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Spain backlash: Expat fury as foreigners NOT vaccinated despite it 'being their turn'

Spain: Benidorm bar owner praises UK vaccine rollout

And some have voiced their frustration at the labyrinthine bureaucracy they are required to negotiate in order to get their jabs. In accordance with the Social Security Coordination Protocol of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and the EU, UK citizens who are legal residents of Spain are eligible for medical coverage provided they are similarly entitled to healthcare in the UK.

It is so frustrating

Wendy from Catalonia

However, the Local was contacted by expats who claimed they were nevertheless struggling to register with public health authorities, and had not yet received their vaccines, even though others in their age or priority group had already been contacted.

One, Wendy, who lives in Catalonia, said: “I am 64 and my husband is 61, we have private health insurance and do not qualify for public health care yet.

”We have heard nothing yet and not for want of trying. It is so frustrating.”

Expats Spain

Expats in Spain have reported difficulties in getting their jabs (Image: GETTY)

Spain Madrid vaccines

Vaccinations in Spain (Image: GETTY)

Another, Lawrie, 50, who lives in Madrid, said he had private health insurance but was not in the public system.

He explained: “I phoned the 900 102 112 number and was told they put me in the system with my Sanitas number.

”That was weeks ago and I have not been contacted since, so I suspect I am actually not in the system at all.”

Deborah, who lives in Murcia, said: “My husband and I live in Campos del Rio, Murcia.

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British expats in Spain

British expats in Spain (Image: GETTY)

“My husband is 61 and I am 60. We have private medical insurance.

“We have had no luck in getting the vaccine, any help would be appreciated”.

Ian, who lives in Albacete, said he has private healthcare insurance, is a legal resident, and a taxpayer.

He added: “I’ve e-mailed the CLM health department as their website only shows how irregular foreign residents can apply for the public health card.

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Spain vaccines

Spain has pledge to vaccine everyone, regardless of status (Image: GETTY)

Coronavirus vaccinations live

Coronavirus vaccinations live (Image: Express)

“There’s nowhere for foreign legal residents to register.”

Speaking to the Telegraph last month, John McKenzie, 42, who suffers from diabetes and a heart condition, said since the beginning of the vaccine rollout, he had attempted on four occasions to register at his local health centre.

He added: “The first time they said they cannot register people on private insurance for the vaccine in the absence of any instruction from the Canarian government.”

On another occasion, Mr McKenzie claimed he was told: “Go away, we don’t vaccinate foreigners.”

Top 10 countries for UK expats

Top 10 countries for UK expats (Image: Express)

Spain is home to an estimated 285,000 British expats.

Madrid has previously said that everyone living in the country will be vaccinated irrespective of their status.

In a note published on the Brits in Spain Facebook community last month, the British Embassy in Madrid said: “We know that some of you are concerned about how you will be able to get the Covid-19 vaccine in Spain – particularly those of you who don’t receive state healthcare.

“The Spanish government has been very clear that they will provide the vaccine to everyone in Spain as a matter of public health, regardless of nationality or how you access healthcare in Spain.

Covid variant names

Covid variant names (Image: Express)

“If you are already registered for state healthcare you will be contacted by your regional health service to make an appointment when it is your turn to be vaccinated.

“Because Spain operates its health system regionally, the way people access the vaccine will differ depending on where you live.”

The FDCO has advised anyone with concerns to visit this site.

Express.co.uk has contacted the Spanish Government for comment.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed

Portugal travel fury: Holidaymakers rage at testing farce -‘making my life misery'

Portugal’s main airport Faro has been a scene of chaos and crowding in recent days and Britons desperately try to obtain testing and flights to get home before Tuesday’s quarantine rule comes into force. However, the stress has become so much for some travellers they have slammed the Government for making their lives “a misery”.

Though the Government had said it would try and give some warning for passengers if a nation was to go onto the “green watch list”, the Prime Minister added that he would “not hesitate” to make sudden changes if necessary.

Alan Richards, currently on holiday in Portugal with his family, slammed this rapid change from green to amber.

