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Creature comfort-loving Brits pack ‘life essentials’ to go abroad – including canned food

Creature comfort-loving Brits pack 'life essentials' to go abroad - including canned food

Creature comfort-loving Brits pack holiday suitcases with “life essentials” such as tea bags, their favourite mugs and even canned food in case they can’t buy it abroad, a study has found. A survey, of 2,000 adults who have been abroad, revealed 86 percent have packed a home comfort to take with them.

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Covid travel essentials to take on planes – and why you shouldn't wipe down the tray table

At the moment, Britons can go to a few countries listed in the Government’s green list, including Portugal or Iceland. Some other countries, like Spain, have opened borders to UK tourists but are on the amber list.
Airlines actually require you to wear a mask for the whole duration of the flight and won’t let you in if you are not wearing one.

Some airlines will even ask you to bring a certified mask, and won’t allow passengers with cloth masks. Bring spare ones in case they get dirty and make sure it always covers your nose and mouth.

Airlines have different age requirements for children. Masks are generally required for those that are five or older, but sometimes the limit is two years old.

Alcohol wipes


Wipes are a must-have in your cabin luggage. Not only to clean your hands but your phone too.

Some airlines advise you not to wipe the tray table, as they have already used special products to disinfect it.

Hand sanitiser

This is another essential item when flying. Passengers should use hand sanitiser after touching any surface in the airport or plane.

The ideal ones are with at least 60 percent alcohol.

Disinfectant wipes

Although some carriers will ask you not to wipe the tray table, you can always use disinfectant wipes to clean the seat, the window or the seatbelt.

Although they assure the plane is properly disinfected after every flight, you can always wipe down everything around your seating area for your peace of mind.

When flying this summer you will realise a lot of people use protective goggles. They are very effective as they stop people from touching their eyes.

If you’re wearing a face mask and safety glasses, it’s unlikely you’ll touch your face at all. You can always use your regular glasses or sunglasses.

Also, remember to wash your hands often, disinfect your credit card after using it and use contactless when possible.

Remember that you don’t need to bring gloves with you. Gloves spread the virus as well, and recent studies have suggested that people who wear gloves tend not to wash their hands as often.

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Caravan holidays: Shane Richie shares holiday packing essentials for UK park stays

UK holidays have been back on since April 12, with even more opportunities for travels with those outside of your household from May 17. With international travel restrictions ongoing, many Britons may be considering switching their typical overseas holiday for something closer to home.
As TV host Shane Richie points out in Channel 5’s Caravanning with Shane Richie, the traditional caravan holiday has changed massively in recent years.

Many holiday parks now offer luxury options, such as the “Rockstar” caravan he stays in on this week’s episode at an Isle of Wight caravan park.

However, even with the new modern options, there are still some essentials holidaymakers should be sure to pack.

He revealed there are some simple items Britons should never forget, as well as some new suitcase additions one might not typically pack for a British summer holiday.

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Making sure you are prepared for late-night outdoor journeys is also important.

“Sometimes the amenities can be a bit of a walk,” he continued.

“If you’re going to the ballroom or you’re going swimming and it gets dark very quickly there’s not a lot of light around where the caravans are situated, so you might need a headlamp.

“Now, I know you think you don’t need that torch well I have one anyway.”

For those who don’t have a headlamp to hand, there is another option which the majority of people will have in their back pocket.

“Make make sure your phone’s charged,” advised Shane.

“Because you can always use the torch on your phone.”

Thanks to the boost many holiday providers have given their UK parks, there are some new essentials you might normally only pack when heading to warmer climates.

He pointed out: “I’ve got a hot tub and what do I need for the hot tub?

“I got my shorts for the hot tub.”

Even holidaymakers who don’t have an onsite hot tub might still want to consider popping swimwear into their suitcase.

“It’s always worth bringing your swimming costume anyway because there’s often a swimming pool on-site, but most holiday parks have also started offering hot tub holiday options,” added Shane.

Other new amenities caravan stays are increasingly offering include multiple televisions in the holiday homes, as well as an array of kitchen amenities such as dishwashers and fridges stocked with complimentary beverages.

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