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Insect horror: ‘Tornado’ of mosquitoes hits eastern Russia – ‘Didn’t dare open my window’

The flying insects were seen swarming on the peninsula of Kamchatka in the millions. Swarms of mosquitoes were so dense that people reported difficulties seeing where they were driving.

​​“I drove through the cloud of these mosquitoes for several hundred metres,” Alexei, from Ust-Kamchatsk, told the Siberian Times.

“It wasn’t a pleasant experience as I could hardly see the road.

“I didn’t dare open my windows.

“Giant pillars of mosquitoes were visible everywhere I looked.

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It is the female insects people need to look out for.

“These are male mosquitoes swarming around one of several females in order to mate – there is nothing wrong with this,” she said.

This sighting is an annual occurrence and the size of the swarms depends on weather conditions and how many mosquitoes there are, however, there appear to be more this year.

“It seems to be that there are many more this year than usual,” Alexei said.

The area is surrounded by tundra and swamps, an ideal home for the blood sucking insect.

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10,000 lightning strikes registered in Eastern Norway within one hour

More than 10,000 lightning strikes have struck Eastern Norway in the space of one hour. “We’re still counting,” meteorologists report.

There is a violent thunderstorm east of Oslo. According to the Meteorological Institute, the storm will move north during the afternoon.

Lyn.met.no, the meteorologists’ website for monitoring lightning, shows that 10,581 lightning strikes were registered in one hour.

The power outage map for the electricity supplier Elvia shows that hundreds of households in Eastern Norway have lost power.

Communications consultant Cecile Gregersen in Elvia told newspaper VG that the power outages are due to lightning and thunder.

“Lightning and thunder that are the cause of the power outages we see now. We have power outages in several places, from Trysil in the north to Moss and Fredrikstad in the south,” she told the newspaper.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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Torrential rain: Yellow danger warning issued for Eastern Norway

Heavy rain showers will hit parts of Eastern Norway on the night to Wednesday. The meteorologists have issued a yellow warning.

There will be large local variations in intensity and quantity of the rain, and the weather can change quickly, meteorologists warned on Tuesday.

The danger warning applies from night to Wednesday to Wednesday morning in Østfold, Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud, and Vestfold.

There is a danger of local floods, stream and river course changes, as well as landslides where the rain showers hit.

The rain can also lead to closed roads, surface water, and difficult driving conditions in some places.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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NVE issues landslide danger warning for Eastern Norway on Saturday

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) has issued a landslide and flood danger warning at the yellow level for large parts of Eastern Norway on Saturday.

The warning was issued due to lots of precipitation and locally heavy rain showers, the NVE wrote on its website.

“Some landslides are expected. Some major incidents may occur,” NVE writes.

There is a danger that exposed track and road sections may be closed. People are advised to stay away from steep slopes, streams, and rivers with large water flow and keep waterways free of gravel, rubbish, twigs, and leaves.

The precipitation forecast applies to the whole of Eastern Norway, except the former Telemark county.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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The Biggest Film! Outta Eastern North Carolina! Premieres At Regal Cinemas – Freedom Of NC

GREENVILLE , NORTH CAROLINA , USA, July 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Biggest Film Outta Eastern North Carolina Premieres at the Regal Cinema in October!!!!

The premiere of upcoming filmmaker film “Freedom Of NC”, which is written, directed, and produced by James Jones Jr. will take over the Regal Cinema Grande in Greenville, North Carolina on the 9th October 2021.

The movie “Freedom Of NC “ is a inspirational out of box film. It’s abit touchy to most.
It touches on the injustices of today’s dealing heavily on discrimination.
A Fourteen year old Sarah Jones Portrays the daily struggles of a little slave girl until she sees the light!! Her mother and five brothers are in for an emotional roller coaster to say the least. Sarah Jones will be compared to all the greatest female abolitionists to date, for her perservernce to reach the FREEDOM land  called Regur, a magical  place which name means “Black Soil”. Her family’s world is forever changed in this land where Black Kings and Queens RULE!

The official trailer of the movie was released in the first week of April.

Actress and singer Vinetrice Reynolds age (14) makes her debut with a lead role in “Freedom Of NC”.
The film starring actors are
Patricia Uzzell, Carmichael Griffin, Gilbert Epps, Stewart Fields, Antwan Sharpe, Marquise Johnson, and Yanna Buttons.

Producers are James Jones, Marquise Johnson and Carmichael Griffin.

Tickets are on sale now online.
To purchase tickets and a trailer of the movie visit the website https://www.freedomofnc.info

Contact Info
Name: Candance Reynolds
Bearhug Productions
Email: [email protected]
IMDB https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11921114/

James Jones Jr.
James Jones Enterprise/ Bearhug Productions
[email protected]
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Author: James Jones Jr.
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1 dead after single-vehicle crash in eastern Travis County overnight

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A person has died after a crash on SH 130 in eastern Travis County late on Saturday evening.

Medics responded to reports of a collision involving a single vehicle at about 11:25 p.m. on Saturday. One person was reportedly trapped inside the vehicle.

The adult patient was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Austin-Travis County EMS.

EMS said drivers should avoid the area through Sunday morning due to road closures related to the incident.

Author: Harley Tamplin
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This country now has the highest gold reserves per capita in Central & Eastern Europe

Hungary, an EU country with a population of around 10 million, has tripled its bullion stockpile, leapfrogging into the top third of global gold holders and the top three in the Central and Eastern European region.

The nation’s central bank raised its bullion holdings from 31.5 tons to 94.5 tons as of last month, the regulator said in a statement on Wednesday. The current level of bullion holdings is the highest in decades for the country.

Thanks to the central bank’s gold purchases, reserves per capita also tripled, surging from 0.1 ounce to 0.31 ounce. This allows Hungary to boast the highest gold reserves per capita among its peers in Central and Eastern Europe, according to the financial watchdog.
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The regulator noted that increasing its bullion holdings was a continuation of a long-term strategy it adopted in 2018, when it increased the reserves tenfold from 3.1 tons to the previous level of 31.5 tons. However, the holdings reportedly remained unchanged for over two years. 

The recent addition to the national gold holdings was also linked to new risks arising from the coronavirus pandemic, the bank noted.  

“The appearance of global spikes in government debts or inflation concerns further increase the importance of gold in national strategy as a safe-haven asset and as a store of value,” it said in a statement.
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Before the Covid-19 crisis hit, central banks’ demand for gold had reached record highs. However, many opted to cash out amid surging bullion prices in the wake of the pandemic. However, central banks tipped back into net purchases of gold in February, according to the World Gold Council (WGC). 

While the WGC said that central bank demand for gold remains uncertain, it still expects them to be net purchasers this year.

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