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Power Rangers Dino Charge Villain Poisandra Enters the Grid


  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid serves up fresh confectionery in Season 4 with Power Rangers Dino Charge’s villain, Poisandra.
  • The candy queen enters the Grid on November 16, with her bounty-hunter husband Sledge as her assist move.
  • Joining them is the legendary Gravezord, cobbled together from damaged and destroyed Zords from the World of the Coinless, with origins from Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #9 comic.

Ready for a sweet treat? Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid brings its latest character release with Dino Charge villain and candy queen, Poisandra – an ancient bounty hunter who has crossed paths with the Rangers numerous times in the pursuit of her bounties – this week. A deadly mix of power and grace, Poisandra punishes opponents with her heart-shaped lance and cake mines, with her husband Sledge offering several assist moves.

Poisandra turns out to be no puff pastry when it comes to a street fight. The sizzling fuses of Poisandra’s proximity-detonated cakes are a noisy warning that she’s laid temporary claim to part of the battlezone. Poisandra’s assist attack lets other fighters serve up cakes too. And speaking of assists, Poisandra’s husband, Sledge, can lay down cover fire for his beloved, or charge across the battlefield before her like an offensive tackle.

Poisandra’s appearance showcases her unpredictable personality and style – she wears bright pink and covers herself in hearts, and carries an oversized heart shaped lance and booby-trapped sweets to devastate her opponents. When battling opponents, she carries her own cheerful villain style – skipping to run, waving her hands with zeal, and spinning all across the stage with devilicious attacks.

Video game voice actor favorite Carrie Keranen voices Poisandra and Sledge. Sabotaged sweets for all﹣Poisandra taunts her opponents with lines just as indulgent as her fighting style; “Caramelize!” “Let them eat cake!” “Just desserts!” and “Sweet tooth!” are among the playful lines Poisandra throws her opponent’s way alongside her combustible cakes.

Also being added in this release is the legendary Gravezord. First appearing in Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #9 comic, this mighty Zord was cobbled together from the pieces of damaged and destroyed Zords from the World of the Coinless. When unleashed, Gravezord fills the screen with devastation from its blade thrusts and energy blasts.

Poisandra and Gravezord are part of Season 4 of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, which can be purchased for $ 14.99, or Poisandra can be purchased individually for $ 5.99. Gravezord will be a free download for all players.

See you on the Grid!

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Season Four Pass

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Season Four Pass includes three characters: Adam Park – MMPR Black Ninja Ranger, Poisandra – Dino Charge Villain, and Rita Ripulsa – MMPR Villain, as well as the exclusive Anubis Kruger Formal Attire Skin. (Some Characters will be released at a later date).

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U.S. government, top fuel supplier work to secure pipelines as closure enters fourth day

© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Holding tanks are seen at Colonial Pipeline’s Linden Junction Tank Farm in Woodbridge, New Jersey, U.S. in an undated photograph. Colonial Pipeline/Handout via REUTERS./File Photo

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. government and the top U.S. fuel pipeline operator on Monday worked to secure the network that transports nearly half of the East Coast’s supplies as a shutdown to halt a ransomware cyberattack entered a fourth day.

The attack on Colonial Pipeline last week, one of the most disruptive digital ransom schemes ever reported, has sent shockwaves across the industry. The resulting shutdown has disrupted fuel supply across the eastern United States, triggered isolated sales restrictions at retail pumps and pushed benchmark gasoline prices to a three-year high.

U.S. lawmakers urged stronger protections for critical U.S. energy infrastructure, and the White House has made restarting the fuel network a top priority and organized a federal task force to assess the impact and avoid more severe disruptions.

The southeastern United States would likely be the first to see price increases at retail pumps, and demand has already picked up as drivers fill their tanks. The southeast is the most dependent on the line and has fewer alternatives than states further north, and has seen prices spike during previous shutdowns.

“My biggest concern, as far as the consumer goes, is that you end up with a run on the gasoline supplies at the gas station, further exacerbating what is happening at the terminals,” said Andrew Lipow, president of consultants Lipow Oil Associates LLC.

While the U.S. government investigation into the attack is in its early stages, a former U.S. official and three industry sources said the hackers are suspected to be a cybercriminal group called DarkSide.

Cybersecurity experts said the group appears to be composed of veteran cybercriminals focused on squeezing as much money as they can from their targets.

Colonial said on Sunday it restarted some smaller lines between fuel terminals and customer delivery points but its main lines remained shut. It did not provide a timeline for a full restart of the 5,500 mile (8,850 km) system.

The pipeline system is the primary fuel artery from Gulf Coast refineries to Mid-Atlantic and southeast states. It moves over 2.5 million barrels per day (bpd) of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, supplying motorists and major airports.

The Department of Transportation announced emergency measures on Sunday to facilitate deliveries, lifting driver restrictions on fuel haulers in 17 states affected by the shutdown. It could take additional measures if the outage continues.

Traders provisionally booked at least six tankers to ship gasoline from Europe to U.S. destinations following the attack. Two European gasoline traders, however, said the market was taking a cautious approach to see how long the shutdown would last.

The line supplies jet fuel to major airports including the nation’s busiest, Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta. The airport expects the outage to be resolved before any impact on flights, a spokesman said.

An alternative, smaller conduit that serves the same region has already filled. Kinder Morgan Inc (NYSE:)’s 720,000-bpd fuel pipeline had been working with customers to take on additional volumes since Friday and reached full capacity for May on Sunday, a spokeswoman for the company told Reuters.

If the disruption stretches on, fuel suppliers would need to use trucks and rail to transport fuel to compensate.

“A Herculean effort would be needed from other sources to make up the shortfall (in the East Coast,) if the pipeline disruption is prolonged,” RBC Capital Markets wrote in a note.

Gulf Coast refiner Valero Energy (NYSE:) chartered a tanker to store fuel offshore that it is unable to pump through the pipeline, and other refiners were looking to do the same, market participants said.

By Devika Krishna Kumar

Author: Reuters
This post originally appeared on Stock Market News

Andy Murray enters French Open qualifying as he plots comeback ahead of Wimbledon

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Andy Murray has entered French Open qualifying as he plots his latest comeback before Wimbledon.

The Scot is down at world No.121 after playing only three ATP-Tour level matches this year because of COVID-19 and a groin injury.

The former world No.1 revealed this week he was considering his options for the clay-court season with Roland Garros now starting on May 30.

And before any offer of a wildcard from the French Federation, the 2016 finalist has now opted to enter the qualifying tournament in the previous week.

Murray, who turns 34 next month, lost in the first round in Paris last September when he was thrashed in straight sets by Stan Wawrinka but has not competed in the event in spring since 2017.

Last month’s Miami Open had been due to be Murray’s first tournament following the birth of his fourth child but injury struck again, this time groin pain that emerged while he was sleeping.

It was another dispiriting moment for double Olympic champion, who has been unable to play a run of tournaments since late 2019, when he won his last title in Antwerp.

Murray’s metal hip makes issues around that area complicated to diagnose and he has again taken his recovery slowly.

He was on court last week playing points and will need to decide very soon whether he wants to try to play in the Madrid Open next week, for which he would need a wild card.

The Scot, who was also forced to miss the Australian Open after contracting coronavirus, said: “It’s just been another frustrating stop-start period.

“The positive thing is it’s nothing very serious.”

Wimbledon starts on June 28.