were from Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

And now to mark the 73rd anniversary of the health service, the NHS held a special memorial service in the Blossom Memorial Garden in east London.

The service was held to remember the NHS colleagues who have died during the pandemic.

The service was conducted by Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of the Humanist Society and included speeches from Prerana Issar, Chief People office for the NHS, Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard, Chair of the Association of Medical Royal Colleges and Elaine Thorpe, Critical Care Nurse.

NHS Chief People Officer, Prerana Issar, said: “Each of the colleagues who sadly died while caring for and protecting patients represents an irreplaceable gap in a family and a workplace.

A nurse leaves a rose at Blossom Memorial Garden

A nurse leaves a rose at Blossom Memorial Garden (Image: Jonathan Buckmaster)

The Blossom Memorial Garden in east London

The Blossom Memorial Garden in east London (Image: Jonathan Buckmaster)

“While this is a private event for families and some NHS colleagues, I encourage everyone to take a moment on Saturday to reflect and remember.

“It is no exaggeration to say that health service staff have helped to keep the country going during the pandemic, and while NHS staff have rightly been celebrated for their contribution, we know that the role played by other key workers – people keeping supermarkets open, refuse collectors, child carers and other public services – as well as the resilience of the general public, has helped ensure we can start to move forward.

“The best way for everyone to say thank you to NHS staff and other key workers is to join the tens of millions of others who have so far had their first and second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination, and book your jabs today.”

Images from the event shows masked NHS staff lining up to place pink roses on a memorial.

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NHS staff queue to leave a rose in the garden

NHS staff queue to leave a rose in the garden (Image: Jonathan Buckmaster)

NHS staff bow their heads in memory of their colleagues

NHS staff bow their heads in memory of their colleagues (Image: Jonathan Buckmaster)

Many of the staff attended in their uniforms and were photographed bowing their heads in memory of their friends and colleagues who sadly passed away.

This comes after landmarks across England marked the 73rd anniversary of the NHS by lighting up blue.

The Wembley arch, the Liver building in Liverpool, Salisbury Cathedral and vaccination centres across England are among more than 70 sites that were lit up blue today.

Football stadiums, town halls, churches, hospitals and bridges in different parts of the country also followed suit.

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Boris ‘to abolish’ quarantine for double-jabbed [INSIGHT] 
UK Covid cases rise by 27,125 as deaths shoot up by 27 [COMMENT]

Flowers placed at Blossom Memorial Garden

Flowers placed at Blossom Memorial Garden (Image: Jonathan Buckmaster)

NHS queue to leave a rose

NHS queue to leave a rose (Image: Jonathan Buckmaster)

To date, more than 128,000 people across the UK have died after testing positive for coronavirus.

Overall there have been 4,855,169 cases of the disease recorded in the country since the start of the pandemic.

According to NHS England data, a total of 65,932,869 Covid-19 vaccinations had taken place in England between December 8 and July 2.

This included first and second doses, which is a rise of 250,234 on the previous day.

NHS staff pay tribute to those who have died

NHS staff pay tribute to those who have died (Image: Jonathan Buckmaster)

NHS staff leave roses as a tribute

NHS staff leave roses as a tribute (Image: Jonathan Buckmaster)

NHS England said 37,859,897 were first doses, a rise of 107,959 on the previous day.

While 28,072,972 were a second dose, an increase of 142,275.

Despite the successful number of vaccinations, some UK doctors have said they want some Covid-19 restrictions retained in England following July 19.

The British Medical Association wants people to continue using face masks and called for a renewed focus on ventilating properties after a sharp recent rise in COVID-19 cases.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA council chair, told Sky News: “This data coupled with some increases in hospitalisation suggests that it would be quite wrong from a public health interest to on July 19 remove all restrictions … or to give the public the expectation that we will have a pre-COVID society where no one has to take any measures to prevent spread.”

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Author: Steven Brown
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The Dev Behind One Of The World's Best SNES Emulators Has Died

SNES© Nintendo Life

It has been reported that Near, the developer behind the excellent SNES emulator BSNES, has tragically taken their own life.

Near – who has also gone by the names ‘byuu’ and ‘Dave’ in the past and identifies as non-binary – posted a Twitter thread over the weekend which opened up about the bullying and harassment they have received online.

Since issuing the statement, several Twitter followers have attempted to get in touch with Near, who lives in Japan, via the US Embassy. An anonymous friend later reported that Near had passed away.

Near’s work in the realm of retro gaming preservation and emulation is nothing short of remarkable. Work on BSNES began in 2004, with the aim of making an emulator which was as accurate as possible. Early versions of BSNES ran slowly on anything but top-level hardware, but, thanks to the fact that Near went the extra mile and actually decapped SNES chips to better understand them, it has become the gold standard of SNES emulators, boasting 100% compatibility with the entire SNES library. However, despite being focused on their own emulator, Near has taken the time to offer assistance to the developers of SNES9X to improve that project, too.

Outside of emulation, Near has also been a major force in the world of preservation and even bought an entire North American and Japanese SNES / Super Famicom collection so they could dump them and ensure the ROMs were as faithful as possible. Near also spent many years trying to produce the perfect English localisation for Bahamut Lagoon, a Squaresoft Super Famicom RPG that never saw release outside of Japan.

Speaking to Vice, Near explained:

I have attempted this fan translation five times. The reason I’ve started over each time was because I learned more, and felt I could do better. The reason I’ve released this fifth attempt is because I no longer believe there’s anything left that can be improved upon.

