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Sainsbury's makes major change to berries and fresh fish products – here's what to know

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Supermarkets have been making changes to help their stores become more sustainable. Sainsbury’s has shared how it will cut back on single use plastic in stores.

It comes as part of the supermarkets pledge to cut back on plastic use throughout the store.

Sainsbury’s aims to halve the amount of plastic packaging used by 2025.

It will do this by making it easier for customers to make more sustainable choices in stores.

Director of Product, Packaging and Innovation at Sainsbury’s Claire Hughes said: “Using Prevented Ocean Plastic is one change we’re making to our supply chain to help us remove, reduce, recycle and reuse plastic.


“Not only will it have a positive environmental impact by preventing plastic from polluting the ocean, but it will also have an important social impact by allowing our customers to make sustainable choices and support overseas coastal communities at risk of ocean plastic pollution.”

UK Division Director for Sharpak Patrick Gautier added: “I’d like to thank Sainsbury’s for identifying and embracing this real and positive action to reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution, support coastal collection communities and to help educate consumers that plastic is a valuable resource that can be recycled and not to be littered into environment.”

The supermarket giant recently made another change to packaging as it aims to reduce plastic.

Sainsbury’s stated it will remove plastic straws from its own branch lunchbox juice cartons.

By doing this, the retailer will remove 18.5 million plastic straws from circulation each year.

This gives customers a more eco-friendly way to grab a drink on the go.

It also announced it is trying to find alternative materials to replace the plastic sleeve for straws.

The supermarket is likely to continue to update packaging in stores as it aims to become more sustainable.

Claire Hughes continued: “As we work to reduce, reuse, replace and recycle plastic packaging, we’re committed to trialling and testing innovative new packaging alternatives for our products.

“Removing 18.5 million straws from circulation each year is a huge achievement and brings us closer to our goal.

“Looking forward, we will continue to work closely with our suppliers, manufacturers, customers and other retailers to reduce the amount of single use plastic across the supply chain, whilst also investing in research and development of materials and technologies.

“We look forward to listening to feedback from our colleagues and customers about this latest packaging move.”

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Man Utd and Chelsea on transfer red alert as Raphael Varane gives fresh update

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Chelsea and Manchester United transfer target Raphael Varane has declared his future as being ‘clear’, leaving the Premier League clubs on alert.

The Real Madrid defender is yet to seal a new deal with Los Blancos, according to Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, despite it soon entering its final year.

Varane is contracted at the Bernabeu until June 2022 and several reports have linked the 28-year-old with a move away, with a switch to the Premier League considered most likely.

Ligue 1 outfit Paris Saint-Germain are also keen, according to Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo.

Madrid could be keen to cash in on the Frenchman in a bid to raise funds for an expensive summer, which could see them target Varane’s countryman Kylian Mbappe.

According to Mundo Deportivo, Varane is valued at £61m by the La Liga giants and Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has expressed an interest.

Man United could also be tempted as they seek a long-term partner to £80m Harry Maguire.

However, Varane has said that he is concentrating on finishing the season with Zinedine Zidane’s side, who sit two points behind local rivals Atletico Madrid in the La Liga table with five matches remaining.

They are level on 71 points with Barcelona.

“My future is clear,” Varane said, as reported by Romano. “I am focused on the end of this season. We are in a very intense and key moment.”

Varane has enjoyed a trophy-laden 10 years in Madrid, where he joined from Lens for around £8m in 2011.

He has won three La Liga titles, with the latest coming last season, and was involved in each of Madrid’s four recent Champions League successes.

Also a key part of the France squad, he lifted the World Cup in 2018 alongside several possible future teammates, including Man United’s Paul Pogba and Chelsea N’Golo Kante and Olivier Giroud.

There have also been three Supercopa titles and a single Copa del Rey in 2014.

But he could now exit as part of a summer revamp at the Bernabeu. Madrid need to raise funds if they are to sign Mbappe from PSG and complete the expected arrival of Bayern Munich defender David Alaba, who would sign on a free contract.