“Thanks very much for making my life a misery and making what should have been a holiday for the family and a long-awaited one,” he told BBC News.

“Yes, we do accept that things change, but you need to give people time to get home.

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“This four or five days or whatever it was has not been enough time for tens of thousands of people who, by the way, followed his guidance and went to a green listed country.”

Similarly, Craig Stanley, who had jetted off on a re-arranged holiday with his wife, said the nation’s green list status meant they were unable to rebook their travel plans for a later date.

“We’re very frustrated obviously because this already was a holiday we had planned last year but we rearranged for this year,” he said.

“Because Portugal was on the green list we had to go, we couldn’t rearrange it.

“So we thought we were good to go. The Government promised to give notification of seven days.

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“We were only coming for a week so we thought everything would be fine. Then on the second day we were here they moved the goalposts and suddenly there is a mass panic trying to find a flight and get tests and all the other things.

“We have just run out of time and flights and everything so we are very frustrated.“

In the race to return home, some travellers have reported being turned away from flights, despite having acquired all of the UK’s requested paperwork and having provided evidence of negative COVID-19 tests.

Mick Hurley from Manchester said: “We arrived to board our flight from Porto to Manchester.

“We had our tickets checked a couple of times and our information, our documents that we were required to bring along with us.

“When we were just about to board our flight, our final check the Ryanair staff said we did not have the right test information for our Covid status.

“They disembarked us and popped us out the other side of the airport and left us to it. We’ve spent the rest of the day with this queue behind us queuing for another type of Covid test.”

Holidaymakers have spoken out about overcrowding at airports, with more than 100,000 Britons expected to be in Portugal currently.

According to data from mobility research business Huq Industries, between May 17 – when Portugal became a green list country -until May 31, a total of 221,064 Britons travelled out to the country.

As of May 31, the number of Brits who had travelled back from Portugal stood at 108,887. That leaves the 112,177 currently stuck there.

Anastasia Odegov, who had been on a family holiday with her parents and younger brother, explained: “My brother has school as we managed to put him on a flight earlier but it was also quite stressful. My mum gets quite stressed because of her travelling by herself with my brother.

“She sent us a photo and there was such a huge line all until the entrance of the airport.

“Instead of the two hours that you usually go, it would be three and a half or four hours. Instead of a family holiday is now just me and my dad here.”

Upon the latest traffic light announcement, Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps defended the swift move as a “safety first” decision.

Mr Shapps told BBC News: “I want to be straight with people, it’s actually a difficult decision to make, but in the end, we’ve seen two things really which have caused concern.

“One is that the positivity rate has nearly doubled since the last review in Portugal, and the other is that there’s a Nepal mutation of the so-called Indian variants which has been detected.”

He continued: “We just don’t know the potential for that to be a vaccine defeating mutation and simply don’t want to take the risk, as we come up to June 21.”

In a statement, he added: “The public has always known travel will be different this year and we must continue to take a cautious approach to reopening international travel in a way that protects public health and the vaccine rollout.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: Travel Feed

And they can't wear a poppy?! Tory MP erupts at England players 'taking knee' in BLM fury

Loud boos echoed around Middlesbrough’s Riverside stadium when some England players took the knee ahead of Wednesday’s pre-Euro 2020 friendly against Austria. The booing left BBC presenters stunned, but some England supporters claimed the symbolic gesture was “politicising” the game. Conservative Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire Andrew Bridgen today tweeted: “England footballers are encouraged to take the knee.

“This is the symbol of the divisive and Marxist BLM group.

“But players are not allowed to display poppies on their shirts in support of our veterans and those serving in our armed forces.

“And they wonder why the crowd voiced their protestations.”

One follower of Mr Bridgen said: “They are very misguided and have been brainwashed.

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“Taking the knee is not exclusive to Black Lives Matter.

“Poppies are not exclusive to the British Legion see US Sports teams over Memorial weekend.”

