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Armenian Armed Forces again violate ceasefire regime in direction of Nakhchivan (UPDATE)

Title changed, details added (first version posted on 14:12)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 16


The units of the Armenian Armed Forces fired at the positions of the Azerbaijani troops located in the direction of Sadarak district of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border on July 16, at around 10:00 and 13:00 (GMT+4), Trend reports referring to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

The return fire was opened against the units of the Armenian Armed Forces, located near Arazdeyen village of Vedi district, to suppress the shelling.

There are no dead or wounded among the personnel of the Azerbaijani troops.

“Once again, we state that Armenia bears full responsibility for creating tension along the entire state border of the two countries,” the Azerbaijani defense ministry said.

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One Direction: Harry Styles spent ‘£20,000 on a sculpture of Jesus’

Shortly after One Direction came third on the X Factor their popularity skyrocketed. The five-piece boyband quickly became one of the best-known acts in the world before going on to sell more than 70 million records worldwide. Just a few years into becoming extremely well-known, Harry Styles bought a new apartment in London.

The Worcestershire local bought an East London property in 2012 for around £3 million, as reported by Variety at the time.

To make his new place feel a little more like home, Harry attended the Art13 fair in London in March 2013.

The fair included a number of avant-garde pieces, some of which he indulged himself upon.

According to The Sun, Harry spent “tens of thousands of pounds” on a collection of art.

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The star apparently bought a cast of a human skull placed upon a bible, sat next to a hypodermic needle.

He also purchased a piece from famed taxidermist Polly Morgan.

Harry, who has since won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance, also bought prints by artist Ben Turnbull.

Most bizarre of all was a reported £20,000 purchase of a Jesus sculpture depicting the religious icon as a boxer.

Harry has since bought up a few houses on the same street, beginning a small but fierce property empire in London.

His success comes off the back of his double platinum-selling album Fine Line which hit store shelves in 2019.

Despite his solo success, however, rumours have surfaced that he could be reuniting with One Direction in the months to come.

Ladbrokes recently gave One Direction staggering 1/4 odds on getting back together this year.

Even more surprising are the 10/11 odds on Zayn Malik being a part of that get-together, despite being the first member of the band to have jumped ship.

The firm’s Alex Apati said: “Zayn’s made it no secret he always planned on leaving 1D, but the latest odds suggest that if the band are to reunite, he’ll almost definitely be a part of it.”


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Property expert claims housing market boom will continue in ‘same direction as travel’

The first OnTheMarket Property Sentiment Index was released today, sharing an insight into buyer and seller confidence. The new data, which was captured via survey questions on their website, also looked at attitudes towards mortgage borrowing, most popular property types and time to sell metrics. The British property search portal believes this to be the largest monthly consumer sentiment index to date in terms of buying and selling residential property in the UK.

The data found that 75.5 percent of active UK buyers were confident that they would purchase a property within the next three months.

Furthermore, 84 percent of active UK sellers who took the survey were confident that they would sell their property within the next three months.

The property sentiment index also found that a staggering 28.5 percent of properties were Sold Subject to Contract (SSTC) within 30 days of first being advertised for sale, compared with just eight percent in June 2020.

The fastest selling region last month was Scotland with 33 percent of homes SSTC within 30 days of first being listed for sale.

Meanwhile, Greater London had the lowest number of homes that were SSTC within 30 days with just 20 percent.

The data also looked at the most popular property types in June 2021.

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Mr Tebb said the reason the survey looked at consumer confidence is because “sentiment fuels markets” and that data only “provides half the picture”.

Prior to his role at OnTheMarket, Mr Tebb worked as an estate agent who was involved in thousands of property transactions.

During his time as an estate agent, he would often ask prospective buyers how they “feel” about a property rather than what they “think”.

He explained: “That distinct difference between the empirical and the emotional is at the core of what we aim to provide as we launch this monthly index.

“In terms of the UK residential property market over the last month, the overwhelming feedback from our thousands of agents up and down the country suggests that the momentum seen over the past year continued in June, with new buyers starting their search regardless of the fact that they were fully aware that they wouldn’t beat the stamp duty holiday deadline.”

OnTheMarket received a surge in traffic in June 2021 as buyers rushed to purchase a home.

The website recorded the second highest total ever recorded since the site launched in 2015.

Mr Tebb added: “This is also reflected in the positive nature of the responses to our sentiment survey, as looking at our key indicators, 75.5 percent of active buyers in June were confident that they would purchase a property within the next three months.

“Of sellers who responded over the same period, 84 percent were confident that they would sell their property within the next three months.

