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‘F***ed me up for years’ Nadia Sawalha flaunts figure in bikini as she speaks on body woes

“So that was all… just an absolute idiot. I got what I deserved really for being so stupid.”

Luckily it wasn’t anything more serious as Nadia is now on the mend thanks to a skin patch. “I’ve got this brilliant patch thing,” she said. 

“It’s something called hydrocolloid or something? It just stops that itching, and it’s really good for scarring, but actually it’s doing really well. I did it about ten days ago and it’s doing really well.”

Last weekend, Nadia posted a photo of her gruesome injury, admitting she had the “week from hell,” since her post comes just days after one of her dogs was taken ill.

Alongside the snap, which showed a painful-looking blister on her neck, she wrote: “I’m calling this my IDIOT INJURY! What a PLONKER I am!”

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy could emerge as a key figure in the committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection

“Kevin McCarthy will be meeting with me this afternoon at Trump National in Bedminster, N.J. Much to discuss!” Trump announced in a statement Thursday.
According to a GOP source familiar with the meeting, McCarthy will sit down with Trump at his New Jersey golf club to discuss upcoming special elections, vulnerable Democrats in 2022 and the GOP’s record-breaking fundraising numbers. But the announcement of the meeting comes the day after the select committee investigating the Capitol riot said that it will hold its first public hearing on July 27, essentially setting a deadline for McCarthy to make his picks as to who will represent the GOP on the commission. Sources tell CNN that McCarthy intends to announce his selections before the first hearing.
McCarthy’s trip to Bedminster also coincides with a series of new revelations this week surrounding Trump’s final days in office that describe the former President’s increasingly defiant and belligerent behavior in refusing to concede his 2020 election loss.
McCarthy is expected to return to Washington following the meeting for a dinner at the White House on Thursday evening honoring German Chancellor Angela Merkel. McCarthy’s office confirms the House minority leader will attend the dinner.
McCarthy can appoint five members of the committee that will investigate the insurrection, which was perpetrated by Trump’s supporters and came hours after the former President held a rally encouraging his followers to fight Congress’ certification of President Joe Biden’s victory.
The timing of the Trump meeting shows McCarthy remains loyal to the former President. Sources say his picks for the committee will likely be supporters and defenders of Trump. It is expected that the GOP leader will avoid controversial firebrands like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia or Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, in part because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reserves the right to veto any of McCarthy’s picks.
Still, McCarthy has the option of finding Republican members who will defend Trump and his supporters in what is expected to be a bitter partisan fight, while at the same time remaining loyal to him.
McCarthy himself could be emerge as a key figure in the committee’s investigation. The chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, has not ruled out calling McCarthy before the committee to discuss the phone call he made to Trump as rioters stormed the Capitol begging the then-President to tell his supporters to go home.
McCarthy has said he is willing to testify and discuss Trump’s role on January 6 if asked.
A series of books — Michael Bender’s “Frankly We Did Win This Election” and Michael Wolff’s “Landslide” both just came out, and “I Alone Can Fix It” by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker is scheduled to be released next week. All three help paint a picture of the chaotic White House in its final months of Trump’s presidency leading up to the insurrection in January.
In one example, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley, was so shaken by Trump’s refusal to concede that he worried he might attempt some sort of illegal gambit to stay in power.
“They may try, but they’re not going to f**king succeed,” Milley told his deputies, according to excerpts of the book “I Alone Can Fix It” obtained by CNN.
McCarthy previously met with Trump in Mar-a-lago on January 27, after initially being critical of the former President’s handling of the January 6 insurrection.
McCarthy has since joined many members of his conference in trying to move on and downplay the insurrection and its aftermath. He has opposed forming an independent commission to probe January 6, and CNN reported earlier this month that, according to two GOP sources with knowledge of the matter, he threatened to strip committee assignments from Republicans who accepted Pelosi’s invitation to serve on the select committee.
This story has been updated with additional developments Thursday.

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This Agency Wants to Figure Out Exactly How Much You Trust AI

Harvard University assistant professor Himabindu Lakkaraju studies the role trust plays in human decisionmaking in professional settings. She’s working with nearly 200 doctors at hospitals in Massachusetts to understand how trust in AI can change how doctors diagnose a patient.

For common illnesses like the flu, AI isn’t very helpful, since human professionals can recognize them pretty easily. But Lakkaraju found that AI can help doctors diagnose hard-to-identify illnesses like autoimmune diseases. In her latest work, Lakkaraju and coworkers gave doctors records of roughly 2,000 patients and predictions from an AI system, then asked them to predict whether the patient would have a stroke in six months. They varied the information supplied about the AI system, including its accuracy, confidence interval, and an explanation of how the system works. They found doctors’ predictions were the most accurate when they were given the most information about the AI system.

