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UFO sighting over Utah: Bizarre light formation is 'cloaked alien craft' claims ET hunter

The outrageous claim was put forward by Scott C Waring, a self-titled UFO expert and host of the blog UFOSightingsDaily.com.

Mr Waring is a staunch believer in extraterrestrial phenomena and is convinced aliens are living among us, hidden in plain sight.

He has previously called on SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk to retrieve from the Moon what he believes is the carcass of a crashed UFO.

The conspiracy theorist has also claimed to have found evidence of ET activity on Mars in pictures snapped by NASA’s Curiosity Rover.

Commenting on the Utah UFO on his blog, Mr Waring bizarrely claimed the four lights are indicative of a single alien craft using some sort of cloaking technology.

He said: “Wow this video is amazing! Those lights in the sky remind me of the famous Phoenix Lights UFO incident long ago.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Weird Feed

UFO formation over Salt Lake City leaves witnesses baffled – claim

A clear blue sky on a Salt Lake City day led to an unexpected sighting in the sky. Witnesses were stunned to see an odd formation in the sky which seemed to have a choreographed motion. One witness saw the odd entities on their lunch break from work and snapped a video.
They submitted their sighting to UFO investigation network MUFON, claiming the objects were like orbs.

They said: “I was driving back to work from my lunch break when I saw what looked to be shiny balloons in the Sky but then they were behaving a little odd for balloons.

“When I looked harder I thought maybe they could be birds but they were disappearing and reappearing, dancing and making shapes, they seemed to be like orbs not birds.

“There was about 10 of them moving oddly in the sky, so I pulled over and took a video.”

Another person also witnessed the strange formation, and said the objects looked red.

They submitted to MUFON: “Saw some object/light in the sky appear quickly, looked red to my eyesight.

“I could visibly see no trail, when zooming in on the video and snapping photos you could see the motion blue showing the object moving away from me.”

However, there is likely to be a more logical explanation than an alien invasion.

One person wrote in the comment section of the YouTube channel UFO Institute to which it was uploaded: “Could be drones, not sure, lots of patterns.”

Astronomer Chris Impey, from the University of Arizona, said most UFOs have “mundane” explanations.

He argued there are billions of objects in the space near Earth which are more than likely the inspiration for supposed UFO sightings.

He wrote in The Conversation: “Most UFOs have mundane explanations.

“Over half can be attributed to meteors, fireballs and the planet Venus.

“Such bright objects are familiar to astronomers but are often not recognised by members of the public.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Weird Feed