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Hull teenager 'snaps shin in half' in freak football injury

A 17-year-old had to undergo a “painful procedure” after snapping his leg in half.

Teenager Euan was given “considerable pain killers” as the bones were manipulated back into place ahead of surgery the following day.

On a teaser clip for the latest instalment of Channel 5’s A&E After Dark, due to air on May 24, Dr Kelum must perform the procedure to set it back into place after Euan’s football injury.

In Monday’s episode, viewers can expect another busy night in A&E for the NHS staff, as they deal with multiple patients in “life threatening scenarios”

73-year-old Sue arrives by ambulance after being “run over by a car” on her birthday. With spinal and head injuries, Dr Bijou and his team have to act quickly to save her life.

Watch a teaser clip ahead of the latest instalment of A&E After Dark in the video above.

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17-year-old Euan has snapped his leg in half playing footbal (Image: A&E After Dark/Channel 5)

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Ethan comes to hospital after an accident at the skate park, where he banged his head.

Advanced clinical practitioner Leigh is looking after Ethan, but she has concerns when he starts to show “severe signs” of memory loss. Not knowing where he is, or why he’s there, Ethan displays symptoms of a “worrying head injury”. A CT scan is required to assess whether Ethan is concussed, or if the injury is more sinister.

And Dr Sean looks after 77-year-old Una who arrives in A&E in her dressing gown after having a fall at night. With pain in her arm, Sean orders multiple X-rays to find the source of her pain.

Watch A&E After Dark on Channel 5 on Mondays at 9pm.

Author: news@hulldailymail.co.uk (Sophie Kitching)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

Pensioner left in agony after freak accident while helping husband

A 68-year-old woman broke her ankle after falling while helping her husband into the house.

Pensioner Josephine needed to be sedated so that a team of doctors and nurses could force the bone back into the correct position.

On a teaser clip for the latest instalment of Channel 5’s A&E After Dark due to air on May 17, Dr Austin was tasked with looking after her.

In Monday’s episode, viewers can expect another busy night in one of the UK’s major trauma centres, as staff of Hull Royal Infirmary are also faced with treating a crushed leg and a patient with a suspected broken back. In minors, a patient also “kicks off” when he is asked to leave after his treatment.

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68-year-old Josephine who has broken her ankle after falling while helping her husband into the house (Image: A&E After Dark/Channel 5)

The episode, which will air on Channel 5 at 9pm, will see one of the patients featured “ignore” hospital policy and refuse to leave A&E after his treatment with staff and security “in the firing line when he lashes out”.

The episode also features 27-year-old Chris, who lost control while riding home from a first date on his motorbike, with the 200kg bike flipping and crushing his leg. Dr Sean has to assess the severity of the injury while Chris is feeling the “euphoric” side effects of gas and air.

Meanwhile, Patricia, 60, is rushed into A&E secured to a stretcher in an unusual position, after falling down a full flight of stairs. Patricia is in “excruciating pain” and cannot move. Dr Ayman has to tread “very carefully” when assessing her neck and back as he suspects that she may have some life-changing injuries.

And 46-year-old Stuart comes into minors having split open his fist when punching a wall during a family argument. Dr Kate is on hand to check the severity of the open wound and see whether he might need referring to a specialist for surgery.

Watch A&E After Dark on Channel 5 on Mondays at 9pm.

Author: news@hulldailymail.co.uk (Sophie Kitching)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

Cardi B Name Drops Her Daughter Kulture, 2, On New DJ Khaled Collab & Fans Freak

Author: Jason Brow
This post originally appeared on Hollywood Life

Made it under the wire! Right before DJ Khaled was about to drop his new album, he made one last-minute change: adding a new collab with Cardi B called ‘Big Paper!,’ in which her daughter Kulture gets a surprise shoutout.

Cardi B has gone from making those “money moves” to getting that “Big Paper,” and she celebrated this success on DJ Khaled’s new album. In “Big Paper,” released on Friday as part of Khaled Khaled, Cardi reunites with the producer for another track, and this one is a message to all her haters: “I get big paper, so I deal with big haters.” A universal truth! Cardi even name dropped her and Offset‘s two-year-old daughter, Kulture, for one of her disses.

“I son b–ches, move Kulture out thе car seat,” Cardi raps in one verse, which had fans talking. “Cardi had to be pissed,” one fan tweeted after quoting the diss, while another fan quoted the same line and wrote, “Cardi went crazy on Big Paper!”

