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Discover Your Untapped Potential

The YOU beyond you and the Ultimate Human Secrets

LONDON, UK, UK, July 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Human potential— its depths remain a true mystery for most people. One theory about untapped human potential blames a lack of motivation. This line of thinking states that some sort of driving force paves the way to achieving our highest production levels. In other words, human beings need a reason to push further, dig deeper, and go the distance. Without the dangling ‘carrot,’ we tend to flounder in a comfortable but mediocre state.

For Ramzi Najjar, establishing Securita, one of the world’s leading insurance brokerage and consultancy firms serving clients in the Middle East and North Africa, could have been his one outstanding achievement in life. However, Najjar had always felt there was more to accomplish—that some human beings only scratch the surface of their talents and potential. And he was not going to be one of those people.

In his book, The YOU Beyond You, Najjar explains several practical and self-tested methods designed to dissolve the barriers that keep us from reaching our potential. Najjar says some of these barriers include detrimental beliefs, negative energies, and harmful habits gathered through our experiences. In The YOU Beyond You, Najjar provides strategies to unlock life’s deepest secrets and how they operate within us and our environment.

Najjar believes that regardless of the circumstances surrounding your birth, all human beings experience life through the same lens of subjective perception. Najjar adds that we shape these perceptions with our beliefs and personal experiences, including what we learn from others.

Additionally, our chaotic lives don’t provide the time to stop and discover the reality surrounding us. We compound this issue with our natural instinct to allow our beliefs and perceptions to direct our lives. The problem—we inherit so many of these perceptions from others, creating a collection of misleading ideas. Finally, these mistaken ideas erect a wall of mental blockages that hinders our ability to recognize and understand our own reality.

Within the book, Najjar demystifies the concept of perception, explaining that it’s only a tiny fragment of the forces that affect how we experience life. Najjar explains we all have the potential to dissolve our mental blockages. In doing so, we gain access to life’s true nature, and we use it to expose the true depths of our knowledge potential.

According to Najjar, having this access allows us to achieve even our most ambitious life goals. And for Najjar, unlocking this deeper layer is the act of discovering your best, most authentic version of yourself—or ‘the YOU beyond you.’

Najjar’s book explains that the ‘YOU beyond you’ concept is the act of making sense of the intricate network that ties our mind, body, and spirit to our environments. It also recognizes that the delicate connections between these aspects can help anyone develop their potential.

While Najjar has been interested in these concepts most of his adult life, his real ‘push’ came with the COVID-19 pandemic. The silent solitude and copious time mandatory lockdowns created provided the perfect space for Najjar to reflect, develop, and grow.

“COVID-19 created the time [I] needed to put all of the realizations and knowledge from my life into my book, The YOU Beyond You – The Knowledge of the Willing,” states Najjar. Published in July of 2020, the book summarizes Najjar’s experiences from childhood to the modern-day and aims to explain the mysterious concept of reality and how it impacts the human experience.

Najjar believes the topic of hidden unconscious secrets of life has no end and new details can always be discussed. With that in mind, he wrote The Ultimate Human Secrets elaborating in further detail the concepts and dynamics he discussed in The YOU Beyond You. “It is a manuscript that entails all dimensions of our reality and existence on physical, biological, and metaphysical levels,” says the author. “The Ultimate Human Secrets is a manuscript detailing our existence and will help readers apprehend and apply a different approach to living based on the actuality of life formations both on the biological and psychological levels.”

The YOU Beyond You—The Knowledge of the Willing and The Ultimate Human Secrets are now available on Amazon.

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Italy beat Spain on penalties as England discover potential Euro 2020 final opponents

England or Denmark will meet Italy in Sunday’s Euro 2020 final after the Azzurri dispatched Spain 4-2 on penalties following a 1-1 draw at Wembley. Roberto Mancini’s side march on and they will take some stopping as they set their sights on glory in London in five days time.

They are now 33 matches unbeaten as they once again demonstrated their unbreakable team spirit and will to win, having been pushed all the way by Spain.

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho struck the winning penalty during the shootout, slotting the ball into the bottom corner after exercising his trademark skipping routine once again.

Italy had missed the opening spot-kick in the shootout as substitute Manuel Locatelli’s low strike was saved by Unai Simon.

Yet they were handed an immediate Get Out of Jail Free card when RB Leipzig’s Dani Olmo blazed over for Spain.

Andrea Belotti, Leonardo Bonucci and Federico Bernardeschi all scored to put the pressure on their opponents.

Gerard Moreno and Thiago Alcantara were also successful from 12-yards before Alvaro Morata’s tame pen was saved.

Jorginho then made no mistake to book his side’s place at Wembley, where he will square off against club teammates Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell or Andreas Christensen.

