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Rose West: 'Killer may admit horrific secrets' – EXCLUSIVE

The lawyer, who described Rose West as a “wicked demon”, is featured in a new, two-part documentary about the notorious West case this week on Channel 5. Leo also believes if Fred West had been charged over the Mary Bastholm disappearance in 1968, his spree of killings and abuse may have been prevented. An unsuccessful search for Mary’s remains recently centred on a cafe in Gloucester.

Despite being convicted of 10 murders at Gloucester’s Cromwell Street and sent to prison, where she remains, Rose West has never made a full confession.

Leo, her lawyer for 12 years, said that when questioned about the murders, she would blame Fred, who committed suicide before he could stand trial.

Leo said: “There was a nice Rose and a bad Rose. Bad Rose is a wicked demon with uncontrollable rage and viciousness. But now she’s this sweet lady who likes to sew and cook and be friendly to others.

“Sometimes she can make personal forgiveness with her redeemer without having to consider the enormity of her offences, and the heartbreak she has brought to all of these families.

“If she lives long enough, and she gets dementia, her disinhibition may lead to her being open to all these memories. They’re there, they can’t just go away, they’re in her.” 

Leo met Rose West two years before the bodies were discovered when social workers were concerned about her children. “She seemed like a typical dowdy housewife,” he said, “preoccupied with the minutiae of getting kids to school, cooking meals and doing her cleaning job for pin money.

“There was a staggering contrast really between what she looked like and how she was described.

“She was in her late 30s, she was in leggings, wearing slippers and a baggy jersey.

“But she could also turn out in a mini-skirt. She would tart herself up. Fred would buy her negligees.”

Asked how she reacted when the bodies emerged, he replied: “She was pretty coy, sheepish, which betrayed the fact that there was plenty on her mind she didn’t want to talk about.

“A lot of her energy went into pushing the blame onto the kids ‘this is what they’re getting for the effort they’ve made…’ a pretty pathetic old argument.” Leo, as a defence lawyer, said it was not his role to press her.

“It wasn’t my job to accuse her, but say, ‘this is the evidence against you, what do you say about this’. Her stock reply was, ‘you’re going to have to ask Fred. I don’t know anything about that’ or simply that Anne Marie [her step-daughter], or whoever it was, was lying.

“It was nothing to do with her.”

During and after the investigation he visited Cromwell Street where the victims were found.

“It was surprising how pokey the place was actually.

“They had demolished the lean-to kitchen area and in defence terms for me, it was either regarded as ‘large’ or ‘small’, depending on the narrative the prosecution was working on at the time.

“So the place had to be big enough for all sorts of things to be going on without people noticing, and small enough for Rose not to know what was going on. 

“It was a small space and the basement was a squalid little area.

“It sounded like it was large with all these lodgers, but they must have been packed in like sardines.”

Leo has had no further dealings with Rose West since all legal avenues were closed off.

“She’s never made a full confession. When she decided against any further appeals, and wanted to spend the rest of her life in prison, I said, ‘So you’re admitting to these murders? And she said ‘no’.


“So there was this inconsistency right through and that was the last dialogue I had with her.”

He added: “It is my belief that at a very early age, Fred had groomed Rose and she may well have been with him when he picked up Mary Bastholm. Part of the lies they wove were to protect Rose from that.

“If there had been evidence to charge in the Bastholm case, it may have been nipped in the bud and it wouldn’t have gone as far as it did. How far it did go is the horror of it.”

 Fred & Rose West: The Search for Victims, Channel 5, tomorrow and Tuesday, 9pm

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Cam Norrie told how to beat Rafael Nadal as Brit faces tough French Open task – EXCLUSIVE

Chris Evert has claimed the key to beating Rafael Nadal is breaking his rhythm because it is impossible to beat the Spanish legend at his own baseline game. Cam Norrie faces the Mission Impossible of beating the ‘King of Clay’ in the third round of the French Open on Saturday.

