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How to live longer: The red drink to ‘significantly’ reduce cancer and hypertension risk

LONGEVITY research is slowly unearthing the secrets to good health, helping millions pave their way to a longer life. Researchers have continuously highlighted the protective effects of fruits and their ability to ward off disease. But one juice in particular, may help extend life by regulating blood pressure and reducing cancer risk.

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Stroke: The drink that could increase risk of stroke threefold when consumed ‘once daily’

COVID disruptions have left thousands of stroke patients permanently disabled, highlighting the pressing need for better preventive measures. Research points to one drink as being particularly harmful to the brain, increasing the risk of stroke threefold.

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How to sleep: The drink triggering nightmares and severe breathing issues – expert advice

THE IMPORTANCE of good sleep for wellbeing cannot be overstated, yet shut-eye often evades those who need it the most. The connection between food intake and sleep is well established. But there is evidence that some drinks, too, could cause severe disturbances by triggering nightmares and breathing issues.

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