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Dominic Thiem out of French Open as Nadal and Djokovic's main threat suffers early exit

“Novak Djokovic is still the rival, perhaps, who can cause more problems, along with Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev and Dominic Thiem,” he said.

“Of course, if Dominic Thiem regains the rhythm and confidence that he usually shows on clay, I would say that I do not see differences between him and Djokovic.

“Since he won the US Open he has dropped a bit, but I’m sure that for Roland Garros he will be at the necessary level and will be a very tough opponent.

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The 7 explosive Dominic Cummings quotes that have rocked No 10

Dominic Cummings was questioned about the language being used in autumn last year as the UK moved towards a second lockdown. Mr Cummings admitted the Prime Minister said he would rather see “bodies pile high” than put the country into a third lockdown as the UK shut down for the second time. SNP MP Carol Monaghan asked if Mr Cummings heard the remarks, to which he answered: “I heard that in the PM’s study.” Wednesday has been, arguably, the most damaging day of Mr Johnson’s tenure as Prime Minister as he faced a barrage of damning accusations alongside his ministers and other officials within his government. Here are seven of Mr Cummings’ best quotes.

Matt Hancock

Speaking about Matt Hancock, Mr Cummings said the health secretary’s performance fell “far, far disastrously below the standards which the country has a right to expect”.

Mr Cummings said: “I said repeatedly from February and March ‘If we don’t fire Mr Hancock and we don’t get the testing in someone else’s hands, we are going to kill people and it will be a catastrophe.

“The British system is not set up to deal with a Secretary of State who repeatedly lies in meetings.”

He added: “I think the Secretary of State for Health should have been fired for at least 15, 20 things, including lying to everybody on multiple occasions in meeting after meeting in the Cabinet room and publicly.

“Hancock wanted to be able to go on TV and say ‘look at means my 100k target’. I was criminal behaviour which caused serious harm.

“[The Prime Minister] came close to removing him in April, but fundamentally wouldn’t do it.”

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Boris Johnson

Mr Cummings said: “It’s just completely crackers that someone like me should have been in there, just the same as it’s crackers that Boris Johnson was in there, and that the choice at the last election was Jeremy Corbyn.

“There are so many thousands of wonderful people in this country who could provide better leadership than either of those two.

“If you took anybody at random from the top one percent of people in this country who are competent, then they would have behaved differently to the Prime Minister.”

On the Prime Minister’s underestimation of the pandemic, he said: “In February, the Prime Minister regarded this as just a scare story, he described it as the new swine flu.

“He said ‘I’m going to get Chris Whitty to inject me with it live on television, to show the public there’s nothing to be frightened of.”

Carrie Symonds

Mr Cummings told the committee: “Part of the building was arguing about whether we were going to bomb Iraq, part was arguing about whether we were going to quarantine or not, and the Prime Minister’s girlfriend was going crackers about something completely trivial.

“That morning, The Times had run a story about the PM, his girlfriend and their dog, and she was angry and we had to deal with that.

“[The Prime Minister’s] girlfriend is desperate to get rid of me and all my team.

“My resignation was definitely connected to the fact that the Prime Minister’s girlfriend was trying to change a whole bunch of different appointments in Number 10 and appoint her friends to particular jobs.

“In particular, she was trying to overturn the outcome of an official process about hiring a particular job in a way which was not only completely unethical but which was also clearly illegal.”

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Care homes

Speaking about care homes during the Covid crisis, Mr Cummings said: “Many people who should have been tested were not tested, and they went back to care homes and then infected people, and then it spread like wildfire inside the care homes.

“The Government rhetoric was ‘we put a shield around people in care homes’. Blah blah blah, it was complete nonsense.

“That was complete nonsense. Quite the opposite of putting a shield around them, we sent people with Covid back to care homes.”

The UK’s approach to borders

Mr Cummings said: “Fundamentally, there was no proper border policy because the Prime Minister never wanted a proper border policy.

“Repeatedly in meeting after meeting, I and others said all we have to do is download the Singapore or Taiwan documents in English and impose them here.

“At that point [after April] he was back to, ‘lockdown was all a terrible mistake, I should’ve been the mayor of Jaws, we should never have done lockdown one, the travel industry will all be destroyed if we bring in a serious border policy.”

Covid testing

Mr Cummings was damning when it comes to testing, saying Mr Hancock acted in an “incredibly stupid” way.

He added: “We had half the Government with me in Number 10 calling around frantically saying do not do what Hancock says, build the thing properly for the medium term.

“And we had Hancock calling them all saying down tools on this, do this, hold tests back so I can hit my target.