Long-serving captain Sergio Ramos will also leave at the end of the campaign after 16 years at the club.

Varane is set to feature against Chelsea in tomorrow’s Champions League semi-final first leg, to be played at the Bernabeu.

Mini Review: Picross S6 – A Bold New Direction? A Fresh Take? Eat Your Picross, Son

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Let’s get one thing out of the way upfront: Picross S6 is just more Picross. No unique bells or whistles, no interesting gameplay hooks or gimmicks to make this sequel ‘different’, no bold new direction for the franchise. It is simply a new collection of almost 500(!) puzzles for you to solve, all of which are completed in exactly the same manner as the last couple thousand from the previous releases. In most game franchises, such a lack of distinguishing identity would be outright damning for a series on its sixth iteration (not counting spin-offs), and yet Picross shows yet again that it is the exception to this rule.

Picross S6 is nothing outstanding, but neither is it disappointing. If you’re not yet familiar with the franchise — come on, where have you been? — Picross is a relaxing and zen-like puzzle experience wherein you’re tasked with drawing up cute little pixel art drawings cell by cell using numbers along the sides of the frame as a reference. The rules aren’t hard to grasp, but each puzzle requires a certain degree of mental focus as you canvas each row and column in search for numbers that stick out. With each pass, you find cells that you can either fill or cross off, and this methodical process eventually teases out a (dubiously) recognizable image. It could be a cat. It could be a mountain. It could be a train. It could be a hot dog. It’s that ever-enduring question of “What is it?” that proves to be a strong lure, constantly taunting you to try one more puzzle to uncover what’s being obscured.

Considering there’s twenty-something entries in the whole franchise, Jupiter Corporation has gotten it’s tutorializing down to a science, so newcomers don’t face a steep learning curve to get into the groove of things. Not only do these tutorials do a great job of teaching you the underlying concepts, but there are various ‘training wheel’ kinds of mechanics to ease you in. For example, you can opt to have a roulette reveal one full row and column at the start of each puzzle, giving you a solid head start. Or you can have the hint numbers on rows or columns light up blue to show you that there’s something you can note in that region — all of which veterans can disable or bypass.

There are 485 puzzles in total to solve this time, spread across a diverse array of ‘modes’ to keep things interesting. Aside from the standard mode, Mega Picross changes things up by giving you some hint numbers which cover two rows or columns rather than one, which ups the difficulty a bit and gives the standard puzzles a little more replayability. Color Picross gives you the ability to fill in more than just one color for a cell, which adds a cool extra layer of complexity without changing up the ruleset that much. Finally, there’s Clip Picross, which has you doing a series of smaller puzzles which all link up later to form a huge picture. Obviously, if you aren’t swayed by the central idea of this puzzler, these extra modes won’t change your mind, but those of you who have fallen for its wiles will be pleased at how well-rounded the package feels.

Believe it or not, there has been a slight change made with this latest iteration, although it’s so small that it could be easily missed. The gargantuan 30×30 and 40×30 puzzles now have two colors for the underlying grid structure, which alternate to make it easier to count out larger numbers. Nothing world-changing, of course, but at least it shows that Jupiter is committed to improving the Picross experience right down to the smallest details.

Much like its predecessors, Picross S6 is little more than a glorified level pack. But, that’s okay. The addictive nature of its core gameplay is as strong as ever, and those who are hooked will be pleased to know that there’s another ten to twenty hours of new content to chew through. If you’ve still got a few of the past entries in your backlog, we’d recommend you hold off until you’re sure you want even more puzzles to solve; there’s nothing new or exciting here that you’re missing. If you’re a newcomer, however, this is as good a place as any to jump in.

Rafael Nadal fires Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic warning with fresh retirement hint

Rafael Nadal is confident he has two more years in him at least at the summit of men’s tennis as he bids to become the most successful male player of all time. Nadal can overtake Roger Federer and move on to 21 Grand Slams if he wins the upcoming French Open.
Federer has confirmed he will play Roland Garros this year when the Slam gets underway on May 30 but it is Nadal who is the massive favourite, given 13 of his 20 majors have come on the red clay in Paris.

