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First iPhone 12, now AirPods Pro are dropped to a new low in Prime Day sale

Amazon’s Prime Day sale continues today and it’s good news for all Apple fans. The first of the big price cuts came yesterday when the online retailer slashed the cost of the iPhone 12 to under £570 – that’s one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen for this flagship device.

Now there’s another epic deal with the hugely popular AirPods Pro getting a price that’s pretty hard to believe. These noise-cancelling earbuds would usually set you back £249 but, right now, you get them on Amazon’s website for just £187.99 – that’s a saving of over £60.

The AirPods Pro are the most premium in Apple’s range of music makers and feature sound-blocking technology along with a customisable fit. There’s also around 5 hours of music playback with the buds getting a refill once placed back in their charging case.

If this deal has got you thinking of upgrading your Apple tech Express.co.uk has rounded up all the best deals including money off the Apple Watch and iPad.

Of course, to get these deals you’ll need to be a Prime member but Express.co.uk has an easy way of getting the discounts without paying Amazon for the subscription service. Find out more details here.

Prime Day runs until 23.59pm on 22nd June, with Amazon promising a whopping 2 million deals will be available globally.

The online retailer is also boasting that Prime Day 2021 will feature the largest number of deals in the shopping event’s 7-year history including featured lightning deals running from 08.00am on 21st June, which offer price cuts on top-tier brands, categories, and products.

“This Prime Day, we’re offering Prime members millions of deals from great brands which we know our customers love. We’re also continuing our support for the small businesses selling on Amazon by running our ‘spend £10 get £10 offer’, which will help thousands of smaller companies in the run up to Prime Day,” said John Boumphrey, Amazon UK Country Manager.

“As a Prime Day first, we’re also delighted to be increasing our donations to charity when customers shop through AmazonSmile, so there is plenty for everyone this year.”

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Mohamed Salah and agent may have dropped big hints over Liverpool future in Man Utd win

Mohamed Salah and his agent Ramy Abbas Issa may have dropped hints about the forward’s Liverpool future in the 4-2 Premier League win over Manchester United on Thursday night.
The Reds secured their first Old Trafford triumph in seven years with two goals in either half helping them to a crucial win in their chase for Champions League qualification.

Diogo Jota cancelled out Bruno Fernandes’ opener before a Roberto Firmino brace, with strikes either side of the break, gave Liverpool a two-goal cushion.

While Marcus Rashford threatened the Merseyside outfit’s prospects of victory when he made it 3-2, Salah stole away on the counter-attack for a killer fourth goal at the death.

The Egyptian’s finish beyond Dean Henderson into the far corner was his 30th goal of the season across all competitions and his 21st in the Premier League.

That puts him level with Tottenham striker Harry Kane in the Golden Boot race and there was the added bonus of him wearing the captain’s armband as he scored.

Salah was upset earlier in the season that Trent Alexander-Arnold – who skippered the side after Salah went off late on – was handed the armband over him in a Champions League dead rubber against Midtjylland.

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And his emotions were obvious once he made it 4-2 for Liverpool in Manchester as he sunk to his knees to toast an unforgettable victory, letting out a triumphant roar.

Abbas Issa, the player’s representative, tweeted shortly after: “My celebration of that goal wasn’t that different than Mohamed’s.”

Salah’s goal means Liverpool sit four points off of fourth-placed Chelsea with a game in hand, though the Blues face third-placed Leicester in their next league match, with both teams catchable for Jurgen Klopp’s men.

That fixture, which guarantees at least one of the two teams dropping points, means should the Reds win all of their final three games against West Brom, Burnley and Crystal Palace, they stand an excellent chance of securing fourth spot.

And the unified reaction of Salah and Abbas Issa hints that despite rumours the Egypt international might be on his way out of Liverpool this summer, perhaps he’s staying after all.

Of course, there are a multitude of reasons Salah will have been delighted to have found the net, not least sealing a win over Liverpool’s biggest rivals.

Salah has made it clear he loves chasing individual records and so hitting the 30-goal mark again will have meant a lot to him, as will tying Kane as he bids to end as the Premier League’s highest scorer again.

There are other less important but still notable reasons too. It was a big win for Liverpool’s top-four chances, and qualifying for the competition of course nets the players a nice financial bonus each.

