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Kirstie Allsopp talks 'heated' discussion with family as stepson brands flashing 'rare'

Kirstie Allsopp, 49, opened up on a conversation she had with her stepson about flashing; a concept she was shocked to realise he thought never really happened. It comes after the events over the last week have seen many women across the nation open up about their own experiences with assault at the hands of predatory men, following the devastating kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard in Clapham Common on 3 March, with the accused being a serving Met police officer.
The tragic and despicable circumstances surrounding her death have seen thousands of people take to social media and the streets around the country, to peacefully protest against silencing women’s voices, after the official vigil for Sarah on Saturday 13 March – that was cancelled by the police as it was deemed a breach of Covid rules – was stormed by a heavy officer presence, which sparked chaos and ended in multiple arrests.

The tragic and senseless murder has triggered numerous discussions about women’s rights and Kirstie was among those having to have difficult conversations with her family.

She took to Twitter to share the nature of a “heated discussion” between her and four male family members, who were left “outraged” about the proposed curfew for men, which became a trending topic in retaliation to the safety proposals that women have been told to follow for many years in order to “avoid” assault.

In view of her 423.7K followers, Kirstie wrote: Discussing ‘flashing’ with stepson. He’s convinced it’s rare.

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“Second night of rather heated evening meal with me and 4 boys/men. They are outraged by #CurfewForMen, I think they are missing the point.”

She added: “Anyhow have you ever been flashed at plus your age? #strawpoll.”

After being inundated with replies, the presenter soon followed up with another post revealing her reaction to the results of the survey.

“The replies that are flooding into this tweet are staggering,” she noted.

Many hit back explaining that the Channel 4 star wasn’t forcing anyone to disclose anything they didn’t want to share, Kirstie also politely disagreed that her poll was damaging.

“Politely, I think you’re wrong,” she said.

“Unless we talk about these things, out in the open, they get hidden. Stepson had never heard of it.”

It comes after an investigation by UN Women UK found that 97% of women aged 18-24 have been sexually harassed, with a further 96% not reporting those situations because of the belief that it would not change anything.