But Federer, who turns 40 in August, and long-time rival Nadal, who will be 35 in June, are slowly but surely reaching the end of their careers.

The pair have defied expectation to continue to dominate into their mid-to-late 30s but Novak Djokovic is rapidly closing in on the two 20-time Grand Slam winners having clinched his 18th major at the Australian Open earlier this year.

The trio continue to be the biggest threats at Slams despite their age, with Djokovic also ageing and set to turn 34 next month.

And world No 3 Nadal, as he bids to outdo Federer and Djokovic and go down as the greatest of all time, hopes to have another two years at least on the ATP Tour.

The ‘King of Clay’, an 86-time tour titlist, told the Metro of his future: “I mean, I don’t think that’s… you can’t predict what’s going on in the future.

“Of course, I will not be playing until the age of 45, no? I am always trying to do things as best as possible to play as long as possible.

“As everybody knows, of course it’s going to arrive one day that you cannot keep going. For the moment, I’m happy what I’m doing.

“I’m enjoying it and I hope to have the chance to keep around the tournaments for the next couple of years.”

Nadal insists he is different to rival Djokovic in that he does not obsess over records, with the Serbian having made it clear he was delighted to recently overtake Federer for the most weeks as the No 1 ranked player in history.

Though it is clear that a relentless competitor such as Nadal would still relish the opportunity to win more Slams than any other male player ever, a feasible goal if he can maintain his French Open dominance a few more years.

“I enjoy what I am doing. I am happy playing tennis,” the Spaniard continued. “Of course, I want to win more Slams, yes. No doubt about that.

“But I never get – I mean, Novak is more obsessed about this, more focused… Not in a negative way. No, he’s more focused on just these things and it means a lot to him all of this stuff.

“Like he’s always saying and talking about these records and well done for him… but it’s not my approach to my tennis career.

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Evans takes aim at Djokovic after upset win over world No 1
Nadal criticised for ‘salty’ Djokovic comment over Federer record

“I have a healthy ambition. Of course, I am ambitious, if not I would never be in the position I am today but I have probably a different kind of ambition than him, for example.

“I just keep going, keep doing what I’m doing and just try to put myself in a position to keep enjoying the tour and, of course, try to achieve as much as possible.

“I am super satisfied about the career I’m having. Not today, I was super satisfied years ago already but I am not making a step back in motivation because of that.

“I don’t get frustrated if I am losing one tournament, I am trying to approach the thing in a different way.

“I know some of the numbers are completely crazy and I could never dream at all about these numbers. At the same time, I never had a lot of time to think about numbers.

“Hopefully at the end of my career, when I stop doing what I am doing, I’m going to have the time to analyse more these things. Today, I’m just focused to try and keep going.

“Tennis, it goes quick. We have a lot of tournaments throughout the year and, for example, during this clay-court season I’m playing in Monte Carlo, Barcelona and then probably Madrid and Rome and then Roland Garros.

“So it’s not plenty of time to enjoy success or to think about, ‘I have this. I have won this’.

“I know I had a lot of success in this part of the season but in the past. This year is another year. The only thing that I’m doing is try to play and practise every day with the right attitude and try to put myself in a position again to be very competitive in the beginning.”

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Sport Feed

Review: Doshin The Giant – A Chilled-Out Cult Classic That's Still Fresh In 2021

God simulators were a big deal back in the day, but it has to be said that in recent years they’ve not been as prevalent. That’s not about to change with this game either, because Doshin the Giant is a GameCube game from the space year 2002 exclusively released everywhere except the US. As this rare and oft-forgotten game reaches its 6768 day anniversary since its European launch, how does it feel today?

