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Tom Hiddleston reads maths equations on BBC Radio 1 garners over 3 million hits

Playing the title trickster in the series, Hiddleston is also known for his soothing voice and charming way with words. It’s no wonder then that a video of him reading maths equations has remerged – and fans are going wild for it. In the clip, originally from BBC Radio 1, Nick Grimshaw mentions that when he says equations on the radio they ‘don’t sound sexy’, adding “we are going to see if Tom Hiddleston could make these sound a little more enticing.”

The presenter gives Hiddleston a set of well-known maths calculations, such as Pythagoras theorem and the exact value of pi – and it seems the internet is in agreement that Hiddleston can make even maths attractive.

The video has amassed nearly 3 million views and around 6,000 comments, with the most liked being “if Tom Hiddleston was a math teacher then no student would fail”. Another adding: “WHY CAN’T WE HAVE TEACHERS LIKE HIM”.

One commenter joked: “Imagine listening to the radio and this comes on I’m crashing this car bye.Many also noted that they could listen to anything if read by Hiddleston, with one saying “this man can make the ingredients on a shampoo bottle sound sexy” and another suggesting “they legit need to replace Siri’s voice with Tom’s or else I’m gonna riot.”

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Author: Daily Express newspaper
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