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Bombshell UFO report released! US cannot explain over 100 sightings by pilots and navy

On Friday, the Pentagon released its report of UFO and UAP sightings by military personnel. Out of 144 reports made by pilots and naval forces since 2004, only one could be explained by investigators.

The interim report said most of the 144 sightings came in the last two years following the US Navy introducing a reporting system for UFOs.

In 143 of all sightings, the report says they “lack sufficient information in our dataset to attribute incidents to specific explanations”.

But in a blow to extraterrestrial hopefuls, the Pentagon said there was “no clear indications that there is any non-terrestrial explanation” for the sightings.

However they did not rule out the possibility, and added UAP sightings “probably lack a single explanation”.

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Ahead of Congress receiving the Pentagon’s report into UAP’s, Senate members flagged concerns over national security.

Mark Warner, Democratic chair of the Senate foreign relations committee, told Fox 8 television: “If there are objects flying over military installations that could pose a security threat … [it] needs to be declassified and revealed to American public.

“If there’s something out there, let’s seek it out, and it is probably a foreign power.”

Marco Rubio, the Republican senator and vice chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, said ahead of its release: “There is stuff flying in our airspace.

“We don’t know what it is. We need to find out.”


Marik Von Rennenkampff, analyst in the state department’s bureau of international security and nonproliferation, also told The Guardian foreign powers would have had to undergone a breathtaking technological leap to be behind the UAP’s.

He said: “China has well-documented issues with basic jet engines, they rely on espionage to develop their most advanced weapons systems. So, I struggle with China having developed this.

“Russia has a defence budget that is a fraction of the United States, and much of its military infrastructure is crumbling so I struggle with that too.

“So if it is China or Russia, then that’s extraordinary.

“I don’t know how they did it, and it would be a monumental failure of intelligence collection on the part of the United States, orders of magnitude worse than 9/11.”

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What is Austin's Proposition F? Supporters, opponents and experts explain strong mayor proposal

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin voters have a decision ahead of them: whether to approve Proposition F — a ballot measure that would replace the city manager with an elected “strong mayor” as the city’s chief executive. A panel of supporters, opponents and experts explored what the decision means for the city in a conversation during a KXAN Live event Monday.

KXAN Live anchor Will DuPree and KXAN politics reporter John Engel hosted the discussion featuring Nelson Linder and Andrew Allison from Austinites for Progressive Reform — the group behind the strong-mayor proposal — and Jesus Garza and Nico Ramsey with Austin for All People, which opposes the change. Jen Rice of Houston Public Media and former city council member Daryl Slusher provided analysis.

Proposition F would give the mayor veto power over all city council decisions and the responsibility to appoint most department leaders. Nearly every current member of the Austin City Council has come out in opposition to the proposal. Supporters of the strong-mayor proposal believe the structure provides greater accountability than the city manager-council structure.

“As cities grow, and as things change or don’t change, you need to make a more effective system. The question for me is, can Austin be a better, more inclusive city? The answer is yes,” Linder said, adding the fear that having a strong mayor “running errant does not square with reality if you know Austin, Texas.”

“The council-management system has worked for the City of Austin,” Garza countered. “The fact of the matter is, the mayor and council set policy. The mayor and council approve the budgets.”

He added a strong mayor system “puts an awful lot of power in one individual.”

The City of Houston has a mayor-council, or strong mayor, structure of government, like is being considered in Austin.

But Rice, the Houston Public Media reporter, pointed out the Houston mayor has control over the city council agenda — a power not granted in the strong mayor proposal before Austin voters. A ballot initiative in Houston is attempting to pull back some of that power.

“It sounds like what’s going on in Austin is people trying to find more of a middle path, frankly, because it doesn’t have that much control that goes to the mayor,” Rice said. “I’m really interested, and I think it’s a really nuanced conversation, and I’m really interested to see what Austin voters are going to do.”

Early voting is now underway for the May 1 municipal election in Austin. Proposition F is one of eight measures on the ballot.

John Engel

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'Everybody is buying houses' – property experts explain why buyers can’t find a new home

Ms Fletcher said the busiest month ever on record so far is March 2016 where there were just over 176,000 residential property transactions in one month.

She explained: “That was because we had the cliff edge of the tax on second homes and buy-to-let properties coming in that April.”

“In a normal market, we would anticipate that there’s around 98,000 homes sold in a month,” she added.

The experts said if the stamp duty holiday deadline wasn’t extended, the figures could have been even higher in February and March.

Now, they are predicting figures could be the highest on record in June before the stamp duty holiday threshold on properties under £500,000 comes to an end on June 31.

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