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New car tax changes are a ‘big worry’ for classic car owners and may see cars ‘disappear’

However, this only applies to cars which were first registered before 1981 meaning 1980s and 1990s cars will still face charges.

Young classic car enthusiast Stephen Hearse-Morgan pushed to change the rules around tax exemption with a push to reduce the limit to 30 years.

The petition has received over 10,000 signatures and backing from many within the motoring industry.

However, the Government blasted the valiant attempt as they confirmed there were “no plans” to change the rules.

Author: Luke Chillingsworth
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MOT test garages could soon disappear as extension makes it 'hard for firms to survive'

Mr Barbera has started a petition calling for an action plan and financial support for the motor trade.

He has called for a financial package for 2022 and beyond to secure the future of jobs and businesses across the motor trade.

The petition has so far achieved over 1,500 signatures with 10,000 needed for a Government response.

However, Mr Barbera added he was still “skeptical” about any financial package but warned it was needed “for the short term”.

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Washington will disappear if it loses control of the printing press, investment manager tells Keiser Report

Max Keiser interviews Lawrence Lepard, an independent investment adviser, about inflation and global trade. They discuss the consequences of President Richard Nixon’s decision to take the US dollar off the gold standard in 1971.

That was “a horrible decision,” Lepard says, adding, “To me, so many ills that we face in our society are a function of not having sound money.” According to the investment manager, “It’s a tax that nobody voted for and it’s been horrible for the country.”

Lepard says that “it took an awful long time” but he hopes “the endpoint will come sooner than later and we’ll return to a sound money standard.”

He adds that “Washington is corrupt, if you take away their ability to print money and control the printing press, then Washington is going to disappear. We don’t need them.”

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