Nadal has won the title 13 times – and has only ever lost two matches in Paris since his 2005 debut plus has beaten Norrie twice already in 2021 in Melbourne and Barcelona.

And seven-time French Open champion Evert, now a Eurosport analyst, has urged the British No 2 to mix up his game against his fellow left-hander in a bid to create a seismic sporting shock.

“I don’t think anybody can really stay back at the baseline and try to out-rally or out-hit Rafa,” said the American legend.

“Somebody has to come up with something new in their bag of tricks. Maybe coming into the net if they are a good volleyer, or maybe using the drop shot, or just mixing up the rhythm of Rafa.

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“I think it helps if a player has a big serve because if you get free points off your serve then you have a better shot.

“But you have got to work so hard to try and break Rafa’s serve, and Rafa is also one of the best returners of serve in the game too.

“I think if he serves really well, and wins free points off his serve, mixes up the pace, then I think it’s just about the only shot for Cameron Norrie.

“He can’t be six-feet behind the baseline and trading ground strokes with Rafa – he’s just too good.”

Evert, now 66, won 18 Grand Slam singles titles between 1974 and 1986. But she also enjoyed a famous rivalry with left-hander Martina Navratilova – and Evert recalled she had to change her game to compete with the Czech-born American.

“Martina had beaten me 13 times in a row, so the 14th time was in Miami and I beat her,” she said. “That year, I won the French in ’85. My coach Dennis Ralston kept telling me during my 13 defeats, take the net away from her, come in on her backhand as that is her weaker shot.

Norrie has played and lost to Nadal twice already this year in Melbourne and Barcelona – and is ready to make it third time lucky.

“It can be absolute carnage going into the forehand,” said the British No 2.

“But I think especially with my backhand I can do a lot of damage and just use my legs to my advantage. I am looking forward to taking it to him again.”

Twenty-time Grand Slam winner Nadal said: “I know he has a style of game that is not easy to play against. I need to be ready to play my best.”

Watch the French Open live on the Eurosport App

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Exclusive one-on-one interview with Gov. Greg Abbott about failed voting bill

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — In an exclusive interview with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, he told ABC13’s Melanie Lawson that his team is sorting through thousands of bills that are waiting for his signature.

The first question had to do with his decision to call a special session. It came in the wake of a walkout by Democrat lawmakers in the final hours of the regular session. By leaving, they kept the Republican majority from a quorum or without enough members to pass laws for stricter voting.

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“What do you say to critics who say this makes voting much harder for minority and older voters, and even the disabled?”

Abbott responded by saying that there’s been a lot of “confusion and uncertainty” about the proposed voting bill, and that it actually allows for “more hours to vote.” He went on to say, “if Senate Bill 7 or the election integrity forum bill passes, there will be more hours, not fewer in comparison to current Texas law. But Melanie, also know this, the hours that are allowed in the state of Texas are far more than so many other states – let’s just compare it to the president’s home state of Delaware, where they have zero days of early voting, we have more than 100 hours more of early voting than what they have in Delaware.”

He added, “people should not say that Texas is being discriminatory by the abundant hours that we provide for early voting.”

The governor did make one concession about continuing the practice in Black churches of taking their members to early voting on Sundays, saying, “last night, I agreed that one modification to the way the bill was drafted, would be to increase the voting time period on that one Sunday for early voting, and I think you will see that in the final product.”

I asked him about his plans to call two special sessions this year, including one in the fall to address redistricting and federal funding on COVID-19.

When asked on whether he still plans to withhold pay to Democrat lawmakers who walked out and whether that will hurt legislative staffers more than lawmakers, he wouldn’t give us a definitive date.

“Those are decisions that will be made in the coming days,” he said. “(I) would ensure that lawmakers do have the ability to restore payment for the legislative branch of government.”

What’s happening with the state’s power grid and what can be done to prevent another crisis like we had in February, when so many Texans were left without power and dozens lost their lives?