Plus there’s the again-more-important fact that he is a relentless competitor and loves to win.

As well as that, a late goal away at United for such a big victory keeps Salah’s profile high, with it clear he wants to be regarded as one of the very best in the world – and the numbers speak for themselves during his time at Anfield.

Yet there is one main reason why Salah and his agent would be so delighted by his goal and the three points.

That is because it gives Liverpool such a good chance of having Champions League football to play next term, and if Salah wants to stay, he will obviously want to play in UEFA’s premier competition rather than the lesser Europa League.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has West Brom fear after Man Utd win

He may have flirted with Real Madrid and Barcelona in the press earlier this season but clearly Salah is still happy playing his stuff under Klopp, provided the team continue to compete. They haven’t done this season of course, albeit in unusual circumstances.

A top-four finish would allow Liverpool to wipe the slate of this season clean and start fresh next term once injured players such as Virgil van Dijk and Jordan Henderson return.

Staying in the Champions League would be huge for Liverpool in many ways, not just because of how much easier it would make keeping Salah, although they still must decide whether to hand the 28-year-old – who is 29 in June – a big-money contract extension to his current deal which expires in 2023.

And clearly the forward agrees about the importance of the competition.

Salah’s goal at United in addition to being his 30th of the season was his 124th overall for Liverpool in what was his 200th appearance for the club.

Only Roger Hunt (133) and Gordon Hodgson (125) have outscored Salah in their first 200 matches for the club, with the African also having laid on 42 assists in that time.

At his current goalscoring rate, should he play as many times for Liverpool as Hunt did (416 appearances) then he will end on 258 goals which would make him the third-highest scorer in the club’s history. He’d love to add plenty more Champions League goals to his Anfield tally.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

The U.S. Birthrate Has Dropped Again. The Pandemic May Be Accelerating the Decline.

michael barbaro

From The New York Times, I’m Michael Barbaro. This is The Daily.


A few days ago, the U.S. government revealed that the country’s population is growing at the slowest rate in nearly a century. Today, Astead Herndon spoke with our colleague Sabrina Tavernise about why that is and just how profoundly it could shape America’s future.

It’s Tuesday, May 4.

astead herndon

So Sabrina, when the U.S. government finished counting the American people this time in the census, it found that the American population was growing really slowly. That was a bit surprising to me personally. What’s going on here?

sabrina tavernise

So this is a very interesting and relatively new thing for the United States. We have this extremely slow population increase, which is different for the United States. The United States usually grows really quickly. What we saw with the census data was the second-slowest decade for population growth in American history. That is since 1790, when the United States government started taking the census. So that’s really surprising. We had known that there was some slowdown for some time, but this census data really tells us this is really the new normal in the United States.

astead herndon

So population is growing at a slower rate. How do we explain this?

sabrina tavernise

So Astead, there are two forces that make up population growth. One is immigration and the other is births. Then, of course, there are deaths. So you put all of these things together, and that’s what makes a population grow. And so for the past decade or so, we’ve seen a real slowdown in immigration. And there are a number of reasons for that. A lot fewer people coming from Mexico. That’s in part because the Mexican economy is a bit better, the birth rate in Mexico itself has gone way down so there’s less pressure for people to come to the United States to work. But the real interesting part of what’s going on and the real mystery is the birth rate.


So the birth rate began to decline in 2008, during the financial crisis. And we would expect that because birth rates tend to decline when countries have financial crises, when they’re in economic distress. People put off having babies. But usually, once the economy starts to pick up again, the birth rate goes back up. And that’s precisely what demographers were expecting to happen in 2009, ‘10, and ‘11.

But something very strange happened, which was the birth rate kept going down. It went down and down and down. And no one could understand why. So it used to be that there were 2.1 children born to every American woman. That was before 2008. That’s exactly enough to replace their parents when they die. That’s called replacement-level fertility. But now it’s 1.7 children per woman, which is below the rate of replacement.

astead herndon

So if we didn’t have any immigration at all, our population would actually be declining.

sabrina tavernise

Eventually, yes. And that has opened up this whole new line of inquiry. Demographers are asking, why is this happening?

astead herndon

Well, let’s get into those ideas. Why do folks think— why do demographers, economists, think that the birth rate is declining?

sabrina tavernise

So the most straightforward theory right now is that it’s about the economy. So essentially you have this large group of American women, younger millennials, women in their 20s, who are putting off having children. And it’s not because they don’t want to have kids. They do want to have kids. We know that from survey work that’s been done. But they just don’t feel like they can afford to have kids.

