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Finland election polls: Eurosceptics on course to make huge gains spelling trouble for EU

The 2021 Finnish municipal elections are due to be held on June 13, 2021. Finland’s municipal elections were originally scheduled to take place in April, but were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to one of the latest polls, the right-wing Finns Party could more than double its vote share compared to the party’s previous election performance.

The last municipal elections held in Finland took place in 2017.

The National Coalition Party won the most votes of any party, with 20.7 percent of the vote.

The Social Democratic Party won 19.4 percent of the vote, while the Centre Party of Finland gained 17.5 percent.

The Green League Party won 12.5 percent of the vote in the last elections, while the Finns Party won only 8.8 percent of the vote.

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As per the Helsinki Times, Tuomo Turja, the research director at Taloustutkimus, told YLE: “The Finns Party’s challenge is not so much the other parties, but whether it can get its own supporters to the polling stations.”

The Social Democratic Party, headed by Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, are set to get 17 percent of the vote according to the poll.

But the right-wing opposition party, the National Coalition, appeared to have the lead over all rivals in the poll.

The National Coalition could win as much as 19.6 percent of the vote according to the poll, almost a fifth of the vote.

According to the Helsinki Times, Elina Kestilä-Kekkonen, an associate professor of political science at Tampere University, told YLE: “It shows the European trend where confidence in the powers to be was exceptionally high during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Now that the epidemic is losing momentum, the SDP has to step before the public also in regards to other issues.”

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Politico reported that a party ad campaign was recently pulled for discrimination, by suggesting immigrants can jump the public housing queue in Finland’s capital of Helsinki.

He said: “There is no influence in being quiet and nodding.”

After the UK’s exit from the EU in recent years, there have been growing rumblings of anti-EU sentiment elsewhere in Europe.

Anti-EU parties in places like Sweden and Estonia have gained momentum recently.

If momentum continues to grow, other countries could potentially opt to leave the EU behind in the future.

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Holidays: Finland crowned happiest country in the world but UK plummets in ranking

After a difficult year amid the coronavirus pandemic, the World Happiness Report for 2021 has been unveiled. For Britons eager to jet off on holiday in the future to a “happy” nation, or even expats looking to relocate, the report offers an insight into the highlights of certain countries around the world.
Despite the impact of coronavirus and a reported global decline in mental health, there has been no change to the top spot.

For the fourth year in a row, Finland has come out on top as the “happiest” county in the world.

It was followed by Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland and Netherlands, who took second, third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

The five other nations completing the top ten include Sweden, Germany, Norway, New Zealand and Austria.

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However, it was bad news for the UK which plummeted six places in the happiness ranking, from 13 to 18.

Despite this, researchers found that UK emotions changed more than life satisfaction did throughout the year.

What’s more, while they noticeably hit a decline during lockdown, they were able to “recover faster” once the Government eased rules.

Mental health, in particular, has been a key factor in the UK’s ranking according to experts.

The report further explained: “In the UK, in May 2020, a general measure of mental health was 7.7 percent lower than predicted in the absence of the pandemic, and the number of mental health problems reported was 47 percent higher.

“However, after the sharp initial decline in mental health, there was a considerable improvement in average mental health, though not back to where it started.

“But a significant proportion of people (22 percent in the UK) had mental health that was persistently and significantly lower than before COVID-19.”

The report was conducted differently this year, with more of a focus on the relationship between wellbeing and COVID-19.

In previous years, experts have based the report on levels of GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom and corruption income.

Despite a change in focus, however, experts pointed out the top ten remained mostly the same with the exception of Iceland rising two places and Norway dropping from fifth to eighth place.

However, there was good news for Germany which sprung from 17th place to seventh.

There was also a positive leap for the US which, despite the pandemic, rose from 18th to 14th place.

Other nations which made it into the top 20 include Israel, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Czech Republic, Belgium, China and France.

The top 10 “happiest countries in the world” according to the Global Happiness Report 2021 are as follows:

1. Finland

2. Iceland

3. Denmark

4. Switzerland

5. Netherlands

6. Sweden

7. Germany

8. Norway

9. New Zealand

10. Austria

11. Israel

12. Australia

13. Ireland

14. United States

15. Canada

16. Czech Republic

17. Belgium

18. United Kingdom

19. China

20. France