Many on Twitter disputed the claim by Mr Bridgen that the Premier League did not allow the wearing of poppies.

The Premier League website said the organisation “proud to support The Royal British Legion since 2012”.

The statement read that the organisation was “making a significant contribution to raising much-needed funds to help people in the Armed Forces community”.

It added: “As we mark 75 years since the end of World War II, during Premier League matches on the weekend of 30 October to 2 November and the weekend starting 7 November 2020, players and match officials wore special-edition shirts embroidered with a poppy.

“The players’ match-worn and signed shirts are being auctioned throughout November and December.

“The funds raised going to The Royal British Legion.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Brexit row erupts as UK gears up to pull out of €100bn EU scheme – fury at 'point scoring'

Government insiders have accused the EU of “purposely going slow” in approving British participation in Horizon Europe. Tensions between the EU and UK have been building over trade and the controversial Northern Ireland protocol.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph a top Whitehall source suggested the delay in fully admitting Britain to Horizon Europe is “politically driven”.

They argued Brussels is attempting to put pressure on the UK over Northern Ireland customs checks which are infuriating unionists.

Horizon Europe is the EU’s main research and innovation programme.

It provides grants to institutions and encourages Europe wide cooperation.

According to the Telegraph Downing Street is keen for Britain to participate, but not at any cost.

Unless access is sorted the UK could withdraw from the programme altogether.

Speaking to the paper a Government source said: “The UK remains open to these programmes on the right terms, but the overall attractiveness is being called into question by the EU’s political point-scoring.

“This approach goes against the requirements of the agreement reached with the EU just six months ago, and we expect a swift resolution.

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Under the terms of Boris Johnson’s trade agreement Northern Ireland remains closely tied to the European single market, to prevent a hard border with the Republic.

However this means customs checks are required on goods travelling between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Unionists argue this is an unacceptable infringement on British sovereignty, and have blamed it for some supermarket shortages in the province.

Earlier this year the UK unilaterally decided to delay imposing some customs checks, triggering a furious reaction from Brussels.

The EU has now launched legal action against Britain and is threatening additional retaliatory measures.

Loyalist rioting across Northern Ireland in April was attributed in part to anger over the protocol.

Edwin Poots, the new DUP leader, is demanding major concessions from Brussels.

Earlier this month he announced new Brexit checks on pets travelling between Northern Ireland and Great Britain will be delayed.

He commented: “I have written to the EU on behalf of the people of Northern Ireland, highlighting that these requirements for pet travel are not necessary.

“Given that the last case of rabies on these islands was in 1922, these are unnecessary medical interventions.

“This issue is yet another example of why the Northern Ireland Protocol is not fit for purpose.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

'Appalling' Tory MP leads fury as Chris Whitty is harassed in street by 'vile' anti-vaxxer

The video, which was shared online by the person who confronted the Chief Medical Officer for England in Oxford, saw Prof Whitty walking down a street as he was being followed and bombarded with questions.

The person filming – who was identified as Geza Tarjanyi – asked: “Hello Chris. Lying to the public again? You don’t represent us, you don’t represent the public.

“Oxford-AstraZeneca right in the centre – what a surprise you’re here.

“Come speak to us Chris, come speak to the public – you’re the expert.”

He then questioned whether Bill Gates is “funding this”.

Prof Whitty refused to reply to his comments and is seen stopping beside a police van to ask if the officers can stop the man following him.

After the video was shared online, many were quick to defend Prof Whitty, with Tory MP Tom Hunt condemning the sick attack.

Speaking to Express.co.uk Mr Hunt said: “I condemn it.

“Clearly any fair-minded person will utterly condemn this sort of harassment.

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One person wrote: “This is appalling!

“Not good at all, Chris is just doing his job.”

Someone else simply said: “Not right at all!”

Another person said: “Rather listen to the experts than the conspiracy theorists who get their info from Facebook.”

A third social media user said: “No-one should be harassed in public like that, regardless of your thoughts on his actions during this pandemic.”

Someone else added: “Poor bloke just doing his best.

