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Chromecast with Google TV gains a game-changing new trick

Chromecast with Google TV gains a game-changing new trick

Google is leveraging its next-generation streaming box, the Chromecast with Google TV, to tempt viewers to subscribe to its video game streaming platform, Google Stadia. Owners of the latest Chromecast have started to see the Netflix-for-games service appear in the For You tab. 

The latter is one of the biggest differences between the Chromecast with Google TV and previous set-top boxes under the Chromecast brand. While earlier iterations were controlled entirely by a smartphone, with users picking an episode or movie on their handset and then beaming the video to the Chromecast, the recently-redesigned model boasts its own menu and streaming apps.

As you watch, Chromecast with Google TV will begin to make suggestions based on your tastes. These recommended films and boxsets appear in the For You tab. It’s unclear whether Google is tailoring its recommendation of Google Stadia to certain viewers based on their interests, or whether it thinks everyone will enjoy its latest subscription service.

If you are subscribed to Google Stadia, any games that you play will be treated like boxsets and films within the Google TV interface. As such, on the homepage, you’ll be able to jump straight back into your latest title under the heading “Recently Played Game”. Stadia can also be added to the “Your Services” page in the Settings menu.

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Google Stadia launched in November 2019, with the free tier following in April 2020. Stadia lets you play blockbuster video games on a range of devices, from smartphones to tablets and Chromecasts. While none of these gadgets enjoy the amount of processing power found inside a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, Google makes it possible to play top-tier games by handling all of the processing in its server farms.

So, while Google handles all of the complex rendering needed, all your device has to do is stream the resulting footage.

As such, devices only designed to handle a boxset binge on Netflix are capable of playing some of the biggest video game franchises. That’s because all they’re doing is streaming footage – exactly like watching Netflix. Google Stadia supports resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD with 60 frames per second and support for high-dynamic-range (HDR) pictures.

That’s comparable with what we see from the latest generation of games consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

With a deeper integration to Chromecast with Google TV, it’ll be interesting to see whether more people swap their consoles in favour of streaming dongles to play the latest titles. If Stadia is not your cup of tea at all, fingers crossed Google will stop filling the homepage of your Chromecast with recommendations for it soon enough. 

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Netflix planning a game-changing upgrade but it’s not what you think

Netflix planning a game-changing upgrade but it's not what you think

It’s an exciting time to be a Netflix subscriber. Adding to its massive range of new and old movies and TV shows, the streaming giant revealed yesterday it will soon be hosting an all-new type of content. Yes, Netflix looks set to become the best entertainment destination available by expanding into video games for the first time.

Within the next year, customers will get access to a library of games alongside the usual movie and TV options. The change has been rumoured for months but is now all-but confirmed, after Netflix poached a top gaming executive. Mike Verdu previously worked with Facebook on their Oculus virtual reality gaming headsets and for EA Games’ mobile department.

Games will likely be added as a new section, much like documentaries or stand-up comedy specials. The best part? Bloomberg reports that Netflix doesn’t plan to charge subscribers anything extra to get their hands on its gaming.

There’s still a lot we don’t know. Netflix hasn’t confirmed which games will be included, or how many. There are also no details on whether Netflix plans to make its own games, just like it’s done with movies and shows. But the idea is sure to thrill fans of Netflix’s crowd-pleasing original shows.

Meanwhile, Sony, Google, Apple and Microsoft all have their own video game subscription services: Xbox Game Pass boasts access to over 100 games for console and PC, much like Playstation Now. Nintendo Switch is good for fans of retro gaming, with loads of NEs and SNES classics, while Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass are for mobile gamers only

But with 208 million subscribers giving it plenty of clout to draw in big-ticket games, Netflix could just be the best one yet – watch this space.

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This post originally posted here Daily Express :: Tech

‘Works like a dream!’ Mrs Hinch fan on ‘game-changing’ oven cleaning hack to remove grime

'Works like a dream!' Mrs Hinch fan on 'game-changing' oven cleaning hack to remove grime

How to clean an oven

There are many oven cleaning products available to buy at supermarkets.

However, these do not always come cheap and may not be necessary.

One homeowner explained she simply used fabric softener to get rid of grime on her oven racks.


She posted a picture of her oven rack showing she had used to hack on one half which was notably cleaner.

“I actually hate cleaning my oven racks,” she wrote.

“Saw a tip for soaking them in hot water with fabric softener and thought it was worth a shot.

“It works like a dream! Can you tell which half I’ve soaked?

A social media user commented: “Going to try this! Definitely one of my worst jobs!”

One more said: “That’s great! Will give it a try.”

Another added: “Will have to give it a try! Now I need something to clean the rest of the oven now.”

“Oh wow, I’m trying this,” added another homeowner.

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Sky releases ‘game-changing’ upgrade but some unlucky customers will miss out

Sky releases 'game-changing' upgrade but some unlucky customers will miss out

The same movie would take over 10 minutes via the standard 60Mbps most Britons currently have to put up with. Along with that incredible top speed, Sky is also promising that its users will never see things drop below 400Mbps even at busy times of the day.

In fact, Sky is so confident about its service that it will let users claim a month’s subscription back if their speed ever fall below that minimum guaranteed speed. So that’s the good news but, sadly, not everyone is going to be able to enjoy these epic downloads.

This new service is reliant on homes having the very latest Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection and many are still without this latest technology.

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If you weren’t already aware, FTTP replaces the ageing copper lines that enter huge swathe UK homes.

Because the fibre cable comes right into the property, Internet Service Providers can then offer infinitely faster speeds.

FTTP is being rolled out to more and more properties across the UK but there’s still a long way to go before everyone who wants improved broadband will be able to access it.

As Sky explains, “Ultrafast Plus is available to new and existing customers in FTTP areas only. The UK’s FTTP coverage is expanding every day and Sky is working hard to make sure we can offer services in as many homes in FTTP enabled areas as possible.”

If you are lucky enough to have FTTP in your street then Sky’s 500Mbps speeds will cost £45 per month on an 18-month contract.

For just £5 extra a month, you can also add Sky Broadband boost which includes a Wi-Fi Guarantee in every room, the latest Sky Broadband Hub, flexible engineer visits, daily line checks and 2Gb mobile data when you experience a broadband outage – if you’re with Sky Mobile.

Speaking about the upgrade, “Aman Bhatti, Director of Propositions at Sky Broadband, said: “Today’s Ultrafast Plus launch reflects our commitment to providing customers with the fastest and most reliable broadband speeds possible. This is why Ultrafast Plus comes with the UK’s fastest Speed Guarantee, so our customers can game, stream, download and work from home seamlessly.”

Game-changing Alzheimer's drug 'targets the cause of dementia' – Dr Hilary

Game-changing Alzheimer's drug 'targets the cause of dementia' - Dr Hilary

As Dr Hilary explained, the drug “targets the cause of dementia instead of easing the existing symptoms.”

The development strengthens the fight against dementia but there are a couple of caveats to consider.

According to Dr Hilary, the extent to which the drug slows down memory loss is mooted.

Trial results have been conflicted. In March 2019, late-stage international trials of aducanumab, involving about 3,000 patients, were halted when analysis showed the drug, given as a monthly infusion, was not better at slowing the deterioration of memory and thinking problems than a dummy drug.

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