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EU shambles: Von der Leyen faces rebellion from 11 states over Commission’s flagship plan

Climate change: Ursula von der Leyen pledges EU ‘green deal’

Last week, the European Commission published a sweeping package of climate policies including binding targets for countries to restore and grow forests, peatlands and other natural “carbon sinks” that suck CO2 out of the atmosphere.

The policies require better protections for forests, which have shrunk due to logging, demand for biomass energy and threats worsened by climate change such as wildfires and pests.

But 11 member states are already rebelling against the flagship plan, complaining foresting should not fall under EU competence.

Romanian Environment Minister Tanczos Barna said on Monday that his country supports the European Commission’s plan to protect forests and harness their ability to fight climate change, but more talks are needed to clarify goals and funding sources.

He said several EU states, including Romania, which have most of Europe’s old forests, would end up shouldering a bigger share of the monitoring and protection duties.

eu news von der leyen green deal forests

EU news: Von der Leyen’s greed deal is meeting resistance (Image: GETTY)

“A European forest strategy is necessary,” Mr Barna told reporters.

“Clear, ambitious targets are necessary, very clear definitions of old growth, secular and primary forests are needed so that each member state knows exactly what obligations it has.

“Funding must also be discussed, the funding conditions and support member states will get when they commit to extremely ambitious targets.”

Mr Barna said Romania was one of 11 member states including Austria, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic which signed an open letter late last week asking Brussels to hold targeted debates over the strategy.

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He added: “It should be noted that at the EU level there will be four countries that will bear the brunt of this monitoring and protection of primeval forests, as they have been defined so far: Romania, Bulgaria, Finland and Sweden.

“So most forests older than 100 years will be concentrated in several member states and that is why Romania’s interest is that this forestry strategy, beyond the obligations, to establish the financing conditions and the support that the member states will get when they assume the extremely ambitious goals.”

Romania, which is home to some of Europe’s last remaining virgin forests and diverse wildlife, is losing 20 million cubic metres of wood on average each year to illegal logging.

Austrian MPs also fear a decline in wood production by 10 percent – a heavy blow to the industry as forests cover 50 percent of Austria.

Agriculture Minister Elisabeth Köstinger said: “In Austria, we want to push back fossil resources by using more timber, as we want to give preference to renewable resources.”

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eu news green deal austria von der leyen

EU news: Austria is among 11 states asking for changes to the Green Deal (Image: GETTY)

The Austrian forest association also lambasted the plans, claiming that the EU would try to make up for their alleged delayed response to climate change by overburdening the forestry sector and thereby depriving businesses of their “basis of income”.

The European Union’s huge policy package to make good on a pledge to reduce net greenhouse emissions by 55 percent from 1990 levels by 2030 has stirred opposition from climate campaigners and even within the executive European Commission.

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg cast doubt on the level of ambition.

“Unless the EU tear up their new Fitfor55 package, the world will not stand a chance of staying below 1.5°C of global heating. That’s not an opinion, once you include the full picture it’s a scientific fact. MindTheGap between words and action,” she tweeted.

Greenpeace was another high profile dissenter.

“Celebrating these policies is like a high-jumper claiming a medal for running in under the bar,” the group’s EU director Jorgo Riss said.

Green politicians in the European Parliament, who had pushed for an emissions cut of 60 percent by 2030, welcomed the proposals but identified room for improvement.

Some of the policies have proposed time horizons of several years, which activists and Green politicians say is too long.

“For all the hype, many policies won’t kick in for 10 years or more, like new polluting cars still being sold up to 2035,” said Greenpeace’s Riss.

Combustion engines are also a bugbear for the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, which called for an end to their sale by 2030.

The inclusion of biomass, produced from burning wood pellets or chips, in its energy plans, has also been divisive.

“Others (other policies) will actually fuel the fire, like labelling the burning of trees as renewable energy,” Riss added.

