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‘Great significance’: Kate Middleton ‘follows tradition’ with £1,200 ring from William

Kate Middleton follows tradition with £1200 ring from William

They said: “Kate’s eternity band comes from London-based designer Annoushka, and is valued at £1,200.”

The Duchess most often wears all three rings on her wedding finger.

The order in which she does this could follow tradition and have a sweet meaning.

“In terms of why she wears three rings on one finger, many women choose to wear all three rings (wedding, engagement and eternity) on their wedding finger following marriage,” the experts explained.

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‘Ghost’ of angry, murdered man ‘follows’ woman home from work before ‘assaulting’ her

woman home from work before assaultingLeah Lewis claims to have suffered months of spiritual activity in the home she shares with her mother, resulting in her having unexplained scratches on her thigh. Her experience forced to call in the help of a psychic medium to cleanse her haunted house and help the apparition “pass to the other side”.

As reported by Staffordshire Live, Ms Lewis believes the ghost “followed” her home from her work at a shop that he had been haunting – something which the 21-year-old is sure of as she had “seen” it lurking behind her.

Staff at the shop had speculated that the ghost was a murdered man from the area, describing him as “aggressive and angry”.

The supernatural troubles started at the family’s home in Staffordshire just a few weeks after Ms Lewis’ grandfather passed away.

Her mother, Colette, said: “Leah started saying that she could see and hear things which none of us could. I remember this one evening driving to my mum’s. She asked me if I saw the little girl stood on the roadside and I was blown away as I couldn’t see anyone in sight.

“Fast forward a few months and her ability has only got stronger. She’d come home from work and tells me about the activity she’d experience while being there. Little did we know she would end up having ‘the man upstairs’ as she referred to him, follow her home and become our worst nightmare.”

On one occasion, Ms Lewis could feel a man slowly breathing down her neck – later finding scratched on her thigh after getting out of the shower.

She said: “I didn’t feel anything at all [in the shower] until I saw the scratches when I was drying myself.

“I told my mum and she said I think we need to contact Ian Griffiths [the psychic medium] now. We had been putting it off for a while but now I had been physically assaulted.”

Later that night, she went into her mother’s room to ask what she was doing as she could her something rummaging around in the wardrobe – but was stunned to discover her mum in bed nowhere near the closet.

Ms Lewis’ mum said: “With her now being physically harmed, I thought enough is enough and I needed to do something about it. I asked around my friends and they asked their friends and I got quite a few recommendations for Ian Griffiths and I reached out to him giving him a small description of what had been going on and right from the get go, he was amazing.”

According to Ms Lewis, the help of the psychic medium was invaluable in ending the supernatural “activity” she was experiencing.

She said: “He confirmed everything we had experienced and then he ‘passed the man over to the other side’ from his house.

“One day at around 6.40pm I was leaving my house to go to the shop and suddenly I felt really angry and felt I needed to get out. Ian later said this was around the same time the man passed over.”

Mr Griffiths explained that as soon as he heard from Ms Lewis’ mum he pictured the man as slim and tall, wandering around the house – and he had never been there before.

He said: “I told her what I was picking up and she says that’s what’s been happening and what we have seen wandering around the house. The male spirit didn’t seem positive. I got a more negative feeling from him.

“Over the years of mediumship I have learnt how to remove spirits. It is years of learning and experience removing good and negative spirits. Some negative ones can be very challenging at time. Some can mark you as it did with Leah or make you feel ill and put unwanted emotions on people.

“I’ve been affected by some negative ones, pushed, marked and even nasty comments close to my ear or face but in the end it comes down to learning about how to deal with each negative spirit that I’ve come across over the years. Once I’ve removed the spirit I start blessing the person that has been affected and blessing the home. In each room I say prayers. It may take a bit of time going around the home.

“Some places may have portals where spirits can and go through like a door way. This home had two portals where spirits can come and go. I sealed them up so nothing else comes in to the home. Each time someone texts about spirit in the home you never know what you’re going to come across or what challenge you face. Sometimes it can take over you life. I love the work of mediumship and paranormal investigating.”