Lt Governor Dan Patrick has said he wants to use part of the special session to work on helping to fix the grid system, and to assist power customers to deal with exorbitant bills. But Abbott said the issue was “addressed very substantially during the regular session,” and claims that “the Texas power grid is far better today than it’s ever been in the history of the state.”

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“(I’ve) added accountability for ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, in charge of the grid, as well as additional accountability for the Public Utilities Commission (PUC),” Abbott said. “Second, we impose what’s called weatherization, which includes winterization in the wintertime and summerization in the summertime, to make sure that all of the entities involved in transmitting and processing power in the state will be weatherized so that they wouldn’t shut down in a winter storm like what we had this last time.”

Abbott said that “during the winter storm, downtown Houston lights remained on, as well as the hospitals remained on. However, because of the shutdown, they actually shut down power generating facilities in the state of Texas, and because they were not protected from the grid shutdown, that actually prolonged the shutdown. That will not be permitted and no power generating facilities will be shut down in the future.”

Finally, he said, “we have enforcement mechanisms in place to enforce penalties for those who do not comply, and I can tell you today, we have more power generating capacity than ever before.”

When asked about whether this would help customers with their bills and not just aid the power companies to upgrade, he said, “so part of what was done during the session absolutely will help power customers and reduce their bills. Is there more that we can do? Yes there is, and am I in favor of doing more, yes I am.”

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James Bond: Will Amazon seek to create a shared 007 universe across Film and TV? EXCLUSIVE

Since the launch of Disney+, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm have been expanding their shared universes for the MCU and Star Wars across Film and TV. And now that Amazon has purchased James Bond studio MGM, could we be about to see the same thing happen to the world of 007? Express.co.uk caught up with Bond expert and author Mark Edlitz, who strongly believes the tech giant will seek talks on such a matter.

Of course, the rights to the James Bond franchise are quite complicated, with EON productions owning half and ultimately having the final say on changes.

Nevertheless, Edlitz, the author of The Lost Adventures of James Bond, believes: “Amazon will absolutely engage in conversations with EON about creating a shared Bond universe.

“Amazon might pitch a spin-off series about core characters like Felix Leiter (Bond’s ally in the CIA) or Jane Moneypenny (M’s secretary who was the subject of three excellent novels and a one-shot comic) or Wai Lin (the Chinese secret agent played by Michelle Yeoh who is every bit of Bond’s equal).

“Some fans would like to see a series set in the 60s that would be a faithful remake of Ian Fleming’s novels.”

After all, as mentioned, EON still maintains a lot of control despite the deal.

Edlitz said: “The creatives who work with EON have consistently reported that EON are generous and supportive collaborators.

“But ultimately, EON calls the shots. Still, there are many instances where EON has made concessions to support the wishes and mandates of their studio partners.

“The only way that Amazon can fully control Bond is if they buy out EON’s interest in the franchise. I do not see that happening.”

Edlitz added: “EON shows an incredible instinct in knowing what is in the best long-term interest of the franchise and they do it by always preserving and protecting the character.

“At its core, EON is a family business. Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have taken the series to unprecedented heights since the days of Albert R Broccoli and Harry Saltzman.

“But I suspect that Cubby is never far from their thoughts and that they are proud to continue on his legacy.”

In the meantime, No Time To Die is still set to hit cinemas on September 30, 2021.

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James Bond: How will MGM's Amazon deal affect No Time To Die’s cinema release? EXCLUSIVE

For almost 60 years, MGM has been the home of the James Bond film franchise. But now the movie studio has been sold to Amazon in an $ 8.45 billion merger deal, fans have been wondering how this will impact the release of No Time To Die. Daniel Craig’s fifth and final 007 movie has been delayed numerous times, having originally been set to release in October 2019, while the blockbuster is now on course to hit UK cinemas on September 30, 2021.
Express.co.uk caught up with 007 expert and author Mark Edlitz, most recently the author of The Lost Adventure of James Bond, to find out more.