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Rule, Britannia! Boris approves £200million Brexit trade flagship – ‘Powerful symbol’

Boris Johnson: Commentator backs PM to win next election

The vessel will be used to host trade fairs, ministerial summits and diplomatic talks as the UK seeks to build links and boost exports following Brexit. It will be the first national flagship since Britannia, which was decommissioned in 1997.

However, the new vessel will be a ship rather than a luxury yacht.

Boris approves £200million Brexit trade flagship

Boris Johnson said the new flagship would advance his Global Britain vision (Image: GETTY)

A name for the vessel has not been announced, although the Prime Minister is already facing pressure from campaigners and Tory MPs to call it after the Duke of Edinburgh, who played a role in designing Britannia.

The Government intends to build the ship in the UK, at a reported cost of up to £200 million.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (Image: GETTY)

Mr Johnson said: “This new national flagship will be the first vessel of its kind in the world, reflecting the UK’s burgeoning status as a great, independent maritime trading nation.

“Every aspect of the ship, from its build to the businesses it showcases on board, will represent and promote the best of British – a clear and powerful symbol of our commitment to be an active player on the world stage.”

The announcement of the vessel comes at the end of a difficult week for the Prime Minister, which has seen him savaged by former chief adviser Dominic Cummings, who claimed the Government was responsible for tens of thousands of needless deaths during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Royal Yacht Britannia

Royal Yacht Britannia, pictured in 1957 (Image: GETTY)

He has also faced claims that his past comments about burka-wearing women had contributed to an impression that the Conservative Party is “insensitive to Muslim communities”.

And the ministerial sleaze watchdog said he was “unwise” to allow the refurbishment of his Downing Street flat to go ahead without “more rigorous regard for how this would be funded”.

Construction of the new ship is expected to begin as soon as next year, and it will enter service within the next four years.

The tendering process for the design and construction of the vessel will launch shortly, with an emphasis on showcasing British design expertise and the latest innovations in green technology.

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Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings speaking to MPs on Wednesday (Image: GETTY)

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson said the vessel would showcase the best of British (Image: GETTY)

The ship will be crewed by the Royal Navy and is expected to be in service for about 30 years.

The Global Britain strategy is set on the Government’s website.

A statement published in 2019 explained: “The UK has always taken a leading role in responding to global challenges and in making the most of opportunities for our country.

“However information and influence are dispersed and contested amongst many more actors, both state and non-state.

Brexit Express

Brexit in Express front pages (Image: Express)

“This, and the pace of change in an ever more challenging global environment, inevitably have a significant impact on how the UK government projects influence and protects its national interests.”

It added: “The shifting global context, a new relationship with Europe, and the need to deliver more with finite resources, requires us to evolve and enhance how we achieve our goals.

“We need to use government assets more cohesively and efficiently to maintain our global standing.

“Global Britain is about reinvesting in our relationships, championing the rules-based international order and demonstrating that the UK is open, outward-looking and confident on the world stage.”

Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary (Image: GETTY)

Speaking in the Commons last year, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: “As we enter this decade of renewal, the government will engage in a thorough and careful review of the UK’s place in the world.

“We will strengthen our historic trading ties, as we leave the EU, whilst boosting UK competitiveness by tapping wider global markets.

“We want strong trade with our existing EU partners, they are important and valuable as a market for us – I don’t think that anyone doubts that.

“And we are making good progress in paving the way for our first round of future free trade agreements with the rest of the world.”

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OnePlus just made its Android-powered flagship killers even more affordable

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Tech Feed

Speaking about the event, Kate Parkyn, Associate Marketing Director, OnePlus Europe, said, “Community has been the cornerstone of OnePlus’ success ever since our first device OnePlus One went live on sale in April 2014. OnePlus One was one of the most special launches in the history of smartphones only available through a personalized invitation and sold exclusively through oneplus.com.