Additional reporting by Helen Kreft.

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How the Assassination of Haiti’s President Follows Years of Turmoil

The country freed by slaves from French colonial overlords more than 200 years ago has struggled with a legacy of corruption, violence and political paralysis.

The assassination of President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti in a brazen attack at his private residence on Wednesday compounded the Caribbean nation’s turmoil and deepened fears of more widespread political violence.

The interim prime minister, Claude Joseph, said the president had been “cowardly assassinated,” called on the country to “stay calm,” and sought to reassure Haitians and the world that the police and army were controlling the situation.

But Mr. Joseph’s words did little to blunt concerns of possible chaos.

“There is no more Parliament, the Senate is missing for a long time, there’s no president of the Court of Cassation,” said Didier Le Bret, a former French ambassador to Haiti, adding of Mr. Joseph: “Everything will rest on him.”

A history of political violence.

How the Assassination of Haiti's President Follows Years of Turmoil
Dieu Nalio Chery/Associated Press

The assassination of Mr. Moïse is the culmination of years of instability in the country, which has long been seized by lawlessness and violence. Haiti, once a slave colony notorious for the brutality of its masters, won independence from France after slaves revolted and defeated Napoleon Bonaparte’s forces in 1803. But in the two centuries since, Haiti has struggled to emerge from cycles of dictatorships and coups that have kept the country impoverished and struggling to deliver basic services to many of its people.

For two decades, the country suffered under the dictatorship of François Duvalier, known as Papa Doc, and then his son, Jean-Claude, known as Baby Doc. A priest from a poor area, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, became the first democratically elected president in 1990. But in less than a year, he was deposed in a coup, then returned to power in 1994 with the help of thousands of American troops.

Mr. Aristide was re-elected in 2000, but forced out again after another armed uprising and went into exile. He has called it a “kidnapping” orchestrated by international actors, including the American and French governments.

Earthquake, cholera, corruption.

Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

When a devastating earthquake flattened much of the country in 2010, the disaster was seen as an opportunity to resuscitate battered infrastructure and start fresh, by shoring up the government’s own capacity to rebuild. More than $ 9 billion in humanitarian assistance and donations poured in, buttressed by an additional estimated $ 2 billion-worth of cheap oil supplies and loans from the then-powerful ally Venezuela. International aid organizations rushed to help manage the recovery.

But the money did not set Haiti on a new path — and many experts believe the country is worse off since the reconstruction began. A cholera outbreak soon after the quake that killed at least 10,000 Haitians was linked to the arrival of infected peacekeepers from the United Nations, which only admitted involvement years later but denied legal responsibility, shielded by international treaties granting the organization diplomatic immunity.

Michel Martelly, a one-time popular singer who became president in 2011, was accused of widespread corruption and mismanaging funds intended for reconstruction.

Reports by Haitian court-appointed auditors revealed in lengthy detail that much of the $ 2 billion lent to the country by Venezuela was embezzled or wasted over eight years. Before he entered politics, President Moïse, then a little-known fruit exporter, was implicated in one of the reports for his involvement in a scheme to siphon off funds intended for road repairs.

Fed-up Haitians take to the streets.

Meridith Kohut for The New York Times

In the years that followed, persistent economic malaise, rising crime and corruption led to protests by Haitians fed up with their government and demanding Mr. Martelly’s resignation. But he held onto power and after one term tapped Mr. Moïse to succeed him in 2015 elections.

Mr. Moïse’s bid for power was marred from the beginning. His campaign was accused of fraud and corruption and he took power 14 months after voters went to the polls, after an electoral tribunal found no evidence of widespread electoral irregularities. He took office in 2017 facing an indictment for graft related to Venezuelan aid.

Over the next several years, Mr. Moïse used his control of the judicial system to dismiss the charges and undermine the opposition, which never accepted his electoral victory. The result was an increasingly paralyzed government that became gridlocked completely in early 2020, just as the country faced the coronavirus pandemic.

A leadership crisis, power vacuum, and Covid-19.