He said: “The deal will not impact the theatrical release date of Bond 25. No Time To Die will still be a worldwide theatrical release. As it should be. It will not skip the theatres and head straight to Amazon Prime.

“It should be noted that EON productions [who own half the 007 rights and have the final say on changes, have] deals with sponsors and product-placements are likely tied to Bond 25 being a theatrical event.

“Similarly, actor’s contracts are also tied to box office performance. So no, Live and Let Prime. Nor is it in EON’s interest for that to happen.”

Edlitz shared: “If movie theatres are required to reduce capacity for legitimate safety concerns, then there will be less people per showing and it will take longer for studios to reach the same numbers that they would have under normal circumstances.

“From that perspective, the longer the film is in movie theatres the better.”

He also pointed out that another danger is that consumers would deliberately skip seeing the film at the cinema so that they can stream it at home.

Yet, he pointed out: “But for big event films, like Star Wars and Marvel films, most movie fans will want to experience it in the movie theatre.”

Edlitz added: “During the height of the pandemic, fans wanted EON to release No Time to Die online.

“I understood and shared their disappointment of not being able to see the film, which had already been delayed a few times.

“At the moment, it looks like movie theatres can continue to safely open and audiences will be able to come together and watch Bond 25. I believe that we will see that EON made the right choice in waiting.”

No Time To Die is released in UK cinemas on September 30, 2021.

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James Bond: The impact of MGM’s Amazon deal on the 007 movie franchise explained EXCLUSIVE

Earlier this week James Bond studio MGM was purchased for $ 8.45 billion by tech giant Amazon. Since the announcement, movie fans have been wondering what the deal will mean for the film franchise going forwards, other than producer Barbara Broccoli’s commitment to keep making 007 movies for cinemas worldwide. Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk, Bond expert and author Mark Edlitz, who has interviewed key franchise players over the years, weighed in on what he thinks will happen next.
Edlitz, most recently the author of The Lost Adventures of James Bond, admitted that the Amazon deal will have no impact on the 007 film franchise in the immediate future.

He said: “It will take time for the Amazon-MGM partnership to finalise and go through the regulatory approvals process. But more importantly, Amazon did not buy the franchise outright. Amazon is now in a partnership with EON.”

Bond fans will know that EON Productions is the UK based production company that has made the official 007 movies since 1962’s Dr No.

So now Amazon and EON own half of the rights each, but ultimately the latter organisation has the final say on changes.

Edlitz continued: “The creatives who work with EON have consistently reported that EON are generous and supportive collaborators.

“But ultimately, EON calls the shots. Still, there are many instances where EON has made concessions to support the wishes and mandates of their studio partners.

“The only way that Amazon can fully control Bond is if they buy out EON’s interest in the franchise. I do not see that happening. “

As for why, the expert shared how it’s simply the fact that the production company enjoys making Bond movies and are good at it.

The author told us: “Three-time Bond screenwriter Bruce Feirstein told me that Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson know where the dead ends are in the scripting stage. While Richard Maibaum, who wrote 13 Bond scripts, talked about the collaborative nature of writing a 007 film.

“The screenwriter said that he would sit in a room with producers Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli, Harry Saltzman, as well as the director, production designer and editor and everyone would pitch ideas.

“Everyone I’ve spoken with said that the producers are collaborative and are welcoming of new ideas. However, they’ve been down this road so many times and they have a responsibility to protect the long-term interests of the franchise.”

Director Danny Boyle and screenwriter John Hodge famously left Bond 25 over “creative differences”, although Edlitz is in the dark on what went on behind-the-scenes there.

Nevertheless, Edlitz added: “But the Daniel Craig Bond films took risks that to some would seem unfathomable years before.”

And on where the 007 franchise could go next he said: “I think EON is clearly interested in experimenting and pushing the boundaries in what is expected in a Bond film.”

Interestingly, Broccoli teased the next reboot to Total Film last year saying: “It will have to be reimagined, in the way each actor has reimagined the role.