Near also created what many people see as the best translation for the Super Famicom title Der Langrisser, another game that never saw release in the west.

Near’s personal site includes the following autobiographical section, in which they state that they are driven by an “overwhelming drive to achieve perfection”:

Personality wise, I’m an INTJ-T. I mostly prefer to keep to my own spaces, and generally won’t reach out first to others. I work alone, though I am at my best when I have friends nearby to support me. I tend to be overly sensitive and self-critical, and I am not the most adept at social graces, but I’m working on these challenges as best I can. I value honesty above politeness, and rationality above emotion. I have a strong desire to understand everything, and an overwhelming drive to achieve perfection, which often leads me to implementing everything I can myself.

I find I’m not content unless I am working on problems that are just beyond my limits, always seeking to increase my knowledge and capabilities. You’ll pretty much always find me working on something, as I don’t enjoy leisure time.

If you’re struggling with similar issues then The Samaritans can help – you can reach them here.

If you’d like to help in some small way, please consider making a donation to The Samaritans, an organisation focused on helping those struggling to cope with mental health problems and depression.

Please note that due to the highly sensitive nature of this topic, we’ve taken the decision to close comments on this article.

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Michael Jackson: Wife Lisa Marie's heartbreaking discovery after he died 'I was so wrong'

Michael Jackson: Wife Lisa Marie's heartbreaking discovery after he died 'I was so wrong'

Lisa Marie also opened up about why, ultimately, their relationship fell apart and what prevented them from getting back together.

Although Michael expressed his fears that he would die like her father, Elvis, he continued to surround himself with enablers who did not have the strength or independence to deny him anything or help him curb his worst instincts.

Lisa Marie said: “I left him to stomp my foot in the ground, I was trying to take a stand and say, ‘Come with me, don’t do this (carry on down the same path).’ And it was a stupid move because he didn’t…

“I had to make the decision to walk because I saw the drugs and doctors were coming in and they scared me and that put me back into what I went through with my father (Elvis) and that ended it.”

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Williamson County veterinarian accused of animal cruelty after boarded dog died

Williamson County veterinarian accused

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — A Williamson County veterinarian is accused of animal cruelty after an English Bulldog boarded at her clinic had to be euthanized.

The owners of 5-year-old Jax said he was healthy when they dropped him off at the Animal Wellness Hospital at 4213 Farm to Market Road 3349 in Taylor on March 13. Surveillance video from that day showed he was fine. When they picked him up March 20, he had sores all over his body — including ones that had progressed to holes in his skin.

  • 5-year-old Jax had deep sores on his body and had to be euthanized (Williamson County Sheriff's Office Photo)
  • 5-year-old Jax had deep sores on his body and had to be euthanized (Williamson County Sheriff's Office Photo)
  • 5-year-old Jax had deep sores on his body and had to be euthanized (Williamson County Sheriff's Office Photo)
  • 5-year-old Jax had to be euthanized after staying at a Taylor vet hospital (Williamson County Sheriff's Office Photo)

He couldn’t walk and was covered in urine, Williamson County Sheriff’s Office said. The owners rushed him to another vet that day, but he had to be euthanized.

Detectives searched the veterinary hospital and “found strong, foul odors, feces, urine puddles, urine-soaked clothing, uncapped used syringes, and loose medications. Detectives observed animals being kenneled and boarded in these conditions, as well as a lack of food and water.” Officials removed animals from the clinic and, while some were initially taken to the Williamson County Animal Shelter, all were reunited with their owners.

Dr. Dana R. Boehm, the clinic’s owner, turned herself in to the Travis County Jail Wednesday. By Thursday afternoon she had bonded out. KXAN left her a message and will update this story when she responds.

Williamson County Jail records show Boehm was charged with felony theft in May 2007.

Author: Kate Winkle
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5-year-old Samuel Olson died by blunt head trauma, autopsy rules

5-year-old Samuel Olson died by blunt head trauma, autopsy rules
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — An autopsy has officially identified the child found dead in a Jasper, Texas, hotel room as 5-year-old Samuel Olson. The little boy died by homicidal violence, officials determined. The cause of death was blunt head trauma.

Theresa Balboa appeared in court for the first time in Harris County on Monday.

A judge increased her bond to $ 100,000 for the assault case. Her existing bond for a charge of tampering with evidence, in particular a human corpse, in connection with Samuel’s death remains at $ 500,000, bringing her total bond to $ 600,000.

Prosecutors requested a higher bond saying Balboa was a flight risk.

Prior to the investigation into Samuel’s death, Balboa was out on bond for assault with intent – impeding breath for a November 2020 case, where the complainant was Samuel’s father, Dalton.

Balboa had been dating Dalton when his son disappeared. She was transported back to Houston from the Jasper County Jail on Friday.

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Samuel’s body was found inside a Jasper motel room last Tuesday. According to court documents, Balboa was also inside that room when police entered.

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Over the weekend, we also heard from Balboa’s ex-boyfriend, whom she was with for about 10 years. They have two daughters, but Balboa no longer has custody of them. Alex Rizo shared his disbelief about what the mother of his children is accused of.

“I’ve known that girl for a long time and I know that she’s had problems. I know that she’s had a difficult life, but you never think, I would never have thought something of this magnitude would ever happen,” Rizo said.

READ MORE: Theresa Balboa’s ex responds to shocking allegations: ‘I don’t know what happened’

Authorities believe Balboa was on her way to Louisiana when she was arrested in Jasper.

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