And if you think about it, this group of women, they’re graduating and going out into the world as adults into a really different economy than their parents did. So they have huge amounts of student debt. That wasn’t the case in the past. Home prices and rents are just skyrocketing that’s also very different than what their parents had. And there’s also been 40 years of economic inequality in this country. And that is essentially made a very, very difficult job market and life for people in the lower middle classes who are trying to make it on essentially low-wage work, cobbling together a couple of different jobs.

Schedules are incredibly erratic, which makes it very difficult to plan around a daycare pick-up. And the other driver is that there’s a very weak social safety net in the United States. Unlike other countries, it has a lot of holes. So think about it— no parental leave, no sick leave, extremely difficult to get a child-care subsidy. So essentially what you have is this whole group of young women looking out there into the economy, looking at their lives, and essentially saying, no way can I afford to have a kid right now. It’s too expensive. I can’t afford it.

astead herndon

So you’re describing young women waiting. But when they do decide to have children eventually, are they still having the same number of children that they would have had before or not?

sabrina tavernise

So the short answer is it’s really too early to tell. We know that, when women do delay having kids, they tend to have fewer kids because they start later. We do also know that older millennials have been having kids. It has not been them forgoing having children altogether. But we really don’t know what will happen with the big bulk of this generation, whether this is a delay or forgoing altogether.

astead herndon

OK, so what’s going on with millennials, then, does not seem to explain the entirety of this trend.

sabrina tavernise

No, it doesn’t. But there is this other theory that goes beyond economics. If you look at the data, you see that the absolute biggest decline has been among teens ages 15 to 19. It’s declined by around 80 percent over the past 20 years. And that’s really interesting, because those are people who really aren’t quite yet in the labor force. So what is motivating them? Why have teenagers practically stopped having pregnancies? That’s a really big change. And so when we look at that, what we see is a couple of reasons. Again, these are theories.

One is that contraception use has gone up. So that’s a behavioral change for teens. That didn’t used to be the case in the 1980s, 1990s. Another is that teenagers are actually having sex less. There’s a whole kind of new area of thinking and research and work about how social media has changed us, how smartphones have changed us. Kids are spending more time online. There’s pornography people are using they have much easier access to. And then another idea about this very young group is that perhaps there’s something good going on for them about the American economy and the way they see their futures, that these young women feel like there’s a real reason to hold off having children because there’s a real chance for them to make it to go to community college, to come out in a place where it makes sense to not have their baby until they’re 28 or 29 instead of 21 and 22, which it had always been.

So these are obviously really good things. Public health officials spent decades trying to convince young women not to have babies in their teens. Teen pregnancy was a whole public health problem that people were trying to solve. And they essentially solved it. I mean, it’s, for all intents and purposes, dramatically declined. And women are taking more control over their lives and over childbearing. And when you look at the rates of unintended pregnancy, those are down really dramatically. So that gives us another clue as to what’s going on here, that there’s some behavioral change as well as the economics. There’s something else going on.

astead herndon

OK, so you’re describing changes that happen among millennial women and also women who are younger than millennials. So that spans from teenagers all the way through women in their 30s. But I’m also interested in a different slice of that population— immigrants. Are birth rates declining among that population as well?

sabrina tavernise

So Astead, this is very interesting because, in fact, the birthrate is declining most precipitously among precisely that group. So for a long time, the kind of story about what was going on was that immigrants who were coming in were having many more children. And to a certain extent that was true. Women who were coming from Mexico in the 1980s and 1990s and even in the early 2000s, they were coming from families where there were six and seven children in the family. And they were arriving to the United States. And they were having more babies and having babies younger. So this was really boosting the birth rate a lot. But what happened was their children changed. Their children were born in the United States. And they acted a lot more like everyone else who was born in the United States, which meant they had far fewer children and later. So this is a huge change from the immigrant generation to their native-born children.

astead herndon

OK, so many women are delaying childbirth as an economic calculation or as just a general life calculation. That seems to make total sense.

sabrina tavernise

It does seem to make sense. But here’s the thing. When you zoom out and compare the U.S. to other developed countries, it actually gets a lot more confusing. Because actually this is starting to happen in all rich countries around the world. Most developed countries are seeing this decline in the birth rate— Germany, Spain, Italy, France, lots of countries in Europe and also countries in East Asia, South Korea, Japan. And so it’s very confusing because these countries have really different economies than the United States and these countries have really different social safety nets.