“That’s what is so exciting and fun about this franchise; the character evolves. Eventually, when we have to think about it, we’ll find the right person.”

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Exclusive: Huawei to expand smart car partnership with Changan to chips – sources

Exclusive: Huawei to expand smart car partnership with Changan to chips - sources© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: People check a display near a Huawei logo during a media day for the Auto Shanghai show in Shanghai, China April 19, 2021. REUTERS/Aly Song

By Yilei Sun and Julie Zhu

BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) – China’s Huawei Technologies is expanding its smart car partnership with state-owned Chongqing Changan Automobile Co Ltd to include the design and development of auto-use semiconductors, four sources with knowledge of the matter said.

The two companies, which unveiled their smart car tie-up in November, have been working together informally on chips for the last few months, two of the sources said. A third source said they might soon form a joint venture for chip development.

With its global smartphone business hammered by U.S. sanctions, Huawei has pivoted to electric vehicles. In addition to the deal with Changan to develop smart cars under a joint as-yet-unnamed brand, the tech giant is also planning EVs under its own marque.

Huawei’s new chip partnership with Changan would come amidst a global semiconductor shortage that has hit automakers particularly hard.

It would also represent a significant expansion for Huawei’s chip business after U.S. sanctions meant it lost access to the underlying chip design software needed for more advanced chips used in smartphones.

The sources declined to be identified as they were not authorised to speak to media.

Changan did not respond to a request to comment. Huawei said it defers to automakers in public announcements regarding their tie-ups.

Their current smart car partnership calls for Huawei to be in charge of the vehicle’s operating system and cabin technologies while Changan would be in charge of vehicle design and engineering.

X: Therefore doesn`t .

Author: Reuters
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Exclusive: TSMC looks to double down on U.S. chip factories as talks in Europe falter

Exclusive: TSMC looks to double down on U.S. chip factories as talks in Europe falter© Reuters. FILE PHOTO: A logo of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) is seen at its headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan August 31, 2018. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

(Reuters) – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co is weighing plans to pump tens of billions of dollars more into cutting-edge chip factories in the U.S. state of Arizona than it had previously disclosed, but is cool on prospects for an advanced European plant, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

TSMC is the world’s most advanced chip-maker, and its investment plans are being closely watched amid a global chip shortage and new initiatives in the U.S. and Europe to subsidize semiconductor production. TSMC announced last year that it would invest $ 10 billion to $ 12 billion to build a chip factory in Phoenix.

Reuters this month reported that the previously disclosed factory could be the first of up to six planned plants at the site. Now, company officials are debating whether the next plant should be a more advanced facility that can make chips with so-called 3-nanometer chipmaking technology compared to the slower, less-efficient 5-nanometer technology used for the first factory.

The more advanced 3-nanometer plant could cost $ 23 billion to $ 25 billion, one person familiar with the matter told Reuters. Details of TSMC’s plans for the additional factories at the Arizona site have not been previously reported.

Officials have also sketched out plans for TSMC to make next-generation 2-nanometer and smaller chips as the Phoenix campus is built out over the next 10 to 15 years, the person said.

In building the plants, TSMC is likely to compete against Intel Corp (NASDAQ:) and Samsung Electronics (OTC:) Co Ltd for subsidies from the U.S. government. President Joe Biden has called for $ 50 billion in funding to support domestic chip manufacturing, and the U.S. Senate could take action on that as early as this week.

Some government officials worry that subsidies for TSMC could help Taiwan, where the company would likely continue to conduct research and development, more than the U.S. But the U.S. subsidy plan does not exclude foreign firms.

Government and industry officials say a strong domestic chip-making sector is critical for the economy and national security. Although U.S. chip firms such as Qualcomm (NASDAQ:) Inc and Nvidia (NASDAQ:) Corp dominate their markets globally, most of their chips are manufactured in Asia.

Intel has also committed to two more new fabrication plants, or fabs, in Arizona, while Samsung (KS:) is planning a $ 17 billion factory adjacent to an existing facility in Austin, Texas.

