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Andrew Brown Jr. family files $30M federal lawsuit in North Carolina

The family of Andrew Brown Jr. – a Black man shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies coming to serve search and arrest warrants at his home in Elizabeth City, N.C. – filed a $ 30 million federal lawsuit on Wednesday. 

The lawsuit filed at the federal courthouse in the Eastern District of North Carolina comes months after 42-year-old Brown was shot and killed by Pasquotank County Sheriff’s deputies serving drug-related warrants at his home in Elizabeth City on April 21. 

Amid ongoing demonstrations at the time, Andrew Womble, the elected district attorney for North Carolina’s Judicial District 1, cleared the deputies of any wrongdoing in May, announcing that the shooting “while tragic, was justified” because Brown allegedly used his vehicle as a deadly weapon. 

Standing outside the courthouse Wednesday, civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers said the federal lawsuit was filed because the family didn’t believe they could get justice in the sheriff’s office or in state court. 


“We had to come where we believe Lady Justice is blind and will have all things be equal,” he said. “We stand in front of this federal courthouse because we believe this is where Andrew Brown will finally get justice because he did not get justice in life and so far hasn’t even gotten justice in death.” 

Harry Daniels, another lawyer representing the Brown family, listed Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten II and several deputies as defendants in the lawsuit. He also stressed that he would get all body camera footage of the shooting released despite past limits set by a state Superior Court judge. 

“Justice delayed will not be justice denied,” Daniels said. “Now that we have filed a federal lawsuit, let me be very clear in saying that I and this team have compulsory authority, federal subpoena authority, to get all the videos, all the tapes, all the recordings, all the records. And no district attorney, no county administrator and no state court can stop us from doing that because federal law trumps state law.”  

Andrew Brown Jr.

Andrew Brown Jr.
(Brown Family)

The filing is the latest in a string of federal civil rights lawsuits in the wake of high-profile police shootings of Black people. The family of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis police custody last year, agreed to a $ 27 million settlement in March. In September, the city of Louisville, Kentucky, agreed to pay Breonna Taylor’s family $ 12 million and reform police practices.

Womble has said that Brown’s past involvement with law enforcement included multiple resisting arrest charges and convictions dating back to 1995. Investigators had used an informant to conduct controlled purchases of methamphetamine and cocaine from Brown on two separate occasions in March before obtaining the search and arrest warrants that ultimately resulted in his death. 


Residents have routinely gathered in protest. One of the deputies who fired his gun at Brown’s car has resigned. The FBI also launched a civil rights investigation into the death.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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Azerbaijan files criminal case due to incident with mine explosion in Fuzuli district

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 8


The Azerbaijani Fuzuli District Prosecutor’s Office filed a criminal case in connection with two civilians suffered as a result of the mine explosion, Trend reports with reference to the district prosecutor’s office.

The employees of the prosecutor’s office and the police, with the participation of specialists from the National Agency for Mine Clearance of Territories of Azerbaijan, reviewed the scene of the incident.

The investigative bodies revealed that residents of Fuzuli district 45-year-old Nuru Nuriyev and 39-year-old Elnur Hashimov suffered as a result of a mine explosion in Ashagi Abdurrahmanli village of Fuzuli district, which was liberated from the Armenian occupation, as a result of which Nuriyev died at the scene while Hashimov lost a left leg.

A criminal case was initiated in the Fuzuli district prosecutor’s office upon Articles 120.2.4 (murder committed with special cruelty or in a dangerous way), 29, 120.2.7 (attempted murder of two or more people), and other articles of the Azerbaijani Criminal Code.

At present, intensive investigative and operational actions are being carried out.

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Returnal update 1.4.1 patch notes: PS5 download fixes problem with corrupted save files

Returnal developer Housemarque has released a brand new update on PlayStation 5.

Announced last week, update 1.4.1 is finally available to download from 10am BST UK time.

The latest Returnal update isn’t a big one, but it does fix some of the game’s more irritating issues.