Doshin the Giant is a bizarre game, we don’t think anyone would deny that. The basic premise is that you are the Love Giant called Doshin (named after the onomatopoeic sound of a giant’s footsteps) who appears one day in the sea around Barudo Island, and it’s your job as Doshin to do some stuff. Said stuff is primarily to take care of the island inhabitants and encourage them to build monuments in your honour.
Doshin The Giant Review - Screenshot 1 of 5
You’ll likely want to take care of the villagers and fulfil their requests. This can be by raising or lowering the land, bringing trees to their building sites, removing an obstacle, or even just carrying them around. There’s almost no end of ways you can get on the good side of these tiny people, but you can also influence them through evil acts instead. Trampling villagers, lowering the land when villagers want it raised, throwing villagers’ homes into the sea — it’s all a rich tapestry of torment.

As you appease or torture the villagers they’ll award you with either love or hate, and by filling the circle around the screen with one or the other (but not both), you’ll grow in size. This seems trivial at first, but being bigger comes with a wealth of advantages: you can raise and lower greater areas of land, walk up steeper cliffs, move more quickly as your gait remains the same, and even pick up bigger and heavier objects that would otherwise cause Doshin to simply grunt in frustration.

It’s not all peaches and roses, though — being big makes you far more dangerous as well: trampling villagers accidentally is all too easy, resulting in justifiable amounts of hate; picking up the thing you want and not the thing next to it can be extremely taxing; and making minor adjustments to the land is all but unachievable. Regardless, at the end of an in-game day (which lasts a surprisingly generous thirty minutes) Doshin will sort of ‘stop living’ rather than die, and the next day you’ll arise anew in a fresh, ‘tiny’ body.
Doshin The Giant Review - Screenshot 2 of 5When it comes to ambulation, Doshin is a pedestrian character to say the least. If you want to travel between villages you’ll have to hoof it, and this can be uncomfortably slow, especially when you’re still small at the start of the day. After you’ve been making short work of almost any walk as a great whopping giant the day before, having to start again really puts a thorn in your side, so it’s important to get love or hate as soon as you can. There is another option though, and that ties into Mr Doshin’s rather villainous alter ego.

At any point you can pull the ‘L’ Button and transform into the Hate Giant Jashin, stripping you of any ability to lift things or help anyone, instead giving you the skills to decimate villages and villagers in no time flat. Jashin is generally faster than Doshin and even has wings allowing him to jump ludicrous heights, and cover mileage at a speed that would make our handsome Love Giant weep. Naturally all the destruction you cause will incur an incredible amount of hate, in turn allowing you to grow enormous in record time. Just like real life, it can be disappointingly profitable to be loathed.
Doshin The Giant Review - Screenshot 3 of 5Villagers even flee at the mere sight of Jashin, forcing you to balance between doing good and getting places at a decent rate. If you’re clever, you can jump and cover great distances as Jashin and then revert back to Doshin before the villagers can see you, but this is much more an art than a science.

But if the game’s so slow, why would you ever need to be quick? Well that’s because the island can be hit by various natural disasters, and it’s no secret that not only is Jashin better at getting to them in time to stop them, but he’s often simply much better at getting rid of them. Villagers will get the willies no doubt, but sometimes you need to ignore what they want and focus on what they need, which is to be not burnt alive.

This is all dependent on if you want to be good of course. Villagers will erect monuments to you if you treat them well, but they will also build those suckers up if you cause enough pain and suffering to them. Either method is completely viable, but the way the screen fills up with skulls and the tiny people run screaming from you (to the point that they will even hate Doshin on sight) definitely made us want to do the right thing. We found it was significantly more rewarding to be loved for hard, tiring work, than to be hated for the simpler act of destruction, even though the outcome is essentially identical.

Doshin The Giant Review - Screenshot 4 of 5The ultimate goal is to get every monument built for you (either through love or hate) by each colour village, and each colour combination of villagers. The best way to do this is to create new villages by bringing a male villager to a large enough empty landmass, and then bring a female villager along as well so that they can start building and… you know. But despite this overarching objective, the game encourages you to just do whatever the bleeding hell you like. Want to climb to the top of a mountain and slide down on your bum? Do it. Want to sink the entire island into the sea allowing the fish to take over? No one’s going to stop you.