A debate over how to boost chip-making is also playing out in the European Union. Intel has shown serious interest in those efforts, with chief executive Pat Gelsinger pitching a subsidy that could amount to $ 9 billion for a proposed “Eurofab” during a trip to Brussels last month.

EU industry commissioner Thierry Breton, who has championed the Eurofab idea, also spoke with TSMC’s Europe president, Maria Marced, last month. Although Breton publicly called the TSMC talk a “good exchange,” a second person familiar with the matter said the TSMC talks in Europe have gone “very poorly.”

A TSMC spokeswoman said that the company has not ruled out any possibilities, but that there are no plans for a plant in Europe.

European chip and auto companies, for their part, are mostly lined up against the idea. They would prefer subsidies for the older-generation chips that are heavily used by car manufacturers and are in short supply.

Many of TSMC’s most lucrative customers, such as Apple (NASDAQ:), are U.S.-based, while its European customer base is made up of mostly of automakers buying less-advanced chips. In the first quarter, clients based in Europe and the Middle East only accounted for 6% of TSMC’s revenue, far outpaced by the by 67% of sales from North America and 17% from Asia Pacific.

Sources said TSMC has not ruled out building an older-generation chip plant in Europe to serve auto customers.


TSMC this year hired Benjamin Miller, a 25-year Intel veteran, as its head of human resources in Arizona. The company says that it has hired 250 engineers there and that about 100 of them, along with their families, have been sent to Tainan, Taiwan, where they will complete a 12- to 18-month training program before returning to Arizona.

TSMC declined to comment on specific details of its Arizona plans, but its Chief Executive CC Wei last month said that “further expansion is possible” after an initial phase. He said the company would gauge efficiency at the site and customer demand and decide on the next steps.

TSMC chairman and founder Morris Chang warned last month of higher operating costs and a thin talent pool for the U.S. plans in a rare public speech attended by Wei and chairman Mark Liu.

“In the United States, the level of professional dedication is no match to that in Taiwan, at least for engineers,” Chang said. He warned that “short-term subsidy can’t make up for long-term operational disadvantage.”

TSMC’s first Arizona factory will be relatively small, with a projected output of 20,000 wafers – 12-inch silicon discs that can each contain thousands of chips – per month. By contrast, TSMC’s “gigafabs” in Taiwan can produce 100,000 wafers per month.

But TSMC leaders are taking a long view, starting with mature technology and ramping up volume while gradually introducing the most advanced processes, a third person familiar with the matter said. Like the others, the person declined to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter.

“You just don’t go into Phoenix, 10,000 miles away, and start fabricating on the leading edge,” the person said. (This story adds dropped ‘the’ and deletes repeated words in paragraph 3, adds dropped ‘over’ in paragraph 5, changes ‘subsides’ to ‘subsidies’ in paragraph 6, removes extra comma in paragraph 18, fixes typo in dateline)

By Stephen Nellis

Author: Reuters
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Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen verdict given by Mercedes' Stoffel Vandoorne – EXCLUSIVE

Mercedes F1 reserve driver and Formula E driver Stoffel Vandoorne says he expects the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to come down to the wire, and neither should be discounted this early in the season.
Hamilton has picked up three of the four wins so far this season, with 19 races to go in a bumper season, stretching his legs at the top of the standings by 14 points in the driver’s standings.

Verstappen meanwhile in the Red Bull has only one win to his name, but has been on the podium for every single race this season.

And Vandoorne praised what could be a tasty battle for the title.

“Yeah, it’s it’s it’s good, I think, for the sport in general that, you know, it’s a bit closer between Mercedes and Red Bull,” said the Mercedes EQ Formula E driver.

Lewis Hamilton has two advantages over Max Verstappen in F1 glory bid

“And, you know, it’s still a long way to go in F1 as well as still 20 races left, so anything can still happen.

“But I think fans and everyone has enjoyed watching Lewis and Max going going head to head, and it’s been it’s been pretty close between them, we’ll see how it’s going to go through through the season.