This includes a particularly problematic issue which could cause save-game corruption in rare circumstances.

Trophy hunters will also be pleased to hear that ‘Atropian Survival’, ‘Welcome Home’, and ‘Sins of the Mother’ Trophies can be unlocked by replaying the Act 3 ending.

Housemarque – which was recently purchased by Sony – has also addressed some of the problems with Daily Challenges.

The studio fixed an issue where players were unable to complete a Daily Challenge in the Fractured Wastes, as well as a problem with loot spawning in the Daily Challenge.

Finally, Housemarque has fixed an intermittent visual issue when scanning new items.

You can see the full list of Returnal update 1.4.1 patch notes below…

Returnal update 1.4.1 Patch Notes…

• Platinum: “Atropian Survival”, “Welcome Home”, and “Sins of the Mother” Trophies can now be unlocked by replaying the Act 3 ending

• Daily Challenge: Fixed a rare issue where players might be unable to complete a Daily Challenge in the Fractured Wastes

• Daily Challenge: Fixed an occasional issue with incorrect loot spawning in the Daily Challenge

• Fixed an issue which could cause save-game corruption in rare circumstances

• Fixed an intermittent visual issue when scanning new item

In case you missed it at launch, Returnal is a PlayStation 5 shooter developed by Sony first-party studio Housemarque.

The hugely atmospheric game sees an explorer crash land on a mysterious alien planet that transforms after each death.

“After crash-landing on a shape-shifting alien planet, Selene finds herself fighting tooth and nail for survival. Again and again she’s defeated, forced to restart her journey every time she dies,” reads the official Returnal description.

“In this roguelike shooter, both the planet and your equipment change with every cycle, forcing you to adapt your play style and take on evolving challenges.”

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Video: EarthBound's “Lost Secrets” Have Been Revealed Thanks To The Recovery Of Localisation Source Files

New secrets about the SNES game EarthBound have been uncovered thanks to efforts of the Video Game History Foundation.

In 2018, former Nintendo of America employee Marcus Lindblom (and the guy responsible for the English-language script in EarthBound) discovered an old floppy disk which were used during EarthBound’s localisation process. Unfortunately, he had deleted the EarthBound files long ago, so he passed the disk onto the Video Game History Foundation.

Since then, Rich Whitehouse has been able to forensically recover all of the missing data – which includes the entirety of EarthBound’s scripting files.

“In the case of Lindblom’s disk, the only new file he had written after deleting the EarthBound files was a tiny text document, barely a paragraph long. Miraculously, since that new data was so miniscule, we were able to forensically recover all of the deleted EarthBound data, with high confidence that none of the data had been compromised! It appears to be the entirety of EarthBound’s scripting files, in the original scripting language that was likely used by the game’s development team, Ape, in Japan.”

So what exactly has been revealed? In short, these never-before-seen files provide glimpses of unused scenes and text, early gameplay ideas that were scrapped, game details that haven’t been revealed in the past and even comments from the team members that worked on the game – ranging from writers, developers to translators.

What has been rounded up so far “covers maybe 15%” of the total findings, and reveals some fascinating new details about this cult hit release. You can learn more about all the new discoveries over on the Video Game History Foundation Website or get the rundown in the video above.

Tell us in the comments what you think of these long-lost EarthBound secrets.

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Samsung extends deadline before it will DELETE your photos, videos and files

The latter is only available until August 12, 2021. After that, you’ll only be able to download your files to local storage until Samsung Cloud completes shuts down on September 30, 2021. When that happens, Samsung will remove everything stored on Samsung Cloud by users.

In other words, if you haven’t switched your back up from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive by August 1, or downloaded all of files to another machine by September 30, then any photographs, videos, or documents will be deleted by Samsung.

Confirming the three-month extension to the initial deadline, Samsung wrote in an email to customers with data locked away in its Samsung Cloud service, “To make sure we provide our customers with enough time to migrate or download their data, we have decided to postpone the final end of features date by an extra 3 months from the originally announced date.”