Lakkaraju says she’s happy to see that NIST is trying to quantify trust, but she says the agency should consider the role explanations can play in human trust of AI systems. In the experiment, the accuracy of predicting strokes by doctors went down when doctors were given an explanation without data to inform the decision, implying that an explanation alone can lead people to trust AI too much.

“Explanations can bring about unusually high trust even when it is not warranted, which is a recipe for problems,” she says. “But once you start putting numbers on how good the explanation is, then people’s trust slowly calibrates.”

Other nations are also trying to confront the question of trust in AI. The US is among 40 countries that signed onto AI principles that emphasize trustworthiness. A document signed by about a dozen European countries says trustworthiness and innovation go hand in hand, and can be considered “two sides of the same coin.”

NIST and the OECD, a group of 38 countries with advanced economies, are working on tools to designate AI systems as high or low risk. The Canadian government created an algorithm impact assessment process in 2019 for businesses and government agencies. There, AI falls into four categories—from no impact on people’s lives or the rights of communities to very high risk and perpetuating harm on individuals and communities. Rating an algorithm takes about 30 minutes. The Canadian approach requires that developers notify users for all but the lowest-risk systems.

European Union lawmakers are considering AI regulations that could help define global standards for the kind of AI that’s considered low or high risk and how to regulate the technology. Like Europe’s landmark GDPR privacy law, the EU AI strategy could lead the largest companies in the world that deploy artificial intelligence to change their practices worldwide.

The regulation calls for the creation of a public registry of high-risk forms of AI in use in a database managed by the European Commission. Examples of AI deemed high risk included in the document include AI used for education, employment, or as safety components for utilities like electricity, gas, or water. That report will likely be amended before passage, but the draft calls for a ban on AI for social scoring of citizens by governments and real-time facial recognition.

The EU report also encourages allowing businesses and researchers to experiment in areas called “sandboxes,” designed to make sure the legal framework is “innovation-friendly, future-proof, and resilient to disruption.” Earlier this month, the Biden administration introduced the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force aimed at sharing government data for research on issues like health care or autonomous driving. Ultimate plans would require approval from Congress.

For now, the AI user trust score is being developed for AI practitioners. Over time, though, the scores could empower individuals to avoid untrustworthy AI and nudge the marketplace toward deploying robust, tested, trusted systems. Of course that’s if they know AI is being used at all.

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Queen cuts 'terribly poignant' figure as 'she avoids showing emotion' despite Harry attack

Body language expert and author Judi James analysed pictures of the Queen’s Saturday outing for Express.co.uk and shared her insights.

The analyst told Express.co.uk: “There’s something terribly poignant in the thought that, in the face of personal grief plus all the pressures of painful to hear comments being made by her grandson in the US, this ninety-five-year-old woman got up, put on her brightest red coat, hat and lipstick, added a brooch given to her by her recently deceased husband and went off to work as usual.”

The Queen seemed set on not displaying deep emotions, Judi claimed.

She added: “Resolutely determined to avoid any visible signs of inner emotions like self-pity or even anger, the Queen actually managed to look more buoyant than usual as she toured an aircraft carrier yesterday.”

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‘Stop asking me!’ Russian figure skating boss reacts fiercely to questions over Alina Zagitova’s return

Author RT
This post originally appeared on RT Sport News

The President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation, Aleksandr Gorshkov, has issued a seemingly irritated reply to never-ending questions about Alina Zagitova’s return, asking journalists to stop bothering him over the issue.

The Olympic champion and legendary ice dancer says he does not know whether the skater, who hasn’t competed for two years, will still be included in the national team next season.

Will she still be a member of the national team? How can I tell you now if we have the Executive Committee meeting only in the middle of May?” Gorshkov asked.

My personal opinion? God, stop asking me! I have nothing to do with that,” the Russian figure skating boss added, apparently tired of fielding questions about Zagitova’s future.

The reigning Olympic gold medalist took a break from competitive skating in 2019 immediately after finishing last at the ISU Grand Prix, losing to younger teammates with more complex technical content.

Zagitova, who lacked the quads or triple axels of her ambitious teammates, decided to halt her professional career after suffering several defeats to the quad-jumping juniors.

She rejected rumors about her possible retirement, promising to resume her career after taking a well-deserved break. However, with every new season missed her return seems to be less and less realistic.

Having abandoned her full-time training, Russia’s most decorated female skater has concentrated on studying and developing her TV career, including being invited to host popular figure skating show ‘Ice Age’.