The Scandinavian countries have very strong social safety nets. But yet this birth rate is also dropping in these places. So what is going on that these countries with, certainly, stronger social safety nets and, to some extent, better economies, are also experiencing the same thing. So one of the working hypotheses is that this, fundamentally, is the place where women want to be that they want fewer children, that they want precisely the number of children that they are actually having, that as time has gone on, they’ve become more attached to the labor market, they’ve developed careers, they have rising pay in relation to men. And that means that they are wanting to have babies at times that makes sense for them in the labor market. So one of the arguments is that this is simply going to be the new normal for modern societies in which women are more equal with men.

astead herndon

OK, Sabrina, so what I am hearing is the common reporter frustration that we have a lot of theories as to why this is happening but we don’t know for sure why it’s happening.

sabrina tavernise

Yeah, that’s right. There’s not a lot of certainty. Demographers will be really quick to tell you we’re really just in uncharted waters right now. We haven’t seen this trend before, ever, in the United States. And we’ve only seen it in the very, very early stages in Europe and in East Asia. So the question we have to ask ourselves is, how worried should we be?

astead herndon

OK, Sabrina, how worried should we be about these falling birth rates?

sabrina tavernise

So Astead, as usual, the answer is it’s complicated. But the fact is a number of economists and demographers have raised some pretty troubling alarms.

astead herndon

What are those?

sabrina tavernise

They start with what might happen with the economy. So if you have a really, really slow-growing population, that means, at some point in the pretty near future, you’re going to have a much smaller workforce. And that could be, potentially, a real problem for economic growth. It’s harder to keep up with big, growing, booming economies like China. And there are fewer workers to support older Americans who rely on social security, on Medicare, Medicaid. There are not as many workers to pay into the tax system to support this much larger population of older people.

astead herndon

So to think of our society as kind of a pyramid, it requires a base of people paying in to support those at the top. If we don’t have enough babies, if we aren’t having enough young people, that pyramid gets messed up.

sabrina tavernise

Exactly. Like flip the pyramid. So you have this kind of tiny, spindly bottom trying to support everybody at the top. And that becomes very difficult. Americans are living much, much longer lives. And they are living at the end of their life with lots of care from caretakers who tend to be disproportionately young, disproportionately female. That is also a concern— who will take care of these people? Who will take care of the mostly-older Americans once we get down the road into this demographic future?

But the economic effects also kind of trickle down into the culture. So in places that are already experiencing this in an advanced way in the United States, like a lot of counties in New England and the Plains states, some people living in communities like this do feel like there is a sense of loss or of sadness. I say this because I am from a little town in Western Massachusetts that has had a lot of these same problems. It’s an aging population. My parents still live there. They’re almost in their 80s. And it’s really hard to get someone to come shovel out their walk because there’s not the large population of young people that there used to be. My little grammar school closed, I believe, three years ago because there just weren’t enough kids to fill it. And I think that some people have this sense that growth means vitality, that getting bigger is good and better, and that decline is, in some sense, kind of signifying a death or a weakness.

astead herndon

Well, when you put it like that, I mean, both in the economic sense and in the personal sense— there’s the schools closing, the folks without the ability to shovel out their driveways— it definitely feels as if this trend is a bad trend if it is one that sustains. Are policymakers already thinking about this issue?

sabrina tavernise

There’s some thinking going on around the edges of this. But it’s a very big problem. And it has implications for all parts of the economy and all parts of American society. And the real question at this point is whether policymakers are going to try to stop it or reverse it or adapt and embrace it.

astead herndon

Hmm. Well, that’s interesting. What are the options on that front? What could policymakers do to actually reverse the declining birth rates?

sabrina tavernise

So there are a few things. One is we see, in Russia and in Hungary, populist leaders rewarding women for having more children. And in some sense, the fact that the United States right now is getting more serious about patching up the social safety net is some nod to the fact that, yes, women need more support. So you could go directly to the issue of the birth rate itself and try to make conditions more advantageous for women to have more children more often.