“I think some tracks, Red Bull will be stronger, some tracks Mercedes will be we’ll be stronger.

“But, yeah, they’re both performing at a pretty high level right now, so they can’t back off any of them. So it’s a yeah. Pretty, pretty cool to see.”

Vandoorne, who slipped to sixth in the FE standings after the Monaco ePrix on Saturday, heads into his third campaign in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship with Mercedes-EQ after securing the first race win in its maiden campaign last season.

Lewis Hamilton to sign multi-year contract deal with Mercedes
George Russell’s Mercedes future analysed after Bottas incident 
Alonso makes Monaco Grand Prix prediction four races into comeback

He made his Formula 1 race debut in 2016 in Bahrain, replacing the injured two-time world champion Fernando Alonso.

The Belgian driver remained with McLaren until October 2018, and despite still having links with F1, he’s says he’s at home with the all-electric racing series.

“I’m very happy where I am, to be honest,” he concluded.

“I mean, I’m I’m lucky enough to be with Mercedes, which is obviously one of the best manufacturers you can be involved with, everything they’ve won in the past and every series – and in F1, they’re obviously very successful.

“And I’m still involved with their F1 side as a reserve driver and simulator driver.

“I’m in a good position here with the team. I’ve you know, I’ve started from from scratch with this team when it was HWA, let’s say we had to build up from from zero.

“So it’s a it’s a nice feeling as well to have started from zero and then, having built the team into into a winning team at the moment.

“So that’s yeah, That’s a great feeling. And this is really my main focus and my target right now is to try and try and win championships here.”

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ABC13 Exclusive: Rep. Dan Crenshaw talks emergency eye surgery and recovery ahead

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw is on the road to recovery and is optimistic about his sight returning to normal after emergency surgery for a detached retina.Eyewitness News spoke exclusively with the representative on Wednesday via Skype, who said he hopes to be back in action soon.

“I never had a good eye,” he told ABC13 via from his Houston home. “Everybody sees me in public and thinks, ‘Well, he’s got one eye. At least he’s got one eye.’ Well, that’s never really been true. I’ve always had extensive damage to my one eye, and that scar tissue had built up in my eye from the damage over the years and eventually caused it to detach.”READ MORE: Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw recovering from emergency eye surgery

The second-term Republican congressman, who represents Texas’ second district, lost his right eye during a bomb explosion Afghanistan while serving with the Navy SEALs in 2012. His left eye requires specific contacts or severe glasses.

Crenshaw has no natural lens and likens his vision to someone with a cataract. But weeks ago, it got worse.

“The left half of my vision was closing in,” Crenshaw explained. “The retina was peeling off. It’s like a poster on your wall peeling off. Luckily, it didn’t fall off. If it had fallen off, I would have gone blind immediately.”

He credits his doctors at the Houston VA hospital for an outstanding job. For seven days, he was forced to sit face down and couldn’t travel for six weeks.

Crenshaw won’t risk the increased pressure in the gas bubble inserted to help the retina.”The retina looks like it’s in a good place,” he said. “So, I am optimistic that I’ll get back to my sense of normal. Again, that’s very different than your sense of normal, but my sense of normal is what I’m hoping for. ”

Crenshaw is also a best-selling author. In his book, Fortitude, he spoke about resilience and self-reliance, personal responsibility and having a positive attitude.

“It was terrifying, but it can always be worse,” he said. “That’s what perspective is. America needs a lot more of that these days. It could always be worse, and you always deal with it better. That’s an important reminder when going through tough times.”He said that’s what he takes from this experience. The congressman hopes to be on the road again by the end of May, but his office never shut down. They continue to the people’s business, and he can participate remotely in much of the daily Capitol Hill work, for now.

To watch Rep. Crenshaw’s full interview, watch it now on ABC13 using your favorite streaming devices, like Roku, FireTV, AppleTV and GoogleTV. Just search “ABC13 Houston.”

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