Zagitova is the only Russian skater to scoop all the major titles that exist in figure skating, including the Olympic gold, along with world and European trophies.
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‘A real boss woman’: Russian figure skating queen Elizaveta Tuktamysheva glows in glamorous dress after winning superwoman award

Russian figure skating queen Elizaveta Tuktamysheva has spoken up for women again after winning her second honor inside a week, donning a glitzy dress to collect an award with ice dancing pal Betina Popova at a ceremony in Moscow.

A week after leaving many of her legion of admirers in tears by scooping silver at the Figure Skating World Championships, ice extraordinaire Tuktamysheva had the altogether more straightforward task of attending a party to pick up her gong as one of GQ’s Super Women.

The men’s quarterly declared Tuktamysheva the winner of the sport category at the third edition of the honors, capping a memorable seven days for the 24-year-old after she returned in style following a six-year break from the championships.

Posing with her award while extolling luxury giants Huge Boss, Tuktamysheva told her following of more than 265,000: “[The] brand created an art installation that, like a manifesto, celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of every woman.”

“[It] translates the qualities inherent in the brand’s DNA, allowing every girl to see herself as a real boss woman. Thanks to all those who made this evening special.”

Close friend and former Warsaw Cup winner Popova accompanied Tuktamysheva to the party, picturing her being inundated with interview requests, holding a glass at a table and admiring the dancefloor.

Tuktamysheva urged women to follow their ambitions following her sensational silver medal performance in Stockholm.

“I want to dedicate this victory to all women in figure skating,” she wrote in the aftermath of the showpiece.

“We can do everything. Never give up – go your own way to come at the right time to the right place.”

Tuktamysheva was only beaten by Anna Shcherbakova at the championships, with Alexandra Trusova finishing third as Russia claimed a clean sweep on the podium.
Also on rt.com ‘We can do everything’: Disbelieving Elizaveta Tuktamysheva hails ‘women power’ after Russia’s dream night of world figure skating


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Figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze tight-lipped on rumors

Figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze tight-lipped on rumors

Revered Russian figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze has given a guarded reaction to reports that world championships sensation Alexandra Trusova could return to her ranks, refusing to confirm rumors about the bronze medalist.

Whispers about the sensation’s return to the Sambo-70 school started circulating in the Russian press after Trusova starred at the World Figure Skating Championships in Stockholm last week, finishing only behind teammates Anna Shcherbakova and Elizaveta Tuktamysheva.

The 16-year-old could have taken the title after producing a stunning free-program performance which included a record-breaking FIVE quads, only to be scuppered by a disastrous short routine in which she finished in a lowly 12th place.

The first female skater in history to land a quadruple jump had been trained by Tutberidze for four years, winning two world junior titles and the European bronze under her guidance before switching coaches last May to join Evgeni Plushenko’s academy.

Disappointment with the training process and a lack of attention from the coaching staff were cited among the unofficial reasons for Trusova’s departure.

Back then, the ambitious skater said that her coaches had restricted her jumping potential, refusing to allow her to execute five quads in one program for the sake of stability.

Last week, Trusova attempted to throw five quads in her free program, falling on two jumps.

The risky move helped her to rise to the podium, although she stopped short of claiming the gold medal she had dreamed of.

Talk of her potential return to Tutberidze has resurfaced in light of Trusova’s desire to make the national Olympic team, for which competition will be even more fierce next year.

The fact that the renowned coach previously took back her former skaters, Evgenia Medvedeva and Alena Kostornaia, following high-profile splits has intensified the already-heated debate surrounding the Trusova-Tutberidze partnership.

The principal of Sambo-70, Renat Lyaishev, fueled the rumors by revealing that Trusova’s father, Vyacheslav Trusov, had spoken with him and expressed a willingness to resume training under Tutberidze’s tutelage.

The coach herself didn’t confirm the claim, adding that Lyaishev is not a member of the coaching team and was not in a position to share news about the skater’s return.

Are you serious? How can I comment on her return? Who told you that?” Tutberidze asked.

Lyaishev has nothing in common with the work of our coaching team. Listen, stop asking those questions. No, I don’t confirm anything.”

Tutberidze confirmed her status as the world’s leading female coach after guiding yet another skater to the top of the podium.

Shcherbakova became the third world champion coached by Tutberidze after Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova.

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‘This just doesn’t happen’: Joy for 16yo Shcherbakova, Tuktamysheva & Trusova as Russians rule figure skating world champs (VIDEO)

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva shed tears as she thrilled her huge global fanbase by scooping silver on a remarkable night for Russia at the World Figure Skating Championships, finishing second to 16-year-old phenomenon Anna Shcherbakova.