But the other piece of this which we need to remember is, of course, immigration. That is the other big driver of population growth. And immigration has gone down substantially over the past 10 years. But that is a policy decision. The government could open up immigration to many more people. Now, as we in the United States, that is quite politically fraught and that is potentially a big fight. So it’s not so easy as to just turn on or off a spigot. But in terms of the economy and growth and what the future is for the population, immigration is an absolutely critical piece of that.

astead herndon

So those are the options to reversing the declining birth rate. What are the options of adapting to that reality and basically living with an aging and changing population?

sabrina tavernise

So if the trend sticks, policymakers are going to have a lot of work to do to plan for how we care for this much larger older population. That inverted pyramid we talked about, where we’re going to have many more older people than younger people, that will continue to be true unless this trend reverses. And that’s going to be really expensive. So we have to figure that out. We have to plan for it. And it’s really, really difficult. So the other piece of this is the economy. If we choose to accept this and to adapt, that might mean accepting that we’re just not going to be the major market superpower that we had been. And that adaptation, that might be hard to swallow. America’s superpower status and super economic status is pretty fundamental to how the country sees itself in the global stage.

astead herndon

Both these options seem pretty fraught. I mean, what you’re explaining for either incentivizing new births or in terms of adapting to a declining birth rate, both those options seem like they require real societal restructuring. Those are big things. So how do we decide which one to choose? For example, is there any reason that a declining birth rate could be a good thing and that it’s actually preferable for us to continue down the road with this trend?

sabrina tavernise

So first of all, it could be good for the climate. Climate change is happening all around us. And a smaller population could be a more sustainable way to live on the Earth. And that is something that people are talking about a lot. Also, in the economy, a slightly smaller population of workers would give workers themselves more clout and more ability to bargain, to have higher wages. Another example is, for the next generation of children, fewer children and families could lead to more investment in each individual child— more likely that that child will be able to go to college, more tutoring time, more invested in each kid.

astead herndon

Sabrina, personally, I never thought much about America’s birth rate. And I think a lot of folks are like that. But what you seem to be describing is that those issues we do think about often, things like immigration and health care and climate change, that all of those are actually a part of this growth-rate question and that doing something about the birth rate will require thinking about all of these issues all at once?

sabrina tavernise

Yeah, that’s right, Astead. I mean, it seems like just a nerdy little number. But the truth is it’s incredibly important because it touches on almost every aspect of American life. I mean, think about it— immigration, the social safety net, health insurance, hospitals, elder care, the role of government, how large it should be. I mean, these are huge arguments in this country and they have been for a long time. And the problem is we as Americans have gotten unused to thinking of ourselves as one group. It’s much less we and much more I. We’ve become tribal in a way that will really complicate collective decision-making on these really, really important issues. So that is potentially a very serious problem because we are barreling toward a very fundamental change in American society. And it is going to take all of our collective effort to solve this problem.

astead herndon

Thank you so much for your time.

sabrina tavernise

Thank you, Astead.

michael barbaro

Here’s what else you need to know today. The Times reports that the F.D.A. is preparing to authorize the use of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in adolescents 12 to 15 years old by early next week. That would a crucial new phase in the U.S. vaccination campaign, since immunizing children is considered essential to limiting the spread of the virus. And—

archived recording (andrew cuomo)

Today is a milestone for New York State and a significant moment of transition.

michael barbaro

On Monday officials from three neighboring states, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, said they would allow many businesses to fully reopen on May 19, from restaurants and offices to theaters and gyms, and said they were acting together because their economies are deeply interconnected.

archived recording (andrew cuomo)

We live in a tri-state area. We say the restaurants are open in Connecticut but not in New York, you’ll have New Yorkers driving to Connecticut, you’ll have New Yorkers driving to New Jersey. The coordination is important.

michael barbaro

But there were caveats. In New York, for instance, businesses will still have to abide by the federal government’s six-foot social distancing rules unless they require workers and customers to provide proof that they are vaccinated or that they have tested negative for the virus.