Dieu Nalio Chery/Associated Press

A disagreement between Mr. Moïse and the opposition about the start of his presidential term spiraled into a full political crisis, leaving the country without a parliament or a new election date. As the crisis dragged on, Mr. Moïse began governing by unpopular decrees, further undermining his government’s legitimacy. Protests against his rule accelerated.

The political gridlock severely undermined the country’s already weak health care system as coronavirus cases spread. Haiti remains the only country in Western Hemisphere to not receive any Covid-19 vaccines as it now struggles to deal with the latest spike in infections. Although official coronavirus deaths remain relatively low because of limited testing, aid workers have said the hospitals are overwhelmed.

Criminal gangs and a reign of terror.

Dieu Nalio Chery/Associated Press

Haiti’s power vacuum has been increasingly filled with the leaders of organized crime, who have taken over parts of the capital over the past year, instilling a reign of terror. Kidnappings, lootings and gang-associated violence have made parts of the country ungovernable, leaving many Haitians fearful to even leave their homes and forcing some aid organizations, on which many in the country depend for survival, to curtail activities.

Rights organizations have linked a surge in gang violence to the country’s political deadlock, accusing prominent politicians of working with organized crime to intimidate opponents and settle scores in the absence of a functioning government.

Last month, one of Haiti’s most prominent gang leaders publicly declared a war against the country’s traditional elites, calling on citizens to raid established businesses.

“It is your money which is in banks, stores, supermarkets and dealerships,” the gang leader, Jimmy Cherizier, better known by his alias Barbecue, said in a video message on social media. “Go and get what is rightfully yours.”

Harold Isaac contributed reporting.

Author: Natalie Kitroeff and Anatoly Kurmanaev
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Madonna's son David follows in her footsteps, starring in new solo music video

It is no surprise that any child of Madonna will be encouraged to express their artistic freedom. Her eldest daughter Lourdes has already established herself a model and fashion influencer after graduating from LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where the 24-year-old briefly dated Timothee Chalamet. Her half-brother, 20-year-old Rocco Ritchie hit headlines when he fought his mothers’s court custody battle in order to remain based in the UK with his father, director Guy Ritchie. Madonna’s second son, David, was adopted by the couple after she saw him in a Malawi orphanage in 2006, but remained with his mother after their 2008 divorce. SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH DAVID’S NEW VIDEO

David (full name David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie) is a keen footballer but has has also shown a flair for performing, and is often featured on Madonna’s social media feeds.

Just a week ago, the mother and son caused an uproar when the star posted a provocative video of David strutting through their home in a slinky white silk dress. The 15-year-old appeared perfectly happy and at ease, saying he found the experience “freeing” but many of the rather harsh comments posted on the star’s Instagram were highly critical.

A new video shows another flamboyant side to the teenager as he sings and dances in their living room. 

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While other previous home videos show lavish hallways filled with art, the latest one shows a much more homely and cosy side to the superstar’s home.

The room is filled with comfy chairs, simple shelving units and pictures of the family.

David lives there with his mother and his three sisters. !4-year-old Mercy and eight-year-old twins Stella and Esther were all also adopted from Malawi.

David seems as at ease performing as he does on a football pitch. After he showed early promise in the sport, Madonna and the family moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where David was able to train with Benfica.

Following the family’s return to Los Angeles in 2020, David enrolled at the Benfica Academy and is said to have attracted attention from talent scouts.

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One Direction: Niall Horan follows Harry Styles' footsteps with new album

The 2019 album was an enormous hit for Harry, who released a number of hits from it including Watermelon Sugar and Golden.

The record earned a collection of awards, including Album of the Year at the Brit Awards and Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards.

Harry’s second album also achieved a position in Rolling Stone’s Greatest Albums of All Time list at number 491.

Niall has been teasing the release of his next album for a few months with some selfies and looks into his recording process.

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Going out with a bang: Lionel Messi’s astounding goal can’t save Barcelona as he follows Cristiano Ronaldo out of Champions League

Lionel Messi scored an astonishing goal and had a penalty saved as Barcelona bowed out of the Champions League at the round of 16 stage, although the manner of Barca’s defeat could say something about his future at the club.