“In my opinion he [Hancock] should’ve been fired for that thing along, and that itself meant the whole of April was hugely disrupted by different parts of Whitehall fundamentally trying to operate in different ways completely because Hancock wanted to be able to go on TV and say ‘look at me and my 100k target’.”

Dominic Cummings’ trip to Barnard Castle

On his own breaking of lockdown rules, Mr Cummings said: “The whole thing was a complete disaster and the truth is – and then it undermined public confidence in the whole thing – the truth is, if I just went the Prime Minister said on a Monday ‘we can’t hold this line, we’re going to have to explain things’, if I just basically sent my family back out of London and said and said here’s the truth to the public, I think people would have understood the situation.

“It was a terrible misjudgment not to do that. So I take… the Prime Minister got that wrong, I got that wrong.

“That whole episode was definitely a major disaster for the Government and for the Covid policy.”

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Dominic Cummings SAVAGES Boris for not implementing strict rules as Indian variant spreads

Former advisor Mr Cummings has now turned on his former boss at Number 10 and launched a savage attack on Mr Johnson’s handling of the pandemic. Mr Cummings believes the Prime Minister should have learned from the strict lockdowns of East Asian countries and blocked entry from India earlier to stop the variant from over-running the country. He said that Number 10 was “totally hostile to learning from East Asia” over the course of the pandemic, which resulted in a reluctance to close the UK’s borders and halt the spread of deadly coronavirus mutations.

The former advisor to Mr Johnson has echoed calls from scientists of the Independent Sage group who have urged a delay on lifting the lockdown restrictions in England, because of the alarming rate at which the Indian variant has spread through the nation.

Mr Cummings has now opposed the Prime Minister’s lockdown easing plan and has supported Professor Pagel who urges the Government to take a “precautionary principle” instead of lifting restrictions on May 17.

Timothy Gowers, a director of research at the University of Cambridge, tweeted: “Even if there’s only a 20 percent chance that Prof Pagel is right, the cost of another big wave is much higher than the cost of delaying the next stage of the roadmap.”

Mr Cummings also accused the UK Government of showing a lack of transparency during the pandemic.

He said the response to new variants had “contributed greatly to the catastrophe”.

Mr Cummings then added the plan for tackling coronavirus “turned out to be part disaster, part non-existent”.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Cummings said: “Fact, the evidence clear that fast hard effective action best policy for economy and for reducing deaths and suffering.

“Best example, Taiwan.

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“Also shows that if you really get your act together not only is economy largely unscathed but life is normal.”

He continued: “There’s a general western problem based on nonsense memes like ‘Asians all do as they’re told it won’t work here’.

“This is what many behavioural science ‘experts’ charlatans argued, disastrously, in Feb 2020.

“This nonsense is still influencing policy, eg our joke borders policy”.


Mr Cummings is set to give evidence to MPs next week about his role in the Government’s response to the pandemic.

On Monday in the House of Commons Labour’s Yvette Cooper said that people would be “angry” that “the government’s border measures have failed to prevent the spread of a new variant”.

Before India was placed on the Government’s red-list on April 23, an estimated 20,000 passengers who may have been infected with the variant were allowed to enter the UK.

It comes as cases of the Indian variant are currently surging across some parts of the country.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Are YOU a ‘career psychopath’ like Dominic Cummings? Take our quiz to find out

This post originally appeared on Breaking UK news and exclusives | The Sun

YOU might think a psycho is someone who knifes you from behind a shower curtain.

But they can be far trickier to spot and come in many forms. They can be charming, ruthless, manipulative and very successful.


Dominic Cummings has been described as a ‘career psycopath’Credit: i-Images

Boris Johnson’s ex-aide Dominic Cummings, who has some of those traits, was this week described as a “career psychopath”.

Other traits are lies, risk-taking and lack of remorse.

Dr Kevin Dutton, author of The Wisdom Of Psychopaths, believes ruthless chief executives and lawyers are likely candidates.

He also thinks top politicians are “going to be high on the psychopathic levels”, as they make life-or-death decisions.

But in everyday life, the tell-tale traits are not so easy to assess.

A psycho may be next to you at work and neither of you will know. Or could you be one?

To see how psychopathic you are, take Dr Dutton’s test below.

If you strongly agree with a question, give yourself three points, if you agree two points, disagree one point and strongly disagree zero points.

Your rating is explained below the quiz.


