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Tom Cruise film Mission Impossible drastically changed by Star Wars creator George Lucas

Before Tom Cruise starred in Mission: Impossible he was known for appearing in a number of dramas and romantic comedies. When he took on the role of Ethan Hunt in 1996 – 25 years ago – his career changed completely. He was then looked at as the action hero movie star, going on to appear in seven M:I films as well as some other thrilling hits including Jack Reacher, Minority Report and Edge of Tomorrow. The beginning to Mission: Impossible was drastically different, however, before George Lucas got involved.

Director of the 1996 spy movie, Brian De Palma, recently spoke out about the opening scene of the film.

During the scene, Jim Phelps (Jon Voight) collected his agents together and discussed the mission at hand in Prague.

This was not in the original script, he revealed.

He said: “When George saw Mission: Impossible he said: ‘There’s no setup to this thing. You’ve gotta set this thing up!'”

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Brian continued: “[Lucas said:] ‘You’ve gotta have that scene where they’re all sitting around the table and everybody gets their instructions about what’s gonna happen.'” (Via Light The Fuse Podcast)

The creation of this scene has become a staple in the M:I franchise and its foundation is still used in its films to this day.

Lucas’ advice, De Palma revealed, prompted him to reshoot the opening scene entirely.

He continued: “In the beginning, we had this very strange scene – it’s hard for me to remember now – with Voight and somehow the jealous thing with the wife and Tom, and then we got into the first mission.”

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De Palma had his reservations about the space epic, but in particular, wanted Lucas to fix the opening crawl.

At first, the opening crawl of text was over six paragraphs long, something De Palma couldn’t stomach.

So he stepped in and helped Lucas cut the crawl to three paragraphs.

Lucas’ new scene in Mission: Impossible wasn’t the only alteration to the script.

During filming, Cruise struggled to pull off the infamous heist scene which involved him dangling from the ceiling by a rope.

To combat the momentum that kept throwing his head into the floor, he stuffed his shoes with coins to counteract his balance distribution.

After filling his trainers with countless one pound coins, he managed the final take that is seen in the film.

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Author: Callum Crumlish
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Elvis Presley drastically changed the song which became his first single

On March 23, 1956 Elvis Presley released his first-ever album. In the USA, it was self-titled, but in the UK it was released as Elvis Presley Rock ‘n’ Roll. The King’s debut in the charts was exceptional, heading straight to the number one spot in the UK Albums Chart, the US Billboard 200 and the US Albums Chart. Information provided by Spotify has confirmed the album’s most popular track is the King’s first-ever single – That’s All Right.
That’s All Right utilised a style of rock and roll that was not widely known about at the time of its release.

The track made history with its structure and stands as one of the first songs to ever include a guitar solo.

Before Elvis released the song, it was written and recorded by American Blues singer Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup in 1946. The singer later released a version of the song called That’s All Right Mama.  

Crudup later wrote the songs My Baby Left Me and So Glad You’re Mine, both of which were also recorded by Elvis during his career.

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When Elvis took a shot at recording That’s All Right in 1954, however, he dropped “mama” from the title.

He also doubled the speed of the song to give it the Elvis rock and roll feel he became known for.

Despite Crudup being credited as the composer on That’s All Right, he never received any royalties for the song.

The songwriter waged a legal battle into the 1970s and was eventually granted an out-of-court settlement of $ 60,000 in back royalties. This payment was allegedly never paid to the writer.

In 2011 the album was given platinum status by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Although That’s All Right is one of Elvis’ most iconic songs, it does not appear in his top five most popular tracks of all time.

Spotify’s data revealed the most popular song being streamed from the King is Can’t Help Falling In Love.

The track was included on the Blue Hawaii album and was frequently used as Elvis’ final song during live gigs.

Can’t Help Falling In Love is followed by Jailhouse Rock, Suspicious Minds, Blue Christmas and Hound Dog.

Blue Hawaii came second in the most popular Elvis albums, just being beaten by Elvis’ Golden Records compilation.

Also in the top five is From Elvis In Memphis, If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The King has accumulated more than 4 billion streams worldwide on the service, with more than 450 million coming from the UK alone.