You’re a giant, and this is a toybox for you to do whatever you so desire. There’s joy to be found in creating new civilisations, destroying them, creating rude shapes in the landmass, the whole kazoo. The terraforming alone is hugely entertaining and impressive given the game’s age, and doubly so when you consider that this is a remake of a 64DD game.

That’s not to say Doshin the Giant isn’t without its flaws: oftentimes villagers will ask you to raise the land to silly heights because they want a cliff view or something, or if the tide pokes through the floor they’ll freak out for four seconds, you’ll raise the land to stop it happening again, and then they’ll demand you lower it again so they can be ankle-deep and complain once more.
Doshin The Giant Review - Screenshot 5 of 5The game also relies fairly heavily on you creating your own fun and objectives; we had no issue with this as that’s our kind of game, but we can see it appearing as though there’s not much to do for many players. It’s also really bizarre how the ‘X’ Button raises the land whilst the ‘Y’ Button lowers it, despite the ‘Y’ Button being higher up than the ‘X’ Button on the GameCube controller.

Visually it’s quite nice for a GameCube game, though nothing to write home about. Villagers are appropriately blocky and turn into 2D sprites as soon as they’re too far away to smell Doshin’s salty ocean stank, but the limitations are balanced out by rock-solid performance, never once dropping below 60fps in our playthrough. There’s also a charm to everything that helps elevate it beyond just looking ‘old’. A special mention should also go to the superb soundtrack, with twisted, ethereal melodies and African-inspired drumbeats; it’s just a shame that it isn’t used more often when playing.


Doshin the Giant is a wholly unique and pleasingly confusing experience. Balancing working hard and being loved alongside doing things quickly but being hated — as well as random natural disasters — allows for a degree of tactics in an otherwise super chilled-out game. Villagers can have unreasonable demands that often contradict their neighbour’s, who is standing two metres away, but that’s the price you pay for having such heavy responsibilities. It’s showing some signs of age in its visuals, but the terraforming mechanics alone are still impressively modern, and make Doshin the Giant a great game to play even today.

Pound euro exchange rate hits ‘fresh 13-month highs’ breaking through 1.17 mark

The pound[1] to euro[2] exchange rate has broken through the 1.17 handle after weeks of rangebound trading. The “fresh highs” are some of the highest in more than a year.
Sterling is currently trading at a rate of 1.1703 against the euro according to Bloomberg at the time of writing.

Speaking exclusively to Expess.co.uk, Michael Brown, currency expert at Caxton FX[3], shared his insight into the last exchange rate news.

“Sterling finally broke out of its recent range against the euro yesterday, rallying to fresh 13-month highs as the week got underway, with the pound benefitting from supportive month-end flows, and bucking the broader trend of G10 weakness,” he explained.

“Today, another quiet calendar is in store, with traders looking to see whether the pound can extend on yesterday’s advance.”

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According to George Vessey, UK currency strategist at Western Business Solutions, many investors are looking towards economic recovery despite new rises in coronavirus cases in some places.

“Despite the growing fears of a third wave of infections, many investors are still looking further ahead to the recovery phase, as global demand for German, Dutch and French goods has increased according to various sentiment surveys last week,” he said.

“Germany recorded its largest expansion in manufacturing PMI on record and its business climate index jumped to 2019 highs.

“This week, focus turns to flash inflation and flash PMIS, which are released on Wednesday and Friday respectively.

Kate Middleton: How her gap year travels prepared her for royal life [INSIDER]
Google Maps Street View: Couple’s bodies spark horror in shock photo [VIRAL]
Holidays 2021: When can we go on holiday?[7] [INSIGHT]

“More sentiment surveys will also be released on Tuesday, but amidst extended lockdowns and the supply chain challenges exacerbated by the Suez blockage, Europe’s industrial sector and confidence could take a hit.”

