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'She chose her path!' Shamima Begum's plea to return to UK furiously rejected by Britons

In her latest interview, the 21-year-old said she doesn’t think she was a terrorist and insists she doesn’t need to be rehabilitated. In fact, the former East London schoolgirl said she would “love” to help rehabilitate others. Ms Begum, who was stripped of her UK citizenship in February 2019, donned a completely different look in the interview, wearing jeans, a T-shirt and other western fashion accessories.

Ms Begum, who left Britain to join the Islamic State in 2015, was interviewed at the al-Roj prison camp in Syria by journalist Andrew Drury.

She wore pale blue skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, a Nike baseball cap and held a small clutch bag.

Her long dark hair was worn down and her fingernails were painted a bright red.

The style is in stark contrast to her previous image as a jihadi bride in a hijab and headscarf.

Ms Begum said her change in look makes her feel “happy”.

She also insisted that she was ready to return to the UK and did not require rehabilitation.

She said: “I don’t think I was a terrorist. I think I was just a dumb kid who made one mistake.

“I personally don’t think that I need to be rehabilitated, but I would want to help other people be rehabilitated. I would love to help.”

But social media users are not convinced by Ms Begum’s change of heart and want the Government to ensure she is not allowed to return to the UK.

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Another person said: “Never! She chose her path.”

While one person fumed: “Omg if I’m not sick of the pleading. You are f***ing staying there.

“You are a risk you turned on this country now you want to come back.”

But other social media users were more sympathetic and noted Ms Begum was just 15 when she decided to join Islamic State.

They wrote: “So 15 years olds can’t vote, can’t have children… it’s almost as if there’s a legal understanding that they’re too young to take self-responsibility and make informed long-term decisions?

“This girl was groomed, raped, and her friends murdered – make it make sense.”

Other users said they “felt sorry” for the 21-year-old.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Piers Morgan furiously brands 'woke-ravaged' Oscars 2021 a 'howlingly dull trainwreck'

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

The star went on to criticise the absence of an entertaining host and the lack of “big musical, theatrical or comedy performances”.

Piers added: “Who in their right mind would think the answer to falling Oscars’ popularity, against the new backdrop of a devastating global pandemic, was no fun, no acts and longer preaching speeches?”

The presenter went on to hit out at the nominated films, claiming that they weren’t Oscar-worthy.

He continued: “We weren’t even shown clips from most of this year’s offerings, an extraordinary decision that I can only assume was based on the producers’ fear that if we saw them, we’d be even more bemused they were winning Oscars.


Piers Morgan furiously backed against 'disgraceful' remarks under Shirley Williams eulogy

While many fans paid homage to Shirley and her life’s work in the comments section, others felt the need to defend Piers after he came under fire from “trouble-makers” wanting to “cause a scene”, making it clear it wasn’t the time nor the place for such comments.

One retorted: “So she was everything you are not,” as someone else hit back: “Such a lovely chap aren’t you.”

The troll replied: “Unlike Morgan,” with the fan further defending the presenter: “And yet, here you are on his Twitter.”

A second disgruntled user used the same analogy, snapping: “Yes she was a wonderful character but not you Piers.”

This article originally appeared on Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed