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Abandoned dog overcome with joy after being fitted with wheelchair for new chance at life

The pooch, named Janja, was left traumatised after being abandoned at a rubbish dump when she was just weeks old. She was then diagnosed with a broken back after a Good Samaritan found her and took her to the vet for an assessment.
Vanda, the dog’s rescuer, was initially told that Janja needed to be put down as her injuries meant she would never walk again and would always be incontinent.

Janja’s enormous spirit made Vanda decide she should be given a second chance at life, as she had fought so hard to survive her ordeal.

The pooch was given laser acupuncture and a wheelchair for her back legs so that she could continue to move freely.

Despite Vanda’s best efforts, the dog quickly became increasingly difficult for her to look after alone, so she sought out the help of a group of foster carers.

As Janja’s incontinence worsened, the couple were forced to spend vast amounts of time cleaning up the mess and the dog.

Ms Leeson said: “Life is good for her, but Julia and Glen are struggling, much as they love her dearly.

“They so want to commit their lives to care for Janja but it is exhausting and they need help.

“Although no one ever wanted this, she is used to being in different foster homes back in Croatia and took it all in her stride.

“We are asking for just one other foster home to commit to caring for her on a one month on, one month off basis.

“Janja is a dear sweet girl who has had the worst start in life ever and has come through everything life has thrown at her still full of joy and happiness. She loves other dogs, children and everyone she meets.

“We are looking for another ‘animal angel’ somewhere out there who can devote part of their lives to such a deserving and fun-loving, adorable dog who, despite her broken body, never gets her down and who loves life so much.”

Another who thinks they can help can call 07887696132 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Life and Style Feed
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Larsa Pippen Rocks A Fitted Black Tank Top As She Declares She’s ‘Blessed’ Posing With $200K Ferrari

Larsa Pippen looked so glam as she posted in front of a mansion with her fire red Ferrari after her split from Malik Beasley.

Larsa Pippen[1][2], 46, is back on the market and looking better than ever! The Miami resident[3] rocked low cut tank top and black leather pants as she posed in front of her red Ferrari, costing around $ 200,000. “No, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed!! @prettylittlething,” she captioned the post on Friday, April 9, tagging her go-to fast-fashion brand who provided the outfit. She kept her eyes hidden behind a luxe pair of Chanel sunglasses, finishing her look with a pair of high top Nike Air Jordan’s in a black, white and silver color way.

Larsa was, of course, married to Michael Jordan[4]‘s teammate and friend Scottie Pippen[5] from 1997 until their split in 2015 (legally, they are still married). These days, rare Jordan’s can go for thousands on the market — such as the Dior edition that resold for around $ 20k — but we’re guessing the mom-of-four has a hook-up. She kept her highlighted blonde hair up in her signature half pony tail as she soaked up the sunshine. Larsa didn’t tag a location, but was standing in the driveway of a large mansion — likely in Miami, Florida, where she lives.

The sexy pic is one of many Larsa has posted on the ‘gram since her split[6] from Malik Beasley[7][8], 24. The mom-of-four and the Minnesota Timberwolves player were romantically linked after they were spotted holding hands at a Miami mall last November. The photos were controversial at the time as the NBA player[9] was still married to ex-wife Montana Yao[10], with whom shares one-year-old son named Makai. Montana later filed for divorce[11] on December 8.

For her part, Larsa denied allegations[12] she was involved in Malik and Montana’s split. “They were separated before I ever met him…That’s a fact,” she wrote on social media. Montana rebutted the statement with a post of her own, posting, “This is 100% false. Continue to speak on my name and my relationship and we’re going to have issues. Receipts don’t lie. Let’s not go there. I think you’ve embarrassed yourself enough already.”

Larsa stirred up romance rumors on March 13 when she was spotted[13] with Myles Kronman[14], the founder of Model House Los Angeles, at the trendy W Hotel in the South Beach area of Miami. The brunette man appeared to have a number of tattoos on his arms and test while they enjoyed cocktails — specifically coconut drinks — outdoors. While they could have just been friends, Larsa and Myles did seem to be chatting rather closely!


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Arnold Schwarzenegger, 73, Looks Buff In Fitted T-Shirt While Out For A Solo Bike Ride In Venice Beach

Former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking just as buff as ever! The 73-year-old has been keeping fit, and was recently spotted on a solo bike ride.

Arnold Schwarzenegger[1] is staying in shape! The 73-year-old former Governor Of California showed off his very muscular arms while out for a bike ride by himself in Los Angeles’ Venice Beach on April 1. He wore a fitted, dark blue tee with black shorts and matching black sneakers. He also accessorized with orange-tinted shades, a silver watch and a black protective face mask. Although it’s been decades since Arnold was in his bodybuilding prime, the father-of-five is truly looking as toned as ever.

Arnold goes for a solo bike ride. Image: Stoianov / BACKGRID

His mini-me son Joseph Baena[2] has been taking after his dad in the fitness world, and the 23-year-old has even been spotted joining his father for bike rides[3] around Venice Beach. Joseph took to Instagram on January 15 to post a series of pics, including a photo which showed the father-son duo posing in front of a mural. It featured Arnold doing one of his famous bodybuilding poses[4], while the real-life Mr. Universe watched on. Joseph, who looks like the spitting image of his father[5], crossed his arms in the background, while rocking a black tee, grey shorts and dark sunglasses. Like father, like son!

Most recently, the Pepperdine University grad[6] proved he can pose like a pro, in a new Instagram snap. He wore very short-shorts in the March 5 pic, allowing his bulging thigh muscles show. He has all of the competition poses[7] down pat, and even showed off the most famous one, with featured him with his arms curled upwards in the front double bicep pose. The movement, which is one of the mandatory poses in men’s bodybuilding competitions, allowed Joseph to flex his biceps as well as his incredibly ripped lats, and fans couldn’t believe how much he looked like his old man.

The former body builder was spotted in Venice Beach. Image: Stoianov / BACKGRID

Of course, Arnold has been using his platform for good. Back in January, he lambasted former President Donald Trump[8] in a powerful PSA, in which he compared the siege on Capitol Hill[9] to the rise of Nazi Germany. He took to Twitter on January 10, releasing an eight-minute-long video in which he declared Trump the “worst president ever”.[10] “Wednesday was the Day of Broken Glass right here in the United States. But the mob did not just shatter the windows of the Capitol. They shattered the ideas we took for granted … [and] trampled the very principles on which our country was founded.”


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