“It’s his job. Feel for him.”

Another Twitter user said it was “very disturbing”.

A sixth person wrote: “The lack of respect the public has for our scientists is disgusting.

“Reminder that over the Christmas period, Whitty volunteered to treat covid patients, whilst advising the government.

“They are simply doing their jobs, advising the Government.

“If you have an issue, take it up with the Government.”

Even those critical of Professor Whitty and the handling of the coronavirus pandemic lept to his defence.

One person wrote: “I don’t like what he’s done to this country either, but this is vile.”

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Maureen Lipman fury as Celebrity Gogglebox 'cut her witty lines'

Brand new Celebrity Gogglebox is coming to our screens this Friday.

And one of the stars appearing on the show is Coronation Street actress Maureen Lipman.

The Hull star admitted she wasn’t impressed to see “witty” moments between herself and Gyles had been cut from the show.

Fans of the Channel Four series have seen Maureen and Gyles left baffled by shows like Naked Attraction and enjoy The Repair Shop.

But it seems viewers have missed out on some moments between the pair, The Daily Express reports.

Each week viewers will see celebrities and their family or friends sit down to review the latest TV.

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Maureen Lipman will appear on the summer series of Celebrity Gogglebox
Maureen Lipman will appear on the summer series of Celebrity Gogglebox

Maureen and Gyles are regulars on the Celebrity edition of Gogglebox but have revealed not everything they discuss is shown.

Appearing on This Morning, Maureen remarked: “I have to say, oh, look, I’ve got the same blouse on, see how I recycled.

“I thought that I was going into something where I was going to be a sort of female Will Self and I was going to comment on people.

“I didn’t realise they were just going to show us lots and lots of mens’ bits.

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“We say really witty things don’t we Gyles and it all gets cut in favour of us going ‘Ew!’ and ‘What’s that? Oh, I didn’t realise people were growing aubergines like that?’”

Of course it is likely that due to the number of celebrities appearing, it’s impossible to include everything.

The new series of Celebrity Gogglebox will see Lorraine Kelly and her daughter Rosie appear.

The presenter posted on her Twitter account: “So looking forward to this – @Rosiekellysmith and I had such a laugh. Ruby was an angel!”

Actress Maureen Lipman has been seen heading into the ITV Studios to film scenes ahead of her return to Corrie
Actress Maureen Lipman has been seen heading into the ITV Studios to film scenes ahead of her return to Corrie

Other stars making an appearance includes Mel B and her brother Paul O’Neill, football pundits Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards, and Clara Amfo will appear with brother Andy.

Nick Grimshaw and niece Liv, Denise Van Outen and partner Eddie, and Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford will also return.

It’s also been rumoured Sir Tom Jones will join The Voice co-star Anne Marie on the sofa to tune into this week’s TV.

A source told The Sun: “Sir Tom has been on the wish-list for Gogglebox bosses for a long time.

“His schedule is incredibly busy but this time they have managed to secure him for filming.

Video Loading

“Everyone is hugely excited about Sir Tom coming on board.”

The chemistry between Sir Tom and Anne Marie is said to be “fantastic”.

Celebrity Gogglebox was hit with 200 Ofcom complaints in late 2020 when it last aired due to jokes made by Shaun Ryder and Bez about drugs.

Eamonn Holmes also hit out at the series for cutting out the moment he spoke about his dad’s death.

The This Morning host said he was “hurt beyond belief” by the “cruel edit”.

Celebrity Gogglebox airs Friday on Channel 4 at 9pm.

Author: [email protected] (Helen Kelly, Lucy Marshall)
This post originally appeared on Hull Live – Celebs & TV

'Get a grip!' Fury at calls for word 'mother' to be replaced by 'person who's given birth'

Some campaigners have called for the word to be replaced with a “parent who has given birth”. In the wake of the calls for the word to be replaced in a controversial equality drive, Express.co.uk readers have expressed their outrage over the “woke snowflakes”. Commenting on the story, one reader said: “What is happening to our English language as it seems to being influenced by complete nutters.”

