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Klopp issues statement on Liverpool future after making ESL disapproval clear

Jurgen Klopp has issued a defiant statement insisting he will not resign as manager of Liverpool in light of the proposals regarding a breakaway European Super League.

The Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ are at odds with the rest of English football after their respective owners signed up to be one of the founding members of a new closed shop competition which will effectively replace the Champions League.

The move has been widely condemned as a power grab by football’s elite motivated solely by enhancing revenue to the detriment of other clubs.

Klopp was fiercely against the formation of a Super League back in 2019 and reiterated his stance before Liverpool’s clash with Leeds on Monday night.

Speculation began to swirl around the prospect of Klopp leaving his post in protest to the actions of the club’s owners, but he was adamant in his post-match press conference that would not be the case.

Klopp insists he will not resign over Liverpool's owners' involvement in the Super League
Klopp insists he will not resign over Liverpool’s owners’ involvement in the Super League

“I’m here as a football coach and a manager and I will do that as long as people let me do that. That’s how it is,” Klopp said.

“It’s not the situation I have today that I will resign or whatever.

“When time’s get even tougher that makes me more sticky that I stay here, so it’s just like that.

“I feel responsible for the team, I feel responsible for the club and I feel responsible for the relationship we have with our fans – and that’s why it’s a very tough time I’m sure.

“But I will try to help to sort it somehow.”

Liverpool fans had hung banners outside Anfield earlier on Monday in opposition to the plans of John Henry and Fenway Sports Group, while similar protests took place outside of Elland Road ahead of the 1-1 draw with Leeds United, as the team bus was booed on its way into the stadium.

Speaking after the match, Liverpool’s vice-captain James Milner admitted he “didn’t like” the plans for the Super League, while Klopp launched a passionate defence of his team for matters which he felt were out of their control.

“I don’t think we deserve that to be honest, as a team. I don’t like the way a lot of people are now talking about Liverpool, this football club,” Klopp fumed.

“It’s a fantastic football club with millions of supporters. They might not like the things that have come up now, but in this specific moment we cannot blame the team.

European Super League announcement fallout

“I take the criticism for everything. I take it if we don’t play well, I feel responsible for these kinds of things and the players feel the same.

“But this we have nothing to do with to be honest, and now people write articles about what they should do with us as a club.

“When we came here, the supporters were shouting at us. When we had a walk today, people were shouting at us in the city.

“You have to be a little bit careful, we are people as well and we know since yesterday just like you. It’s an emotional situation.”

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This article originally appeared on Mirror – Football