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ScooTours: London’s first ever e-scooter guided tour announces launch date

Dott is the leading European micro-mobility operator that offers riders off-beaten track tourguides around eccentric and historic landmarks within popular city destinations.The Dutch-French e-scooter company has e-scooters available in around 20 European countries including France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland.

Riding around London’s eco-friendly toue route will cost £35, including the £10 rental fee for the Dott e-scooter, helmet and high-vis jacket.

Participants must also be over 18 years old and have a valid driving licence to ride a Dott scooter.

A spokesperson for ScooTours said: “The Hidden London Tour provides an interesting, alternative look at London’s history.

“And it also creates the perfect setting to ride an e-scooter, potentially for the first time. After the tour, you can enjoy the opportunity to continue riding your e-scooter and keep exploring!”

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Author: Hannah Hastings
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Drivers will be ‘held responsible’ for e-scooter crashes in ‘biggest risk’ to UK motorists

Drivers have been warned e-scooter were set to become one of the “biggest risks” to British road users. Motorists must be able to “prove” they were not responsible in an incident to avoid being hit with possible penalties.

They say footage from a dash cam was crucial to act as “evidence in challenging insurance claims”.

Drivers could face losing their no claims car insurance discount and risk increased costs if they are believed to be at fault during an e-scooter accident.

Bryn Brooker, spokesperson for Nextbase said demand for e-scooters was on the rise which had increased the risk.

He said: “The increase in sales and trials is leading to more commuters using e-scooters and many riders have little knowledge of road safety.

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Last summer, motoring lawyer Nick Freeman told Express.co.uk e-scooters could become a “nightmare for the motorist”.

He warned there would be “numerous serious accidents” and could be a “huge challenge” for drivers to deal with.

Mr Freeman also warned blaming the driver for an accident involving an e-scooter would be the “default position”

He said: “The starting point, the default position is if you are involved in an accident with a bike, with an electric bike, with an e-scooter it will be your fault.

“It’s not the legal presumption but it is the starting point.

“It will then be on you to actually show if you were exercising due care and attention, you were not distracted by the radio, looking at your sat nav, being on your mobile phone.

“Unfortunately if you are using your mobile phone hands-free and you have an accident with one of these they will say it was your fault.

“This is because the level of distraction is the same hands-free or handheld as drink driving.”

As well as installing dash cams, Nextbase also urges drivers to take a range of precautions.

They urge road users to leave a gap of at least 1.5metres between your vehicle and an e-scooter when overtaking.

They also urged drivers to take extra time to check their surroundings before pulling out of junctions in urban areas.

Author: Luke Chillingsworth
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