Another said: “When will the majority actually have a say?

“Time to get a grip on these woke snowflakes.”

A third said: “It’s absolutely doing my head in, I have my daughter saying you can’t say this, it has to be said this way, I don’t know why there are so many insecure people out there.”

Another person called for the “idiot thinking” to stop in a furious attack against those calling for the change.

They said: “Sick to death of all his rubbish.

“I’m sure anyone in their right mind will just ignore all the woke idiots.

“I gave birth to two beautiful boys, now wonderful young men and I’m their mother/mum, not their ‘person’. Ridiculous!”

LGBT+ charity Stonewall has a scheme that advises organisations on how they can become more diverse.

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Stonewall has also had correspondence with the Welsh Government who have now concluded they will use the term “chestfeeding” instead of “breastfeeding”.

It said: “The Maternity and Adoption Leave Policy was updated in April to incorporate gender-neutral language, removing binary gender references wherever possible.

“An accompanying policy, previously called New & Expectant Mothers Policy has been renamed ‘Policy for Pregnant or Nursing Employees’.

“It has been revised to use non-gendered language, using the umbrella term ‘nursing’ to cover breastfeeding and chestfeeding.

“There are specific references to chestfeeding and we have ensured that the policy is inclusive for trans and non-binary parents.”

Stonewall said: “Since we set up the Diversity Champions programme in 2001, many large employers have developed major internal programmes to promote diversity and inclusion across their staff.”

Equalities minister Liz Truss, is pushing for Government departments to withdraw from the organisation’s employment scheme.

According to The Times, Ms Truss has told officials she believes Government bodies should withdraw from the diversity champions scheme, while the Equality and Human Rights Commission has withdrawn for “cost reasons”.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: UK Feed

Behold the Fury of Mehurnes Dagon in TESO: Blackwood’s New Cinematic Trailer


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Behold the Fury of Mehurnes Dagon in TESO

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Xbox Live

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Author: Dominic Davies, Content Manager, The Elder Scrolls Online
This post originally appeared on Xbox Wire

Brexit fury: Ireland fuming as fishermen cut off while France & Spain keep access to UK

A fleet of 50 Irish fishing vessels travelled to Cork Harbour in protest of the new post-Brexit rules on fisheries earlier this week. The fishers have been arguing that Brexit quota restrictions are limiting their access to UK waters have had a severe impact on their industry. Their frustration is heightened by the fact that vessels from European Union countries as France and Spain vessels are enjoying greater access to the catch available in British waters compared to Irish fishermen,
Speaking to RTÉ News, fleet member and owner of the Blue Horizon ship from Castletownbere Joe McGuiness voiced his frustration.

“We’ve all this water off our west coast, and we’re basically not allowed to catch fish in it,” he said.

“All the other boats from other EU countries, France and Spain in particular, are just mopping up what really should be available to the Irish fleet.”

Dinah Busher from Kilmore Quay, owner of the Ellie Ádamh vessel, said: “The quotas that we have, they’re not paying the bills.

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“The expenses for each trip, they’re not being covered. So obviously that leaves businesses and boat owners in a very bad situation.”

John D O’Sullivan, owner of the Ronan Ross from Castletownbere, added “We have crew members with us for 20 years, and what we really need to see going forward is a future for them.

“A future for the boat, a future for all the boats behind us, all the crews in them boats.

“We need a future for the whole coastal communities, at shore, and at sea.”

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The ISWFPO website demands a “Renegotiation of Common Fisheries Policy so that Ireland is allocated a fair share of fish quotas that reflect the contribution of our fishing grounds to the EU.

“The Brexit TCA Agreement between EU and UK was both unfair and unjust and penalised Ireland’s fishing industry. This must be equal Burden Sharing throughout the member States.”

Those protesting on the fleet plan to disembark in Cork to hold a subsequent rally.

They will deliver a letter to the Cork office of Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin.