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Translated UFO files from 2008 show Brazilian police saw ‘humanoid creatures’

The document, detailing events of November 19, 2008, reveals the scope of the military investigation into the incident, including the sighting of “humanoid figures”. Several eyewitness accounts corroborated the evidence, including military officers and civilians who all saw an inexplicable phenomena in the skies above the city of Cláudio, located around 319km (198 miles) from Rio de Janeiro.

One woman, Ms Renata Veloso, alerted the police to an object which she saw descend from the skies “like a lightning bolt” just before a football game between Brazil and Portugal.

The reporting officer said: “I walked to the window and saw a huge luminous object (hexagon) accompanied by two other smaller spherical ones that rotated under its orbit.”

It added: “One of the smaller objects was silver and the other was red, like red hot iron (it changed colour).”

According to the witnesses, as the object approached the Paróquia Nossa Senhora Aparecida, a church located near the centre of the city, the street lights began going out block by block.

The officer mustered a small unit of troops who “began to scream in a situation of enthusiasm, despair, and surprise”.

The report continued to say that after some time the object began to “emit strong light” before moving upwards and out of sight.

On that day and the day after, the officers met and interviewed military personnel and civilians about the lights that flew over the city, some of whom reported seeing small “humanoid” beings.

The report states that the beings were chased through a cane field by a truck moving at a slow speed of around 12mph.

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It continued to say that the beings escaped as they were able to “slip through the reeds.”

Another witness reported seeing objects flying at “an incalculable speed” as if there were “no limits to physics”.

They added that the objects flew without noise and at high speed and even seemed to disappear and appear in another location.

The officer said that the most convincing experience took place on November 20, as they claimed to have seen “two luminous beings, about three feet tall, gliding through the reeds.”

The report said: “We were in the Mitsubishi pickup truck traveling on a side road, when Sgt William saw something in the woods he turned vehicle 13533 towards the ‘luminous beings’, when we approached (50 or 65 ft), they began to slide through the reeds.

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“It was noticeable that those things ‘walked’ without touching the ground.

“We didn’t see feet or fingers, but we saw arms, legs and oval head, and although they were luminous, they didn’t illuminate.

“The humanoids were very bright, we didn’t see eyes, and they didn’t show up on the camera.”

He added: “Sgt Waldir Araújo Silva tried everything to photograph those ‘beings’ but they didn’t appear, even with the lens zoom, only the fireflies appeared.”

The document was recently obtained by two Brazilian researchers, Edison Boaventura and Paulo Werner, and was translated by an unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) researcher named Rony Vernet.

The translated report is now public on Twitter and is supported by statements from around 10 responding officers – however, the “humanoid” beings have not been conclusively identified.

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Family files lawsuit against Houston apartment complex after 3-year-old was shot

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The parents of a 3-year-old who was shot at an apartment complex in Houston have filed a lawsuit against the building, as their daughter continues to recover in the hospital a month after the incident occurred.Helena Lane was struck in the head by a stray bullet on April 26, while she was strapped in a car seat in the back of her mother, Martha Lebby’s car.

Frederick Lane, Helena’s father, and Lebby are both deaf, but they still sat alongside their attorney Friday afternoon as they announced their plans to sue The Palms Apartments on Cypress Station Drive.”We’re deaf, we didn’t hear any of the gunshots,” Lane stated.

Lane had just stepped out of her car to drop trash in the dumpster at their apartment complex. Her 5- and 3-year-old daughters were still in the car when the shooting unfolded.

“I dropped off the trash and I looked back and all I could see was just red everywhere. I didn’t know what happened. I just ran to get my husband, I was screaming for help,” stated Lane.

In the lawsuit, the family makes a premises liability claim, citing a failure on the behalf of the apartment complex to protect them and notify them of the known risks considered the ongoing crime.

“This particular apartment complex, based on our investigation, has high degree of violent crime that has been happening there,” said Muhammed Azziz, the family’s attorney.Based on reports obtained from police, the lawsuit notes that in the last three years there has been nearly 2,500 calls to police, 134 incidents reported, 41 assaults and 85 reports of gunfire.