“Market momentum is also demonstrated clearly by the fact that in June, 28.5 percent of properties advertised on the OnTheMarket website were sold subject to contract (SSTC) within 30 days of first listing, compared to just eight percent in the same period in June 2020.”

The property expert said the site believes the recent property market surge is down to a “perfect storm” which stemmed from the lead up to the 2019 General Election and Brexit in early 2020.

He explained further that the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t allow the property market to “unwind” like it would have done in a “normally functioning market”.

Mr Tebb added: “This dynamic, together with the ‘race for space’ that we’ve observed as a direct result of successive lockdowns together with the market stimulus from the stamp duty holiday and record low mortgage rates, means that while the window for any major savings closed at the end of the month, buyer appetite hasn’t as yet dissipated, with all signs pointing to the fact that the market will continue in the same direction of travel over the summer.”

Mark Proctor, southwest regional partner at Knight Frank said there was a “huge amount” of activity across the region in June.

Mr Proctor said this was particularly for homes priced up to £1million as this is where buyers could make the most stamp duty savings.

He said: “Despite the fact that buyers registering over the last month have known that they wouldn’t benefit from the main savings available as they wouldn’t complete in time to meet the deadline, we’ve still had a significant volume of new applicants.

“This, together with the very limited amount of supply, has meant that many of our properties have gone to ‘best and final’ bids.

“What’s been particularly interesting is seeing a few properties that were listed last year but didn’t sell at the time that have now been successfully re-marketed and sold in excess of asking price.”

The stamp duty holiday, which was put in place last July, is also thought to have helped motivate property buyers in the UK.

The stamp duty holiday threshold of £500,000 came to an end on June 30.

From July 1, the threshold was reduced to £250,000 until September 30.

On October 1, it will return to the previous level of £125,000.

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One Direction: Zayn Malik missed football photo opportunity due to ‘feeling unwell’

After the X Factor competition was brought to an end in 2009 One Direction paved their own way in the music industry. The boys enjoyed six years of incredible fame and popularity while selling more than 50 million albums. In 2013 the band was offered a chance to play on the Newcastle United football grounds.

1D was offered the opportunity by the team’s manager, Alan Pardew, who was introduced to the band by Tony Pierzchalski, a friend of the group.

Tony said at the time: “I’m good friends with Pards, I sorted it all out … I spoke to Pards and said: ‘Can I bring the boys into the training ground for a kick around?’ He was like: ‘Yeah, absolutely no problem. We’ll set up a match.'”

The band was ecstatic to be playing on professional grounds in the official Newcastle kit.

However, Zayn Malik was notably absent.

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According to a report at the time, Zayn did not attend the event, opting instead to stay at a nearby hotel.

He was reportedly feeling “a little under the weather”.

The rest of the band, however, were very excited to be out and about playing football with the likes of Hatem Ben Arfa, Danny Simpson and Steve Harper.

Harry Styles joked around: “I’m an all-rounder. The next five years of your life at Newcastle Football club is big, so it’s an exciting day, a big day.”

What do you think?

Should Zayn Malik have attended the event?

Join the debate in the comments section here

Louis continued: “I came here to try and grab that deal and when [Pardew] called me out, it was a big moment. I’m very excited about this club.”

Niall added: “I got approached by the manager about six months ago, he’s wanted to take me into the club for a while, he said he’s been scouting me for a long time – since I played in the Champions League Final last season.

“It’s been a great summer, and I see myself as a solid centre midfielder.”

Less than two years later, Zayn announced he was leaving the band.

In 2015 Zayn’s exit sparked the beginning of the end for One Direction.

The team later split at the end of 2015, sparking the beginning of each of the members’ solo careers.


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Apple Maps heads in the right direction and it might be time to delete Google Maps

Google Maps is still one of the most popular ways of getting from A to B, but Apple is fiercely fighting back with a blockbuster new release to its Apple Maps app. Apple Maps first launched back in 2012 to a huge backlash that led CEO Tim Cook to publicly apologise for the release, which replaced Google Maps as the default maps option on all iPhones worldwide. At launch, users complained about the significant lack of detail, no public transport directions, and a number of missing locations and errors within the map itself.

Since that initial release, Apple has been working to right all the wrongs of its Maps app and it seems what’s coming next could finally have Google looking over their shoulder.

The huge upgrade has just been revealed as part of Apple’s new iOS 15 operating system and it comes packed with a swathe of new features that could convince some to ditch Google for good.

The whole service has been given a massive lick of paint which not only makes it far more useful but also more fun to use. Head into some of the world’s biggest cities and you’ll now find a highly detailed view with roads that show every traffic light and pedestrian crossing.