While the latest exchange rate may seem like a prime time to exchange travel money, ongoing restrictions mean the future of jetting off overseas remains uncertain.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to reveal more information about the state of international travel on April 5.

On April 12, the Global Travel Taskforce will resume meetings to discuss the possibilities of how travel can be done safely and successfully.

Despite this, travel firms such as Skyscanner have reported an uptick in holiday bookings since the Prime Minister announced his “roadmap” out of lockdown.

Yet, despite how encouraging the exchange rate may seem, experts say it might not be the best time to change pounds into euros.

“Although countries have said they will be opening their doors to UK visitors, consumers must be cautious before exchanging money at this stage,” James Andrews, senior personal finance editor at Money.co.uk told Express.co.uk.

“International travel is currently prohibited by law until May 17 earliest.

“Until the Government has confirmed that you will be allowed to travel, consider if you need to exchange travel money right away.”

Instead, the travel money expert recommends waiting until there has been confirmation from the Government, before swapping currency.

“To get the most for your money, make sure you don’t just focus on the exchange rate alone, you need to look at the entire package,” he explained.

“The deal with the best exchange rate isn’t necessarily the cheapest for you – there could be hidden costs like commission or delivery charges that push your actual spend above other deals with a lower exchange rate.

“When you’re deciding which deal to select, make sure you factor these additional costs into your calculations.”


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Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.2 release date news: CD Projekt posts fresh update about download

Cyberpunk 2077 update 1.2 is about to be released by CD Projekt.

The new Cyberpunk patch was originally supposed to launch back in February, but was delayed after developer CD Projekt experienced a real-life cyber attack.

Tipped to be the game’s biggest update yet, the upcoming patch makes countless bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. Check out the early patch notes here.

Unfortunately, however, CD Projekt hasn’t actually announced a release date for the crucial patch.

In the latest update over on the CD Projekt social media page, the company said that update 1.2 is in the testing phase. This suggests that a launch is imminent.

“ICYMI, last week we presented a selection of changes from the upcoming Patch 1.2 along with some insights from our developers,” reads a CD Projekt tweet.

“The update is currently being tested and we will be sharing patch notes ahead of its release, so you know what’s coming. Stay tuned for more info!”

PlayStation 5 Stock latest: PS5 UK stock latest – GAME restock live, surprise Smyths drop, and Argos goes regional

CD Projekt’s comments are good news for fans, some of whom are waiting for a more playable version to launch on consoles.

According to the early update 1.2 patch notes, the download will alter the behaviour of the police within the game.

Previously, police would instantly appear out of nowhere when players committed a crime in Night City.

Speaking about the update, CD Projekt said: “It should decrease the problem of NPCs spawning behind players’ backs and create an impression that it takes some time for the police to arrive at the crime scene after the crime has been reported.

“We’ve also added a recon “drone” unit to create the feeling of the police assessing the situation.”

Steering issues will also be addressed in update 1.2, which adds a sensitivity slider to the Options menu.

“Analysing feedback on our driving model suggested a lot of players were having issues with the speed of the steering,” CD Projekt continues.

“Most complaints came from players using keyboards on PC or were on platforms with lower frame rates, and centered around how hard it was to keep cars off the sidewalks and such.

“We have added a Steering Sensitivity slider to the Options menu. This allows the steering speed for all vehicles and all input devices to be slowed down, without affecting the maximum turn radius.

“When experiencing lower frame rates, our cars were harder to control. We traced this to some code that wasn’t handling extreme changes in frame rate properly. The steering speed is now very consistent from 20 to 60+ FPS.”

Speaking of vehicles, CD Projekt has added the ability to get unstuck when driving and crashing into obstacles. 

P&O Cruises cancels all international summer sailings in fresh cruise holiday blow

P&O Cruises cancelled swathes of summer cruises today, in the latest cruise news. International cruises will now not return until autumn. P&O Cruises is offering a series of short break and week-long UK cruises instead.
While the roadmap details the date for the return of jet-setting as May 17, there is still much uncertainty about when foreign travel can really go ahead.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said in yesterday’s press briefing: “We are still in a zone of great uncertainty about what the virus will do next.