“We sold more than 1.5 million units of OnePlus One globally, exclusively through oneplus.com with almost no advertising budget. As we continue our journey, One For All campaign celebrates our community which has now grown to over 10 million members globally with 3 million users from Europe registered on oneplus.com.”

Galaxy A72 and A52 5G release and UK price: meet Samsung's new flagship killers

Samsung is back with its second Galaxy Unpacked hardware event of 2021 and this time it was all about the firm’s next mid-range devices. The new Galaxy A52, A52 5G and Galaxy A72 were revealed during the showcase, which didn’t take place in-person due to covid guidelines, and these new handsets certainly pack an impressive punch considering that you can pop one in your pocket for around £400.
Samsung says these new Galaxy smartphones have been created to include the features that consumers want the most – with a good camera, long battery, impressive screen and affordable price all a top priority.

In recent years, Samsung has moved away from piling all of its features into its priciest smartphones. The South Korean firm is increasingly focusing on the mid-range to fend off competition from the likes of Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Motorola and Googe. And looking at the spec sheet of the latest Galaxy A series, it certainly seems that Samsung has ticked all of the right boxes.

All three new smartphones offer an edge-to-edge Super AMOLED screen with small bezels to squeeze the most screen into the body. Those buying the A72 and A52 will be treated to a smooth 90Hz refresh rate, while the A52 5G going one step further with a 120Hz screen. This means it will offer an experience that’s as good as the much more expensive Galaxy S21.

For comparison, a few years ago, most phones only sported a 60Hz screen, so the higher refresh rate makes animations appear smoother, scrolling seem zippier, and fast-paced gameplay feel more responsive.

All three phones also offer a much brighter experience too, which should make them easier to view when outside. Samsung says it has boosted things from 600nits on its previous mid-range phones to 800nits on the A52 and A72.

If you do spend hours surfing the web and checking Instagram there’s “Eye Comfort Sheild” technology, which is designed to adjust the colour temperature and also helps reduce blue light emissions for less fatigue on the eyes. An embedded fingerprint is tucked under these screens as well for an easy way to access your files.

Spin the phones around and you’ll find a quad rear camera that features a main 64-megapixel lens alongside an ultra-wide, portrait and macro option. Samsung wants this snapper to be super simple to use and has included a scene optimiser that can work out where you are and adjust the settings accordingly. In fact, there’s a total of 30 scenes available so you should find the perfect look no matter what you happen to be shooting. These include people, places, food and even your pet.

As well as snapping some impressive images there’s also the ability to film footage on full 4K and the new Video Snap function lets you grab high-quality images straight from the video footage.

Another bonus of this camera system is that it features a full Night Mode which should boost the quality even when taking images in very low light.

Those opting for the A72 also get an improved zoom lens with 3X optical shots available from this device.

Head under the hood and you’ll find a two-day battery life which is helped by Adaptive Power Saving which adjusts to your usage with it even able to shut down apps that haven’t been used after a few days. Fast charging can also boost things back to full in under an hour.

The new A-Series feature 128 or 256GB of storage which is fully upgradable via an SD card and there’s also a fast Octa-Core processor, which should cope with most of your daily digits tasks.

Other features worth mentioning include dual Dolby Atmos speakers and the devices ship with One UI 3.0 out of the box with Samsung also confirming that these phones will get four years of security updates.

As the name suggests, the A52 5G also gets full access to the latest network speeds which allow you to download files at over 300Mbps. The A52 5G is priced at £399 with the A72 costing £429. The standard A52 isn’t launching in the UK

“At Samsung, we strive to provide our customers with innovative, industry-leading products at all price points, which is why we are delighted to launch the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and Samsung Galaxy A72 as stellar additions to our smartphone portfolio” said Conor Pierce, Corporate Vice President for Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

“The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G offers cutting-edge features, including a vivid and smoother display, long-lasting battery and cameras designed to keep up with the demands of content creators. All this is powered by 5G, putting innovation in the hands of the next generation”.