Buildings have also been preciously mapped and iconic landmarks now appear in the most intricate detail. For example, if you head to San Francisco you’ll see the Golden Gate Bridge in all of its glory or you can take a tour around the infamous Alcatraz prison.

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You can even visit Union Square and see a fully rendered version of the stunning Apple Store complete with iPhones and the big screen where Today at Apple sessions take place. Parks show the exact position of trees and there’s now the option to view the exact elevation of every part of the city.

Another useful featuring coming to Maps is a three-dimensional city-driving experience. This birds-eye view gives a much clearer picture of the road ahead and should help to make sure you never miss a turn or junction on the motorway.

If you prefer hopping on the bus rather than your car then Apple is improving its public transport directions with maps now showing you when your stop is approaching and when to hop off.

This feature even works on Apple Watch meaning you shouldn’t need to reach for your phone.

Other features include an improved world map view with the earth now appearing as a globe rather than a flat one-dimensional image.

And, with iOS 15, users can simply hold up iPhone, and Maps generates a highly accurate position to deliver detailed walking directions in augmented reality.

It’s a big update from Apple and, having seen a preview, it certainly looks impressive. iOS 15 will launch on iPhones in the autumn.

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One Direction reunion: Liam Payne drops get together hint following Harry Styles call

Liam Payne has been apart from the rest of the One Direction members for almost ten years at this point. After splitting in 2015, fans of the band began questioning when or if the quintet would ever get back together. Liam recently had a live Q&A with his fans where he confessed he has been speaking to Harry Styles.

Liam said: “Yeah, I did speak to Harry, and it was really lovely.”

Giving further context to the call, Liam said: “He called me because he has a sixth sense for if I’m struggling or if one of us is in trouble, I feel like.”

The 27-year-old has recently been in the headlines following the split with his fiancée, Maya Henry.

He added that he had a “really lovely catch-up” with Harry.

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Liam continued: I’ve got a lot of love for the man. He’s great, he’s really, really great.

“It’s hard in this position sometimes, you’re watching people’s stories from afar that you used to know so well.

“That can be difficult when you feel like a piece of you is missing with them at that point, I guess. And I think we’ve all felt this at different times, me and the boys.”

The Strip That Down singer added: “It’s almost like missing a very dear friend a lot of the time. Everyone’s so busy and you have to be understanding of that.”

Niall Horan was recently asked about the possibility of a reunion, prompting him to respond: “I don’t know… no one really talks about it.”

He went on to add: “[I] still talk to them all the time. There’s a couple of little babies from them lads. Everyone’s having their own success on their own. I’m enjoying what I’m doing.”

He went on: Of course, if everyone wanted to do it, I’d be down for it.

“You kind of need to all get in the same room and have the chat, but I don’t know when that would be.”

Despite Niall’s comments, the odds are stacked in the favour of the band’s reunion before the end of 2021.

Ladbrokes have given the band 1/5 on getting back together this year.

Alex Apati commented: “The odds suggest there’s a strong chance Directioners will be celebrating reunion news before the year is out.”


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One Direction reunion: Niall Horan revealed he is 'down' for getting back with band

This weekend One Direction star Niall Horan appears on The Jonathan Ross Show. The Irish singer performs alongside British singer Anne-Marie to play their new track together, Our Song. Before their performance, Niall was asked about a potential reunion for 1D. On if the band will reform, Niall said: “I don’t know… no one really talks about it.”
Despite this, Niall added: “[I] still talk to them all the time. There’s a couple of little babies from them lads.

“Everyone’s having their own success on their own. I’m enjoying what I’m doing.”

On if he would get back with the band, he added: “Of course, if everyone wanted to do it, I’d be down for it.

“You kind of need to all get in the same room and have the chat, but I don’t know when that would be.”

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Niall went on to reveal the only reason he would not want to bring the band back together.

He said: “Having the same opinion is going to be always hard. Unless everyone was completely in, I wouldn’t want to do it. I wouldn’t want to half force someone into doing it.”

The possibility of a reunion is still up in the air, as no official announcement has been given just yet.

However, the odds are in the fans’ favour, as leading bookmaker Ladbrokes recently gave 1/5 odds on 1D getting back together in 2021.

Zayn also recently had his first child with long-term partner Gigi Hadid, so he may be a little busy being a father to rejoin a globetrotting band.

On The Jonathan Ross Show, Niall was also asked if he was a godfather to any of the children the 1D boys had produced yet.

He replied he “would have liked to have been. Maybe the next one”.

During his interview with the talk show host, Niall also reminisced about the chaos of being in One Direction during the height of their fame.

Niall recalled: “I remember being 19 and looking out the window of a hotel and the police had done a headcount of 10 or 15,000 people outside of the hotel.