Finally, President Biden said he would allow about 62,000 refugees into the U.S. over the next six months, reversing a limit of 15,000 put in place by President Trump. A few weeks ago, Biden had said he would maintain the 15,000 limit, drawing criticism from Democratic lawmakers and advocates for refugees, and prompting the White House to change course.

Today’s episode was produced by Luke Vander Ploeg and Eric Krupke. It was edited by Paige Cowett and engineered by Chris Wood.


That’s it for The Daily. I’m Michael Barbaro. See you tomorrow.

Author: Sabrina Tavernise
This post originally appeared on NYT > U.S. News

Manchester United legend Solskjaer’s statue

News that a statue of Manchester United legend and current first team coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be erected in the Norwegian’s hometown of Kristiansund has reminded fans on social media of a “Hobbit dropped in tar” original.

The new tribute is being funded by locals in the west coast municipality, where the Champions League final winner-scoring supersub, who also lifted the Premiership title six times, is their proudest son.

Asked to comment on the development, the ‘Babyfaced Assassin’ said: “My career shows that it is possible even from little Kristiansund to reach your goals.” 

“I am of course incredibly grateful for the opportunities my football career has given me.”

With a total of $ 74,000 raised thus far, it will be created by compatriot artist Tore Bjorn Skjolsvik, while buyer Ole Tonder has already agreed to hand over a whopping $ 106,000.

But jokers and funpokers online suggested that Tonder will hope his purchase doesn’t turn out like the last attempted likeness of Solskjaer, after pictures re-emerged online.

“It looks like a hobbit has been dropped in tar and then put there,” one pointed out, while others claimed a likeness to Peter Pan, a “melted refuse sack”, and a “prop from the new Pinocchio movie”.

It was also questioned why the creation had been made out of a “burnt wheelie bin” or “marmite”, and why OGS looks “like a little boy that’s melting”.

Also on rt.com ‘RIP legend’: Notorious Ronaldo airport bust bites the dust

It also recalled the bust “that spawned a thousand memes” and was concocted as a homage to Cristiano Ronaldo in 2017.

Made by Emanuel Santos, the creator claimed ignorance as his work became a worldwide subject of ridicule.

“No negative comments have reached me yet. I’ve got friends on Facebook and the feedback has been positive,” he told Portuguese radio amid the fallout.

“Of course there’s the odd comment from someone saying there’s room for improvement here or there. But it’s complicated and the end result is never going to please everyone,” Santos added.

Separately, to Brazilian media giant Globo, the former cleaner remarked: “Even Jesus did not please everyone. This is a matter of taste, it’s not as simple as it seems.”

Also on rt.com Sculptor behind bizarre Ronaldo bust revealed

Yet organizers at Madeira Islands airport where it was installed responded to backlash by removing and replacing it around the 2018 World Cup.

“RIP legend,” lamented one internet user.

Elsewhere, much more volatile controversy has always engulfed a statue to honor Ronaldo’s fellow generational great Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Sweden.

When you come to New York you have the Statue of Liberty, when you come to Sweden you have the Statue of Zlatan,” Ibrahimovic said during a ceremony to unveil it, which was attended by hundreds of fans.

Also on rt.com ‘The Statue of Zlatan’: Half-naked bronze effigy of Ibrahimovic unveiled in Sweden

And while it was far better in design, showing the national team’s all-time top scorer half-naked and barefooted with his arms raised high in the air, copying his signature goal celebration pose, a lack of clothing was still questioned.

Since its 2019 launch ceremony in his hometown of Malmo, though, the sculpture has been repeatedly defaced after Zlatan become part owner of boyhood club Malmo FF’s bitter rivals Hammarby.

“I think he is a piece of sh*t, to be honest,” one fan, who threw a toilet seat on it, explained to Euronews.

“Recently he’s said all this stupid stuff, which I don’t agree with, but I have supported him anyway.

“Now he pays us back by engaging in Hammarby, which is a big betrayal. He usually says that you shouldn’t forget where you come from, but apparently he has forgotten that now.”

In subsequent attacks, it has also been sawed and set on fire.