Six years after she last competed at the World Championships in Shanghai, Tuktamysheva was overwhelmed by emotion as she made a triumphant return in Stockholm, finishing on 220.46 points.

A relative veteran at the age of 24, Tuktamysheva was unable to overhaul sensation Shcherbakova, who followed in the footsteps of last year’s winner, Alena Kostornaia, to ensure a teenage Russian took the world title for the eighth successive year.

Another 16-year-old, Alexandra Trusova, produced an exhilarating comeback to win bronze and secure a clean sweep on the podium for Russia, attempting five quads as she won the free skate small gold medal and finished with 217.20 points, 3.26 behind Tuktamysheva.

Each of the three dropped at least one spot in their free skates, including Shcherbakova, who was grounded on a quadruple flip but hit back with seven triple jumps including a triple Lutz-triple loop combination.

“I’m really not satisfied with my performance,” Shcherbakova said afterwards, despite her justified grin. “I’m really happy that I’m first overall because it was my goal.

“It was a real fight for me because, from the first element, everything was not like I wanted and in every [remaining] element I understood that I [had to] try to do my best on the element and not lose points.”

Disputes over the scoring continued to rage online, although any rancor was largely replaced by admiration for the winning trio and a chorus of fawning over Tuktamysheva, who also won gold at the European Championships in the Swedish capital in 2015.

As she basked in the glow of her ladies’ singles glory to the strains of the stand-in Russian anthem, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No.1, Shcherbakova laughed at the site of the Russian flag almost falling off its stand before organizers adjusted and re-raised it.

“She is an absolute f***ing legend,” one fan emphatically concluded after seeing Tuktamysheva hit two triple Axels in her free skate. “This will go down in history.”

Another said: “There wasn’t a girl who didn’t fall today – that’s why this was a weirdest championship ever.

“But I’m so, so, so happy for Anya Scherbakova and especially for Liza Tuktamysheva, who is an incredible fighter.”

An editor and figure-skating fanatic said that Tuktamysheva’s absence from the podium had been the longest since Britain’s Daphne Walker took silver in Stockholm in 1947.

“The judging was obviously questionable but this is a huge feat for Liza,” they said. “This just doesn’t happen.”

Shcherbakova will turn 17 on Sunday. “I really didn’t think about it before because I was thinking only of my competition,” she replied when asked how she plans to celebrate.

“But maybe we will do something with my coaches. I really want to say thank you to them. It was a really hard season.”
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Google Maps Street View: Sinister figure lurks behind window in very creepy photo

Google Maps[1] Street View looks to have captured a very sinister scene. The tool has photographed a very normal-looking house on a corner of the street. However, what can be seen through one of the top windows is like something out of a nightmare.
A person can be seen walking across the street towards the house leaving the viewer almost wishing they could warn them about the sinister figure inside.

The sun is shining and the sky is blue and cloudless but nothing seems to make the eerie figure less harrowing.

The image was uploaded to photo-sharing site imgur, where the user who posted the still commented: “Just looking at a street corner and… wait… what’s in the windOMG.”

No explanation is given for the figure in the window but it’s possible the figure is not human at all but rather an illusion as a result of storage items up against the glass.


The extended – and rather large – ‘fingers’ would suggest this as well – but viewers can only speculate.

The mysterious figure is not the only creepy sight spotted on Google Maps.

Another snap was taken in Duluth in Minnesota.

There the Street View camera photographed a grand historical building.

In fact, it looks positively alien- it has a large head, a long skinny neck and skeletal arms.

So who are these weird-looking figures?

The two figures are probably models or statues of some kind.

In fact, the one on the right seems to resemble the eponymous character ET from Steven Spielberg’s hit 1982 film.


  1. ^ Google Maps (www.express.co.uk)

Banks figure out new ways to rip people off by changing laws to get away with it – Max Keiser

Max and Stacy look at the endless money-printing by the US Federal Reserve, discussing the future of the latest stimulus checks and the role of banks in all of that.

“So, the government sends the money to the banks and the banks want to keep it, essentially – they don’t want to distribute it,” says Max, explaining that’s “simply because they like to get it and use it and spend it, and give themselves bonuses and buy apartments and yachts and stuff. That’s the only reason.”

He adds that “A lot of this has been the history of the past 40 years. During this bull market, banks figure out new ways to rip people off, they get caught, and what they then do is they change the law or introduce new laws, and if there are any problems, they extend and pretend. They just make the maturities longer and the coupons lower.”

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