Do you enjoy driving fast cars?Credit: Getty

YOU rarely catch me making any plans, I’m far too spontaneous.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

I’D have no problem cheating on my partner if I knew I could get away with it.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

IF I got a better offer, I wouldn’t mind cancelling long-standing plans.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree


You may be a career psycopath if you’re not bothered by seeing injured animalsCredit: Getty

I DON’T get bothered by seeing animals injured or in pain.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

IT would be fun to drive fast cars, ride rollercoasters and go skydiving.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

I THINK it’s OK to step over other pe­ople in order to achieve my own ambitions.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

I’M very persuasive, and getting people to do what I want is a real talent of mine.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree


Would you cheat on your other half if you knew you wouldn’t get caught?Credit: Getty

MY ability to come to quick decisions means I would be suited to a dangerous job.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

WHEN the people around me are crumbling under pressure, I’m usually the one with a cool head.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

I’M rarely to blame for things going wrong, it’s usually the fault of the people around me.
Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

‘Can be handy in your job’

IF you are a bit psycho, try not to worry too much, there are times when a killer focus can come in handy.

Dr Dutton explains: “When most people hear the word psychopath they think of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence Of The Lambs or serial killer Ted Bundy in real life.

“When psychologists talk about psychopathy there are key traits including ruthlessness, fearlessness, mental toughness, self-confid-ence, coolness under pressure, emotional detachment and deficits in social consciousness.

“All of those traits dialled up to the right level and deployed within the right situation can bring success. There are always going to be certain types of professions which require precision engineered psychopathy. At the right level these characteristics can be helpful.

“But it is a problem if you display some of them in your personal life with your family.

“You need to be able to turn your levels up and down like you would on the dials of a music studio mixing desk. The psychopaths you see in prison have them stuck on high or maximum and can’t regulate them.

“On the other hand, some people have them stuck too low and are unable to be assertive when needed.”

  • Black And White Thinking by Dr Kevin Dutton (@TheRealDrKev) is out now, £9.99.

IF someone gets conned, who cares? They were asking for it.
Strongly agree,
Strongly disagree


0-11: Low chance of being a psychopath.

12-17: Below Average.

18-22: Average.

23-28: High.

29-33: Very High. It is important that you should not take this as a diagnosis.

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Roger Federer learns Qatar Open draw as Swiss has Dominic Thiem final to aim for in Doha

Roger Federer returns to the ATP Tour for the first time in over 12 months next week at the Qatar Open, and has learned his projected draw in Doha, with a potential showdown with top seed Dominic Thiem on the line in the final if he can return in strong form.
Federer has not played competitively since the semi-finals of the 2020 Australian Open and had two knee surgeries last year that forced him to sit out the rest of the season after Melbourne.

But he will make his long-awaited return to the court in the Middle East as he looks to build up his fitness for the French Open.

And the 103-time ATP Tour titlist has now learned that he will take on either Frenchman Jeremy Chardy or British No 1 Dan Evans in his first match back.

The 39-year-old has been given a bye into the second round and will have to wait to find out who he faces of the duo until they go head-to-head in round one.

Should he get past either world No 64 Chardy or No 28-ranked Evans, the 20-time Grand Slam champion is expected to take on Croatian Borna Coric.

Denis Shapovalov, the world No 11, is then the potential semi-final opponent with Federer having only played the Canadian once before.

If Federer, who is ranked fifth in the world, makes the final in Doha then he is likely to face off with Thiem, the man one place ahead of him in the rankings.

The Austrian world No 4, winner of the US Open last year, boasts a 5-2 career record against Federer, who is 26-3 in Doha, and has won all of their past three meetings.

Speaking after arriving in Qatar on Friday night, the second-seeded Swiss icon said: “It’s been a year since my last travel to any event and I’m very excited.

“This is the moment where I could maybe thank all the people involved who made this possible. It’s been a long and hard road.

“I know I’m not at the finish line yet, but it’s good. I feel like I’m in a good place, I’ve been practising very well.

“Hope you guys also are going to tune in to watch it and I hope I see you again very soon. Take care everybody.”

Federer is a three-time Qatar Open winner but has not been victorious since 2011, with Andrey Rublev the reigning champion of the ATP 250 event, which began in 1993.

The Russian defeated Andy Murray this week at the Rotterdam Open, which Federer won back in 2018.

Others who will play at the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex include Roberto Bautista Agut, who won the tournament in 2019, and Stan Wawrinka.

The players at the Qatar Open are competing for a prize of around £570,000 and 250 ranking points.

Roger Federer’s projected Doha draw

Round One: Bye

Round Two: Dan Evans/Jeremy Chardy

Quarter-final: Borna Coric

Semi-final: Denis Shapovalov/David Goffin

Final: Dominic Thiem/Andrey Rublev