The apartment complex had no comment Friday about the lawsuit, but said it is making sure the property is safe.

Helena remains hospitalized and faces a tough road to recovery.

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Nightmare Windows 10 bug can fill your hard drive with thousands of files

Windows 10 users need to be aware of a nightmarish bug that can seriously eat away at any spare hard drive space they have. The bug, discovered by Bleeping Computer, can lead to literally hundreds of thousands of files being created on an affected Windows 10 machine. While these files are small in size, ranging from 600 bytes to 1KB, the huge volume can lead to gigabytes of storage space being taken up.
In one case an affected user said 30GB of their hard drive was taken up with almost one million small files.

The bug is an issue with Windows Defender, and it began with version 1.1.18100.5 of the antivirus software.

The files could be found in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\Store.

Those impacted by the bug reported thousands of files appearing in this location.

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Outlining this issue on a Microsoft forum one affected user said: “When Real-time protection is turned on, after about 20-30 minutes it creates hundreds/thousands of files.

“Most of these files are either 1kb or 2kb. Over a 24 hour period we ended up with roughly 950,000 files and it was taking 30 GB of space. This does not appear to be normal. There is no threats detected and no actively running scan or updates. These files appear to be encrypted, or at least we can’t open them in notepad and see any useful data. This is only happening on one server.”

While on Reddit another affected user wrote: “I think there is a big problem with Windows Defender eating up storage. This has started to happen over the past week and the folder in programData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Scans\History\Store is gigantic! Just a heads up. I first noticed when one of the veeam backups failed due to the VSS writer. I logged into the server and the c: drive had only 0.99GB on c: That was 30gb a few days ago!”

Thankfully, the frustrating bug has now reportedly been fixed with version 1.1.18100.6 of Windows Defender.

You can check which version of Windows Defender you have installed by going into the Windows Security page.

Then, click on the Settings cog icon in the bottom left of the screen and then choose About.

You will be able to see what version of Windows Defender you’re running on this screen.

If you’re running below version 1.1.18100.6 then go to Windows Update > Check for updates.

This should allow you to download the latest update for Microsoft’s Windows Defender antivirus programme.

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Windows 10 update fixes nightmare bug that could see you lose important files

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 update has fixed a nasty bug that could compromise crucial hard-drive back-ups. The issue first cropped up following the release of the February 2021 patch, with this download – as has been a common theme this year – breaking a number of features. As reported by Windows Latest, the download broke Intel webcams as well as the File History backup tool.

The Redmond-based tech giant went on to confirm webcam issues but didn’t address problems with Windows 10’s backup feature.

File History is an important PC tool as it can save specific files or folders to an external device.

By default the tool automatically backs up these files and folders when an external device is connected.

This can be a crucial safeguard if any of these important files or folders end up getting corrupted on a device’s main hard drive as the data can then be restored via a backup device.

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However, after the February update Windows 10 users noticed that the File History feature stopped working with backup sizes showing up as ‘zero bytes’.

Other Windows 10 users noticed the ‘Backup now’ button wasn’t working and neither were manual backups.

It was also reported that an error 80070005 message was appearing when people tried to use the File History feature.

However, it looks like after months of issues with the feature the backup tool has now been fixed with the Windows 10 April 2021 update.

If you’re running the latest Patch Tuesday release you should have no problems trying to backup files or folders via File History.

One affected Windows 10 user said: “I saw a note on Microsoft Community yesterday that KB5001330 finally fixes this issue. I installed it last night and confirmed that this is so. No idea if it’ll help with the other errors people are having. Nor have I any idea if Microsoft ever publicly acknowledged that the problem existed. But the good news is that it finally work”.

Before you rush off to install the April 2021 Patch Tuesday release though there’s one thing you need to know.

In what is becoming a very familiar case, Windows 10 users that downloaded the April 2021 update have been reporting some frustrating issues post-installation.

Specifically, those that have Nvidia GPUs installed reported gaming issues such as stuttering performance and frame rate issues.

