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Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game Featured in Lil Tecca and Aminé’s “Gametime” Music Video

Ahead of “Space Jam: A New Legacy” releasing in theaters and on HBO Max in the U.S. on July 16, I’m thrilled to share an unprecedented collaboration from Xbox, Republic Records, and Warner Bros. on the music video for “Gametime” by Lil Tecca and Aminé from the Space Jam: A New Legacy Official Soundtrack. Featuring a rap superstar, an iconic film franchise, and the greatest athlete of this generation — we have never done anything of this magnitude between sports, music, film, and video games.

Space Jam A New Legacy

Lil Tecca started his rap career while on Xbox Live and now he finds himself as the newest member of the Tune Squad in the video — fully animated and playing alongside LeBron James, Bugs Bunny, and Lola Bunny as a character in Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game. Lil Tecca, with the help of the Tune Squad, goes head-to-head in a classic, beat ‘em up fashion against the Goon Squad. Look closely in the video and you can even see the recently released, exclusive Tune Squad Xbox Wireless Controller and a very special Xbox Series S console featuring Bugs Bunny.

We’re honored to be a part of this exciting collaboration and hope you enjoy the video, now available to watch on YouTube. You can listen to the full Space Jam: A New Legacy Soundtrack here.

Be sure to check out what Lil Tecca had to say about the collab in the official press release from Republic Records, and test your skills in Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game available free-to-play for all fans through the Microsoft Store on Xbox starting July 15 and available now in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks.

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19-year-old who survived shark attack on North Carolina coast to be featured on National Geographic

NEW BERN, N.C. — A 19-year-old who survived a shark attack on the North Carolina coast will be featured in National Geographic’s ninth annual SharkFest.

shark attack on North Carolina coast

Paige Winter, of New Bern, North Carolina, was just 17 years old when she lost her left leg and two fingers following a shark attack in Atlantic Beach in 2019.

‘Everybody’s normal is different’: Paige Winter reflects on life after losing leg in shark attack

Her experience will be featured in the upcoming “Shark Attack Investigation: The Paige Winter Story.” The special will unpack details of Winter’s attack and the inspirational story of how she remains an advocate for sharks.

Shark Attack Investigation: The Paige Winter Story premieres Monday, July 12 at 10/9c on National Geographic and will be streaming on Disney+ beginning July 16.

“These type of things don’t happen a lot, so go out and have fun,” Winter told ABC11’s Steve Daniels. “You’re odds are that you will have a great day.”

WATCH: ‘I’m not ready to die’: Paige Winter describes surviving shark attack

“As long as you have the right people around you, as long as you have that support system, it won’t even feel like anything. As long as you don’t beat yourself down, and it’s okay to have bad days, but as long as you don’t beat yourself down into a hole, you’ll overcome,” Winter said on facing setbacks in life.

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North Carolina shark attack survivor to be featured on National Geographic’s Shark Week

Paige Winter, a North Carolina native, will be making an appearance on National Geographic’s Shark Fest next week. She was attacked by a shark two years ago in Atlantic Beach at the start of the summer travel season.

Winter was at Fort Macon State Park when she said she felt a tugging at her leg while swimming in waist-deep water. At the time, she had no idea it was a shark, or that she would be fighting for her life.

“I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I have a great family, just got a boyfriend and I have great friends.’ I have to see it through, and so, I just prayed, don’t let me die,” recalled Winter.

Winter, who was 17-years-old at the time of the attack, ended up having her left leg amputated above the knee and suffered extensive injuries to her hands.

“It was hard, but I was more focused on me and my recover, rather than, oh that was a shark,” she said.

Winters’ father rushed into the water to fight off the shark, and punched it over and over again in a bid to rescue his daughter.

“It was just an immediate dad thing,” Charlie Winter said during a press conference in 2019. “When I pulled her up, a shark came up with her, and it was a big shark. The head was, it was a bark shark. It kind of thrashed a little bit, and it had a big, just a big eye staring at you.”

Paige Winter, shark attack victim

Winter was taken to Carteret Health Care in Morehead City before being airlifted to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville.

Winter lost her ring finger and pinkie on her left hand, in addition to having her leg amputated.

“I had to have tendon repairs on four of these fingers. This thumb was untouched. My left hand – I can’t feel anything in it – and this finger doesn’t have any major arteries anymore. This thumb was bitten twice, but it’s till there and this whole section of my hand is a piece of my back,” Winters described about her hands after the attack.