Also on rt.com ‘He’s a piece of sh*t’: Zlatan statue defaced with TOILET SEAT in Sweden after he becomes co-owner of rival club

Author: RT
This post originally appeared on RT Sport News

Nintendo's Just Dropped A Free Demo For Miitopia On Switch

This post originally appeared on Nintendo Life | Latest News


Looking forward to checking out Miitopia on Nintendo Switch? Well, wait no longer, as Nintendo’s just dropped a free demo.

That’s right, beginning today, you can jump into this teasing taster session by downloading the new demo from the Switch eShop. The demo lets you play through the main game’s first area, letting you create and customise your Mii with wigs and makeup before setting off on your adventure:

In this demo of the game’s first area, you’ll be able to create and customize your Mii characters with wigs and makeup. While it can be fun to play as a Mii character that looks like you, Miitopia also lets you cast your friends, family or anyone you choose to star in your journey. Watch your characters come to life as your best friend and dear old grandma team up to topple the face-stealing Dark Lord, who just so happens to resemble your grumpy uncle.

You might recall playing Miitopia on 3DS, but Nintendo’s keen to remind us that this new Switch port contains new features like the adorable horse, the aforementioned wigs and makeup, and more.

Will you be giving this demo a whirl? Remember, Miitopia launches on Switch on 21st May!

Elvis Presley photos shared by Linda Thompson ‘King’s jaw dropped when he first saw her’

Linda added: “This is for all the many, many Elvis fans who love to see these old photos.

“(And BTW – for that occasional troll with zero followers who will ask “why do you post so many photos of you with Elvis?” The answer is simple… Because I can.) #rocknrollhistory #memories #everlastinglove.”

In her latest set of pictures, Linda posted a mirrored shot of herself modelling and photos from early on in her relationship with Elvis.

But also ones from later on in their time together, mainly with the couple stepping off The King’s private jet the Lisa Marie.

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

Trump hotels dropped as preferred partner by luxury travel agency

The luxury travel agency Virtuoso will no longer list Trump Organization properties on its website, a spokesperson for the company said.

A Virtuoso spokeswoman confirmed in a statement reported by multiple outlets that Trump hotels were no longer a preferred partner of the company, and as of last week the properties were no longer listed on its website.

“As of March 8, 2021, Trump Hotels are no longer part of the Virtuoso network,” Misty Ewing Belles, head of Virtuoso’s public relations department, said in a statement to Zenger News,[1] which first reported the move.


“Virtuoso considers many variables when reviewing both existing and new network participation. Out of respect for all involved parties, and as a general policy, we do not share comments regarding our non-renewal and exit decisions,” she added.

Further information about why the Trump Organization’s relationship with Virtuoso ended was not initially available.

The Hill has reached out to the Trump Organization for comment.

A travel industry analyst told The Washington Post[2] that agencies in Virtuoso’s network can still book clients at properties linked to the Trump Organization, but will no longer get any perks that preferred partners receive. 

“It’s a big deal because Virtuoso is very well-respected in the industry,” analyst Henry Harteveldt, of the Atmosphere Research Group, told the newspaper. “It serves a very elite base of customers and its actions are often studied by others. With Virtuoso doing this, some travel agencies that may have been debating whether or not to do it could decide well, if Virtuoso has done this, we too will end our professional relationship with the Trump hotels.”

The Trump Organization faced scrutiny during former President TrumpDonald TrumpGood luck, Dan Bongino! The Hill’s Morning Report – Biden’s next act: Massive infrastructure plan with tax hikes Conservative group says polling shows Dems’ voting rights bill ‘out of sync with American voters’ MORE[4][5][6][7][8][3]‘s time in the White House over the rates the company charged[9] the federal government for housing staff including Secret Service agents designated to protect the president when Trump would stay at his own properties, which was a frequent occurrence.

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang dropped by Arsenal for disciplinary issues

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was dropped to the bench for Arsenal’s north London derby clash with Tottenham. The Gunners skipper was expected to lead the line for the hosts at the Emirates Stadium so his absence from the starting XI came as a huge surprise.
Manager Mikel Arteta refused to be drawn on the exact reason that his captain was left on the bench.