There was nothing between the two sides for an hour until Federico Chiesa finally broke the deadlock when he curled the ball home beautifully into the far corner past the helpless Simon.

The winger forced his way into Mancini’s starting XI after his game-changing cameo against Austria in the last 16, in which he scored in a 2-1 victory.

Yet Spain refused to lie down and continued to look dangerous as they went in search of an equaliser.

They finally found it when substitute Morata finished a slick team move brilliantly in front of the jubilant Spanish support.

Luis Enrique’s men then looked like the side most likely to win the game as Italy’s aging squad tired.

The game lacked quality in extra-time as fatigued showed and Italy looked as though they were holding on for penalties.

Spain had already enjoyed their share of spot-kick success after defeating Switzerland on penalties in the quarter-finals but that experience did not help them here.

England will not be taking Denmark lightly as they look to go one better than Euro ’96 and the 2018 World Cup, when they fell at the semi-final hurdle.

Whoever meets the Italians this weekend will be looking to capitalise on the fact Mancini’s men have now had to battle through 120 minutes on two occasions…

Author: Ryan Taylor
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Review: Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights – A Metroidvania With A Stunning World To Discover

Just how many Metroidvanias is too many? It really feels at this point like the Switch is being completely overloaded with titles from the genre, but if we continue to receive quality experiences like Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights, then that’s a-okay with us!

Despite its odd title (which is also a blatant nod to the stone-cold classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and its spiritual successor Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night), Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is a strong take on the genre with a heavy focus on mood and tone above all else. It’s a sombre tale with visuals and audio to match, but make no mistake, it’s also chock full of challenging combat and vicious boss characters.

You take on the role of Lily, a Priestess who awakens in ‘Land’s End’, a dark, desolate kingdom that’s fallen under a curse known as Blight. The kingdom’s inhabitants – from brave knights to humble shopkeepers – have been transformed into grotesque creatures, and it’s up to Lily to purify and save their spirits.

On her own, Lily is completely devoid of any offensive abilities. She can run, dodge and jump just fine, but will cower in fear at the sight of the deadly ‘Blighted’; she is a child, after all. To rectify this she is joined by the Umbral Knight, the first of many spirits that join forces with Lily throughout her quest. Though invisible for the majority of the time, the Umbral Knight steps up to unleash a torrent of sword attacks whenever Lily commands it; this forms the basis of the game’s combat.

As you defeat the boss characters littered throughout the land, Lily is then able to purify and take on the enemy’s spirit, thus utilising their core ability to her advantage. This could be a giant hammer attack, a crow that fires long-range projectiles towards enemies, or simply the ability to swim underwater. You can wield up to six different spirits at once, split up into two groups of three that you can swap between at the press of a button. In essence, it’s similar to how Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night dealt with its own combat but, dare we say, Ender Lilies has actually surpassed this with a more elegant, customisable approach.

As you progress through the game you can also obtain certain items organically as you wander the twisting, labyrinthine environments. These items can be used to upgrade your spirits, boosting their effectiveness permanently. Additionally, relics can be obtained which grant specific perks such as improved attack power or an additional healing slot. These can be tricky to find but getting around the world is much easier as you progress, with an added fast travel feature to help you out.

Experimenting with different spirit sets is certainly encouraged, as Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is absolutely no pushover when it comes to difficulty. There’s definitely a certain Souls-like approach to the combat; while one enemy rarely poses much of a threat, a group of them together can easily overwhelm Lily if you’re not smart with your spirit abilities. Running in and button mashing rarely (if ever) works out; you’ll need to take a more cautious approach, wait for the enemies to run through their attack cycles, and swoop in to counter.

This is even more relevant when you come to the boss battles. Boss characters mainly follow a clear pattern of attacks, but as you chip away at their health they’ll gain additional strength as the battle progresses, boosting their attack power and shaking up their move sets. Dodging is absolutely essential to surviving these encounters, and thankfully the game places a save point near each boss, so you’re free to switch up your spirit abilities if your current load-out isn’t paying off.

Not only does the combat take some cues from Dark Souls, but the way the story is drip-fed via notes and environmental storytelling is very similar to the From Software classic. To be clear though, this isn’t a knock on the game at all; the focus on tone as you explore is absolutely exemplary, and it makes you want to go back and explore every possible nook and cranny, if not for useful items, then certainly for the extra scraps of information.

To bolster this, the game features a stellar soundtrack with a wide range of instrumental tracks, from sombre piano melodies to epic orchestral pieces. We’re not ashamed to admit that we had a track called ‘Harmonious’ stuck in our heads long after putting the game down; it’s certainly the kind of soundtrack that we’d be quite happy to stick on in the background during work hours.