After being released from the hospital, Winter underwent physical therapy.

Now, she said she’s reached a place in her life where she’s at peace with the attack.

She wants to use her experience to better the stigma around sharks.

“I still prefer the pool as you can probably image,” said Winters, “but I have gone to that beach with my dad and we did go into the water for a second and it was really nice.”

The Shark Fest episode Winters will be featured on airs Monday on National Geographic.

Winters said the episode will focus on shark education.

She added that she’s hoping to go back to school and study marine biology.

Author: Sydney Franklin
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Meet the Enemies Featured in the New GreedFall Expansion The De Vespe Conspiracy


  • Take a look at the new region and new enemies and their abilities that are in GreedFall’s new expansion, The De Vespe Conspiracy.
  • Discover or rediscover GreedFall with its Gold Edition and enjoy the most complete way to experience the game.
  • For Xbox Series X|S owners, enjoy GreedFall in 4K UHD, with highly improved visuals, fast loading times, and 60fps in performance mode!

We’re thrilled to invite you all back to the mystical Island of Teer Fradee with three exciting announcements!

Today, GreedFall is now Optimized for Xbox Series X|S, bringing 4K UHD resolution, fast loading times, and enhanced performance. On top of this, The De Vespe Conspiracy expansion is also available! For newcomers, this new story expansion comes bundled in the GreedFall Gold Edition along with the base game.

Greedfall Gold Edition

The De Vespe Conspiracy is a new adventure accessible about halfway through the game, bringing you the full range of qualities that define GreedFall: exploration, intrigue, fantasy, memorable stories and characters, and engaging combat.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the unique new abilities and tricks available to our new enemies and monsters, and maybe even give you all a sneaky heads up on how to avoid getting unexpectedly stabbed in the back by the Spadassins, a new faction of guards led by Aurélia de Vespe, the leading figure of the expansion.

Greedfall Gold Edition

The Spadassins are leather-clad swashbucklers that aren’t too proud to coat their blades in poison, to protect their leader, Aurélia de Vespe. These unscrupulous fighters surprise their opponents by combining smoke screens and short distance teleports. And even when you think you’re out of their reach, their skill at throwing flasks of poison will dispel that notion. When you see one disappear in a cloud of smoke, be quick to ready your parry or increase the distance between you and them. The Spadassins aren’t the only enemy that utilizes the element of surprise.

As part of the expansion, we’ve revealed a now-uninhabited lava-marked coastal region for you to explore, known to the island’s local population as Aidág ol Creidaw, meaning The Flaming Blood. Here, you’ll come across the Egsregatt. Fierce and wily, these felines use the explosive power of its hind legs to catch prey unaware, then cut it down with claws and fangs. The curious mix of the beast’s features makes the Egsregatt master ambushers, so keep a wary eye on likely hiding spots, keeping in mind that the Egsregatt are strong climbers…

Greedfall Gold Edition

Often hunting in packs, you’ll need to adapt your playstyle to escape them alive, making use of traps and stasis to slow their onslaught and counter their feints, dodges, and sudden pounces. Thanks to Teer Fradee’s rich variety of wilderness, several subspecies have emerged from the Egsregatt. We leave it up to you to learn their individual strengths and weaknesses.

We can’t wait for you to experience this new journey we’ve prepared for you, whether you set sail to Teer Fradee for the first time or delve into its new secrets as a seasoned explorer.

Greedfall Gold Edition

Play GreedFall today on Xbox Series X|S to experience the game in its most beautiful state yet with 4K UHD resolution, fast loading, and enhanced performance. Greedfall also supports Smart Delivery, meaning you can update to the Optimized for Xbox Series X|S version for free and migrate your saved progress if you already own the Xbox One version. For newcomers, GreedFall: Gold Edition includes the base game and The De Vespe Conspiracy expansion, available today!

GreedFall – The de Vespe Conspiracy

Focus Home Interactive


Expand GreedFall’s RPG adventure with The de Vespe Conspiracy expansion, and discover a brand-new storyline on the island of Teer Fradee.

Navigate a web of intrigue, manipulation and secrets, as you unravel a nefarious conspiracy that threatens the balance of power. Explore a previously-undiscovered region of the island, battle strange new beasts and face off against a villainous new enemy faction in your hunt to uncover the truth.