“He was going to start the game but we had a disciplinary issue,” the Spaniard said. “We have drawn the line and we move on.

“Obviously we keep that internally. We have our process that we have to respect every game and that’s it.”

When pressed on if the decision was a blow, Arteta added: “We’ve got other players that we’re playing.

“We’ve had to change the team quite a lot recently. There are players that are willing to play and deserve the chance.”

Arsenal icon Freddie Ljungberg told Sky Sports: “It’s a weird one. It upsets your team a little bit.

“Listening (to Arteta), the only thing l can think of is that he has been late or something because he is still on the bench. So it can’t be that bad.

“But of course it upsets the players. He’s Arsenal’s top man. He’s the one you look for and if he gets one vs one against the defender, you know he can score quite easily.

“It’s not good for Arsenal and it must be something big to leave him out.”

“Every time I played with him I’ve always had so much confidence,” Saka told beIN Sports.

“Sometimes he would tell you, you would have to pass to him and if you make a mistake then he can be quite angry.

“But the game where I scored my first goal for Arsenal against Frankfurt, before the game he said to me, ‘Bukayo, you know you’re very good player. If you’re there in front of goal and you want to shoot – shoot! I’m not going to say anything’.

“My parents love him so much as well!”

Max Verstappen to Mercedes hint dropped by team boss Toto Wolff despite Lewis Hamilton vow

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has confirmed that Max Verstappen will be on the Silver Arrows’ radar in the future – but insists the team will first talk with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to establish the picture before looking to other drivers for their 2022 driver line-up.
Seven-time world champion Hamilton is aiming to break Michael Schumacher’s record of seven Formula One Drivers’ Championships in 2021.

The Briton only re-signed with Mercedes in January, penning a one-year deal to stay with the team until the end of the season, which gets underway in Bahrain on March 28.

Hamilton may opt to retire after a record-breaking eighth title while team-mate Bottas’ contract also expires at the same time.

Wolff has confirmed that Mercedes junior drivers George Russell and Esteban Ocon will be considered if either Hamilton or Bottas depart the Brackley-based outfit in 12 months’ time.

But Red Bull’s Verstappen has also been touted as a replacement for Hamilton in particular given he is widely considered the second fastest driver on the grid after the 36-year-old.

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Christian Horner even admitted: “I’m sure that should Lewis decide to stop, then Max would naturally be the driver at the top of the list.”

The 23-year-old has racked up 10 Grands Prix victories since winning on his Red Bull debut at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.

He finished on the podium in 11 of the 12 races he completed in 2020 and is expected to be a multiple time world champion.

And Wolff has confirmed that Mercedes admire Verstappen’s talents but says their priority is to first establish what Hamilton and Bottas want to do.

“The symbiosis that we have in the relationship, it’s always that we have a mutual understanding of what we want to do in the future,” he said after the launch of Mercedes’ W12 2021 car.

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“And that will be also the case in the discussions with Lewis going forward. Max is certainly an outstanding young driver that will be on everybody’s radar in the future.

“But we are not flirting outside before we have a clear understanding with our two drivers.”

Hamilton meanwhile says winning an eighth title will not define his decision, despite suggestions that he could call time on his F1 career if he surpasses Schumacher’s total.

He said: “I don’t want that [winning an eighth title] to be the deciding factor.

“I got into racing because I loved racing, and I think that’s always got to be at the core of what I do. If all you’re going for is titles, I feel like I could potentially lose my way.

“Of course it’s the ultimate dream, but I don’t necessarily think that will be the one deciding factor for if I stay or keep going.

“I’m fully invested in this season and delivering, I still love what I do. I’m in that fortunate position I don’t have to commit to multiple years.

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“So I chose to have a one-year deal so that I could see how the year goes, and where we’re at mid-year, or towards the end of the year.

“Who knows if we’re still in a pandemic, but it doesn’t mean I’m not committed, I’m still very committed to the sport.”

While asked about speculation linking him to Mercedes last week, Verstappen said: “At the end of the day I don’t know, of course, what Lewis is going to do. I just focus on myself.

“I’m very focused on this year and trying to make it a success.

“So early in the season, with only basically a shakedown [in the new Red Bull car], those kind of things I’m not really thinking about at this stage.”