These problems were also reported after the release of the March 2021 Patch Tuesday release.

Nvidia previously advised affected Windows 10 users to roll back to an unaffected version.

However, while that would resolve the gaming issues it would mean the vital security fixes these patches brought to the table would no longer be installed.

The April 2021 Patch Tuesday release included over 100 security fixes.

Thankfully though, Microsoft has now rolled out an emergency update meant to address the gaming issues Windows 10 users have recently been experiencing.

A fix is being rolled out via the Microsoft Known Issue Rollback (KIR) feature and will arrive on affected machines automatically.

Mike Caussin: 5 Things To Know About Jana Kramer’s Ex After She Files For Divorce

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The second time wasn’t a charm for Mike Caussin and singer/actress Jana Kramer. We’ve got five things to know about the former NFL player as the couple is divorcing after a reconciliation.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer‘s marriage is over for good this time. The former NFL tight end, 34, and the country singer/actress, 37, couldn’t make things work in a second go-around. The two had separated in 2016 as Mike admitted to cheating and went to rehab for sex addiction. Even though the two reconciled and renewed their vows the next year, Jana told fans in a heartbreaking Apr. 21, 2021 Instagram post that “It’s time” their marriage ended and that “As I try to make sense of a reality I never wanted to believe could be possible again, those words have now become a reality.” We’ve got five things to know about Mike Caussin.

Mike signed to play in the NFL, but mainly ended up on practice squads

The 6’6” athlete played college football for James Madison University. He signed as an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2010, but was cut from the roster and relegated to their practice squad. He was picked up by the Buffalo Bills later than year in Dec. 2010 to play on their practice squad, but was waived in 2014. Mike later signed with the Washington Redskins in July 2014, but was placed on injured reserve a month later. In 2015, Mike retired from the NFL after multiple injuries, including ones to his knee, hip and ACL.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer
Mike Caussin and wife Jana Kramer attend the 45th Annual People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica, CA on Nov. 10, 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Mike and Jana fell in love hard and fast as his NFL career was ending

While things weren’t going Mike’s way on the football field, he started dating Jana in Aug. 2014. Their whirlwind romance moved fast, as Mike proposed on Jana’s 31st birthday on Dec. 2, 2014. The pair tied the knot five month later on May 22, 2015.

Mike and Jana started a family right away

Three months after their wedding, the couple announced on August 10, 2015 that former One Tree Hill star Jana was pregnant with a baby girl. Their daughter Jolie Rae was born in Nashville, TN in January 2016.

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer
Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer attend the iHeartRadio Wango Tango at Dignity Health Sports Park in Los Angeles on June 1, 2019. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

Mike went to rehab for sex addiction

The couple announced their separation in Aug. 2016, as rumors of Mike’s extramarital affairs became public knowledge. He then sought in-patient treatment for sex addiction. Jana gave him an ultimatum: “You need to go somewhere. Basically, you need to figure out what’s going on and what this is, or I’m gone, period,’” Mike revealed on Jana’s Whine Down podcast in March 2019. Mike later opened up about his  sex addiction said in the couple’s 2020 memoir The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully. “I want to be very clear about something: society has had the nerve to call sex addiction a ‘married man’s excuse’ to which I say bull…(wait for it)…s–t,” he wrote “Addiction is not an excuse at all, and I make sure to never use it as such. However it is an explanation.”

Mike and Jana reconciled, renewed their vows and had another child

After Mike faithfully worked on his addiction program, the couple renewed their wedding vows in December 2017. Mike and Jana shared the happy news in June 2018 that they were expecting a baby boy, with son Jace Joseph Caussin arriving on November 29, 2018. In 2020’s The Good Fight, Jana wrote, “Today I see him working his program, I see him showing up as a father and a husband, and I see his words matching his actions. How he is showing up looks different than before, which helps me trust him.” Sadly just seven months after their book hit stores, Jana told fans in her split announcement, “I’ve put the work in. I’ve given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give.”