It’s hard to imagine that Khaled Khaled was almost released without this Cardi feature. DJ Khaled announced the tracklisting on Tuesday (Apr. 27), and the album was already overflowing with A-level features: Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, Justin Bieber, DaBaby, Lil Baby, A Boogie Wit A Hoodie, Rick Ross, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, and a track that featured both Nas and JAY-Z. That alone is an insane level of features, but on Thursday (Apr. 29), Khaled said that Cardi got her vocals in on time, and “Big Paper” would be part of the new project.

This song marks the third time Cardi and Khaled have teamed up. They previously worked together on “Dinero,” Jennifer Lopez’s 2018 track, as well as Khaled’s “Wish Wish” in 2019 (which featured 21 Savage, who joined Justin Bieber on “Let It Go” on Khaled Khaled.) “Big Paper” is Cardi’s second major song of 2021, the first being the chart-topping “Up.”

Cardi B and DJ Khaled (Shutterstock)

Released in February, “Up” is presumably a song from Cardi’s highly anticipated follow-up to Invasion of Privacy, her debut solo album. It’s been almost three years since Invasion was unleashed, and Cardi told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that she intended to drop a follow-up in 2020, but she wasn’t feeling it. “I really wanted to put out an album last year, but it was like, ‘I feel like I don’t have the right songs.’ I have recorded so many songs. I think I’ve got like 50 songs recorded, and I’m just still not satisfied,” she told the DJ after “UP” was released. “If I’m not satisfied, I’m just not satisfied, but I really want to put out an album this year. I feel like I have no choice now. Now, I feel like I exceeded my limit of holding. I just need to stop with the fear.”

“I’ve got like… Three potential intros, and it’s just like, are ‘They good enough? Are they explaining everything that I want to explain?’ It’s just a lot. I just feel like I’m just not satisfied anymore because it’s like the expectations be so high,” she added. Perhaps the reception to “Paper Money” might help quell some fears, especially if it finds success as a single. “Wish Wish” cracked the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 (and reached No. 8 and No. 6, respectively, on the US R&B/Hip-Hop and U.S. Rap charts.) The song went on to be certified Platinum. Fans will have to see if “Big Paper” makes similar moves if and when it’s put out.

Newlywed suffers life-changing injuries in freak fall on TUI holiday in Tenerife

Wendy Brown, 57, plunged ten feet from the unguarded staircase at the La Palma and Teneguia Princess Hotel in Tenerife three days into a break with husband Gary. The mum-of-two sustained serious brain and spinal injuries and was placed in an induced coma in hospital on the island, reports Cheshire Live.
The couple remained in Tenerife while Wendy underwent brain and spinal surgery, before she was taken by air ambulance back to the UK.

She spent time at a hospital in Manchester and a rehabilitation centre, before being discharged home and her injuries mean she has had to give up her job as an administrator.

Gary, who had only wed Wendy six months before the horror accident, said: “It has been an incredibly stressful three years and I am still finding it difficult to come to terms with what my wife has gone through and what the future means for us all.

“We had only been married six months when we went on holiday to Tenerife, and we returned home with our lives in pieces.”

Gary has since called serious injury experts at Irwin Mitchell to investigate what happened during the holiday, which was booked with TUI UK Limited, and to help Wendy access the specialist rehabilitation required to support her ongoing needs.

Following legal discussions, an agreement regarding liability has now been reached between TUI and the family’s legal team.

The agreement has been approved by the High Court paving the way for mum Wendy to access funds which will ensure she can continue with the rehabilitation process.

“All we want is for Wendy to receive the best possible care she can to make the most of life. It’s such a relief that this agreement has been reached and we can now look at getting Wendy the support she needs,” Gary added.

The fall happened in January 2018 and, since then, Wendy’s injuries have changed her life significantly.

Gary, who lives with Wendy in Bollington, Cheshire, said: “We hope this agreement means we can now start to look to the future a little bit more.

“We now call on TUI to work with us and our legal team so we can get all the care and support Wendy needs in place as quickly as possible.”

Cheryl Palmer-Hughes, the specialist international serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell representing Wendy and Gary, said after the hearing: “This is a devastating case, with Wendy’s family still struggling to come to terms with her life-changing injuries.

“What was meant to be an enjoyable holiday turned into a complete nightmare, and while nothing can change what happened, we are pleased to have successfully reached this agreement.

“Our focus will now turn to ensuring Wendy has access to the expert treatment she now requires to maximise her recovery and help her live as independently as possible.

“It’s also vital that tour operators learn lessons from what happened to Wendy to improve safety for tourists.”

A TUI spokesman said: “We remain very sorry to hear of Ms Brown’s experience on her holiday in Tenerife. As this is now an ongoing legal matter, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.”


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