The same care has also gone into the game’s visuals. While strictly limited to two dimensions, this only serves to benefit the fantastic art design on display. Everything from the intimidating enemy design right down to the ambient glow of the environmental fauna has been handled with incredible attention to detail. When you consider how poor a title like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night looked at launch (on the Switch, at least), Ender Lilies is frankly head and shoulders above it.

Having said that, there are minor frame rate dips at numerous points in the game. It’s never severe enough to disrupt combat sessions or hinder your progress, but when the majority of the game runs at a smooth 60fps the dips stick out like a sore thumb. Nevertheless, this feels like a bit of a nitpick in the grand scheme of things; by and large, the game is a visual and auditory treat, with excellent gameplay binding the experience together.


Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights is one of the strongest Metroidvanias of 2021, and easily one of the best examples of the genre on Switch to date. It boasts excellent visuals throughout, with bursts of colour lighting up the otherwise dreary kingdom, and a wonderful soundtrack that we guarantee will live rent-free in your head for hours. All of this is held together by strong gameplay, with a particular focus on customisable load-outs via the spirit abilities. It’s a tough game at times, and the minor frame rate dips hold it back from true greatness, but with a respectable playtime of roughly 15 hours this is an experience you’ll be glad to try out.

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Reviews

Chelsea transfer chief Marina Granovskaia may discover £25million transfer fate this week

However, the report claims a decision may well rest on how Milan’s game against Juventus this weekend pans out.

It is said that Milan are close to meeting Chelsea’s demand, but it may depend on whether the Italian side qualify for next year’s Champions League.

They currently sit fourth, level on points with Juventus and Atalanta just above them.

But Napoli and Lazio are also in close proximity with just five points separating second from sixth.

If Milan fail to qualify for the Champions League next season, it is suggested that Tomori may not want to leave Chelsea.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Arsenal discover Kieran Tierney injury return date with new Martin Odegaard concern

Martin Odegaard is said to have picked up an ankle injury in training and Arteta confirmed that his involvement will be a game-time decision.

“We will assess him today how he’s feeling,” Arteta said.

“He’s been carrying an injury for the last few days since he got injured with the national team.”

But there is good news on Bukayo Saka, Emile Smith Rowe and Granit Xhaka who are all said to be available to play on Thursday.

All three players missed the 3-0 defeat to Liverpool at the weekend and their presence was dearly missed.

Your Sky Q remote has a hidden new feature and there's a big reason to discover it

Over half of Brits say they regularly settle on watching something on TV they don’t want to view because they’re bored of scrolling and debating “what should I watch?” – with more than one in ten often giving up on their TV search completely.

Delving deeper, Sky’s research also revealed that Brits are more than three times as likely to fall out with a partner or spouse over TV search stress and a quarter of us claim search stress is one of the most common reasons for arguments at home.

Speaking about the stats Graham Jones, internet psychologist said: “We’re in a world where we’re so spoilt for choice it means we often suffer from choice paralysis, with most of us feeling overwhelmed whilst trying to find the perfect thing to watch or do online.

“Sky Q’s ‘What Should I Watch?’ feature can really help to take the stress out of searching and makes it easier to narrow down the choice, so you can spend more time enjoying what you love.”

It Just Got Easier to Discover Games on Xbox in Your Preferred Language

With so many exciting games on the market, it’s understandable that gamers may do some homework before committing to a title: that can entail reading reviews, looking up technical features, or just making sure a game supports the way we prefer to play. But it shouldn’t feel like research. Today we’re happy to announce updates to the Microsoft Store on Xbox and the Xbox Game Pass app to show you which languages a game supports at a glance. 

You can now easily determine whether a game contains any in-game language support based on a ‘Languages’ label before you even open the product details page. In-game language information is being collected for three elements of the gaming experience – a title’s interface, audio and subtitles – across 27 languages. We’ve already added language tags to hundreds of games and will add more over time.  

With this update, when you log into the Microsoft Store on Xbox or the Xbox Game Pass app, you can easily see which languages a game supports, making it easier to decide if you’d like to purchase or play that title. This view will also show what aspects of the game have been localized for a given language, including the game’s interface (game controls and on-screen menus, for example), the spoken audio you’ll hear from the characters, and subtitles corresponding to that audio. To make it even easier, the language you select as the default for your console will surface to the top of the list; you won’t have to scroll. 

Xbox Supported Languages

The addition of language tags to the Microsoft Store on Xbox and in the Xbox Game Pass app on consoles is an important step toward our goal of making you and your friends feel at home when you play on Xbox. This update will make that easier, and help bring the joys of gaming to more people. Stay tuned, because later this year we will unveil more updates to make it even easier for you to find and play games that are right for you, meeting your unique preferences and needs. The world of gaming is vast and diverse, and we believe there is a perfect game or games for everyone – we’re here to make that process quicker and easier.

Thank you!

Briana Roberts,