“On top of that, many of the vaccination programmes in Europe, which is a place where we frequently go on holiday abroad are running behind ours.”

“Clearly, whether we can go on holiday abroad to places such as Europe, depends upon what other countries will say and do in terms of foreign tourists.”

The expert added: “I would just say that there has to be great uncertainty.”


P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow said today in a statement: “Following recent Government announcements and as the vaccine programme is rolled out across the globe we can all begin to feel a sense of reassurance and hope that this current lockdown period in the UK will come to an end.

“Life can, we hope, slowly return to some semblance of our previous normality as hospitality opens up and summer holidays can be booked with confidence.

“Whilst holidays here in the UK will be the first to become a reality we will, of course, gradually see the return of international travel but first we want guests to be able to enjoy a proper summer holiday at sea with the best in relaxation, entertainment and dining choice.

“These sailings will leave from our home port in Southampton and sail around UK coastal waters enjoying the summer sunshine.

“More details of dates, prices and the experience onboard will be announced later this month, but they will, of course, all have flexibility so guests can book with confidence.”

Ludlow went on: “We hope that the UK ‘ultimate escape’ staycation option will have wide appeal and we will do our utmost to make it a very special time.

“There really will be something for everyone and the opportunity to spend precious and much-longed-for time with family and friends.

“In order to offer these UK breaks it does mean that unfortunately, we need to cancel some of our current published programme of holidays this summer.”

Ludlow explained that ships would be setting sail when travel restrictions were lifted and that P&O is closely monitoring the situation.

“Cruises on Arcadia, Aurora, Azura and Ventura have been cancelled until the end of August and on Britannia and Iona until the end of September,” he said.

“We remain in very close contact with the UK Government and associated bodies as we monitor the latest situation and guidance on travel.

“From the moment we see travel restrictions lifting we will begin the significant logistical task to re-start our operations.

“It will take some time for the first ship to return to service, followed by the phased return of the remaining fleet.

“We cannot wait to welcome everyone back on board with the protection of effective protocols to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all crew and guests.

“I really am so sorry for the disappointment these cancellations will cause but hope that the new UK cruises will enable everyone to enjoy a wonderful holiday this summer.”

Nintendo issues fresh warning about popular Switch game being removed from sale

There’s bad news for Switch fans this week, as Nintendo reiterates plans to remove a popular game from the eShop.

To celebrate the 35-year anniversary of the Super Mario series late last year, Nintendo released the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection for Switch.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars contains remastered versions of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and the original Super Mario Galaxy.

Unfortunately, however, there’s one big catch when it comes to the availability of the popular Switch release.

As previously reported, the 3D All-Stars Collection will only be available to purchase until March 31, 2021.

This includes both the digital version from the Nintendo eShop, as well as the physical edition.

Sadly, despite selling millions of units since last launching last September, Nintendo has reiterated plans to remove the game from sale.

That’s according to a recent tweet from the official Japanese Nintendo Twitter account. 

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Fans will be able to pick up a physical copy of the game from the likes of eBay, although prices are likely to rise as the years go by.

In addition to Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Nintendo will also remove the Super Mario 35 Battle Royale game.

Likewise, Nintendo will cease production of the fantastic Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros. device.

The decision to remove Super Mario 3D All-Stars from sale is a little surprising given its popularity.

According to the most recent sales figures, Super Mario 3D All-Stars has sold more than 8 million units.

While it’s not necessarily the best re-release in terms of additional features, the quality of the games on offer means Nintendo could quite easily sell double this amount.

“Discover three of Mario’s grandest 3D adventures with Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch!” reads the official description.

“This special bundle includes Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, all optimised for Nintendo Switch with updated HD graphics, Joy-Con controls, as well as a music player featuring the epic soundtracks from all three games!”