This post originally appeared on Daily Express :: World Feed

Gayle King’s fury with 50 Cent for ‘talking s***’ about Oprah Winfrey

Meghan Markle and Harry: Arbiter on Gayle King’s comments

Oprah has hit headlines again recently after releasing her new Apple TV+ series about mental health, which she has created alongside Prince Harry. In the programme, entitled ‘The Me You Can’t See’, the pair discuss their experiences, along with other celebrities like Lady Gaga and Glenn Close and people from different walks of life. This is the second project for which Oprah and Harry have sat down for a serious chat, after the bombshell interview on CBS in March with Meghan Markle.

How to watch Harry’s documentary on Apple TV+

You can watch the new documentary series, produced by Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey, by signing up to Apple TV+ streaming service HERE

You can subscribe to Apple TV+ instantly for £4.99 a month or try the free 7-day trial, but remember to cancel before the trial ends to avoid getting charged the full subscription fee. To find out more visit tv.apple.com

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Oprah has been friends with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for several years, having been given a prime pew at their wedding. Her CBS colleague and best friend Gayle King is also close to the Sussexes and was a guest at Meghan’s New York baby shower two years ago. While both women have a friendly relationship with Harry and Meghan, they have not always managed to avoid celebrity conflict. In fact, Oprah had a feud with hip hop star 50 Cent for a number of years until Gayle confronted him at a black tie event for “talkin’ s***” about her friend.

gayle king oprah winfrey

Gayle King helped end a years-long feud for her friend Oprah Winfrey (Image: GETTY)

50 cent

50 Cent deliberately started a feud with Oprah (Image: GETTY)

The rapper recalled the alleged incident, which took place at a gala for Bette Midler’s charity foundation The New York Restoration Project, in his autobiography ‘Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter’.

He wrote: “Gayle is the real deal ‒ a very sophisticated, secure and smart lady.

“She’s never afraid of a situation… so she marched right up to me and basically said, ‘Why you talkin’ s*** about my girl?’”

He claimed they talked their issues out, explaining that he uses arguments with fellow celebrities as a publicity “strategy” to keep himself relevant.

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gayle king oprah winfrey

Gayle and Oprah have been best friends since they were in their twenties (Image: GETTY)

The feud, which dated back as far as 2006, started when 50 Cent told the Associated Press that Oprah’s show catered to “older white women”.

However, 50 Cent explained that Oprah often criticised hip hop, so he felt like he was never going to get a chance to go on her show.

He also felt that not being on the show meant people would question whether he was really an A-list celebrity.

For this reason, he started a feud so people would assume that was the reason he has not been on her show.

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oprah winfrey 50 cent

Oprah Winfrey interviewing 50 Cent (Image: YouTube (OWN))

He told Gayle: “I’d love to be Oprah’s friend, but if we can’t be friends, can we at least be enemies?”

Despite his history of criticising Oprah, Gayle took the opportunity to help the pair bury the hatchet.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, said Gayle “adjusted to my character” and told Oprah that “she needed to meet me because it’s not what you think”.

After Gayle spoke to Oprah about it, the TV legend decided to invite 50 Cent onto her show in 2012.

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He wrote of their meeting: “We finally met, and my grandmother and I went on the show.

“That was an amazing moment for me. I had sold a whole heap of records, but it wasn’t until Oprah showed up that my grandmother was like, ‘Boy, you made it.”

Unfortunately, the rapper reignited the feud again in recent years, claiming that Oprah only criticises black men involved in the #MeToo scandal.

He wrote: “I don’t understand why Oprah is going after black men,” alongside a photograph of the US TV legend and record executive Russell Simmons.

Oprah produced a documentary about the allegations of sexual assault levelled at Mr Simmons, but 50 Cent noted that she was not talking about Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein, just Michael Jackson and Mr Simmons, adding: “This s*** is sad.”

He also criticised such documentaries for being the judge, jury and executioner of these very public cases, arguing they are “guilty till proven innocent”.

However, after Kobe Bryant’s death last year, 50 Cent said he was turning over a new leaf and not going to argue with people anymore.

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