“And you’re thinking: ‘I’m not leaving here for a coffee today.’”

He added: “I’m only 27 now and I’ve been in the industry for 10 years.”

The Jonathan Ross Show airs Saturday, May 29, at 9:30pm on ITV and ITV Hub. 

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One Direction: Niall Horan follows Harry Styles' footsteps with new album

The 2019 album was an enormous hit for Harry, who released a number of hits from it including Watermelon Sugar and Golden.

The record earned a collection of awards, including Album of the Year at the Brit Awards and Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards.

Harry’s second album also achieved a position in Rolling Stone’s Greatest Albums of All Time list at number 491.

Niall has been teasing the release of his next album for a few months with some selfies and looks into his recording process.

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One Direction star reached out to Jesy Nelson after she quit Little Mix

Last year Little Mix fans were left devastated when key member of the group Jesy announced she was leaving the band. The 29-year-old announced on her Instagram: “I need to spend some time with the people I love, doing things that make me happy.”
The star has since spoken out about how many people reached out to praise her brave decision, before adding that a One Direction star was included in the line-up of supporters.

She was recently quizzed by Cosmopolitan on who spoke to her after quitting.

Jesy responded: “So many people. Liam Payne from One Direction. And Rag’n’Bone Man messaged me and said: ‘I just watched your documentary and it’s helped me so much. I think you’re brilliant.’

“I didn’t see it as brave, but people were saying: ‘Do you know how brave you are for doing that? You’re going to show so many girls that they can do whatever they want and if they want to make themselves happy, they can.'”

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Jesy recently gave a glimpse into how being in Little Mix was making her feel.

Speaking to Cosmo, the star opened up for the first time on why she decided to leave the band.

She told the publication: “I was bigger than the other three, and there’s never really been that in a girl group. I was classed as the obese, fat one.”

Looking back the star said: “I can’t believe how miserable I was.”

Jesy recalled when her anxiety about being in the band became unbearable.

She explained she was working on the music video for the band’s single Sweet Melody, revealing: “We’d been in lockdown, and [that had been] the first time I could have a break and be at home around people that I love.

“It was the happiest I’d ever felt, and I didn’t realise that until I went back to work. I immediately became a different person. I had anxiety.”

She said: “I looked at the other three and they were having the time of their life. I get so jealous because I want to feel like that and enjoy it because music is my passion.

“To have this dream and not be enjoying it because of what I look like, I knew wasn’t normal.”


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One Direction: Harry Styles and Liam Payne go head-to-head for acting role

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Former One Direction singer Harry has been building his acting career slowly over the past few years. His big break came in 2018 hit Dunkirk which was directed by Christopher Nolan. Since then, the 27-year-old has been cast in a collection of films, including upcoming movies Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman. He may be going up against fellow 1D star Liam in an upcoming race to become the next James Bond, however.

At the end of this year Daniel Craig will be stepping down from the 007 role after his fifth movie, No Time To Die.

After 15 years, Craig’s exit will leave the legendary spy role open for a new actor.

The latest odds from Ladbrokes suggest the 1D boys are in the running to become Bond.

This news isn’t surprising considering Liam previously announced he has been looking for more acting work in recent years.

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With that in mind, Ladbrokes have given Liam 500/1 to take over from Craig.

Harry has similarly high odds but is in a much better position than his former bandmate.

The Watermelon Sugar star has an impressive 50/1 to take over as Bond later this year.

The bookies’ Alex Apati commented: “If Bond chiefs are after a musician to replace Daniel Craig as 007, the latest odds suggest they’ll only be looking in one direction: Harry Styles’, with Liam Payne being a massive 500/1 shot.”

Liam then referenced his 1D pal Harry, saying: “I mean, hats off to anybody who does it because it’s a long process.

“I seem to get through to like the final five or final three people for every role and then not quite get it. Which is frustrating but, you know, that’s how it goes.”

He then revealed: “I’ve had a fair few auditions and I was lucky enough to get into the final five again for one audition that I got to meet Steven Spielberg [a couple of years ago] on my 25th birthday which was quite amazing. But it’s been fairly slow through the pandemic obviously.”

Liam’s 25th birthday was on August 29, 2018, so the director would have been looking for an actor to appear in his upcoming remake of Westside Story.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get the part. However, meeting Steven was a great honour for Liam, as he previously revealed he was inspired by one of the director’s movies growing up.

Speaking in another interview, Liam said: “I feel like when I was growing up I wanted to be an archaeologist at one point. I thought it was going to be a bit like Indiana Jones.

“But, it’s probably not like that every day is it? Like using a toothbrush to dig up old bones.”