For all the pre-match talk of the epic tie between Barcelona and Paris in 2017, when Barca overcame a 4-0 deficit from the first leg to win 6-1 in the return and go through, the task ahead of them seemed almost impossible after a 4-1 mauling at the Camp Nou three weeks ago when the Spanish giants had looked almost as listless as they did in the latter stages of the tournament last season.

Barcelona made a bright start at the Parc des Princes and were unfortunate to go behind against the run of play, Kylian Mbappe confidently converting a 31st-minute penalty following a highly contentious refereeing decision over a supposed foul that no-one had spotted.

Just when the visitors looked to have no chance after going 5-1 down on aggregate, Messi took matters into his own hands. Even by his standards, the pass he received from Jordi Alba just inside the Paris half appeared an opportunity to start stringing a move together rather than go for goal himself.

Striding forward in a manner that suggested he had been stung into an emergency intervention by Mbappe’s goal, Messi hammered an unstoppable shot beyond Keylor Navas – the official Player of the Match – and into the right-hand corner of the hopelessly beaten goalkeeper’s net from way outside the penalty area.

The venom and power of the strike was spectacular to watch. Then, just before half-time, the moment arrived that could have changed the course of the overall contest.

After Barcelona were awarded a penalty of their own, Messi stepped up with the memory of his perfect penalty in the first leg fresh in the mind, making the prospect of his side moving within two goals of PSG seem little more than a formality.

Navas had other ideas, producing a fine save to his right that had the necessary conviction to deflect the strike on to the crossbar and away, ensuring the French champions maintained their three-goal cushion ahead of the second half.

Although Barcelona had the momentum on the night, the remainder of the game was altogether calmer, offering few near-misses like the one from which 20-year-old US international winger Sergino Dest had earlier hit the crossbar via a fingertip Navas save.

For a team that had gone out at the first knockout stage for the first time since 2007, the sense of positivity after the draw seemed curious and understandable: for the first match among Europe’s elite in some time, Barcelona had looked better than opponents who were Champions League heavyweights and, with the likes of Dest and 18-year-old Pedri within their ranks, shown that their new, young talents can potentially hold their own and herald a brighter future.

The fact that there had been genuine hope for Barcelona as a result of their first-half performance was creditable. There was only a modest amount of trudgery to Messi’s departure from the pitch after the final whistle had blown, sharing hugs, grins and, at worst, rueful smiles.

Whether that was down to the aggregate result failing to surprise him or a genuine sense of promise about his team-mates will no doubt be long-debated for months to come, but Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman was certainly keen to use the result as an advert to try to persuade Messi to renew his contract at the end of this season.

“Leo has seen for quite some time that the team is improving thanks to all the changes we’ve made,” said the Dutchman, who is attempting a rebuilding project and faces the painful risk of losing Messi to the likes of Manchester City during the close season.

“Particularly, we have young players of great quality. We’ve got a great future ahead. Leo can’t have any doubts about what the future holds for this team.”

A dominant draw against a Paris team who were already 4-1 up before kick-off could be viewed as a false dawn for those kind of claims, although it would have been a high-profile blow to Barcelona’s chances of keeping Messi had they capitulated, and there will be arguments that his unsuccessful penalty could have inspired a sensational comeback.

That still seems fanciful given how willing Paris were on the break, almost scoring again towards the end through Mbappe, whose finishing let him down when he had worked his way through to a clear run on goal thanks to his blistering speed and skill.
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The absence of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo from the Champions League quarterfinals is a shame for neutral viewers and the first time they have both failed to feature in the final eight of the competition since 2005.

Mbappe and Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland can now stake a real claim to be imminent successors to Messi and Ronaldo by shining during the remaining stages of the competition.

There are certain to be counter-arguments that the vastly more experienced pair are simply at the wrong clubs rather than on the wane. Barcelona, at least, will be relieved that they can make a case for Messi to believe in their potential after a second leg that was hugely improved, if not a statement of intent for future seasons.
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