This expansion brings a new region, enemy types, costumes, weapons and contracts, with a twisting narrative that expands on GreedFall’s acclaimed story.

• Experience an engrossing new adventure to unravel a conspiracy
• Explore the new Aidág ol creidaw region – also known as “The Flaming Blood”
• Find and craft new weapons and costumes
• Fight new beasts and human enemy types

Xbox LiveXbox Live

GreedFall – Gold Edition

Focus Home Interactive


GreedFall’s Gold Edition is the most complete way to experience the critically-acclaimed RPG, including the base game and The de Vespe Conspiracy story expansion. Explore uncharted new lands as you set foot on a remote island seeping with magic, and filled with riches, lost secrets, and fantastic creatures.

Forge this new world’s destiny, as you befriend or betray companions and entire factions. With diplomacy, deception and force, become part of a living, evolving world – influence its course and shape your story.

• Engage in a core RPG experience – achieve quests and complete objectives in a multitude of different ways: combat, diplomacy, deception, or stealth.
• Complete freedom in character progression – play as a male or female, customize your appearance, and freely choose your abilities, spells and skills.
• Delve into a mysterious world of magic – begin a grand journey and uncover ancient secrets protected by supernatural beings, manifestations of the island’s earthly magic.

Forge your own destiny enjoying 4K resolution, highly improved visuals, fast loading, and 60 FPS in performance mode!

Author: Sébastien Di Ruzza, Design Director, Spiders
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The Beatles song that secretly featured Rolling Stones member on saxophone

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were always considered rivals in the music industry. Although they grew up and performed around the same time, they were always pitted against one another in both the press and within the charts. Paul McCartney once recalled how the two bands would share equipment and help each others’ roadies with their gear. Their friendly relationship even progressed to the point where a member of the Stones featured on one of the Fab Four’s tracks, You Know My Name (Look Up The Number).
The track was released as a B-side on their hit song Let It Be on March 6, 1970.

The song has one lyric, its title, and continues chanting the words through an increasingly chaotic set of sounds.

McCartney once described it as “lounge-style music,” reminiscent of listening to an artist in a smokey underground bar.

John Lennon spoke about how he first came up with the idea long before he began recording it.

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Lennon said: “That was a piece of unfinished music that I turned into a comedy record with Paul.

“I was waiting for him in his house, and I saw the phone book was on the piano with you know the name, look up the number. That was like a logo, and I just changed it.

“It was going to be a Four Tops kind of song – the chord changes are like that – but it never developed, and we made a joke of it.”

In a final reveal, he added: “Brian Jones is playing saxophone on it.”

A month later, in 1969, Jones was found dead in his swimming pool aged just 27-years-old.

The guitarist’s inclusion on The Beatles track is one of the final songs released with his credit on.

Before Jones’ legendary addition to the song, McCartney revealed Lennon brought You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) to him at 15-minutes long.

He said: “It was John’s original idea, and that was the complete lyric.”

McCartney went on: “He brought it in originally as a 15-minute chant when he was in space-cadet mode, and we said: ‘Well, what are we going to do with this then?’

“He said: ‘It’s just like a mantra.’ So we said, ‘Okay, let’s just do it.’”

He later added: “We did it over a period of maybe two or three years. We started off and we just did 20 minutes and it didn’t work.

“Then we tried it again, and we had these endless, crazy fun sessions … And it was just so hilarious to put that record together.”


Random: Someone Tracked Down The Background Artwork Featured On The Original Pokémon Cards

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about the original Pokémon trading cards, perhaps not. Twitter user @FanamelT has supposedly tracked down the source images used in the background artwork of the original series.

It seems these images come from Datacraft Sozaijiten, a series of stock photos that is apparently used in a lot of Japanese media and Nintendo games. In the clip below, you can see rolling hills for Ponyta, the treetops featured on Scyther’s card, the beach shot Wartortle appears in, and even the background for Professor Oak’s card.

“The images come from a series called Datacraft Sozaijiten, yes even the ones that look handpainted lol. This series is used in a lot of Japanese media and Nintendo games which is how I found them.”

So there you go – if you’ve ever wondered where these lovely but stock photos come from, now you know. FanamelT further says others who investigate are bound to find more matches, like the ones above.

Did you ever wonder where these backgrounds originated from? Did you already know? Do you have any original Pokémon trading cards yourself? Tell us down below.